…and they lived happily ever after


Once upon a time, there lived a dark and mystical creature named “?”. This mysterious little guy was quiet, and kept to himself for the most part, but his most favorite activity of all was hiding special items inside of Mystery Boxes for pets in the town to find. This drew them into his shop and kept them coming back every week. Sometimes, if he was lucky, the occasional pet would wave or even smile at him before rushing to the pile of mystery boxes like ravenous parents shopping for a child on black friday! But all he really wanted was a friend. Someone with a glass slipper, or a girl with long hair that he could climb up, or maybe even a well dressed prince to discuss fine art with..
So, during this magical week full of Fairy Tales make sure you take a moment to see our good friend “?”. He has filled our boxes with the latest surprises, the least we can do is pop in for a visit!

Brown Cat Plushie (BMB) Dancing Pet Figurine (GMB) Groundhog Plushie (GMB)

All around the mulberry bush, the bear chased the weasel, the bear thought ’twas all in fun, POP! Goes the weasel. This cute little Bear in a Box is available now for you to send to your friends! It’s free!

Bear In A Box (Free Gift)

If you’re looking for someone to “guard and protect your heart” (Bachelorette anyone?) or simply just your garden, the newest Weekly Digging Item can help with that! The strong and daring Prince Statue is all you need to feel safe at night from any intruders. (Sorry, it doesn’t keep Hideeni away!) You can start digging now in the Town Forest to find this brave prince

Prince Statue
(Weekly Digging Item)

“Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s home from work we go…” Round up some of your best workers to start building this amazing Regal Garden Dome. You’ll need 15 of your friends to help with this item, or you can purchase it from the Boutique if you simply can’t wait!

Regal Garden Dome
(Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Outdoor – Furniture)

Available come Monday, August 30th at 12 AM GMT, is the beautiful Scarlet Rose Seed. There are two possible outcomes when you plant this seed. The Scarlet Rose Bush, being the most common outcome, and the Giant Scarlet Rose, which is rare! Either possibility is beautiful, which one will you get?

Scarlet Rose Seed
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Scarlet Rose Bush (Possible Outcome of Scarlet Rose Seed) Giant Scarlet Rose
(Possible Outcome of Scarlet Rose Seed) Rare!

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” YOU! Of course. When you click on the new Enchanted Mirror it will tell your pet exactly what he/she wants to hear. Having one of those “Does my furry butt look fat in this dress?” kind of days? The Enchanted Mirror will feed your ego and have your pet giggling in no time!

Enchanted Mirror
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)

We’ve re-arranged things on the Boutique and made some room for a special section just for our beloved friends of the wild. Yep! Now you can select a WWF tab right beside “Beautiful Items” when you enter the Boutique to find all of your furry friends in one place!

And added to that section this week is the WWF Mystery Box. This special box contains classic, no longer in store WWF items that we have released in the past! Want to know what’s inside? You can check right here at our forum for a guide complete with pictures and the names of every item found inside – HERE

WWF Mystery Box

” Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair”
Inside the new Fairy Tale Mystery Box contains 5 possible bundles full of clothes perfect for a day of dress up! Who will your pet be today? Rapunzel? A Charming Prince? The Princess in the Pea? See if you can collect all 5 bundles!

Fairytale Mystery Box
(Mystery – Boxes & Eggs) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Spoilt Princess Wig
(Outcome of Princess And The Pea Bundle)
Spoilt Princess Dress
(Outcome of Princess And The Pea Bundle)
Spoilt Princess Tiara
(Outcome of Princess And The Pea Bundle)
Spoilt Princess Shoes
(Outcome of Princess And The Pea Bundle)
Little Prince Bundle
(Outcome of Fairytale Mystery Box)
Little Prince Crown
(Outcome of Little Prince Bundle)
Little Prince Pants
(Outcome of Little Prince Bundle)
Little Prince Top
(Outcome of Little Prince Bundle)
Red Shoes Bundle
(Outcome of Fairytale Mystery Box)
Ballerina Dress
(Outcome of Red Shoes Bundle)
Red Ballerina Shoes
(Outcome of Red Shoes Bundle)
Ballerina Hairband
(Outcome of Red Shoes Bundle)
Rapunzel Bundle
(Outcome of Fairytale Mystery Box)
Rapunzel Wig
(Outcome of Rapunzel Bundle)
Rapunzel Dress
(Outcome of Rapunzel Bundle)
Rapunzel Shoes
(Outcome of Rapunzel Bundle)
Ugly Duckling Bundle
(Outcome of Fairytale Mystery Box)
Basic Bob Wig
(Outcome of Ugly Duckling Bundle)
Black Feathers Dress
(Outcome of Ugly Duckling Bundle)
Black Stringed Boots
(Outcome of Ugly Duckling Bundle)

Take very good care of this egg when you bring it home! After 24 hours it will hatch into the cutest duckling you’ve ever seen! This duck is animated and walks around your room. See if you can find the lucky black one!

Mystery Duckling Egg
(Boutique – Amazing Items) (Outdoor – Furniture)
Black Duckling
(Outcome Of Mystery Duckling Egg)
White Duckling
(Outcome Of Mystery Duckling Egg)

We’ve got two more Limited Edition items coming our way! On Tuesday, there is the beautiful Princess Merry-Go-Round. This item is animated, and will be sure to put a twinkle in your eye. On Wednesday, there will be a Golden Apple Tree Seed, which of course evolves into the Golden Apple Tree and produces shimmering Golden Apples! Nom!
Remember that both items are only available for 24 hours on their assigned days. You’ll have to make sure you sign on at least once that day to get them or you’ll miss out!

Princess Merry-Go-Round
(Market – Toys & Collectables)( Limited Edition – 24 hours on Tuesday)
Golden Apple Tree Seed
(Boutique – Amazing Items) (Outdoor – Gardening)
(Limited Edition – 24 hours on Wednesday)
Golden Apple Tree
(Outcome of Golden Apple Tree Seed)
Golden Apple
(Outcome of Golden Apple Tree Seed)

Don’t let the name Frog Prince Plushie fool you. No matter how many times you kiss this frog, no matter how cute he is, he will not turn into Prince Charming! Trust me.. I speak from experience. You’re better off sharing a piece of yummy Blackberry Cake from the Grocery Store instead.

Blackberry Cake (Food – Grocery) Frog Prince Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectables) (OWO)

Ahhh, furniture fit for a King. (Or Queen! Or even the Princess and the Pea!) Either way, the furniture coming to us on Monday is grand and will have your pet feeling spoiled in no time! Remember that any item marked OWO (One Week Only) will be available until Monday September 6th, but may return again in the future.

Frog Prince Blue Armchair
(Furniture – Living)
Frog Prince Pink Armchair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Frog Prince Dark Armchair
(Furniture – Living)
Frog Prince Blue Table
(Furniture – Living)
Frog Prince Pink Table
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Frog Prince Dark Table
(Furniture – Living)
Frog Prince Blue Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Frog Prince Pink Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Frog Prince Dark Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Princess And The Pea Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Regal Garden Stone Fountain
(Outdoor – Furniture)

No matter what your style is, the DIY shop has something for everyone this week. The intricate details and sweet designs are perfect if you pet wants to feel like they’re living like royalty. If you’re looking for something a little more dark and moody, the Gothic line could be the right choice for you. There are many options, and you can check them out on Monday in the DIY Shop!

Gothic Palace Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floor)
Gothic Palace Carpet
(DIY – Walls & Floor)
Regal Palace Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floor) (OWO)
Sweet Dreams Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floor)
Sweet Dreams Blue Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floor)
Sweet Dreams Pink Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floor) (OWO)
Regal Palace Blue Chandelier
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Regal Palace Pink Chandelier
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Regal Garden View Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)

Make sure you visit Lily in the clothing shop for one very adorable outfit fit for any chic princess in search of a great party dress.

Blue Party Dress (Clothes – Girls) Blue Party Shoes (Clothes – Girls)

One more thing before we wrap this up for the week! There have been some very exciting changes to the way you purchase your items. If you’re over at a friends house and notice something that catches your eye, you can click on the basket item (now located on the left hand side of your pets screen) and you will be entered into “Buy Mode”. This means that any item in your friends room, if it’s still available in stores, will be highlighted and clickable for you to purchase right there in their home. Shopping has never been so easy! The prices will be displayed on the items, and you will still get the regular pop up that you would have in the stores, so don’t worry about unwanted purchases if you click by mistake! You will still need to confirm your purchase. If you see a fish you like, you will be able to buy the bait used to catch that fish. If it’s a tree or something in the garden, you will purchase the seed.

Also, just a reminder that sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently than we originally planned. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

That’s it for next week! See you next time. And make sure you leave your feedback, your opinions are important to us!

230 Responses to “…and they lived happily ever after”

  1. KinanTihany Says:

    OMG!! Princess clothes!! FAIRY TAIL FTW!!

  2. Salem Says:

    OMG…lovely..lovely lovely!!!!! see the bed is great, the wallpaper still better and the brown cat in the box…wow! great! ;D

  3. merchas Says:

    Ooo.. I like it!
    I love the Buy-Mode setting, kinda reminds me of the Sims..!

    Nice Blog Pullyourtangles! 🙂

  4. Mirko.T Says:

    Love the items. 😀

  5. sayaka Says:

    Love it.. Especially the dress bundle ❤

  6. Xale Says:

    Very nice items, but i was waiting a new digging site!!;)

  7. Chloe Says:

    Will the clothes bundles be bought with blue coins?? 😦

  8. alien Says:

    wow… terrific… as always!! I love you, Pet Society!

  9. Snowie Says:

    best update ever!!!!!!!!

  10. Littlemissprettylicious2100 Says:

    is the Fairytale mystery box a CC item?

  11. alien Says:

    I have a weird suggestion here… now, all our pets are of the same size but it would be fun for us to choose the size of the our pets. Pet may be available from S M and L, so that we could make a fat pet or a thin pet… I like fat pet cos it looks dumb and cute 🙂

  12. javiera Says:

    imma marry pet society oce and for all <3<3 i love ittt!!

  13. javiera Says:

    And that bear-ina-box is sooo ediblee!!!:D

  14. Alifia Says:

    I very like this tema cause i very like rapunzel ! ❤ :*
    i hope i can buy the limited items 🙂

  15. Arina Says:

    wow !!! it’s amazing, beautiful, and……… AWSOME !!! :3

  16. Eve Says:

    Is the Fairytale Mystery Box is CC or gold coin????

  17. Snowie Says:

    I got the prince statue :3

  18. Cool girl Says:


  19. Ian Says:


  20. kagome1403 Says:

    so cute

  21. Misha Says:

    at last i’ll spend lots of money in one week!
    after waiting for long, finally beautiful and worthy items to buy come!
    definitely i buy all the cash coin items :3 !

  22. jamie james Says:

    hmm last week didnt like update this week like the boxes and new feature to buy things in other pets houses like the pea bed and the bundles but thats it

  23. shinny Says:

    Wow!!!Very Very lovely!!

  24. alecgaile Says:

    its very cute all of it

  25. Yuki Says:

    HOORAY! I love this week! =D Keep the interesting coming please!

  26. Anjo Pacumio Says:

    Is the golden apple tree seed CC? 😦

    • jamie james Says:

      yes cc coins this week and last week pet society has done nothing really for the game just mainly cc coins items not happy do normally buy bu have a parrot to save up for 😦

  27. Ashahiko Says:

    what a CUTE-COOL Stuff….Love all this stuff!!!!

  28. Jelena Says:

    I love this update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I am cimmey the Witch Says:

    I WANT ALL !!! T-T

  30. mocha Says:

    hey…love da items…
    i hav a suggestion though…i feel dat u shud make da petlings interactive…..so dat u can play wid dem and more..:D

  31. Chooco Says:

    Oh My Gosh! They have all the fairy tales I read when I was a kid! I’m going to definitely going to save up for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Hyarey Says:

    I like the items, haha can’t wait to build that Regal Garden Dome and buy the rest awesome new items 🙂

  33. Rawan El-Ghourani Says:

    This weeks items r amazing!! I have to buy evverything and that mystery bundle with all the princess clothes is the best, and I absolutely love the new collabrative item its the best one so far,and last but not least looooooooooooooovveeeeeeeeee the new mystery box items especially the plushies they r SOOO CUTE!!!! (and a question for pet society: u should bring some valentine and halloween items from 2008 and 2009 back in stores beacuse some people didnt get to puchase them beacuse thye were so old but other thn that PET SOCIETY ROCKS!!)

  34. plusleg1rl Says:

    I hope the Fairytale mystery box will be a coin item.

  35. sam x Says:

    omg i need these things so cute!!

  36. Sansa Says:

    I can’t wait Monday! Everything is so pretty – the wigs, wallpapers, clothes.. Great job, Pet society! But when you’ll allow us to by items from Botique also directly with Facebook credits?

  37. ayah Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww lovely lovely lovely lovely too bad i’ll be travalling but i hope it’s still there when i come back especially the bundles

  38. Daffnie Says:

    I love the news items this week!
    Got 2 of the prince statue, thought they would be a lil bigger.

  39. Krystel Says:

    O.O LITTLE PRINCE OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is my FAVORITE book of ALL TIME!! OMG, THANK YOU THANK YoU!!! Finally, something AMAZINGLY AWESOME for the boy pets!!!!!!
    And great job on the items and not covering everything with bows, loving the dark Gothic wallpapers.

  40. es Says:

    I love it! I’m excited for the princess and the pea bed. woohoo!

  41. Luciana Says:

    Gothic Palace Wallpaper, just.. WOW!!!

  42. nana-chi Says:

    everything looks awesome!! but im wondering if we need to use pf cash to get the 5 bundles…or is it for regular coins? though im hoping that it’d be for regular coin users….T^T

  43. javiera Says:

    The Bear In A Box as a gift has defects,such as the eyes…looks creepy,mind fixing? D:

  44. ang Says:

    pretty items!! omg so excited for next week! these are so so sososo awesome!!! what beautiful items!!!!

  45. Choco Says:

    I hope the new mystery box is coins…

  46. Coke12345 Says:

    This week items are totally awesome! 😀

  47. JLR Says:


  48. ang Says:

    just realized the dresses are all CC!! that is CRUEL!!!

  49. Aireonna Says:

    Ok, I just looked on another leak place that posted pics of “in game” stores. It’s always been reliable and guess what, the freaking clothing bundles ARE going to be Pkayfish Cash.

    I just spent close to 300 cash the other week and now guess what i have to buy more to get the things that i really wanted this week. Pet Society can kiss my behind, I freaking quit.

    • Aireonna Says:

      Yeah right, after I’ve shelled out the amount of money I’ve spent on Cash, not really going to happen, but I can tell you what is going to happen, I’m not buying any more playfish cash, I already have thrown a lot of money away on it, I’m not going to toss any more your way until somethings change.

  50. Ava Says:

    that’s not fair… most of the clothes are pf cash.

  51. Aireonna Says:

    Guess what, I just figured out, that coin dress their putting out this week is just recycled!

    The chic party dress is exactly the same except it’s red.

    • Chloe Says:

      Yeah it is. I noticed it as soon as I saw it. It’s a pity, same design different color. Kinda lame if you ask me. So many talented designers and somehow we’re stuck with a recycled dress. 😦

  52. Pet Society Palace Says:

    Did anyone receive an email about the giveaway of the Red Bob Wig for email subscribers? I didn’t… 😦

  53. Love-Line Says:

    why must cash for fairytale mystery boxes?

  54. ash Says:

    all the good stuff is the stupid play fish cash

  55. Caylin Says:

    OMG!!! I love it Pet Soceity!! Very Creative, ill be sure to not miss one minute of this action!!!
    I especially like the Prince Frog Plushie- HES SO CUUUTTTE!!!!

  56. TWI!! Says:

    Awww!! I love the black wig! Is like Alice CUllen’s Hair!!

  57. goodbye21 Says:

    cant the fairy tale bundles be at least coins??????
    i was so looking forward to it…… 😦

  58. Jelena Says:

    Fairytale Mystery Box – PF cash – OMG!!!! Noooooo…..

  59. Alaynisha Says:

    Gotta say, I love the look of the items, but I’m very disappointed that all of the new clothes are PFC only. This game is starting to go the same way as all the other games I’ve quit. In order to get anything nice, I’ve gotta pay for it out of my pocket. What’s the point in even having in game coins now? The prices that the PFC items are starting to reach is absolutely ridiculous too.

    How much are these Fairytale Mystery Boxes going to be? 5 PFC? 10? That’s $0.77 to $1.50 worth of PFC EACH. And how many are you going to need to buy to get them all? At least 5? That’s between $3.85 and $7.50 worth of PFC to get them all. And since they’re Mystery Boxes, doesn’t that means there’s a chance that you might get the same outfit twice? Add in some more money to keep buying them til you get them all. I hope that the outfits are at least tradeable so that when some girl pet ends up with 2 prince costumes while trying to get the Rapunzel one she can do something other than recycle them.

    Let’s say I buy 260 PFC, I need to pay $40. The Petling Resorts and Mansions at 45 PFC each? That’s almost $7 for a virtual item. I can buy a meal and feed 3 people for $7. What happened to the days when you could buy items for 5 PFC or less? With the ridiculous amounts of PFC items being released weekly, and the absolutely ludicrous prices that are being charged for them, EA is coming very close to losing another customer, at least in regards to their social-media platform. Please bring back nice coin items on occasion. And please make at least ONE of this week’s fairytale costumes purchasable with coins. The blue party dress is a cheap cop-out, as, like Aireonna above me states, it’s the exact same as the Red chic party dress.

  60. DollyKins Says:

    Hah…. Dream on on getting the Bundle’s outfit’s …. wigs.. and so on..they are all PFC…… so evil evil evilllll!!!!!!! Once again i can just droll over it, my mum will never allow me to give real money for this game…. its just..Pets … walking… roflll toffeellll~

  61. Aidy Says:

    That’s just mean, Pet Society!!! Cash coins for all the awesome stuff??? And we get a dumb dress that we already have just in a different colour? LAME. For the first time in 3 years I feel like quitting Pet Society.

  62. Mari Says:

    I wish the Fairytale Mystery Box wasn’t for Playfish Cash 😦

  63. Blehh Says:

    Too many PFC items…

  64. Jess Nguyen Says:

    yeah so sweet

  65. Mokamoka Says:

    Yesssss!!!! lovely ^^

  66. shpangbOots Says:

    Has anyone checked the new free gift this week?? I gues it’s not so “free” after all…i got two of the bear in a box gifts, and when i clicked to accept the 2nd one it said something like i had more than one (obviously) and that we had to sell it 66 coins.

    No point to having free gifts then. PLEASE let us keep the free stuff!!!

  67. sophiscated.me Says:

    wow,another nice week 😀 too bad i don’t have playfish cash ): i still like playing it though 😀

  68. pris Says:

    Love everything! too bad there are too many cash things, i want the tree :C and the wigs!

  69. C: Says:

    OMG! the beehive trees has bees!!!!!!!! C:

  70. dewi Says:


  71. gwlovepetsociety Says:

    wow, i like it the theme !
    beatifull.. good !!

  72. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    Where is the Princess and The Pea Bindle?and in future,can you make a collaborative item that functions like The 8 Ball and The Enchanted Mirror?

  73. Lemon Says:

    ehhh its all PFC 😦
    ah well. there better be lots of cash items the week after. grr. 😡

  74. Guest Says:

    This game is for only the riches to play? everything is CASH CASH CASH AND CASH. PLAYFISH IS GETTING GREEDIER

  75. tareq ali Says:


  76. petsocietylover Says:

    this good

  77. petsocietylover Says:

    this PFC?

  78. Melia Love Says:

    I like it .. 🙂
    hehehe .. 😀
    is beatifull ..

  79. Davinza Says:

    Cooooooolll !

  80. The Queenyzr Says:

    That’s good, but i cant play Pet Society now and forever 😥

  81. Bea Says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! XD I love new items a looooooot! My pet is called Prince! Now I can buy a statue! Thanks very much Pet Society Team!

  82. Hanachi Says:


    There are TOO MANY playfish cash item!!
    My pet, Alice, is a fashionista pet~
    But she has no good clothes for this week!
    Ahhh!! It’s bad!

    But, I like the ugly duckling bundle and rapunzel bundle~
    And I want they come to my Alice’s chest~

    And, I bet the boys who don’t have any PFC will be dissapointed..
    Because, there aren’t a coin clothes for boy this week!!
    WHY?! Why pet society?!!!!!!!

    I hope next items will be better (in the better price too) 😀

  83. Zizuka Says:

    I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Noa Says:

    Dear Pet Society, you’ve become greedy. Very greedy.
    Almost 80% of the new outcomes are paid with Playfish Cash, and I’m sorry, as much as I love playing PS, I will not pay real money to watch my pet walking back and forth with a wig. It is only a game, and the price is ridiculously hight.

    I used to be in love with this game, but fot the last few week I have been waiting till Mondays for new items, just to be disappointed to find out I cannot afford most of them.

    At first it was easy ignoring the new PC items, all the new things I cannot afford, but then it has become impossible ignoring them. They’re all over the game, almost all of the new items are out of my money range, even if I don’t want to own them.

    Sure, money is great and all, and I’m sure you’re enjoing the incomes, but you’re losing a lot of fans on the way.
    I’m sure for you it’s nothing to consider, but it bothers me, and I’m your “customer”.

    It is no longer fun playing Pet Society.

  85. Jill Says:

    Is the “Bear In A Box” blind?

  86. Chloe Says:

    Why are almost all the items cash items?????????? I mean I don’t mind buying some cc once a month, maybe twice but it is getting ridiculous. If Playfish continues adding more cash items and decreasing normal items I will have to stop playing. It’s not fair. Tone down on the greedyness.

    • Softmint Says:

      it’s their only income. Imagine you are working with Playfish and you are only paid according to PFC sold.

  87. petsocietylover Says:


  88. azuredragon_cef Says:

    i want new fish!

  89. Shirley Says:

    I’m so disappointed that we have to spend PFC on so many ne items next week. I’ve reached the limit on what I can spend on this game, so it looks like I will be missing out on a lot more items in the future… Pet Society is not as much fun or exciting as it used to be..

  90. Jj Says:

    I bet there is no playfish cash for the furns,bundles,mystery boxes,etc…. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeee

  91. Oni Chan Says:

    What the heck is with all the playfish cash items?
    I have stopped playing due to this fact!
    I have not received any Email notifcations for email items, the collab. items are too hard as my friends don’t receive my notifcations, and now more than half the weekly items released will cost me money out of my own pocket!

    Full of C**P! Not happy at all playfish!

  92. Andrea Says:

    man,with so many cc my hopes are going down,i barely feel like playing no more ¬ ¬

  93. Domi Says:

    Like I understand that Playfish pulls out cash as he can, but this week blew hard. Most of the items are for bleucoins for normal cash are just some scraps. Even if you have done the most beautiful items in the world I wouldn’t spend not a single penny on things that actually non-existent …
    Playfish, put yourself these blue coins in back!!!

  94. Aireonna Says:

    Coin Items –

    3 Chairs – same, just different colors
    3 Tables – same, just different colors
    4 Beds – 3 of which are the same, just different colors
    1 Regal Garden Stone Fountain -most expensive item, hope plushies can sit on it at least
    3 Wallpapers
    3 Floors
    2 Chandelier – same, just different colors
    1 Window
    1 Dress – RECYCLED – pulled out a old dress and slapped some paint on it and said there.
    1 shoes – which looks just like every other shoe to me (I’m not a shoe person)
    1 cake
    1 plushie – one of the few cute coins items this week
    1 Princess Merry-Go-Round – Limited Edition
    So if your one of the few that get every item in every color you can have 25 Items. If your like most and only go with one color you can have 18. And of course you can always up that number buying more of one item.

    Cash Items

    5 – mystery clothes boxes (all are amazingly wonderful original outfits)
    2 – scarlet rose seed
    2 – duck…ling eggs
    37 – wwf boxes to get all items (in case you didn’t have them yet)
    1 – Golden Apple Tree Seed ( it says Boutique so yeap…it’s Cash)
    1 – Enchanted Mirror
    So lets see here, best case scenario you already have all 37 of the wwf boxes and will only have to buy 11 Cash Items to have all of them for this week. Worse case and you have none of the wwf boxes and you’ll get the lovely number of 48. But of course this is only if you are one of those few that can buy everything every week or want too.

    Cash –
    So compare best case – 11 cash
    Worest case – 48 cash

    Coin –
    If you buy everything, in every color (just once) – 25
    If you buy only one color (just once) – 18

    Yeah I’m just not seeing the fairness, I remember when I first got into PS there were just a few Cash items a week, and they most defiantly didn’t out number or come close to the number of coins.

    I almost forgot

    3 Coin mystery boxes – which we get EVERY week
    1 collaborative item – if you have enough friends that remember to click
    1 free gift – if your friends remember to send gifts
    1 new dig item

    So yeah, if you’d like to count those things we get new every week, you may add them in, I don’t think they actually count because we get them every week but hey it fluffs up the numbers a little to make it seem a bit better for the coin people, though…honestly I don’t think that will really help jane and joe pet as they walk around either in a recycled dress or naked next week.

    • Pet Society Girl Says:

      Very nice summary! In addition, the carpets (coin item) are recycled/recolored too.

      • Aireonna Says:

        LMAO, yeah I noticed that later on. I was so worked up about the clothing at the time that I didn’t even notice the floors were recycled too. Don’t we just feel the love from PS 😦

    • jlr Says:

      i appreciate the summary as well, it’s a lot of pscash if you’ve got in the worst case scenario, with 48, but unfotunately, it’ll be wayyy more depending on how much CC each item costs, & lately they’ve been raising the CC prices –tremendously, talk about inflationnnnnn!!– on items.

      so i’m thinking that 48 cc will REALLY eturn out to be 1,000 or so cc, but that’s just a guess. (lol).

      • Aireonna Says:

        I’m in a group that leaks prices and well…*hums* I don’t know if price leaks here is against the rules like they are on the forum so I won’t say what is how much. Most the items you can pretty much guess at the prices from past PS Cash items which as you already said is high, the cloths bundles though are actually not as high as I expected but I’m still highly ticked off that their cash at all. 😦

    • jlr Says:

      this is off the topic, but, i’m still SHOCKED to see how much the petling resort/mansions cost that’s 45cc in ITSELF. so, better look out this week.

      • Aireonna Says:

        I’m with you on that one, I buy Cash cards and I did the math, I pay 10 us dollars for a card, if I went and bought one of those petling resorts or mansions (which i REALLY wanted) it’d be equal to pay 8 dollars and some odd cents. Which is just too freaking much.

    • Aireonna Says:

      Edit, this morning I saw a leak for what items are in the wff mystery boxes and if they are right, then there are only 35 not 37…not that 2 less is any better, in my opinion.

    • jlr Says:

      lol, & yeah i you also have to think with the boxes that you’re not going to get everything you want, you’ll probably get multiple items of things you don’t want or already have 😛 lol

    • Kimberlee Says:

      You can see why it’s called Fairytales Week, at least. It would take actual magic to get coin players some decent items. I’m really disappointed.

    • Kuha Says:

      Holy shit, get out of your computer and breath fresh air.

      You are always posting here and now you took the time to make this?

      You are not going to die if you don’t buy PFC Items, god dammit.

      • Lizzica Says:

        That’s not fair… she’s not overreacting, she’s stating a case, and that list did not take days (or, I’m guessing, even hours) to make… it’s very possible she made this list, went on a date, and hung out with friends all in the same day. And came back and commented. lol.

        … and the list proves a very valid point. I believe it’s very appreciated, overall.

  95. humberto escobar Says:

    Regal Garden Stone Fountain *.*

  96. Hunter Says:

    Ummm… your groundhog is a FERRET

  97. Sunny Rando Says:

    Love the cute outfits!!! .<

  98. Toni Says:

    I love the new stuff coming out and can’t wait. But how much am I really going to be able to buy with regular coins. I know no one works for nothing but I can’t afford to keep paying everyone’s salary. Come on, have a heart.

    The bear in the box is so cute, but why are we limited to one? Also, limited items are also limited to one and that doesn’t seem fair either. If I have the coin I should be able to buy.

    One last thing, there are so many wonderful items to place and decorate rooms, well, I’ve run out of space. I need more rooms to decorate with my beautiful things.
    Thanks for listening.

  99. Kiki Says:

    Awesome!! I only wish that Pet Society would stop this PFCash craze. 😦

  100. Damian Says:

    I remember when the online pet society was visiting my friends and I saw, we jumped rope and faced stiff competition, it was better to come back!Pliz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Damian Says:

    I remember when the online pet society was visiting my friends and I saw, we jumped rope and faced stiff competition, it was better to come back!

  102. mery Says:

    i spent alot of money in gmb i found 14 Groundhog Plushie but i didn’t find any Dancing Pet Figurine if anyone find it please till me.awesome items wanna bey them all.:) n.p ididnt like the idea of buy 13 gmb with only 5000 coz it all containe cheap items please do something withthat

  103. Ugh.. Says:

    OmyDays The new Bundles are Frickin’ amazing- Oh wait w-whats that. They PFC. No Thanks.

    Is it me or does each week seem to be getting less coin items & more PFC items :/. It’s not really fair to people who can’t/wont buy them.
    Probably soon enough PS will become a total PFC game & may be throwing a coin item in now & again. Yes I know PF need to make money but by just throwing in some Ok furniture & a recycled dress isn’t really fair. Yes i know i am rambling But Oh well… & yes I know that if you want the items so bad Buy the PFC. But there are Fair more better things in life than to waste money on a game that will last you 2 minuets.

    Anyways Nice items this week. My pet wont be wearing a recycled dress so she just have to wear her birthday suit 😉 Jk…
    Hope pet society makers are happy with the way they are slowy making people quit by making most features unusable by non paying players.


    P.s- Yes I may Have Let lose with my opinion but as I see it I’m not the Only one who thinks this is a Little Ridiculous ..

  104. aidymelly Says:

    i made another reply which for some reason did not get approved by the mods. Seriously??? i’ve been playing almost everyday for THREE YEARS and you dont post my first reply? I played Pet Society all throughout my first pregnancy and even when my son was born!!! and you won’t post a reply about my FIRST EVER complaint about the cash coin unfairness??? really??

  105. sophiscated.me Says:

    hm..everyone’s angry bout the PFC thing? D: actually,i kinda hope it’s not always PFC either ): haha,i’m not allowed to buy PFC yet T_________T

  106. lyna myra... Says:

    cash…. huhuhu… sao sad for me…

  107. Whitni Says:

    if you buy more then one Animal costume bag will you get a different costume every time?

    I bought one and got the dog. I want to buy another one but do not want to get a dog again.

  108. Queenie Says:

    Pet Society, why must you increase the quantity of Cash items and offer less and less regular items. Myself and so many others are on Pet Society everyday visiting friends, growing trees and plants to harvest and of course pitchin to help out our friends to get items such as Roller skate car. Not everyone has the luxury of Cash. It is very fustrating at the end of the week when the spoilers come out and we see so much for Cash and so little for coins. And the glitches. It seems to me the more time goes by the more the glitches.

  109. Blah blah Says:

    For gods sake!!! stupid play fish cash >;O i was getting all excited with the new outfits… as IF i wud spend ACTUAL money on a cartoon!

  110. Boo Says:

    i hate pet society!
    cash! cash! and cash!

  111. kurokakkoi Says:

    it’s really hard to find active players on my friend list now.

    I wish playfish could give us some free cash when we level up or something,, like some of the other game…

    Too much cash for this week, it’s seems like pet society made this week only for the cash spender.

    I want to see all coins week like when I first started playing petsociety..

    I missed the ol’ days… 😦

  112. LadyGaby Says:

    I would actually like that PFC items were not as expensive as they are. Secret rooms are really expensive! And the baits are too expensive too, since you’re only getting one fish that you can’t even trade.

  113. plusleg1rl Says:

    I’ll end up trading my LE items to have, at least one of the Fairytale Bundles (Specially, the Ugly Duckling Bundle)

  114. Undone Says:

    On the bright side, the ‘mystery’ outcome cash items are the ones that get hacked. Brilliant plan, Playfish! Shoot yourself in the foot a few more times…

  115. Fitzcairn Says:

    I am not amused that so many of the new items cost PF Cash. I am the rare PS-playing grownup, so I don’t need anyone’s permission to buy PFC except my own — *and I don’t give it!* I’m not going to pay cash for pixels; it’s a total waste of money.

  116. Ronnieno Says:

    I Quit Pet Society After 1.5 Years Playing !!!!!

  117. rozelle Says:

    give us a break pet society from playfish cash please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost spent 100 last week

  118. ceren Says:

    But I haven’t got playfish cashhh!!! :((((

  119. shpangbOots Says:

    Thanks for fixing the bear in a box free gift! It’s one of the best free gifts so far in my opinion (next to those free flower seeds and strawberry cake) ^_^

  120. humberto escobar Says:

    you need to put outstanding items and almost all OWO and no only change the colour but the same style like the beds

  121. Sharonyyy Says:

    Hey Playfish, you work so hard to get players to stay on your game and you now drive us all to the verge with all the ccs and your greed.

    Maybe I should be getting a life and quitting this dumb game once and for all!

  122. Sophiamonica99 Says:

    Very well….Now this is what I’ve been looking for…..

  123. marie cabel Says:

    the new and upcoming items are so beautiful and amazing. I love it but i can’t buy them especially those from the blue coins coz i dont have any blue coins. so sad.

  124. Marya Says:

    Awwwwww !
    so cute , love the princess stuff and those tiara’s ! Ahhh wonderful
    too bad they r by PFC >< too many stuff by PFC 😦
    thats not fair .. we want good stuff also 😛
    anyway ,, wonderful stuff as always ❤
    Keep going

    Btw : whos is this great designer behinde all those clothes ????

  125. Softmint Says:

    Hi. I love the new items! But could you please make more items for boys? My pet is a male and there’s only one outfit.

  126. Denise Says:

    AGH! If only the bundles didn’t require blue coins ;~; those dresses and wigs are gorgeous, good work! And yay! I can finally give Elizabeth the lolita wallpaper soon…as well as completing an actual OWO set…hopefully…:3

    At least the rose bushes are still yellow-coin get!

    She’ll finally be the pretty pink princess…*A*;;

  127. chime Says:

    gosh darn it FIX the bear in a box’s face already! (i mean when gifted its face is deformed) D:<

  128. Kellen Says:

    i hope PS wil lower de PFC item’s price 😦 aww luv dat duckling so much XD

  129. jamie james Says:

    sorry to say i m really not impressed i understand why pfcoins but when we cant decorate are rooms any more theres no point playing i love this game and is hate to have to walk away from it i do buy pf coins when possible but this is the second week i really couldnt see the point in decorating it sucks and i dont like it 1 bit heres hoping you do something aboujt it because il walk if i have 2

  130. Chloe Says:

    Everyone is complaining about the increasing amount of playfish cash items (and prices..Animal Resort anyone??). I really hope these comments are read and taken into evaluation. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be playfish cash, I’m just saying there should be less and the prices should be MORE fair. It’s crazy expensive. Stop with these ridiculous prices, pretty much every comment in here mentioned this. Hopefully next week there will be a change. It’s become like this; if you want cute items you have to spend money. The coins items are really normal and common. A lot of people are quitting and as much as I love playing I will have to as well if the selfishness and greediness goes on.

  131. Ricky Says:

    No one seems to defending PF, well, i will give it a shot then.

    I cant understand how some of you can get so angry and upset(or you guys claim to be) about the updates every week. And if I remember correctly, PF never forces any player to purchase any CC, they create more CC items simply offer more choices for players who can actually afford them to buy. Its YOU who are playing the game is responsible for the huge amount of time, effort and money(excuse me was it all your parents money perhaps?) that youve put into. Do NOT blame anyone or anything for your own lost.

    And please, nothing stays the same, especially PS is a business and I believe PF does listen to some of our words, it will definately keep changing and evolving. If you dont have faith in the PS team, then I think you should stop playing and find something else you enjoy doing.

    • Lua Says:

      Hmm, you see, according to THIS week, the coin items are all recycled/same item, diffrent colour, while the cash items are all original, and pretty too. It’s like someone gets awesome stuff for giving A LOT of money, while others with not that much in hand, gets a recycled dress that is still in the shop today.
      I’m glad the newer weeks are nicer to coin players ^^

  132. Ugh.. Says:

    These Cash coins items are increasing each week & most people are getting abit sick of them replacing coins items … Pet society needs to wake up & start listing to there players .

  133. Kelly Says:

    I’ll be edged out of this game even with PFC. When I don’t have need for gold coins to make me visit my neighbours and participate to get an item I want, I get bored of the game and go find some other. If I’m only buying items then I’m not playing a game. If I only want to buy things to put in a house, I could save my money and make a real dollhouse instead.

  134. Whitni Says:

    You guys do know that the only way the make money off of this game is with Playfish cash and maybe if you buy coins. Without it how would they get money to pay their employees who make the game.

  135. Mar. Says:

    Loving everything 🙂

  136. NotFromMars Says:

    WAY too many cash items!! I’m a college student, I can’t afford to waste my money on all this. Even if I had the money, the amount of cash stuff this week is insane.
    and COME ON. What’s with all the girl clothes? There is ONE boy outfit, and there’s like a 1/3 or less chance of getting it?

    That’s completely unfair. I know you need to make money, but if you have to do cash clothes bundles, MAKE A SEPARATE ONE FOR BOY PETS PLEASE!! (not that I’D buy it, but the other poor boy pets!)

    Can we have some CASUAL clothes soon?? D:
    All we’ve had for months is dressup stuff.

    • Kuha Says:

      Pro Tip: You won’t die if you can’t buy PFC Items.

      • jamie james Says:

        no one said we would just nice to actually be able to do our rooms up like normal this week there nothing to putin them apart from a seat in three colours and wall paper a multi layer bed chandelier window and some plushies if thats your thing if i donrt have pfc that dont bother me but like the game and want to play it also

      • Kuha Says:

        And you can still play it. For free btw.

  137. Mimi Says:

    The items are beautiful, but come on. The amount of PFC stuff is insane. I know you guys need to make money, and of course there should be some PFC items every week, but the majority should be for coins. This is just ridiculous. Only one outfit for coins – and a recycled one, at that? No wonder people are so unhappy.

  138. Kimberlee Says:

    I’ve played this game forever, but I’m echoing the comments that there are TOO MANY CASH ITEMS this week. Non-cash players are being very disrespected. One new dress? That resembles several old ones? Come on!

    I can’t dye my wigs one week, then I can’t buy any as well the next week, then absolutely no new clothes after that?

    How about some items being both COIN and CASH?

    I’m hardly ever excited about playing, and if I didn’t have friends on there, I likely wouldn’t keep playing. I’ve had friends who have stopped playing b/c of this.

    Bad form, Playfish.

  139. Whitni Says:

    I do not understand why people have such a big problem buying playfish cash. Yes it can get pricey and maybe you don’t have the money. But If you play other video games( the kind on your tv) You have to buy them unless you get them as a gift. You pay for the video games for PS3, Xbox, or Wii. You have to pay for items on even free video games(like home on PS3). How else would these places make money. Stop complaining.

  140. vidya fishera Says:

    i wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnttttttttttttt.

  141. Ning Says:

    I don’t mind that the clothing bundles are PFC, but I wish that they weren’t stuck in a mystery box. I’d like the option to singly purchase the items that I especially like without buying the whole bundle.

  142. shayla manatad Says:

    I was so looking forward to dressing my pet with the Rapunzel bundle but sadly it can only be bought with blue coins. 😦 and all they have at the clothes department store is a lousy blue party dress. I am starting to hate pet society for always putting the really nice stuff on the blue coins. I think eventually Pet society will be a game where you have to purchase everything using real money. Booooooo!!!

  143. John Snow Says:

    I’m so disappoint of Pet Society! In other games there is price when you get to next level, and what’s the price in Pet Society? 100 coins? That’s funny! Why don’t you give 1 playfish cash like a price for nex level up?There is TOO MANY items with Playfish cash!!! The wigs and the clothes for girls are at the botique – come on! What we gonna do? THAT’S SUCKS! And if this continue I’ll stop play Pet Society! Like many of my friends too!

  144. Chloe Says:

    Please PLEASE make the bundles giftable like the animal ones. I just found 2 of that boy outfit and my pet is a girl. I don’t need them. That’s wasted 12 cc. I need to gift them to someone. 😦

  145. CATHERINE Says:

    why almost everything is buy from playfish cash?????????????????

  146. Dave Says:

    Little Prince? HOW NICE. The only BOY clothes released… and it’s a PF item. HOW DISAPPOINTING! NO BOY CLOTHES AGAIN THIS WEEK!!!

  147. HaseoCreamsky Says:

    Oh nooo….!!!!
    Why boys’ clothes must a Playfish item???
    Please PS…
    Give 1 week for boys… 😥
    I TRULY dissapointed 😥

  148. Ryou Says:

    Again like this,Pet Society always give OWO items for ‘pink’ accesories or girls clothes,or something like that for girls,girls,and GIRLS… and… no items for boys…
    I extremely want a wig for boys or some black or modern or theme clothes for boys,but it’s okay if Pet Society want it in PLAYFISH CASH…
    It’s OKAY,…
    I CAN’T BUY IT!!!!!
    ( I can’t stand it all anymore!!!!! ) 😦

  149. HaseoCreamsky Says:

    A very good theme…
    Yeah,LITTLE PRINCE…and it also “lived happily ever after,but I never happy about new items in Pet Society…
    It’s truly make me dissapointed,and there is no clothes for boys except the PLAYFISH CASH…
    Again and it will happen forever,…

    • Hibari Cloudon Says:

      I agree with you…
      I want just a WEEK for boys!
      No items for girls!!!!!!!!
      Please ><
      I beg it to you PS!

  150. HaseoCreamsky Says:

    A very good theme…
    Yeah,LITTLE PRINCE…and it also “lived happily ever after”,but I never happy about new items in Pet Society…
    It’s truly make me dissapointed,and there is no clothes for boys except the PLAYFISH CASH…
    Again and it will happen forever,…

  151. Estelle :) Says:

    Hmmm… I think it’s okay,but the girls’ clothes must not in PFC,I think this week theme is very good!!!
    Cute one 😀
    I like it very much 😀
    Thanks PS,but please,don’t make too much PFC items…

  152. Kigulii Says:

    hopefully all of this will end in beginings of 2011 ?

  153. sophiscated.me Says:

    sighs..there’s no clothes for us,non-playfish cash users, this week ):

  154. alice Says:

    hate it the bundle is palyfish cash and i cant buy it!!!!!!!!!

  155. Chime Says:

    a withered black rose (non pfc xD) wouldve made a good touch for an item :3

  156. Cool girl Says:

    Pet Society please don’t use more playfish cash .. PLEASE !!!

  157. Daffnie Says:

    I love the new items, but i think it’s getting ridiculous that a lot of the new items every week is almost cash items, it’s just too much…it’s ok to have some cc items but not majority of it! Spending money once or twice on pfc a month is alright, but every week?! Also the items in the boutique is very expensive…

  158. jas Says:

    It’s a good idea but there are to many PFC items in my opinion… FX the dresses :/

  159. Lizzica Says:

    It’s too bad us poor people can’t participate this week… guess we’ll all just have to check back next week then?

    Or will there be only CC items next week, too?

  160. DollyKins Says:

    Peopleee stop complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!! Playfish Does not care about our comments ! Why cant you understand that. Soon the whole game will be just Dumb and they will make it all PFC YAAAAAAAAAAAY FAIL PLAYFISHHHHH!

  161. jeff Says:

    Ok people remember we are not rich. the last week it was $10 for a stupid petling mansion now the mystery box that i get 6 ugly duckling. OMG!!! quit ripping us off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. jeff Says:

    and mine is not complaint of just price. its stupid to make it random but i still only get the same thing over and over

    i have 10 of the black cat bundle before i give up on trying to get the rest.

  163. JJ Says:

    VERY DISAPOINTED! All is just marvelous but ALL IS CASH COIN! disgusted, very very disgusted!! these cute ducks, trees etc. I’m more disapointed every week …

  164. ThaniaHinata Says:

    OMG! What’s wrong with you, Pet Society? Almost everything at shop using playfish CASH!! i feel so sad and dissapointed… i use this app since first time..and this week is the worst ever….

  165. aiss Says:

    i love the rapunzel bundle…!!!

  166. Lady Eon Says:

    The bundles can’t be gifted, is stupid, if you have 2 or 3 same costumes, and i can’t trade whit my friends for others????

    Too bad playfish, i don like the game, im very sad…..

  167. Chime Says:

    yea well ,atleast limited (pretty) item isnt 4239453857 gazillion coins :S

  168. juanca Says:

    the last few weeks have been making this game a real doll house full of pink, doll houses, accessories for girls, and lots of girl clothes, really frightening users are men using this application: s would be much more cool if there was a real turnaround and the game was for boys and girls. thanks playfish

  169. saga Says:

    this week sucks!
    all the things that are wourth buying are for PF cash! 😦
    can you stop making things pf cash! at least not have so many of them!!
    soon there will only be pf cash items! -.-

  170. Yumi Says:


  171. Yumi Says:


  172. Cynthia Says:

    I love the new items, but I agree with the other posters 100%: too many are Playfish Cash items! All the beautiful clothes bundles are PF cash 😦
    The economy is really bad (or haven’t any of you at Play Fish noticed?) People are having trouble buying food, much less virtual items. Please don’t be so out of touch with your players, you will price yourself out of players soon if you do. Please don’t make the mistakes SGN made with Fluff friends (I quit the game for awhile after they changed it for the worse) and ignore your consumers/players. Bad move, you will lose money, not make money that way. People will quit the game.

  173. Tingul Says:

    lol,rant all you people want,they gotta make money off something :p

  174. Erica Says:

    why we just can buy it with playfish???
    I don’t have it,,,
    I don’t have money to buy playfish…

    This weeks have a good stuff but always must buy with the playfish…
    so sucks…. 😥

  175. Cool girl Says:

    yea 😦

  176. Renee Says:

    Hi there, by any chance the following items will appear again in mystery box?

    Gold – cute mushroom decor; pink heart mobile; Gingerbread Stocking decor; Santa Mayor picture; Festival ribbon decor; Holly white candle set; dark owl doll & Bloody bunny plushie.

    Blue – Bat doll; Pine Cone Wall decor; snowman Carrier decor & red holly candle

    Red – Red heart wall sticker


  177. amy Says:


  178. Isa Says:

    Too many CC items this week! Please, please, make the Fairytale Mystery Box items giftable! Multiple of the same dress are simply useless, what are we gonna do with them, trash them?

    You can use multiple items of any mystery CC mystery box, because they are items, not clothes or shoes. My pet won’t grow two extra legs!

    Make these like the animal set bundles, GIFTABLE! Already 2000 pets signed the petition on the PS board. Good day

  179. LadySookie Says:

    I think the theme of this week has been the worst theme ever …
    Idea is original but, in my opinion, the best items are made to pay with playfish cash and that SUCKS!

  180. ? Says:

    its ironic how after every blog in the end they say something like “your opinion is important to us” but nothing that we complain about ever changes
    its like complaining to a WALL
    and i really like this weeks items but the fact that the clothes and most of the items are playfish cash just plain sucks if this keeps going on soon NO ONE will be playing these games GOOD LUCK PLAYFISH!!!!!

  181. Coins Says:

    Suggestion for next week’s theme: Coin Week, where everything new costs game coins and no PFC!! That’ll be so cool 🙂 Come on playfish, just one week!!

  182. John Snow Says:

    I hope next Monday the wigs and clothes will be with ordinary coins. And yeah, this week EVERYTHING SUCKS!!!!!!!

  183. rica Says:

    agree with isa…

  184. Sophia99 Says:


  185. Diana Says:

    I wuv everything:))))))))))))

  186. kevin storm Says:

    I want the blue bundle but to purchase that item we must have playfish cash 😥

  187. kevin storm Says:


  188. cynthia Says:

    awwwghhhh nooooo!! why does it has to be OWO the Princess And The Pea Bed ;_; finnaly that i got the money to buy it it goes off the market ;( bring it back plz ..

  189. Mari Says:

    Who ever didnt get the Short Bob wig,click here http://tiny.cc/ydcpu

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