Cherry for your thoughts…


Hey Pet Fans! Pet Society has just been updated, and a new week has officially begun! We are celebrating Japanese culture with what we call “Matsuri Week”! There is a lot to take in, from the beautiful clothes, the stunning scenery, to the absolutely delicious cusine. It’s going to be a week to remember, so sit back and relax while I show you what’s in store for us! Just a reminder, any items marked “OWO” (One Week Only) Will be available until Monday September 20th 12 AM GMT only.

Before we get started showing you the items that are to come in the stores, we need to inform you of the big sale that wil start on Monday! It is a coin sale and you will get 30% more coins when you purchase from the bank! The coin value is automatically updated in the bank view when you select your payment provider, and what you see in this view are the total coins you will receive. The sale lasts for one week only, so make sure you take advantage!

First up, the Mystery Boxes have been updated once again, and it looks like the work of our dear friend “?”. He’s hidden the first batch of beautiful Japanese items including the festive Red Japanese Ogre Mask so start searching now if you want to collect them all! Good luck!

Luminous Japanese Lantern
(Blue Mystery Box)
Red Japanese Ogre Mask
(Gold Mystery Box)
Fish Bag Hat
(Gold Mystery Box)

Every collector needs a Pet Geisha Toy in their life, so if you have any toy lovers in your neighborhood, make sure you send this cute addition to them for free using the Free Gifts function!

Pet Geisha Toy
(Free Gifts)

Take a stroll down to the Town Forest this week and see if you can dig up the newest addition to the Weekly Digging Item family, the Luminous Pink Japanese Lantern! I strongly suggest picking up a Town Forest Lucky Hat, from the Clothing (Accessories) store if you need some help! The hat will increase your chances of finding one (or more!) of these beautiful Lanterns. (Plus it brings an “Indiana Jones” feel to digging, who doesn’t want to dig with such style?) Good luck!

Luminous Pink Japanese Lantern
(Weekly Digging Item)

Gather up 15 of your hardworking friends. The newest Collaboration item is here! Cherry Tree Bonsai can be yours for free with the help of 15 friends, or you can purchase it from the Boutique.

Cherry Tree Bonsai
(Outdoor – Gardening) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Collaborative)

On Tuesday September 14th, make sure you stop by the Market to get your very own Pink Kappa Plushie! This legendary creature will only be available for 24 hours, so be sure to sign on Tuesday! On Wednesday you can purchase the Japanese Princess Bundle from the Boutique (or Clothing) store which has all of the necessities to help your pet become a Japanese Princess! Inside the bundle includes a wig, hairclip, shoes and traditional Kimono. Remember that this bundle is only available on Wednesday September 15th for 24 hours!

Pink Kappa Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Japanese Princess Bundle
(Clothes – Girls) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Limited Edition – Wednesday)
Japanese Princess Wig
(Outcome of Japanese Princess Bundle)
Japanese Princess Hairpiece
(Outcome of Japanese Princess Bundle)
Japanese Princess Shoes
(Outcome of Japanese Princess Bundle)
Japanese Princess Kimono
(Outcome of Japanese Princess Bundle)

There are some exciting new additions in the Boutique that I know you’ll enjoy! Have you ever wanted to show off a room in your house, but didn’t feel like moving things to the first room? Well, now you don’t have to! The option to choose which room your friends go into is here at last!!! Simply place the Magic Welcome Mat in the room of your choice and voila! Guests from the neighborhood will visit that room instead of the default first room. This is great for those of us that want to show off a Cash Room, a favorite garden, or even a secret room! Clicking on the Mat will change the color, you could have blue, orange, pink.. the choice is yours! Also new to the Boutique are 3 new wings, Butterfly, Dragonfly and Ladybug. These cute wings evolve over three days to full size! Wear em and watch em grow!

Blue Butterfly Wings
(Clothes – Accessories) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Dragonfly Wings
(Clothes – Accessories) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Ladybug Wings
(Clothes – Accessories) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Cherry Tree Picnic
(Outdoor – Gardening) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Magic Welcome Mat
(Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Amazing Items)

Lily the Clothing Shop owner has gone out of her way to spoil us this week with everything we need to feel like a Japanese Princess! The Red Hakama Outfit comes as a bundle and has three pieces: Red Hakama, Butterfly Hairclip and Red Japanese Sandals. We also have a new Romantic Wig and more great Japanese clothing available for us come Monday.

Red Hakama Outfit
(Clothes – Girls) (3 pieces!)
Red Hakama
(Outcome of Red Hakama Outfit)
Butterfly Hairclip
(Outcome of Red Hakama Outfit)
Red Japanese Sandals
(Outcome of Red Hakama Outfit)
Romantic Japanese Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Romantic Hakama
(Clothes – Girls) (OWO)
Romantic Japanese Sandals
(Clothes – Girls) (OWO)
Kappa Mask
(Clothes – Accessories) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)

Okonomiyaki is a delicious savory pancake popular throughout Japan. There are lots of different styles and ways to cook Okonomiyaki, so be sure to place the Okonomiyaki Takeaway Stand in your home for guests to have a taste of the 3 different kinds. You can also purchase the poster for curious eaters. (Found in the Grocery section of the Food Store) And don’t forget to serve up some Steam Cooked Mushrooms with your Matsuri Stand! (These two items can be found in the Furniture Store)

Okonomiyaki Takeaway Stand
(Food – Grocery) (Outdoor – Furniture)
What is Okonomiyaki Poster
(Food – Grocery) (Outdoor – Furniture)
Seafood Okonomiyaki
(Buyable from Okonomiyaki Takeaway)
Noodles Okonomiyaki
(Buyable from Okonomiyaki Takeaway)
Egg Okonomiyaki
(Buyable from Okonomiyaki Takeaway)
Matsuri Food Stand
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Steam Cooker with Mushrooms
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)

For those unfamiliar with the legendary Kappa, you can purchase the poster with a bit of background information along with the adorable Plushie! You don’t need to know a lot about this cute little guy to love him! The Market is also filled with decorations to help complete your Japanese themed rooms!

Kappa Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Kappa Legend Poster
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Luminous Fish Japanese Lantern
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Furniture – Living)
Daruma Decoration
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)

The Garden & DIY Shop have everything we need for those finishing touches to ensure our theme is complete! Everything from traditional Tatami Wallpaper, Japanese Sliding Doors, to an animated Monkey Thermal Bath! Make sure you stop by the shops on Monday to pick up what you need, and remember, those items marked OWO will only be around until September 20th!

Japanese Garden Cooking Pot
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Japanese Garden Gong
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Japanese Garden Lantern
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Monkey Thermal Bath
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Food Stand Sign
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Paper Ceiling Lamp
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Brown Japanese Sliding Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Japanese Stone Wall
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Ornamental Japanese Temple Entrance
(Outdoor – Furniture)
White Japanese Sliding Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Blue Tatami Room Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Brown Tatami Room Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
White Tatami Room Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

Wh…? Wait a second! Was that.. Was that Hideeni I just saw?! In a Pink Pineapple Costume?! Well isn’t that just peachy! (Har har) Yep! Hideeni is back for some more fun and games and this time he’s dressed as a giant pineapple! He’s giving out Moody Fruits to the friends of those that find him (and believe me, he’s not hard to find! Most likely he’ll find YOU! There’s no escaping him.) You can purchase the Fruit Tree Display from the Market to show off these adorable plushies! And the best part is, if you can collect them all, we’ll give you a Yellow Pineapple Mask to match Hideeni as a reward!

Moody Fruit Tree Display
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Angry Orange Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Energetic Watermelon Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Friendly Cherries Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Funny Strawberry Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Happy Lemon Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Hungry Pear Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Lazy Banana Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Romantic Peach Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Sad Watermelon Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Sleepy Berry Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Cheeky Pomegranate Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Worried Apple Plushie
(Hideeni Gift)
Pineapple Mask
(Completion Reward)

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137 Responses to “Cherry for your thoughts…”

  1. patricia Says:

    what about filipino week 🙂 that would be so cool!

  2. Iaia Says:

    But…what about the items removed from Gold Mistery Box???? Where I can see what items was removed??

  3. DaveMD Says:

    What about us Boys???!!!! I love more than anyone the japanese weeks…. All of my pet’s house is japanese style… but why haven’t you done something with Samurai or Kendo items???? My pet has an unfinished Dojo!!!! Jajajajajajaja

    Please do something with Kendo Items… or better.. with Samurai items!!! Don’t forget about us Playfish!

  4. Damian Says:

    the return of the online pet society! everyone wants the same thing if I’m not mistaken you could see all our friends! come back:)!

  5. Neus Says:

    … Oh yeah let’s play pet society, is really fun, you can spend all your money to buy mystery boxes and only you will get outdated items and cheaper, none of the news published, or you can go to all the shops and the best , found in the boutique, as long as you pay for it. Also requests the gifts you give your friends to find a Hideeni and we never get to collect them, because every time you order a gift tells you you’ve already received and never comes you are missing. If you play end up frustrated and angry and losing your time and coins that got so much work! Too bad, it was fun and became a business, do not deny that I have spent my money to buy some things in cash shop boutique, but now everything nice is there and for those who do not invest there are few options, which hurt, hopefully back to being as fun and exciting as before …
    tion and 10.775 coins spent to get the mystery boxes last week’s Dalmatian and only I got a totem and Fish Hat Bag

  6. lelouch Says:

    watever i’m rich i dont care hahaha

  7. Tracy Says:


  8. jhumer Says:

    this is my first time yo leave a comment..hehe i’m a filipino..but i really love japanese traditions,the way the dress is..hmpp..also the food they made even though i have’nt taste all of it..but it really looks delicious!!! the way it is prepared..hmp also the type of fiber use to make kimonos..etc. unfortunately..i visit my pet very late for the JAPANESE WEEK on pet society..hehe i love to play pet society. .hope others join the game too! and how about filipino week?huh??hehe

  9. Stephanie Says:


  10. kiwi Says:

    it’s so unfair. i finally collected all the plushies, and it said that i couldn’t claim the completion reward. what’s wrong?

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