Extreme Makeover…. Pet Edition!


Hey Pet Society fans! The game has just been updated, so sign on now via Facebook to see what’s new! Keep in mind that the new items won’t be in stores until Monday September 6th at 12 AM GMT.

Get started in the Mystery Shop, “?” has hidden 4 new items for us to find, including an adorable Dalmatian Plushie, a stylish Pink Kettle, and a Retro Videogame Joystick and Red Toy Car for the inner child in you! These items can be found today, so start searching! Good luck!

Retro Videogame Joystick (Red Mystery Box) Red Toy Car (Blue Mystery Box)
Pink Kettle (Gold Mystery Box) Dalmatian Plushie (Gold Mystery Box)

Everyone loves cookies, and best of all, these ones are for free! Make sure you send some of this yummy-ness to your friends! Maybe they’ll send you some back in return. Omnomnom.

White Chocolate Cookies (Free Gift)

Grab your shovels and head on over to the Town Forest! Why, you ask? Because the new Weekly Digging Item is lurking beneath the ground for us to find! See if you can find the Nostalgic Portable Console before it disappears!

Nostalgic Portable Console
(Weekly Digging Item)

The Collaborative item is super special this week. Not only can you own the incredibly cool Space Rocket for free with the help of your friends, but upon obtaining this item, you will unlock a new location on the map called “The Moon” Check it out now!

Space Rocket
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Boutique – Amazing Items) (Collaborative)

Two new items hit the shops on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for a limited time only. The Falling Blocks Arcade Game will be available all day Tuesday September 7th for 24 hours, and the White Swan Seat (a friend for the Deer Seat!) will be available on Wednesday September 8th for 24 hours. Get em while they’re hot! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Falling Blocks Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Item All Day Tuesday) White Swan Seat (Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Limited item Al Day Wednesday)

It’s the Petling we’ve all been waiting for! The Bunny Petling is here! This adorable, fluffy little bunny will be hopping into town on Monday. Yay! Also available starting today, is the new Town Forest Lucky Hat, which will bring you tons of luck every week while you’re trying to find the weekly treasure! And wig lovers will be happy to know that coming soon, you will be able to purchase the Brown Home Dye Table which will give you an unlimited supply of these 3 wig dyes! Simply place the Dye Table in the room, wear your preferred wig, and click on the table. It will show you a preview of what your pet will look like, and once you confirm, voila!

Town Forest Lucky Hat (Boutique – Amazing Items) (Clothes – Accessories) Brown Home Dye Table (Clothes – Stylist) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Bunny Petling (Outdoor – Petlings) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) Bunny Petling (Grown up)

Geeky is the new cool, and Lily has every accessory a geek could ever need this week! Make sure you stop by the clothing store on Monday to get your very own Pet Pixel Mask and Geeky Glasses along with many other Geek inspired attire!

Blue Pet Pixel Mask (Clothes – Accessories) (OWO) Orange Pet Pixel Mask (Clothes – Accessories) (OWO)
Black Geeky Glasses (Clothes – Accessories) Tomato Mask (Clothes – Accessories) Yellow Geeky Glasses (Clothes – Accessories) (OWO)
Blue Pet Pixel Shirt (Clothes – Boys/Girls) (OWO) White Pet Pixel Shirt (Clothes – Boys/Girls)

Dark Chocolate Cookies and Sparkling Water.. there is no better combination in my opinion! Yum! Make sure you grab some cookies before they’re all gone! These babies are only available in stores for one week!

Dark Chocolate Cookies (Food – Grocery) (OWO) Sparkling Water (Food – Grocery)

The furniture shop is fully stocked with all of the latest fashionable interior pieces to help transform your bedroom, bathroom and living room into the home of your dreams!

Steel Kettle (Furniture – Kitchen and Bathroom) Rattan Basket Decoration (Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Wooden Designer Coffee Table (Furniture – Bedroom) Wooden Designer Shelf (Furniture – Living)
Wooden Designer Bed(Furniture – Bedroom)
Modern Coffee Table (Furniture – Living) Modern Stool (Furniture Living) (OWO)
Large Sectional Sofa (Furniture – Living)
Red Designer Coffee Table (Furniture – Living) (OWO) Red Designer Shelf (Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Red Heart Chair (Furniture – Living)

The Wooden Bathroom Bundle Box is an affordable choice if you’re looking to renovate. You can buy all in one, via the bundle (for a deal!) or choose items separately. Your choice!

Wooden Bathroom Bundle Box (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wooden Bathroom Basket (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathtub(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Toiletry Set(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wooden Bathroom Chair(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wood-framed Bathroom Mirror(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Stool(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wood-Based Bathroom Plant(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Sink(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) Wooden Bathroom Towel Rack(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)

In the Market, all you need to host your very own gamer party is right there at your fingertips! Don’t forget the incredibly cute Hedgehog plushie too!

Fighter Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles) Save the Princess Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO) Racer Arcade Game (Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Hedgehog Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Beautiful Items) Glam Outdoor Bench (Outdoor – Furniture)

Finally, to compliment the Wooden Bathroom Bundle Box collection, the perfect choice would be the Light Wood Wallpaper & Floor. Check out the rest of the items available in stores on Monday!

Pixel World Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) Pixel World Floor(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Bright Green Leafy Shelf (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Cloud Shelf (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Olive Green Leafy Shelf (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Light Wood Wallpaper(DIY – Walls & Floors) Light Wood Floor (DIY – Walls & Floors)

Hope you enjoy Home Makeover Week!

Please note that the following items will be leaving the stores next week. Starting Monday September 6th these items will have a “last week in stores” sign, and will be gone on Monday September 13th.

Magic Mushroom Circle (Outdoor – Furniture)
Bonfire (Outdoor – Furniture)
Bamboo Gazebo with Chair (Outdoor – Furniture)
White Marquee (Outdoor – Furniture)
Log Bed (Furniture – Bedroom)
Bedside Table (Furniture – Bedroom)
Elegant Black Bin (Furniture – Bedroom)
Stainless Steel Press Pot (Cafe)
Stainless Steel Kettle (Cafe)
Black Mug (Cafe)
Noir Espresso Machine (Cafe)
Black Cup (Cafe)

Also, just a reminder that sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently than we originally planned. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

98 Responses to “Extreme Makeover…. Pet Edition!”

  1. Erica Says:

    i must buy the good stuff with pf….
    isn’t it????

  2. merchas Says:

    Love, Love, Love next weeks theme! ๐Ÿ˜€

    So can’t wait for the Bunny Petling!

  3. pijan Says:

    the first!
    love the item! but, why the bunny petling must cash?

  4. rica Says:

    love it…
    but please don’t use the pf cash again like this week….

  5. jjackie1010 Says:

    really loooveee it!!! But the bunny is cash is it?? tat sucks

  6. Nethyria Says:

    This week is great, way better than the previous one. Good job ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. JJulio Says:

    travel to moon??? its lovelyy

  8. fengg Says:

    cute bunny!:D &the tomato mask too!

  9. Restaurant City Maniac Says:

    Even Hedgedog Plushie as cash plushie? O_O

  10. Owee97 Says:

    Haha nice pixel items and the swan seat is very graceful :), finally my thread for bunny petlings worked out ๐Ÿ˜€ Wait a second….. I see the word “Boutique-Beautiful items” beneath it. Oh Noooo!

  11. Hyarey Says:

    aww the bunny is soo cute โค

  12. C: Says:

    love it all! the bathroom stuff and the coffee table! C: cant wait

  13. Anita Says:

    i am a retro games trader, this week is so very very me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. weijie 2e3 Says:

    petsociety u rox! hope the limited edition is cheap. why is it still in beta mode after 2 years?

  15. Misha Says:

    bunny petling is a cash?
    let’s see … dog, cat, coyote, lion bought with coins..
    lamb, tiger, dragon, bear, leopard, pegasus, bunny bought with cash..
    so it’s 7 cash petlings now? try to make a worm petling for cash next week.
    why not makes everything cash?
    this is so dumb.

    and one thing to give more serious attention.
    WTH with the hedgehog plushie becomes a CASH ITEM?
    if it’s a joke, it’s not funny at all.
    i have enough playfish !!

    • aGirl Says:

      i don’t recognize that the hedgehog plushie is a cash item until u say it o,o

    • NotFromMars Says:

      It’s wayyy better than last week, last week, all except one GIRL outfit was cash and the ONLY boy outfit had a tiny chance of getting at all because it was mixed in with like 4 chance GIRL outfits. Now THAT was bad. But this week, neutral clothes, arcade machines, neat stuff, woo!
      Yeah, it stinks that the bunny is cash, and it’s weird about the hedgehog being cash (could have been a typo/mistake), but it’s a definite improvement on last week!!

    • Tihana Says:

      It’s better then last week, but they’re getting cash crazy. If they keep it up they could do at least what zynga does and allow us to win cash somehow so we can buy items, since soon they’ll be as bad as they are.

      I also want more coin petlings, they could make them more expensive or cash, or something, this way I feel as if I can’t get half the things for my pet and I play for hours daily.

      I noticed cash hedgehog plushie and that’s just completely and totally nuts and unfair. If it’s a joke, it’s a completely bad one.

  16. NotFromMars Says:

    Love it!! Yay casual clothes!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Geeky glasses yayy!
    and the rocketship looks so cool!

  17. amy Says:

    no! its not cool! u juz had to do it ryt playfish???

  18. Cool girl Says:

    no i think there’s no cash this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. jas Says:

    Why is all cool petlings with PFC? At least make them cheaper -_-

  20. Lena Says:

    please add aquariums and flower pots

  21. Arina Says:

    wow !!!

  22. ambar chayank dia Says:

    really that is now special this weak …….. just see now…..

  23. Dave Says:

    I LIKE this coming week’s items… because I’m a gamer geek, you know. I like every item and I wish it’s Monday tomorrow! haha.

  24. Chloe Says:

    I am pretty happy for next week. There’s a fair amount of cc items, good work Playfish ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. VMeutia Says:

    Like the tomato mask… wanna findout how my pet look like wearing it ๐Ÿ˜€ about hedgehog plushie, is it really a cash item?

  26. Pahmiey Says:

    I like the items for next week..But I’m gonna be broke D;

  27. Kellen Says:

    Wow luv it luv it luv it luv it luv it luv it luv it luv it !!! ^^

  28. r3dy Says:

    n.n my pet wil look cute wit dos shirt thzzz

  29. ahomira Says:

    whoa! amazing items! i love everything! i should start visiting all my friends to gain cash! haha!
    and good job Pet Society Team for hearing us about fair amount of cc items! thank you thank you!
    i wanna buy everything!

  30. Eve Says:

    The coin items getting worse every week… I’m wondering when will the foods be pf cash items

  31. bhem Says:

    I love the items, i bet it will take a thousand of mystery boxes buying to get the new mystery items, like this week…..
    so sad…..cause my coins are so limited……..:(
    pet society should consider about new MB….

  32. annoyed Says:

    Another cheap week ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t like the normal stuff at all. The only things I’d be interested in would be the rocket and the bunny but none of my friends are playing PS and I don’t have CC… and I’m definetely not up to buying some! I think, I’ll be gone soon, too

  33. dissappointed Says:

    Bout the town forest digging hat.. It’s Only make easier to get a weekly item?? That’s too pricey.. >.< If that hat will like a pro fishing one I think I'll have it. Coz will dig a different kinds for the forest. That more reasonable than only "easier get a weekly item"

  34. lotiana mary Says:

    I love this week items, but only 50% of it.
    *Sigh* I almost spend $100 in 3 months! In such a country like me, $100 its a BIGGGGGGGGG nominal.
    Hate it!

  35. javiera Says:

    I don’t understand this theme too much ^-^’

  36. ? Says:

    can u show us what is in the new moon digging site?? im RLY curious and cant wait!!!! =D

  37. She Says:

    Could you make it so that theres a link on the game page that takes to the pet facebook page?,coz its frustrating finding it ;-;..just sayin’

  38. Coins Says:

    there’s more coin items this week!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. ang Says:

    anyone know if friends can use the dye wig machine? I know if I walk into a neighbor’s home I can use their magic mirror etc..so maybe I can use their wig dye too *O* that’d be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Kate Says:

    I LOVE this week’s items omfg, I’m gonna buy lots of em! It’s just a shame all of the really nice stuff is PF cash like the bunny petling, the HEDGEHOG PLUSHIE??, and the swan seat…oh well :c

  41. Perler Family Says:

    wow I love this theme! ๐Ÿ˜€ Can not wait for tomorrow when the theme is already in stores! hello, please pet society on cheap goods playfishnya yes … !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Ricadro Says:

    Can we get a 1940’s theme or something? This 80’s thing has been done to def.

  43. rozelle Says:

    love them

  44. Lemon Says:

    the hedgehog PLUSHIE is cash? ๐Ÿ˜ก
    its a plushie. and it just HAS to be PFC.
    other than that, it seems this week there are way less PFC items than last week. Really interesting furniture. lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Michelle Says:

    I love this week’s item!! I’ma change my bedroom & also bathroom for sure!
    Nice post! โค

  46. sigh Says:


  47. Joy Joy Says:

    i love this week!! cant wait til i buy this stuff! who-hoo playfish!!

  48. sophiscated.me Says:

    awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ love the geeky glasses!my mondays are much more fullfiling with new items.haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. iris :) Says:

    hey guys, just wondering does anyone know a a complete updated list of all the mystery box items ?

  50. Shirley Says:

    I’m glad that there are not so many cash things this week. But is anyone else getting bored with the furniture.. how about some some themes like .. camping.. or a farm .. or a zoo.. or a hospital

  51. lorna.. Says:

    why do all petlings need to be pf-cash??!!

  52. Geneviever Says:

    WHAT’s IS the updated version anyway? IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME if it was like 3-D!!!

  53. Ce Says:

    does anyone know how to see the name of the petยดs pettling?…

  54. Salem Says:

    i think there are too many cash items now. yeah, i know one can choose to buy or not, i know that. but it sounds as if you don’t spend time opening cc boxes, or buying cc interactive toys you haven’t much to do…maybe this is the most successful of playfish games, but it’s becoming a bit too lucrative and expensive….are you planning to change players’ target? something like rich people play pet and the other goes with some…hmmm…home? ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. yuukarin Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the new item!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Anza Says:

    The Bunny Petling is so cute!

  57. lyana myra Says:

    great i love love love…

  58. Jj Says:

    I want the bunny petling thingy with no pfc….!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. shiina Says:

    why they dont make the tomato dress? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  60. Kiki Says:

    I loove the geeky theme and the video games and the other stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€ But Playfish still has a problem with TOO many PFCash items! It’s just not fair for the people that can’t afford to pay money just to play a game!!

  61. Kiki Says:

    I also have a question: How do you contact Playfish? I have a few new theme suggestions that would be cool:)

  62. Moka Says:

    Yay,,,new bathroom items ^^ thanks

  63. Alexandria Says:

    Pet Society is getting worse and worse. There are too many cash items now. This week, you could barely buy anything! Even the clothes were cash! You’re losing a lot of players because the items are becoming more cash. It’s even lowering the chances of the daily lottery and mystery boxes, and you don’t give us a prize from the daily lottery anymore? Cheap. Lots of people pay you so much for cash already. Do you really need more?

    Also why do the digging spots cost cash and friends? Most people don’t have friends willing to help them with their Pet Society items. I hate the new Pet Society. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Tihana Says:

      I totally agree!

    • rozelle Says:

      i agree and even the plushie is cash now. i have been playing pet society for over a hear now and every time it gets worse

    • petsociety player Says:

      i agree and even the plushie is cash now. i have played pet society but everytime there is something new, i think it gets worse it also takes long time to load ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and even some other bloggers says that pet society is now having recylde and more cash items ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  64. Chloe Says:

    Why have the GMBs become so rare???? I’ve been opening hundreds of boxes, and I can’t find them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  65. Sodeno Says:

    I was dying for a bunny petling but now….srsly almoust everything cool is PFC. I understand that’s your work and all, but really, can’t you make the bunny petling coins? XD I love everything that’s bunny theme, If there’s a bunny theme week, I’lll buy everything…unless its PFC (i can’t afford the PFC sadly T_T)

    But anyway I love the new stuff, cant wait for Monday ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. cindy Says:


  67. kevin storm Says:

    why all the new item must be playfish cash grr

  68. Me-An Nakpil Says:

    Cant we put a coffee table in front of the sectional sofa.. Please?

  69. Fergie Says:

    8-bit items! Yes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. miyaku Says:

    wh does ev hv 2 b expsv i only hv 20.000 coins

  71. Mapache Says:

    We boys want more boy wigs. And, yeah, we can’t affort playcash.

  72. rzt Says:

    why i can’t buy the limited item (Falling Blocks Arcade Game)???!!! it says, “sorry, you can’t purchase this item now. come back later!” why??? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  73. guest Says:

    You know having something like the bunny petling PF would normally make people want PF more. But me, No, I think although I like it this makes me less likely to buy it because I hate your manipulative nature! NPFC! (no playfish cash)

  74. John Snow Says:

    The Home Dye wig machine IS THE BEST THING THAT YOU’VE DO FOR LAST MOUNTS, BECAUSE IT’S FREE FOR THE NEIGHBOURS! Please, made an option with all the colors!

  75. x3 Says:

    nah i don’t think they even read the comments…

  76. R3M1X3DG1RL Says:

    The bunny is awesome, but why all the cool stuff itยดs always with playfish cash? I canยดt get that awesome stuff…come on!

  77. Alicia Says:

    that sucks!you should have more room contests quicker

  78. monica Says:

    This week i really wanted to purchase the wig dye, however brown ????? a game is meant to have interesting and unusual items especially if you are asking for pet cash. Still on the fence about purchasing, especially as my daughter plays which means i buy everything in 2’s

  79. ): Says:

    If they ever read the comments, IT IS SO UNFAIR): Why are all the nice stuff in cash? They are getting greedier by the minute and I want a cuter petling~ If this goes on, i might just quit

  80. therese angelika miranda Says:

    pleas give me a make over and a playfish cash

  81. javiera Says:

    something like : http://www.jafca.org/TokyoNewTribe/MoruGirl/MoruGirl1.html

    for clothes wouldve been fun to have :s

  82. steve Says:

    wooohooo more playfish cash items! not everyone can own everything now X)

  83. edgecrosser Says:

    i bought a lot of things this halloween, they i easily got bored and brought my old room designs ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. ้ฝฟ่ฝฎๆณต Says:


    […]Extreme Makeover…. Pet Edition! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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