Double Your Money!



Breaking news from the Pet Society stock market! From now on, you will receive DOUBLE the amount when you exchange your Playfish Cash for coins! That’s 300 coins per Playfish Cash! The Pet Society Bank Manager must be eating his hat at this news.

Twice as much when you exchange Playfish Cash!

The new rates are active right now, so you’ll be seeing the above message next time you exchange Playfish Cash for coins.


So, Pet Society entrepreneurs, how will you be taking advantage of these favorable new rates?

60 Responses to “Double Your Money!”

  1. Ray Says:

    i hate playfish cash!

  2. P.P.D Says:

    ME TOOOO!!!>:(

  3. JAC Says:

    Who buy yellow coins with CC????
    If I want exchange 30CC for yellow coins, I go to the forum,
    sell those 30CC for 150×5999 and I’ll make 899 850 yellow coins

  4. Julieta Says:

    Not a single person in PS is gonna buy regular coins with playfish cash!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys need to know that !!!!

  5. Akira Says:

    I don’t fin the change favourable at all.. a PF Cash should be at least 1,000 coins!

  6. Uila Engel Says:

    it is laughable. when you compare how much 1 cc is worth at the trading forum.

  7. Camellia Says:

    Pretty pattern!

  8. Lulu Says:

    300? Pshaw, I’d rather go onto the trading forum.

  9. Rora Says:

    I want to see a reverse-buying option:
    I want to trade coins for Playfish cash.

    I know you don’t get any money from this and are likely to not do it…but I will never buy PFC because I am broke, and the items that you sell get more and more expensive.

  10. Owee Says:

    300 coins only o_O, I’d prefer to trade my 1 cc for 30,000 coins (equal to 5×5999) from the forum!

  11. Mafe sweet Says:


  12. pendeqq tigger Says:

    i wan my money have so many money so i can buy alot of thing ..

  13. Hanazono Says:

    The Pet Society Bank Manager must be eating his hat at this news.

    The new rates are active right now, so you’ll be seeing the above message next time you exchange Playfish Cash for coins.

    Yeah,eat your hat and make us crazy with your amount!

  14. Penny Says:

    …I wish we could EARN playfish cash.. >: at least someone way.. like maybe everytime you level up, you get 5 playfish cash.. instead of just like PAY FOR PLAYFISH CASH. 😀

  15. laroo Says:

    inflation…when i started trading this summer 1 cc was 3@5999

  16. Tara Says:

    Yeah, I traded a 14cc item for 350000 coins a while back on the forums. That’s a way better rate.

  17. Chloe Says:

    i dont know what thats mean :s so i give 300 coins and i will get 1 pfcash ? or what does that mean :s can one tell m ?

  18. Steephany Says:

    finally able to buy playfish with normal coins! Believing I can not tell anyone not to take myself

  19. Polly Says:

    All of us hate PFC… is not fair

  20. Chok Says:

    We should be able to exchange money for Plafish cash (even it it was expensive, that be better because this effing playing cash bothers everyone >( )

  21. stephi52 Says:

    Why would I exchange my real cash coins for fake coins? doesnt make any sense to me. I get PF cash coins to buy the things that are cash coin items, the fake coins are easily made just by visiting, helping people with their collaboratives, leveling up and/or washing pets, etc. Hmmmm I dont think its such a great deal.

  22. likia Says:

    Well, not everyone wastes their life away trading on the forum. 😉 This is quite useless though, they should put an option to exchange regular coins for CC, even if it was ridiculously expensive, they SHOULD have the option.

  23. Aqua Says:

    Im selling 1cc! post below if you wannit!

  24. Mrvica Says:

    I dont have playfish cash

  25. Vivian Says:

    Do I lose blue shovels that I buy?

  26. Vivian Says:

    Do I lose the blue shovels that i buy?

  27. Rahmania Indri Adhyaksa Says:

    pet society very nice..very good me just 50 Playfish Cash please :()

  28. Corine Says:

    i want 🙂
    this is real ?

  29. Jessica Says:

    from that day is this?

  30. fayroza Says:

    i love fish cash alot!!!!!!!!!!!!:)people that love it to:)way to go

  31. fayroza Says:

    how to be a good pet owner.1.go to buy a love poshon for your pet and the drink will care for your pet =3days!2.make a good meal for your pet.3.make sure your pets house has hers or hims fav color mostly in the least have one petling in the house.5.check on your pet at least 2 times a week.6.have a good B-Dfor your for your pet like your real pet

  32. Valentine Says:

    I hate playfish cash too !
    I’m sorry, but now, there are too much items only buyable with playfish cash, it’s too sad u_u’ I think players who play since a long time ago, like me, will agree with me !!!
    (I know it was not the topic here, but I have to tell that *blush*)

  33. simran Says:


  34. darkgin15 Says:

    I never hate playfish cash it is wonderful if u have

  35. Tricia Nicole Peñaverde Says:

    mayor i need a play fish cash!

  36. Gab Says:

    I guess this is only beneficial for the non-trader’s out there 🙂

  37. shaphat Says:

    Rates for coins are still way too low. Needs to be improved a lot.

  38. lulu Says:

    I really HATE PLAYFISH CASH !!!! And i can’t stand that some objects can be purchased ONLY with CASH !!!! TWO THUMBS DOWN !!! MAKES me want to change game when I see things like this… keep it up and we’ll start leaving !!!

  39. patti Says:

    cash points seem to be taking over, no wonder pet s. is free, if you want anything you have to buy……and why doesnt thanksgiving have anything, all other holidays have 2 or three weeks, i dont need insence that smokes, i need a turkey that walkes in my kitchen, goast can. and not for play fish cash, do you guys have a cut on visa or mastercard.

  40. patti Says:

    i think its stupid to but fish and then use them to buy coins, when you can visit and get coins, what they should do is let us get fish for coins

  41. Uni Says:

    Playfish cash is so unfairrrrr 😦 😥

  42. Jen Says:

    When I see favorable new rates, then I can tell you how I’ll take advantage of them.

  43. cindy Says:


  44. LORELYN Says:


  45. nhel Says:

    it would be better if 1500 coins can be converted to 5 playfish cash…

  46. WE WANT DOUBLE PFC!!! Says:


  47. Esztiike Says:

    Great.wooh. ..sarcasm.
    But please playfish, why we can’t buy playfish cash for coins? 300 coins for 1 playfish cash? pretty good,huh?
    Btw I know its never gonna happen..

  48. zoey Says:

    i think playfish should give every pet a playfish cash instead everytime the pet levels up like the other games..we deserve this for we are spending a lot of time playing petsociety. maybe 1cc every level right guys?we should file a petition for this…

  49. Owee Says:

    I guess it needs to be very higher than 300 coins. Maybe 3000-5000

  50. ikbah Says:

    I’d rather trade my PF Cash in the forums!!! I will have more than that!!! The price set here is just ridiculous!!!

  51. WHATEVER Says:

    Please change back the pop-up when visiting neighbours! As I have small monitor (netbook), I need to play in fullscreen modus, but now it´s not possible any more as it gets annoing because the new pop-up quits it by it´s own. PLEASE CHANGE BACK!

  52. Chikaa Says:

    it should be the other way around, when you exchange money into playfish cash, because what if you don’t wanna pay money to get playfish cash?

  53. KidCaholic Says:

    i cannot do this payment………..==

  54. KidCaholic Says:

    how to get that plyfish cash??? 🙂

  55. KidCaholic Says:

    can we convert coin to playfish cash??? 😉

  56. Somilge Says:

    weh.. >,,< this sucks

  57. kasharel ikea mayo Says:

    good,but?…where can i find it?….

  58. sabrina-san Says:

    when will playfish add the feature that we can change coin into playfish cash??? 😦

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