Double Your Money!



Breaking news from the Pet Society stock market! From now on, you will receive DOUBLE the amount when you exchange your Playfish Cash for coins! That’s 300 coins per Playfish Cash! The Pet Society Bank Manager must be eating his hat at this news.

Twice as much when you exchange Playfish Cash!

The new rates are active right now, so you’ll be seeing the above message next time you exchange Playfish Cash for coins.


So, Pet Society entrepreneurs, how will you be taking advantage of these favorable new rates?

60 Responses to “Double Your Money!”

  1. WHATEVER Says:

    Please change back the pop-up when visiting neighbours! As I have small monitor (netbook), I need to play in fullscreen modus, but now it´s not possible any more as it gets annoing because the new pop-up quits it by it´s own. PLEASE CHANGE BACK!

  2. Chikaa Says:

    it should be the other way around, when you exchange money into playfish cash, because what if you don’t wanna pay money to get playfish cash?

  3. KidCaholic Says:

    i cannot do this payment………..==

  4. KidCaholic Says:

    how to get that plyfish cash??? 🙂

  5. KidCaholic Says:

    can we convert coin to playfish cash??? 😉

  6. Somilge Says:

    weh.. >,,< this sucks

  7. kasharel ikea mayo Says:

    good,but?…where can i find it?….

  8. sabrina-san Says:

    when will playfish add the feature that we can change coin into playfish cash??? 😦

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