Winners Announced for the Party with Pet Society Competition!


As part of Pet Society’s second birthday extravaganza we introduced the Party With Pet Society competition to get everyone in the spirit!

We invited you to show us how YOU were celebrating our second birthday, and boy do you know how to party in style! Balloon parties, food parties, loud parties, low key, elegant affairs – the range and creativity of the submissions were amazing! Now, three lucky players will win big prizes for being voted the best birthday party in town! Each of the Party With Pet Society winners have bagged themselves a whole stack of Playfish Cash to go on a spending spree!

And without further ado, here are the winners who received the most votes from Pet Society players for their entries!

In third place, Joa Waehlte wins 200 Playfish Cash! Joa’s party captured the imagination of the Pet Society community and got their vote with inviting balloons and the promise of good music! The Mayor ha d his eye on the presents under the balloons… we wonder if there were more hidden under the table!

Runner up and recipient of second prize is Chiara Spagnulo, who created this party chock full of gifts and lovely candy! Congratulations, Chiara – you’ll be receiving 300 Playfish Cash for your efforts! We hope you spend it on many more amazing parties to come!

And finally, in first place and winning herself 1000 Playfish Cash is Jennifer McConnell. This giant cake party received the most votes from the Pet Society community and no wonder – just look at the size of that cake! We were pretty sure we’d be eating birthday cake for the rest of the year if she threw a party for Playfish!

Whew, all this partying has been exhausting! Thanks to everyone who entered and captured how you celebrated Pet Society’s second birthday. Now, what shall we do next year…?

20 Responses to “Winners Announced for the Party with Pet Society Competition!”

  1. jessica Says:

    wow they look amazing!

  2. merchas Says:

    Awesome Winners…! Congrats! 🙂

  3. ksuc Says:

    next year, all countries in the world can parcitipating in the contest please
    and I’m ready.

  4. justin Says:

    i think that in the future(soon) that when they make windows that they should have like 2 or 3 diff backgrounds of the same window cuc it always looks weird when u have 3 of the same windows and all the backgrounds in them are the same….

  5. Tareq Ali Says:

    it has to be all countries and all ages
    what the hell
    but nayway congrats and i am happie for them but mad at playfish

  6. Lemon Says:

    I like the 3rd and the 1st…congrats to the winners!! 😉

  7. Terry Says:

    my house more prettier but as not able to participata not because of my ages but because i live in Malaysia.Why Singapore can join but Malaysia cannot join?

  8. Owais97 Says:

    Im with Tareq 🙂

  9. Kiki Says:

    Wow!!! Those people really deserved to win! 😀 Their parties looked awesome! Definitely one that my pet would love to attend! ^-^

  10. Lefty Says:

    All 3 pictures Not worth 1000 pfc.. piece of garbage..

  11. sean Says:

    Please allow the philippines!!!

  12. sean Says:

    I really like to join this types!!!

  13. Hyarey Says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    I hope all countries can participate next time! I really wished I joined this one but sad to say my country is not in the list of participants..anyway grats again guys 🙂

  14. Barb Howard Says:

    Lot of time & talent given to work with items just from Pet Society. I’d like to
    see some train items. It would be cute !!! thanks ! barb

  15. ang Says:

    All 3 entries are too similar, tables, balloons, decor, cake and gifts!~ yawn… although first prize cake is pretty creative but I saw some better ones that were less cluttered.
    Congrats to the winners nonetheless!

  16. toni woo Says:

    i wish all country can join this party too

  17. andrea Says:

    i am mmm sad?¿ good 🙂

  18. ABRILRECHE Says:


  19. akku . Says:

    waah .. pgen 😦 ….

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