Most Haunted Pets: Garden Edition


A little while ago we asked players to design a spooky vegetable, flower or tree to go into Pet Society just in time for Halloween. The winner of each category would earn themselves a frighteningly large amount of Playfish Cash — 500 to be precise — as well as eternal fame as their hard work is made available for the game’s millions of players around the world to buy.

So who won? Let’s hand it over to Eepette, the host of Most Haunted Pets, to find out!

“Thanks Mark! Welcome to the very special garden edition of Most Haunted Pets, the show that visits the most mysterious and eerie homes in all of Pet Society and brings supernatural discoveries to you live on camera! This week we’re going to be taking a look at haunted gardens, so expect terrifying trees, fearsome flowers and, er, very scary vegetables! Our first stop is a spooky vegetable patch. If we wait a few moments, I’m sure something scary’ll happen pretty soon.”

The camera settles on a patch of potatoes. Time is set to fast forward, but nothing happens. Suddenly the camera spins wildly and a carrot flies past.

“Did you see that?! A carrot just flew through the air!”

The footage is played back in slow motion. On the second pass, the host of the show, Eepette, is visible in the side of the frame throwing the carrot.

“Well that was amazing! Now I just need to go to the bathroom….I’ll be back in a second. Keep looking, and listening… I said listening for anything scary. BRB!”

Eepette runs enthusiastically out of sight. Suddenly, loud knocking sounds can be heard. The camera whirls around to focus on a large shimmering gray tree. The footage is played three times for good measure, each time slower than the last. Three Moody Ghost Vegetables can be clearly seen in a distant part of the vegetable patch, giggling, sobbing and growling in equal parts. The camera now focuses on the knocking sound, while the camera operator mutters shrilly into the mic that he’s absolutely terrified. Encouraged on by the rest of the crew he starts to approach the sound. It seems to be emitting from behind the tree. Terrified, the crew pace around the tree to find Eepette knocking a piece of wood on the tree’s trunk. She drops the piece of wood when she sees them approach.

“Oh my, did you hear that knocking sound? I heard it all the way from the bathroom, what do you think it could be?”

The half-speed replay shows Eepette startled and dropping the piece of wood in slow motion.

“Hmm, must have been….like….a ghost or something. Anyway let’s go check out those flowers!” As she points to the flowers she absently picks a Gummy Ghost Fruit from the shimmering tree and eats it. “Hmm, spookily delicious whatever they are!”

Next, the crew paces over to a flowerbed across the garden from the tree. By this point Eepette seems to be running out of ideas. “Wooooo, I’m the Green Garden Ghost!,” as she wafts a leaf in front of the camera. The crew is becoming visibly frustrated and embarrassed.

“That’s a leaf, Eepette.”

“Yes it’s a Leaf Ghost.”

“No, it’s just a leaf.”

Eepette stares at the leaf still in her hands for a few moments then appears to lose interest and flings it into the flowerbed. As the crew starts to return to the Most Haunted Pets van, a single black rose spits out the leaf and smiles that chesire-cat smile.

“Well that’s about all we’ve got time for! Over to you, Mark!”

Er, thanks Eepette. Anyway moving swiftly on, congratulations to our winners, MissGlitter who designed the spooky Spirits Tree, CarlosEP creator of the devilish Black Cat Rose, and Danzefly the evil mastermind behind the Moody Ghost Vegetables. Each of our ghoulish winners have won 500 Playfish Cash, as well as their designs featured in Pet Society!

We were truly bowled over by the sheer talent on display during this competition. We only wish we had time to put ALL of your ideas in the game. Really amazing!See you next time and have a spooktacular Halloween! (Hey it’s Halloween. Bad puns are allowed at Halloween). 

43 Responses to “Most Haunted Pets: Garden Edition”

  1. jewie Says:

    oh my… congrats to the winners……

  2. brando Says:

    im so happy the halloween seed is sale in next week

  3. preencesa Says:

    ohh none of the one i voted won! hahah


  4. iamsupermarco Says:


    the tree house like didnt win. 😦

    err.. but i love the veggi.

  5. Misha Says:

    congrats everyone ^^

  6. ddd Says:

    beside the flower, I liked other trees and veggies. but since other voted for these, ok :}

  7. lilbug2229 Says:

    oh so cute! XD
    …but, thats all we get this week…just gardern items):

  8. Krystel Says:

    Congrats winners!

  9. Babysoftpink Says:

    Actually you don’t all that till next week. Correct me if I’m wrong cos they are not available in the Garden shop yet.

  10. melody li Says:

    come out quikly i want it i’m a huge fan of pet society!!

  11. Fede Says:

    Eh!Only this.I think that pet society put + objects.

  12. heather Says:

    yeah how can we get these trees etc? they’re no where to be found

  13. Chandra Says:

    the flower is so cute!

  14. Skeletondog Says:

    Haha, each one I voted for won!

  15. Paul Says:

    Yes,all of my favorite win!!!

  16. Fergie09 Says:

    Great..i cant wait to plant them!!…..

  17. alejandra Says:

    a little bit dissapointed actually… i saw all the entries.. the vegetable was sooo cute .. but regarding the flower and the tree i saw entries better than the winners. … well.. congrats.

  18. Ileana Says:

    mmm i had a great idea XD not a great entusiasm XD

  19. iris :) Says:

    they better be coin items.. is it only garden items this week ?

  20. Kinan Says:

    aww there are some better trees in the forum 😦 not so spooky

  21. lolo Says:

    Do we have to pay playfish cash for these wonderful garden seeds?

  22. ???? Says:

    that’s all 4 next week??
    It’s not fun without furniture & clothes…

  23. alien Says:

    Like… cos they are soooooooo cute!!!!

  24. alveah Says:

    @kinan: true 😦

  25. funny~ Says:

    awwww… i wish i could join ‘v’….
    i even draw a draft n when i recheck the rules…
    our country is not in the list….= =

  26. Moka Says:

    All my vote win!!!!! ^^

  27. Owee Says:

    I would have loved if Cursed Bandage tree won, but the flower and vegetable were the both I voted for 😀 Yayy!

  28. brando Says:

    the all seed is cute

  29. jkhalila Says:

    I hope we’re not only get garden items this week

  30. felizzzz Says:


  31. Aimee Says:

    erm r they cash?

  32. kittykrim Says:

    I’ll be so sad if they are for Playfish cash.. I can’t afford to keep buying so much..

  33. Aireonna Says:

    They aren’t in the shop tonight with the new stuff, what gives 😦

  34. alien Says:

    I can’t find the new seeds in the garden shop… what happened??

  35. Akina Says:

    i want that seed
    when i can buy it? please tell me 0.0

  36. All spooky things must come to an end… « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] to design what they would like to see in the Garden around Halloween. You can find the winners here! And as a special prize, the winning items will be placed into the game for everyone to plant in […]

  37. Black Says:

    I really wanted the witch’s leg tree -.-

  38. brando Says:

    my garden is design a halloween plants add me please

  39. Kakak Onestabp Says:


  40. password reset software Says:

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    […]Most Haunted Pets: Garden Edition « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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