Free Gifting – Good news for everyone!



Sharing messages with friends in Pet Society is now even easier!

From Thursday 25 November, you can keep up to date with your Pet Society inbox, right from your Facebook home page! You’ll see a notification in your Bookmarks every time you get a new message from a friend.

See whether you have any messages waiting for you in the counter above the game window. Just click on it to see your Pet Society Inbox!

You can also check your Pet Society Inbox when you see the free gifting window! Just click the tabs at the top to switch between “Free Gifts” and “Messages”.

Have you received any messages today? Play Pet Society and find out!


Here’s some good news about free gifts for all pet owners!

From now you will be able to accept gifts within Pet Society. This mean you no longer need to use Facebook requests to claim gifts.
Please note the following features of accepting gifts in the game:

  • The same gift will appear in your Facebook requests and in the game but you can only claim it once.
  • If you accept gifts through Facebook requests they will be removed from your in-game list.
  • Unfortunately gifts you accept in the game cannot be removed from your Facebook gift requests. You will not be able to claim these gifts.
  • Finally – you will not receive an in-game mail confirming your accepted gifts. Gifts will be automatically added to your stored items.

Sample of in game gifting screen you will receive

We hope you enjoy giving and receiving gifts in Pet Society!

– The Pet Society team

51 Responses to “Free Gifting – Good news for everyone!”

  1. PAUL Says:

    WOW NICE!!

  2. Lily Chan Says:

    yeyy ! 😀

  3. rozelle Says:

    that’s cool!!!!!

  4. javiera Says:

    I dont see the screen popping up :/

  5. Jelena Says:

    Please turn off this option. I do not see her purpose.

  6. cutopia Says:

    This will eliminate a huge amount of very tedious clicking!!! Thank you so much! This is just the sort of stylish feature I expect from Pet Society!

  7. dp Says:

    I don’t think this helps at all!!
    how about stickers claiming?
    It’s still works as before, sticker claiming was not included in this new gift claiming system
    plus, it does not eliminate a huge amount of clicking, because the request still stays in the fb page, which you will have to eventually click to erase….

    it was supposed to be a good idea, but its not functional!

  8. Pebsmum Says:

    I agree with dp also. It isn’t easier, it’s cumbersome. Perhaps PS will iron out the flaws and it will be easy to use as they intended.

  9. zskiberry Says:

    This is awesome!!!



  11. Nahla Says:

    Very nice idea
    Thank you

  12. edgecrosser Says:

    i like it!

  13. Mojito Says:

    This is what I wanted since you’ve made the free gifts! Thanks so much!
    But come on… who really cares about stickers? It was interesting in the beginning, but now? It’s not updated for ages.

  14. Toni Says:

    I find it confusing. Just put the stuff one place or another.

  15. agnes mattulesy Says:

    jagalah mainanmu

  16. linda davis keith Says:

    like the new gift idea. but agree with the sticker stuff way to much to get an give

  17. imelda hutagalung Says:

    very nice

  18. babie babet Says:

    please have it one place or the other cause i’m not good on the computer

  19. carlos escalante Says:

    I like it so much.

  20. Catalina Tudela Says:

    very good!!

  21. Grace Tay Says:


  22. alondra Says:

    i didn´t understand very well, because i speak spanish and a little english, so i don´t know how resend the gift, but i think this is a very nice idea.

  23. geechiecat Says:

    One place or another, I agree. It’s confusing.

  24. Pam T. Says:

    I am not impressed with the new Idea It isn’t much different than the old and I would say a little more confusing as others have stated

  25. sarah oxales Says:

    this is what i wanted since you’ve made free gifts…

  26. ginger Says:

    is cute…..^o^

  27. jean Says:

    wow, how wonderful

  28. fu Says:

    : )

  29. chi-yao Says:


  30. ioanna Says:

    i cant send stickers to my friends.can you help me please??

  31. rhea Says:

    yes that was really exclusive

  32. anna rodriguez Says:

    i like a lot pet socety! i play all the time and i love my pet

  33. angelyn_cute Says:

    that is funtasting!!!!!!!!

  34. Sara M Lopez Says:

    I just start learning about this game… but so far, is fun…

  35. griselle de jesus Says:

    Great thats whwt all games should do send the to the games, so we wont loose so much time claiming them. That gives more time to play.

  36. molly Says:

    i love pet society

  37. susana hidalgo a Says:


  38. Rina Quinto Says:

    wow awesome… =)

  39. Rina Quinto Says:


  40. ami Says:

    waw I LiKe It Pet Society ❤

  41. clara Says:


  42. jamal Says:


  43. Becky Says:

    I think it’s stupid because it’s double clicking. Either put it in one place or the other…NOT both! Even if you accept thru the game, you still have to click to get them cleared out of your fb notifications or they will just keep piling up. PLUS once you get so many fb notifications, they stop showing ALL of them and you have to clear it out to get to the ones not showing. And since Pet Society is not the only game I play, I get a lot of other notifications too so clicking the “clear all” on notifications is not an option.
    I”ve also tested something out with another game doing this. Sometimes I get more gifts in my notifications than what appears in the game. And they are random thru the list so you have to click all to make sure you get the good ones that haven’t been shown in the game. I think it’s a good idea to have us accept in the games themselves…but not if they are still going to show in notifications.

  44. valentina Says:


  45. Marilyn Vogler Says:

    I do not understand why there should be gifting if everything disappears before my eyes. I have never tried to receive gifts in both places. So all-in-all, what good is it?

  46. yu song Says:

    tank you

  47. martha Says:


  48. aiza Says:


  49. Johanna Carrillo Says:

    Pues me sucedio de nuevo, al aceptar mi regalo por añadir play fish no lo encontre en mi buzon:( ya con esta son 2 veces que me sucede lo mismo:(

  50. Ale Merzhan Says:

    hello?cm estas

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