Trick or Treat!


Hey Pet Society Fans! Halloween is quickly approaching, but the spooky festivities aren’t stopping anytime soon! Instead of teeth rotting candy, we have a different kind of treat for Pet fans everywhere. Did you see this thread, on our official forums? There has been lots of buzz and rumors about a very special guest who is moving into our neighborhood soon. Can you guess who it is? I’ll give you a few clues. He looks great in a top hat, is an amazing role model to pets everywhere, and is filthy stinkin’ rich! If you guessed the Pet Society Mayor, you’re absolutely right! Our very own Mayor has decided to come out of hiding and move in right next door!

Make sure you sign on to Pet Society via Facebook to give our new neighbor a friendly greeting! The Mayor will always appear at the beginning of your list. Your pet can visit, interact and even talk to the Mayor himself! Don’t forget to take a picture and show it off in our Gallery at the official forum.

If you can manage to contain your excitement for just a few moments, I’d love to share the newest batch of Halloween items with you! It’s Vampire week for Halloween Part 2! So get your garlic ready, pet fans! Remember that only the Mystery Boxes, Weekly Digging Item & Free Gifts are available now. All other items will be available on Monday October 11th but it doesn’t hurt to sneak a peek, right?

“?” knows how to get the party started, he’s already stuffed the Mystery Boxes full of treats for us to find! Sign on now to see if you can find them all before they disappear! Please note that any items marked Halloween Special will be around until November 1st 12 AM GMT only, but may return in the future. Mystery Items will remain in the boxes until November 4th.

Decorative Pumpkin Bag
(Red Mystery Box)
Decorative Halloween Handbag
(Blue Mystery Box)
Eyeball Glasses
(Gold Mystery Box)
Cute Devil Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)

Are you noticing a trend here? That Cute Black Halloween Top looks like it would match perfectly with last weeks Cute Black Halloween Cap. I wonder what we’ll get next week… Hmm… In the meantime, make sure you send a top to your friends, hopefully they’ll follow suit and return the favor!

Cute Black Halloween Top
(Free Gift)

Every Vampire needs their own wearable Vampire Cane. It’s just plain cool! You’re going to have to work for it though, so make sure you put on your Lucky Hat and hit the Town Forest shovel in hand. This Vampire must have accessory is only available for a week, so no late visits to the Mayor! You’ve got work to do!

Vampire Cane
(Weekly Digging Update)

I don’t know what’s brewing inside the newest collaboration item, but it sure looks like the Halloween Slimy Fish from last week would feel right at home. Gather up 15 of your friends, and ask for some help building this spooky aquarium for free!

Mad Scientist Flask Aquarium
(Outdoor – Fish) (Boutique – Beautiful)

I strongly suggest setting some time aside on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to pick up two very cool, animated items that are only going to be available for 24 hours each. On Tuesday, it will be the Bouncy Bat Hat (and let me tell you, the name does not lie!) For Wednesday, your guests will surely be petrified when they catch a glimpse of your Haunted Spiral Staircase.

Haunted Spiral Staircase
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Limited Edition – Wednesday)
Bouncy Bat Hat
(Clothes – Accessories) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)

Creepy fish from all over the universe have invaded the pond, do you dare dip your fishing rod in the water? You’ll never know what will come up! Stop by the Boutique on Monday to pick up the special Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit and see what you can find. Can you collect them all before they leave our pond and things go back to normal?

Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit
(Food – Petlings & Fish Food) (Halloween Special)
Cute Pumpkin Ghost Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Eyeball Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Halloween Angel Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Halloween Devil Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Magic Broom Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Magic Hat Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Ogre Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Spell Book Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Treat Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)
Vampire Bat Fish
(Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit)

As I stated last week:

Terrence has a special promotion starting on Monday. The Spooky Ghost Fireplace is just 1 of 4 special items in the “Spooky Collection”. Each week we’ll release another part of the collection, and if you purchase all four by the time Halloween is over in Pet Society, he’ll award you with a free room! The fireplace is not only animated, it’s haunted!

Part two of that collection will be arriving on Monday October 11th, and if you thought the fireplace was spooky, wait til you see the piano! Also coming Monday is the seemingly sophisticated portrait of Pawrian Gray, though.. I think he’s hiding something.. Turn off the lights to reveal his secret, if you dare!

Spooky Ghost Piano
(Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Part 2 of 4 Spooky Collection)
Portrait of Pawrian Gray
(Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Halloween Special)

My, what a sweet looking bunny… but wait a second, fangs? Why is there toilet paper all over the house?! And WHY is my seemingly sweet bunny walking in such a creepy manner?! It looks like the Innocent Bunny Plushie isn’t so innocent after all. After three days your “Innocent” bunny will transform into one of three possible Halloween nightmares! Can you collect all three? Do you WANT to collect all three?! *shudders*

Innocent Bunny Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Amazing )
Innocent Bunny Plushie
(Stage 2)
Mummy Bunny Monster
(Outcome of Innocent Bunny Plushie)
Frankenstein Bunny Monster
(Outcome of Innocent Bunny Plushie)
Vampire Bunny Monster
(Outcome of Innocent Bunny Plushie)

What’s Vampire Week without Bella and Edward themselves? If you’re a Twilight fan (*tries to contain self*) you’ll be happy to see wigs in the Clothing Shop – Hairstylist inspired by our favorite characters. If you’re not a Twilight fan, well, the wigs are still cool anyway and you can just pretend they’re named “Roger and Kristine”. Lily also has dark and mysterious clothes for you to act the part.

Edward Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Bella Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Black Vampire Suit
(Clothes – Boys) (Part of the Vampire Boy Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Boy Pants
(Clothes – Boys) (Part of the Vampire Boy Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Shoes
(Clothes – Boys) (Part of the Vampire Boy Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Boy Hat
(Clothes – Boys) (Part of the Vampire Boy Outfit) (Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Boy Cape
(Clothes – Boys) (Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Girl Dress
(Clothing – Girls) (Part of Black Vampire Girl Outfit)
(Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Girl Hat
(Clothing – Girls) (Part of Black Vampire Girl Outfit)
(Halloween Special)
Black Vampire Girl Shoes
(Clothing – Girls) (Part of Black Vampire Girl Outfit)
(Halloween Special)

Whether you’re redecorating for that special Halloween Party or simple celebrating alone, the DIY shop is full of items to help you create that Dark Romantic feel to your home. Fun fact – the Vampire Balcony with Bats is animated. Spooky!

Dark Romantic Vampire Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Red Romantic Vampire Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Halloween Special)
Vampire Balcony with Bats
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (Halloween Special)
Romantic Vampire Chandelier
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Halloween Special)
Romantic Vampire Candle Stand
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Halloween Special)

Out with the pink, and in with the black, red and blue! The sun has set and it’s time for your inner Vampire to come out to play. Coffin beneath the moon? It doesn’t get more poetic than that.

Red Vampire Throne
(Furniture – Living) (Halloween Special)
Romantic Vampire Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Halloween Special)
Blue Vampire Throne
(Furniture – Living)
Romantic Vampire Coffin & Window
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Halloween Special)
Red Vampire Sofa
(Furniture – Living) (Halloween Special)
Blue Vampire Sofa
(Furniture – Living)
Edward and Bella Poster
(Furniture – Living)

If you’re planning on throwing the perfect Halloween Party this season, perhaps enticing your guests with a game of Apple Bobbing out back would score you points? Don’t forget to fill their goody bags with candy spewing out of a evil pumpkin, and for the party favors? Eyeballs in a jar. Gross! Your party will be the talk of the whole neighborhood for sure.

Scary Pumpkin Candy Head
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Halloween Special)
Decorative Jar of Eyeballs
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Halloween Special)
Apple Bobbing Pool
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Halloween Special)

To create that certain sunny day sparkle that dear old Edward pulls off so well, stop by Grocery > Magic Food to pick up your own “Hot Vampire in a Bottle” … well okay, it’s not quite called that in the game.. but close enough!

Sparkling Vampire Drink
(Food – Grocery) (Halloween Special)
Sparkling Potion
(Food – Magic Food) (Halloween Special)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the newest addition to the Mystery Egg collection! Everyone has their own version of scary, and with this huge supply of Scarecrow accessories the possibilities are endless. The Build-a-Scarecrow Mystery Eggs won’t be available until Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about the type of Scarecrow you want to build now!

Build-a-Scarecrow Mystery Egg
(Mystery – Mystery Eggs) (Halloween Special)
Neutral Build-a-Scarecrow Base Black Build-a-Scarecrow Base
Pear Scarecrow Pumpkin Head Pink Scarecrow Pumpkin Head Round Scarecrow Pumpkin Head
Girl Scarecrow Eyes Triangular Scarecrow Pumpkin Head Smiley Scarecrow Mouth
Witch Scarecrow Hat Red Scarecrow Nose Witch Scarecrow Top
Orange Scarecrow Nose Cute Scarecrow Mouth Black Scarecrow Nose
Gentleman Scarecrow Hat Boy Scarecrow Eyes Gentleman Scarecrow Top
Black Scarecrow Ribbon Black Scarecrow Glasses Scarecrow Crow
Bandage Scarecrow Hat Scarecrow Band-Aid Bandage Scarecrow Top
Pink Build-a-Scarecrow Base
(Completion Reward)

96 Responses to “Trick or Treat!”

  1. jade white Says:

    I love the staircase!It is soooo cool but I have no CASH AT ALL!!!!I am so MAD!

  2. andis Says:

    when is all of the item is sale

  3. andis Says:

    when is all of the item is sale.

  4. Haikle Lee Says:

    I can’t load pet society for days =(

  5. White Chocolate Says:

    OMG, I love the new stuff! Thank God most of them are NOT playfish cash

  6. Ugh.. Says:

    People are saying that the ‘Build-a-scarecrow mystery egg is already instores :/ But its not in mine. 😦

  7. cate:) Says:

    i love the bouncy bat hat !!!!! cute ❤

  8. Aimee Says:

    nice but my pfc from 500cash after 2 n a half weeks 20+already

  9. NL Says:

    Really disappointed at the Twitlight references. If Vampire week needed something was not them 😛

  10. Poisonapple Says:

    I really wish that Pawrian Gray and the Innocent Bunnies weren’t cash items ;_;

    • gigi Says:

      same here…. the vampire bunny is TOO cool…. ah well… :\ just got the limited bouncy bat hat — very cute & almost gone!

  11. mm Says:

    love them

  12. priscila Says:

    I never saw the Mystery Eggs where they sell them?

  13. Robyn Says:

    Ew! Twilight. Why?!

  14. jenny Says:

    ima be savin up mahh money!!…………..P.S. IF I CAN I WUV PET SOCIETY!

  15. Leslie Says:

    This is so cool! Im a HUGE twilight fan! Right now, im gonna try to get a lot of money as soon as possible cause i need everything! accept the playfish cash items =( but atleast theres a lot of things with no playfish cash! woo hoo!

  16. Alexandria Says:

    Great items this week, it looks really nice all together. The only thing is, the Bella wig looks weird on any/every pet. The game is slow for me, and other people are saying it isn’t loading for them, is this a lag? I’m really happy that few items this week are PFC. Good job this week. C: ❤

  17. Alexandria Says:

    Okay, now it’s not loading for me, FML. :C

  18. Me :D Says:

    What is the secret behind the pawrian gray portrait? :3. i wanna know. cause i dont have cash :S

  19. nana cal Says:

    it’s so wonderful! i love bella and edward.. c:

  20. nana cal Says:


  21. Anza Says:

    VERY GOOD! But since it’s Halloween, it’s VERY BAD! LoL

    The stages of the Innocent Bunny is dramatic…wish that it can be bought with coins…

  22. Clyde Says:

    My my,this Halloween impress me a lot!!yeah really wish the bunny is not pfc.hohoho~the Halloween fish is so cute!!wonder xmas fish will look like? 😀

  23. Says:

    YAY!Want the bunny ): creepy T^T haha 😀

  24. Allie Says:

    Not a twilight fan but love most of the other items. Is it me or does the Bella wig wears a bit low on the head of your pet? Not sure if this is a glitch can someone please let me know. Thanks

  25. iris :) Says:

    its good but its supposed to be a halloween where we ALL can celebrate it.. heaps of items are pfc.. eg rabbit and fish food.. maybe they could make it more expensive instead of pfc.. just shows how greedy pet society is..

  26. javiera Says:

    I like how my pet sleeps the complete opposite way the pillow is on the coffin and every other bed … e.é

  27. Fede Says:

    q buenas cosas

  28. gigi Says:

    ha! the book of spells fish is gonna come in handy for the holidays! just wait a couple of months: HANUKKAH FISH!! lol

  29. bhen Says:

    Hi there…..

    Is there anybody knows the pet society link to get the free Halloween bouquet? please share…..thanks……..

  30. Allie Says:

    I heard that Playfish is planning on reducing the price of one of the Halloween PFC items. Is this true??

    If it is Please please make the Pawrian Gray painting cheaper.

    I already brought 3 innocent bunnies and feel that it is unfair to reduce the price now. =(

  31. Aimee Says:


  32. Aimee Says:

    WAT IS NEXT WK’S ITEM? i’ve already get d spooky fire place n d spooky piano… wat more?

  33. Abigail Says:

    My outcome from the Innocent Bunny Plushie is the Frankenstein Bunny, I love all three of them to be honest with you.
    I really want you to bring out some new eyes for the pet’s so that we can look more like zombies/vampires etc. Would be really awesome.

  34. melisa Says:

    I really love this game and everything and i want to get another petling but i cant figure out where they sell them it make me angry 😡

  35. petsociety Says:

    i love the cute halloween handbag

  36. Luz Maria Pedaza Says:


  37. Andrea Says:

    Can’t Wait next October I’m Visiting My Friends EveryDay so I can Get Coins

  38. Andrea Says:


  39. veronika gordon Says:


  40. luciano Says:

    I hope you all do something pretty similar in the next halloween

  41. luciano Says:

    and I want you please put Ogre Fish and fish
    (Outcome of Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit) in fish

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