Hop into Modern Matsuri Week!


Hey Pet Society Fans! Celebrations are already well underway, but we’re going for another round! Japan Modern Matsuri Week begins now! To get us started off with a bang, our pal “?” has tucked away some new items in the Mystery Boxes for us to find. The super cute and cuddly Mochi Bunny Plushie and stylish(?) Pomelo Hat are in the Gold Mystery Boxes, and the Pink Bunny Ribbon can be found in the Blue Mystery Box. Good luck on your hunt, pet fans!

Make sure you check out the new LIKE feature in Pet Society this week. The feature can be seen when you click on any item in the shops, then wait for a second or two and you can click on a button that says “LIKE”. You will then be able to show your friends what items in the game that you like the most!

Please note that all items marked “OWO” (One Week Only) will be available until Monday, September 27th 12 AM GMT and may return sometime in the future.

Pink Bunny Ribbon
(Blue Mystery Box)
Mochi Bunny Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)
Pomelo Hat
(Gold Mystery Box)

Garden need a little something extra? These Small Japanese Garden Fences might do the trick! Best of all, they’re free to send to your friends via the Free Gifting function. Perhaps your friends will send some for you too?

Small Japanese Garden Fence
(Free Gift)

Quick! Grab your Town Forest Lucky Hat and head out to the Town Forest! The stunning Luminous Chinese Bunny Lantern will only be around for one week! Bella plans on grabbing a lot of these to decorate her Japanese room with! Better get some for yourself before they’re all gone!

Luminous Chinese Bunny Lantern
Weekly Digging Item

If you’re not too tired after digging, make sure you ask your friends for some help building the PawPaw Revolution Dance Arcade! You’ll need 15 of your most helpful friends to successfully get this item. Fun fact – It’s animated and your pet will bust a move!

PawPaw Revolution Dance Arcade (Market – Party & Gifts )

What’s cooler than spending the day down at the pond catching fish? Fishing in your own backyard of course! With the Net-A-Fish Stall you can catch 4 different colors of Goldfish right in the comfort of your own home. Black, Orange, Red and Pink! This stall works similar to the Ice Cream Stand. You place the Stall in your home, and catch the fish by clicking on it!

Net-A-Fish Stall
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Black Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall
Orange Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall
Pink Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall
Red Goldfish Bag
Outcome of Goldfish Stall

After you’ve collected all four colors, celebrate with a bang by setting off some awesome fireworks!

Fireworks Machine
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Boutique – Amazing Items)

School’s back! (Parents favorite words!) Send your pet back to school in style, you can collect up to five different looks! Which will your pet be? A trendy fashionista sipping on coffee? Cheerful cheerleader dressed in pink? Friendly french horn player? See if you can collect them all and have a uniform for every day of the week!

Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box
(Clothes – Girls/Boys) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Japanese Coffee Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Coffee Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Coffee Uniform)
Japanese Coffee Uniform Mobile Phone
(Outcome of Japanese Coffee Uniform)
Japanese Coffee Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Coffee Uniform)
Japanese Pink Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Pink Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Pink Uniform)
Japanese Pink Uniform Purse
(Outcome of Japanese Pink Uniform)
Japanese Pink Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Pink Uniform)
Japanese Winter Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Winter Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Winter Uniform)
Japanese Winter Uniform French Horn
(Outcome of Japanese Winter Uniform)
Japanese Winter Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Winter Uniform)
Japanese Tan Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Japanese Tan Uniform Dress
(Outcome of Japanese Tan Uniform)
Japanese Tan Uniform Schoolbag
(Outcome of Japanese Tan Uniform)
Japanese Tan Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Tan Uniform)
Gakuran Uniform
(Outcome of Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box)
Gakuran Uniform Glasses
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)
Gakuran Uniform Top
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)
Gakuran Uniform Pants
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)
Gakuran Uniform Shoes
(Outcome of Gakuran Uniform Outfit)

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere! These cute bunnies can be bought from home! (Much like the Ice Cream Stand) But don’t let some of the names fool you! They’re not edible! See if you and your friends can collect all 6 cute bunnies!

Buy-a-Bunny Dispenser
(Market – Toys & Gifts) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Caramel Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Cotton Candy Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Gumdrop Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Pickle Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Sugarsweet Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)
Violet Bunny
(Outcome of Buy-a-Bunny Machine)

In our recent Fashionista Competition we asked you, the players, to come up with your own interpretation of the hottest styles that you want to see in Pet Society! You voted for them, and here are the winners! We just want to thank everyone that participated. The creativity and sheer talent that you guys threw at us was mind-blowing! For more information about the winning designs, check here! Congratulations winners! We hope you enjoy seeing your designs in Pet Society for all to wear! Note however that the actual final outfits available in the shops will have been altered somewhat to fit within the Pet Society Style! (so not actual final look as per below)

Lord of the Bunnies Outfit
(Winner of Formal Category – Alma Baldares Lopez
Lord of the Bunnies Top Lord of the Bunnies Pants Lord of the Bunnies Shoes
Lord of the Bunnies Top Hat Lord of the Bunnies Monocle Lord of the Bunnies Cane
Autumn Bloom Outfit
(Winner of Haute Couture Category – Teresa De Sio)
Autumn Bloom Wig Autumn Bloom Dress
Autumn Bloom Shoes Autumn Bloom Hairpiece
Urban Chic Outfit
(Winner of Leisure Category – Dylan Bruno)
Casual Bun Wig Stylish Tee with Vest & Mirror Bangles Harem Pants
Stylish Black Sandals Boho Fish Cuff Paperboy Cap
Sweet Starry Night Pajama Outfit
(Winner of the Nightwear Category – Dulce Pedraza)
Sweet Star Pajama Cute Little Star Hat Cute Little Star Plushie
Blue Little Star Wig Cute Calm Moon Balloon
Le Rock & Chic Ensemble
(Grand Prize Winner – Leisure Category – Maria Jose Montiel)
Le Rock & Chic Wig Le Rock & Chic Top Le Rock & Chic Pants
Le Rock & Chic Hat Le Rock & Chic Boots Le Rock & Chic Sunglasses

The Limited Edition items are super cool this week. The Anime Heart Wig is not only stylish, but it is an exclusive color that you can’t find anywhere else! It makes it that much more irresistible, right? The Anime Heart Wig can be purchased on Wednesday September 22nd for 24 hours only. The animated Sashimi Boat is only available on Tuesday September 21st, also for 24 hours only.

Anime Heart Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Limited Edition – Wednesday)
Sashimi Boat
(Market – Party & Gifts) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)

Phew! I don’t know about you, but come Monday I’m going to be exhausted from all the clothes shopping that is going to occur. Fact – Mooncakes = shoppers fuel! Plus they look really yummy! Bonus!

Chocolate Icecream Mooncake
(Food – Grocery)
Pink Icecream Mooncake
(Food – Grocery)

The Outdoor Shop is my favorite place to be during Japanese themed weeks. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and this week is no exception to that! Grab a pretty Japanese Garden Parasol, take a seat on the Japanese Garden Bench, put your feet up on a Chinese Garden Early Autumn Stool and have yourself a tea party! Surround yourself with Cherry Blossoms and Lanterns! It’s paradise in your own backyard!

Japanese Garden Parasol
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO
Chinese Early Autumn Garden Table
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Japanese Shrine Gate
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Japanese Garden Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Chinese Garden Early Autumn Stool
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Japanese Garden Flower Pot
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Luminous Tree with Chinese Lanterns
(Outdoor – Gardening)

The items in the Market this week can be summed up in just one word. “Awwwwwwww!” Don’t Oooh and Awww for too long though! The Buttercup Plushie and Lotus Painting won’t be around for too long! So make sure you snag them before they’re gone! Thankfully the super adorable Tanuki Plushie will be sticking around for a while!

Buttercup Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Lotus Painting
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Tanuki Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Chinese Evening Orchard Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Chinese Evening Stone Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Japanese Tea Room Alcove
(DIY – Windows & Doors)

And finally, to finish off Matsuri Week, make sure you check out the Mystery Shop and indulge in the Japanese Garden Mystery Eggs! There are 11 in all to collect! See below to see what you can find!

Japanese Garden Mystery Egg
(Mystery – Boxes & Eggs)
(Completion Reward)

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147 Responses to “Hop into Modern Matsuri Week!”

  1. nick Says:

    another matsuri n japanese…
    but it’s way cooler than this current week matsuri.

  2. Pet Society Love Says:

    Again? twice in a row! And so many things for PF cash 😦

  3. iamsupermarco Says:

    COOL.. πŸ™‚

    add me up.. facebook.com/iamsupermarco

  4. luv it Says:

    Goshhh!! Too many pfc items T____T

  5. alecgaile Says:

    finally cooler than this week why is the urban chic original and the remake does not look alike?

  6. ang Says:

    wwwwoooooo finally

  7. Sippy Says:


  8. Misha Says:

    next week items are fabulousssssssssss!!

    just one question : where do you place the winners’ clothes?
    it’s not on BOUTIQUE right?

  9. Steve Says:

    Wow..!! ^^
    But I Want The Title Of Next Item Is About Indonesian..,
    Because I’M From Indonesia ^^

    And Please.., 75% Pet Society Gamers Is Not Have PFC/BC
    So.. Please,,, I Want Many Thing WIth Cheap Yellow Coin
    Hehehe.., C; XD

    • Bubblegum β™₯ Says:

      yeah !! u are right πŸ˜€

    • imanuel Says:

      last week i thought there’s gonna be like indonesia or malaysian week just like last year. together with both country independent day. eventhough a lot of pet society players from U.S,Canada,Mexico,spain but how about asia like Indonesia, Philippines,Malaysia… we also got a numbered of players…

      add me also…heheheh
      i love and addict to pet society.

      wish the oppinion be helpful(no offense).

    • Neta Says:

      I want that too
      cause I’m from Indonesia too

  10. Karl Ison Says:


  11. alecgaile Says:


  12. Steve Says:

    Huftt…., Too Much Bundle And Clothe πŸ˜€
    I Need Some Cutie/Cool Thing For Decor My House ^^

  13. wthhhhhhhhh Says:

    CC, CC, CC.
    ALL CC.
    When will it stop?!?!??!?!?!
    Just glad that the winners’ outfits won’t be CC.. (wait… they’re not cc, are they!? D:<)

  14. Michael Says:

    Great Japan week again! πŸ˜€

  15. mypetsnameisjean Says:

    please please PLEASE tell me the outfits for next week aren’t PFC/BOTIQUE items…. </3 that's so *effed* up! think about the NORMAL and MAJORITY players for a change pet society! stop being a total douche… and yes, i AM this upset and frustrated over PFC items…

  16. Cool girl Says:

    CC again 😦

  17. SOPO Says:

    are the cool outfits available or just for the winners??

  18. Josie Says:

    ! πŸ˜€ I’m super excited for this…! Well, except for one problem…

    I don’t know where I’m going to PUT any of this stuff! D: I’m out of rooooom.

    But… but the garden mystery eggs…! Oh, they’re so cute, and is… is that Shibuya’s Hachiko?

  19. r3dy Says:

    wow nxt week stil abt japanese item πŸ˜€ did anyone no how much wil de school bundle is ? o_0 hope de price nt de same wit LE princess japanese bundle

  20. lucianaa Says:

    Japanese Garden!!! I love it β™₯

  21. shatha Says:

    cool ;D !

  22. Ricardo Says:

    … And another japanese/chinese week. You guys have a lot of creativity!

  23. shatha Says:

    coool i love that ;D !

  24. PinKy Says:

    oh God… too many PFC things.. :O
    n where’s Indonesian week?? 😦

  25. Arina Says:

    There is a Statue Of Hachiko !!! Aww……. I Like it For Next Week And This Week !!! ~nyaa…… >w<

  26. William Su Says:

    I love this News Week Item…^_^
    I have join the Fashion Competition,but i want the giving item…
    please help me….

  27. Mari Says:

    Awesome Sauce!XDD

  28. Chaan Says:

    please the tittle of next week is Indonesian Week please…

  29. Carrie Says:

    URGHH, why is like every pretty item is boutique? Its like we’re rich to buy playfish cash?? omg, I wish playfish would stop using playfish cash to earn money (including other playfish games), this is really unfair for normal player 😦 Last time when playfish cash doesn’y exist, we could buy anything we want to make our pet pretty, but now, we’d limit!! I’m seriously pissed with that!! they shouldn’t open a store named Boutique!!! Everytime when I saw pretty stuff in here, and I wanted to buy it, but after I saw the word boutique or beautiful item, I was like, wtf?? omg, slowly, pet society will lose alot of supporters… I wish you guys will support me and agree with me.

  30. Archer Says:

    Ok so i amy start sounding like a broken record here but seriously playfish where are the stuff for boys??? Even all of the winners clothes are for girls. Why let players make boy pets if you’re not even going to make clothes for them???

  31. Bubblegum β™₯ Says:

    woww !! awesome !! luv the clothes of fashionista competition !! but they are 2,500 coins ==’ .. too expensive .. i want buy all !!! 😦

  32. Carrieee Says:

    I really dont understand why Playfish used playfish cash to earn more money, Pet society is getting more and more boutique item, its like we;re very rich to buy cash and play?? i believed that pet society will slowly lose player because all of the items are boutique, last time I used to play PS happily, but now, no more. We can’t even buy the things that we like, because most of the pretty stuff are boutique. I WISH THAT THE BOUTIQUE STORE DOENS’T EXIST IN PS. I wish you guys will suport me and agree with me. Post you comments. thanks (:

  33. helen Says:

    hey playfish please fix uo the wigs there are some that fit so high and dont look pretty at all

    • mypetsnameisjean Says:

      i know what you mean, it would look so much nicer if they’d adjust it to fit our pets’ heads… now they just look like super-smart-alien-pets…

  34. kuro Says:

    can i suggest too ? anime week?

  35. Coke12345 Says:

    OK, why the Buy a Bunny dispenser is marked on the Boutique, but the item image says that the eggs cost 250 coins??

    • Aireonna Says:

      To buy the dispenser is cash, but if you have a friend who bought the dispenser then you can go buy the bunny’s for 250 coins.

  36. Mili Says:

    I want an ARGENTINIAN week please!!

  37. Daisy Says:

    Yes helen is right, the wigs are fitted too high! They would be much cuter if they fit right…

  38. javiera Says:

    bunnee collectables! O’:!!

  39. azuredragon_cef Says:

    😦 i hate pet society.. it completely forgot about the fish thing.. it’s already two month 8 weeks with no new fishes.. 😦

  40. javiera Says:

    Cute Calm Moon Balloon shoulda been holdable D: plush too D’:

  41. Xavier Says:

    Wa lao so nice item but cant buy facebook account disable WTF!!!
    last week limited item also cant buy

  42. azuredragon_cef Says:

    i have waited for so long.. and each week.. only give me another disapointment.. got no new idea for the fish??? hem..

  43. Soshi Says:

    Those fishies in the bags would look adorable in the aquarium! let us fish them all!!! and keep them that small and cute!!!

    And also a korean week would be nice! Soshi would love dressing as a korean princess in a cute hanbok!

    And once again congrats playfish for another amazing week!! and congratulations to all the fashionista winners! specially Maria Jose since “Le Rock Chic Ensemble” is Cute and Fierce, Fierce B$%& is Fierce! ~snapping fingers in zig zag motion in the air~

  44. Nicholas Says:

    Cute. However, I DO NOT LIKE how boy pets get totally left in the dust almost all the time. ESPECIALLY this week. First of all, none of the fashionista outfits are for boys. Second, while the Japanese school uniforms are cute, only ONE of them is for boys. There’s no way I’m gonna dump a bunch of playfish cash buying random boxes when there’s an 80% chance I’ll end up with something totally inappropriate that I cannot use. I understand it’s basically just an attempt to get people to use real money, but you could at least TRY to be a little more fair about it: either by selling them cheap so the gamble doesn’t seem quite so wasteful (like 5 playfish cash each) or having separate boys’ and girls’ random boxes to buy (but then you’d have to actually make more options for boys . . . something I fear will never happen).

  45. likia Says:

    So every cool thing for this week will either be sold for PF cash at the boutique or you need a ton of friends to help you build it, WOW! *eyeroll*

  46. Kate Says:

    Wow, another Matsuri week? I didn’t buy anything related to it this week, but this coming week looks a little more promising. At least there’s going to be a lot of outfits! If only so many items weren’t worth CC though…

  47. Gabber Says:

    I don’t believe the Fashionista bundles will be CC’s because the blog does mention, “We hope you enjoy seeing your designs in Pet Society for ALL to wear!”
    and certainly not ALL players have PF cash. Besides, how cruel would EA be putting clothes that WE THE PLAYERS designed in the boutique. It would seem heartless to me…
    @ azuredragon_cef: why so desperate for a fish? I agree to some extent but at least we’ll be having a net-a-fish stall so maybe that’s a step closer to releasing a real new fish from the pond lol in other words, don’t be so down over a fish =)

  48. Ehime Says:

    sooo there are no yellow coins outfits this week, looks like some ones are getting pretty greedy, don’t they? let’s buy stuff until everything turns into PFC!!!

  49. Geneviever Says:

    HOw about An All out ANIME WEEK. With everyones favourite animes!

  50. Yuki Says:

    HOORAY! You can never have enough Japanese weeks! =D

  51. DollyKins Says:

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD. Thank you for the cute items… but WILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILLLLLLL FOR THE ANIME HEART WIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH GOOOOOOOD WHYYYY.. i will be PF COINS AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN i will cry next 50 days if i don’t manage to get one. ;____; HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  52. C Says:

    There’s a mistake. The picture of the Urban Chic Outfit bundle bag is actually the picture of Le Rock & Chic Ensemble bundle bag.

  53. sofi Says:

    more of japan

  54. YAAAY Says:

    Thank you playfish for making the Fashionista oufits buyable with coins!! Thank you so much!! πŸ˜€ Please DON’T change it to PFC okay?? A lot of people would be so disappointed if you did!!

  55. LingYao Says:

    i want a anime week! but less cc. pls. πŸ˜€ . if the item costs 8000 coins i can also make it. but no cc.

  56. lelouch Says:

    y the nightwear wig by dylan r different o.o kinda sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. stardust Says:

    waaaaaaaaa i looove iiit!!!!!

  58. jkhalila Says:

    wow i hope the ‘ le rock & chic’ ensemble is not PFC

  59. jkhalila Says:

    i just hope they make an indonesian week because it’s must be so cool

  60. Stephanie Says:

    Can playfish fix the problem with the star pajama set?some players including myself only have 3 items out of the five that was the complete set. The balloon and the plushie are the items missing. Please do something about this problem. Thanks.

  61. Jo'anne Says:


  62. jlr Says:

    dont get me wrong, i love some of the japanese items, but two weeks in a row is a bit over-kill. i dont think i’ll be buying anything this week AGAIN, besides the wallpaper and floor.

  63. sophiscated.me Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! πŸ˜€ want the wig badly ><

  64. YiiN Says:

    woa !!!! nice ~

  65. albertjasonlou Says:

    cooll … i wanr buy alll

  66. alien Says:

    I don’t know why but I’ve already seen fd decorating with items from Japanese Garden Egg!! They’re supposed to be released next Monday, right?!

  67. ayrah Says:

    like it. but to much cc. u should try philippines.!
    philippine week.? why not..!?!

  68. Girl101 Says:

    Where can you get the autumn dress , the chic ensemble ???

  69. cate:) Says:

    philippine week next time please ??

    i’d be soo grateful if the philippines will be featured on pet society :))

  70. Emma Says:

    Hi! I bought the “Sweet Starry Night Pajama Outfit” but only got the “Blue Little Star Wig”, “Cute Little Star Hat” and the “Sweet Star Pajama”. Where can I get the other parts of the set? (the “Cute Calm Moon Balloon” and the “Cute Little Star Plushie”?
    Very greetful for an answer!

    Kind regards

  71. Absessed Says:

    no… all pf cash! slack…

  72. Jaz Says:

    oh well. i love the japanese school uniform but WTH THEY’RE PFC. Oh please at least there is one uniform that in regular cash. ==;

  73. hui ning Says:

    yah! The Mid-Autumn Festival is here

  74. moon Says:

    hi i want to buy cash but it’s not open with me

  75. rita Says:

    this not fair u guys keep doing with playcash only the best items wth, this is not fair … why dont u guys do a monthlky subscription with money only and then we allowed to buy all ?! … srsly …

  76. shinny Says:

    Wow!!!! So beautifullll

  77. Tyler Says:

    I got the Pomelo Hat

  78. KARL Says:

    I think playfish should have seasonal fashion contests like summer spring winter and autumn so pet society will be more exciting nad mor fun to play and yes i think pet society should have filipino week especially for me and the filipinos to show off the fashion here at the philippines

  79. shasha Says:

    japanese anime week !! πŸ˜€

  80. Hyarey Says:

    waaaa I love it all!!!!!! except for the PFC items !!!! cause I can’t buy it at the moment hahaha!

  81. azuredragon_cef Says:


  82. Ami Says:

    aww this week al is so cute!
    plz more cute freebies!!

  83. Boris Shane Says:

    Woo, this is so beautiful, now I can make a beautiful Japanese garden πŸ™‚ Love the Japanese Garden Mystery Eggs!

  84. aikster Says:

    philippine week please!! πŸ˜€

  85. aylabyu Says:

    love it! I hpe there would be PHILIPPINES WEEK! πŸ™‚

  86. cURLYgIRL Says:

    Nice items, I like it a lot! yes yes Philippine Week plz!

  87. iris :) Says:

    so sad 😦 the japanese uniform is pfc 😦 there not actually WORTH 5 pc


    wow cool…………………………. : )

  89. diana Says:

    its coooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. catra Says:

    hey are Japanese Coffee Uniform, Japanese Tan Uniform, Japanese Winter Uniform just for girl??

  91. Joel Says:

    wow! Matsuri. That’s Japanese! can we have Filipino week pretty pls!?!? I want Filipino week cause I’m Pinoy

  92. Ava Says:

    how come the mystery box clothes are pf cash??? not fair… 😦 oh well at least the clothes competition isnt pf cashh….

  93. definiste Says:

    As much as I appreciate the multiculturalism… Japanese and Chinese cultures are NOT the same! Please do not group them together! That’s like promoting American and British items/culture and calling it ~America Week~

  94. Paul Says:

    Ok,Japanese theme for 3rd time i cant believe it.:( Why dont they do a School week?

  95. Paul Says:

    Indonesian Week is 1 time.Japanese 3 times 😦

  96. Sarah Says:

    Sooo repetitive and too many PFC things

  97. Coke12345 Says:

    We want a Philipine week!
    Please listen to us this time! πŸ™‚

  98. Ktylvr Says:

    I do NOT like the new ‘like’ feature on any of the items, just put it back to normal, I just find that whole thing annoying and it slows down the process. Why should we clutter up our pages with all the ‘likes’, we already ‘like’ the game, we shouldn’t have to ‘like’ every single little piece of it.

  99. shaphat Says:

    About the Lord of the Bunnies Outfit, I feel the original version from Alma was better looking, more elegant. I feel that the PS version was girlified and simplified. The bow size specially I liked more the original, the coat also lost its original flourish.

  100. Paul Says:

    Oh Japanese theme is awful i am waiting halloween comes. πŸ˜€

  101. PauL Says:


  102. bahmeow Says:

    OMG! im so lovin it…

  103. javiera Says:

    can anyone explain to me the bunny machine thing? how come i see poeple witht he figurines already?

  104. petsocietyloverss Says:

    woah another japanese week 2 inarow

  105. alexandra Says:

    i want more pets. what about snakes? ball pythons? chameleons?
    i mean sure bunnies are cute, but i feed my reallife pets with them -.-
    dont really care about those kind of animals…

  106. V Says:

    KNOCK IT OFF. I’m fucking getting sick of this bullshit!

  107. Kiki Says:

    Soo cute! I lovee it! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  108. Miia Says:

    i love pet society…but i do think the fish dollar thing is getting more and more unfair…once again, even in the game world, u got to use real cash to buy certain things…*sigh*

  109. sophiscated.me Says:

    hm..japanese week..a korean week next?i WOULD LOVE my pet to wear hanbok πŸ˜€

  110. Pello Says:

    Japanese uniforms are beautiful but they shouldn’t be a cash item at all. Can’t even dress my pet in this week’s theme clothes unless i buy cash. Disgusting.

  111. Mapache Says:

    No fishes.
    And you got to pay actual money to get new male pet items.
    This is terrible…

  112. cookies Says:

    and maybe an indonesian week after this or when?

  113. Katie Says:

    This is ridiculous. I’ve been playing this game for TWO YEARS and there is MAY BE a small handful of items we don’t have to pay REAL money for. Obviously Playfish only cares about money and not their other faithful players. I get that they need to make money but COME ON. It’s just getting obvious and I have no desire to play anymore. Someone let me know when Playfish stops being so money hungry and remembers who got them here in the first place & I’ll be back.

  114. ves Says:

    The amount of items that cost ACTUAL money every week is getting really out of hand, before you know it, the standard coins will be useless. Every cool thing is either sold on limited edition or by cash and I agree with Mapache about the new male items, you should not have made them available for real cash only. But I gotta thank the developers for at least having the Dance Machine be obtainable through other means, it was the best item of the week by far.

  115. regina Says:

    I just bought two of the fashionista outfits (Formal and Leisure), but they’re not in my wardrobe. How do I get to them?

  116. Pat Says:

    WOW!! lovely

  117. lilbug2229 Says:

    Can we have a pet shop theme for our petlings please? maybe some tuffed animals, cages, food bowls, wall paper, floors, reptiles in cages, birds, hampsters…etc.

  118. GRR Says:

    WTHeck. Another japanesse theme, can i sugest KOREAN WEEK? OR PINK WEEK? OR ANIME WEEK please?!?!

  119. florencia chandra Says:

    its nice can u give presents for pet society fans

  120. Michael Says:

    Indonesian week?

  121. aldana Says:

    como se juega naa jaja era una joda

  122. casinos Says:

    I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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