Would you like flies with that?


Hey Pet Society fans! If your pet is hungry for some artery clogging, grease dripping, not to mention deliciously satisfying burgers n fries, then you’ve come to the right place! This week is dedicated to Fast Food!

The search is on now for the latest mystery items! The Sauces Set is a must have condiment bundle for the aspiring chef in you! Even if you don’t like to cook, it makes a great decoration in the kitchen. Sometimes just giving the illusion of being a culinary master is just as impressive! I won’t tell. πŸ˜‰ Can you find them all?

Sauces Set (RMB) Pet Chef Picture (BMB)
Pink Headphones (GMB) Orange Juice Machine (GMB)

Mmmm, Strawberry Cream Cake. Your pet will surely gain popularity points in the neighborhood with this delicious gift! It’s available now to send to your friends and best of all, it’s free!

Strawberry Cream Cake
(Free Gift)

Digging leads to exhaustion. Food = fuel. Reward your pet by finding the Fast Food Meal. It might be a little dirty, considering it’s been in the ground and all, but let’s pretend the 5 second rule applies! See if you can find the Weekly Digging Item, found in the Town Forest, today!

Fast Food Meal
(Weekly Digging Item)

Available for 24 hours starting Wednesday August 25th is the extremely Cute Cuckoo Clock! This adorable clock displays your current time, and pops out to say hello every hour! On Tuesday, August 24th the sizzling Deep Fat Fryer will be available for 24 hours only. Make sure you log in those days to get your limited items! They won’t be sticking around for long.

Cute Cuckoo Clock
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Market – Cool Stuff)
(Limited Item all day Wednesday)
Deep Fat Fryer
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
(Limited Item all day Tuesday)

New to the collaborative collection this week is the Casual Bunch Wig. You’ll need the help of 10 of your best friends to get this stylish wig!

Casual Bunch Wig
(Clothes – Girls)
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)

I am happy to announce the Petling Limit has been raised to a whopping 20 Petlings! Now you have plenty of room for all of your furry (or pointy!) little friends. If you live to please your Petlings, the new Petling Mansions are a perfect way to display them without the hassle of feeding them, finding them or attacking you and your friends with their big sad eyes when it’s meal time! Much like the Petling Resort, the Petling Mansion can hold up to 3 of your grown Petlings, and you will never have to feed or find them as long as they are placed in/on the Mansion.

Gothic Petling Mansion
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Outdoor Petlings
Gothic Petling Mansion
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Outdoor Petlings)

The new beautiful Lake Retreat is gorgeous on it’s own, but this special animated item attracts a special surprise after 24 hours. Cute little critters from the forest will come and visit your Lake Retreat. There are three different types of animals that can appear, see if you can collect all of them!

Lake Retreat
(Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Outdoor – Furniture)

Somewhere over the rainbow… The new Rainbow Petling Biscuit Bundle includes 7 brand new colors that are not available anywhere else! Simply place the bundle in your room, have your pet “open” it, and the biscuits will be placed in your chest for you to feed

Rainbow Petling Biscuit Bundle
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
(Outdoor – Petlings)
Rainbow Petling Biscuit Bundle Outcome
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
(Outdoor – Petlings)

Mon Petit Cheri has released it’s newest fashion line called Romantic Date for the stylish fashionista’s out there! Make sure your guy/gal pal knows not to take you to a fast food joint in these clothes! Grease + designer fabrics is a mess you don’t want to clean up!
Note that you do not get to keep the Bundle Bag, only the items found inside. It will disappear when you’ve opened the bundle. Also note that you can purchase the items separately too if you wish.

Mon Petit Cheri Romantic Bag
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Clothes – Girls)
Mon Petit Cheri Romantic Bundle
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Clothes – Girls) Note: You do not get to keep the bag that the Bundle comes in. Once opened, it will disappear.
Mon Petit Cheri Romantic Dress
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Clothes – Girls)
Mon Petit Cheri Romantic Glasses
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Clothes – Girls)
Mon Petit Cheri Romantic Shoes
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Clothes – Girls)

Lily has spoiled us this week with a rather large update! There are two new Chef Bundles, red for the boys, pink for the girls. Each set includes all the attire you need to become the next biggest chef!

Red Strawberry Chef Bundle
(Clothes – Boys)
Outcome of Red Strawberry Chef Bundle
Red Chef Hat
(Clothes – Boys)
Red Chef Uniform
(Clothes – Boys)
Pink Strawberry Chef Bundle
(Clothes -Girls) (OWO)
Outcome of Pink Strawberry Chef Bundle (OWO)
Updo Wig
(Clothes – Girls) (OWO)
Blue Apron Outfit
(Clothes – Girls) (OWO)
Red Headphones
(Clothes – Accessories)

Everything an aspiring chef needs is right here in the Red Kitchen Bundle. For a great price, you can have it all at your fingertips. Or, if you have your eye on something specific, you can buy them separately too. These items will be available on Monday August 23rd at 12 AM GMT.

Red Kitchen Bundle
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Cold Drink Basket
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Pot
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Fruit Basket
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Fridge
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Strawberry Juice Dispenser
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Cooker
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Kitchen Table
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Kitchen Stool
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Kitchen Bench
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Kitchen Counter
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Kitchen Utensil Shelf
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Red Kitchen Shelf
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)

Also available on Monday, all of the essentials to make your very own fast food restaurant right in your home! You can almost bet on Hideeni making an appearance or two!

Fast Food Counter
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Fast Food Low Table
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Fast Food Window View
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)

Pull up to the next window, please! Place the Fast Food Takeaway in your home and have even more convenience with the ability to purchase Fries, a Hamburger and Soda right at home! Much like the Ice Cream and Soda Stands, your friends will be able to buy something to satisfy their hunger too while visiting!

Fast Food Takeaway
(Market – Cool Stuff)
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Fast Food Fries
(From Fast Food Takeaway) (OWO)
Fast Food Hamburger
(From Fast Food Takeaway) (OWO)
Fast Food Soda
(From Fast Food Takeaway) (OWO)

Don’t forget to stop by the DIY shop for those finishing touches! What kind of fast food joint will you have?

Fast Food Beige Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO) Fast Food Green Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) Fast Food Beige Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Fast Food Blue Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Restaurant Terrace Wallpaper
(DIY –
Walls & Floors)
Fast Food Beige Floor (DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)

A lot of fast food places offer “free smiles” on the menu and now with the Build-A-Burger Mystery Eggs you can take that concept quite literally! Or perhaps you’d like to whip up a sad burger instead? The possibilities are endless. Hold the olives? Extra Mozzarella? It’s up to you! Make sure you stop by the official Pet Society Gallery to show us your creations!

Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
( Mystery – Boxes & Eggs)
Happy Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Sad Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Confident Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Shocked Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Cute Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Bottom Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Pink Bottom Burger Bun
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Ketchup Burger
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Cheese Burger
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Cheese and Herbs
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Fried Chicken
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Sliced Tomato
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Green Salad
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Grilled Sausage
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Top Flag
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Top Cherry Tomato
Outcome of Build-a-Burger Mystery Egg
Top Crowns Top Olives
Cherry Tomatoes
Completion Reward

Just a reminder that sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently than we originally planned. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

Have a great week, Pet Society fans! I hope you enjoy this week’s items. Make sure you leave your feedback. We love hearing what you have to say!

Also, just a reminder that sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently than we originally planned. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

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133 Responses to “Would you like flies with that?”

  1. javiera Says:

    When will the monthly digging item be changed? >:

  2. candiceLee Says:

    is the maintenance already done?
    i mean, since the blog already update?

  3. javiera Says:

    sad & confident burgers look alike D:

  4. liz Says:

    @javiera : today
    u haven’t got that diamond headband?

  5. federica Says:

    come on.. i never commented but now i think playfish is exagerating in cash items!!! this week and past weeks especially everything interesting is cash and not 5-6 cash 20 cash are you kidding us? -.-

    • jamie james Says:

      i agree this week too many pfc buys

      • shpangbOots Says:

        same here. WAY too many “Beautiful” items this week. I’d gladly work my pet’s behind off just to get all the items like through co-ops and collecting coins and stuff, but when it comes to requiring PFC there’s nothing i do and that’s SAD (sob sob).

  6. Soorifan Says:

    Nice wig yet again… but the collab item was what i was thinking of drawing for the contest XD

  7. federica Says:

    at least you could put all things from boutique (cash) as collaborative items also! so who wants to buy with cash buy who doesn’t want to spend real money on a game ask collaboration from friends wt!

    • Sophiamonica99 Says:

      I agree….But Playfish wouldn’t do that,because they’ve worked so hard(as any other players have said….which I don’t agree coz, it seems like all the themes are just like the old themes,they are just making things that doesn’t look like the old things…and PLAYFISH can always tell us if they can’t think of any themes anymore….and just update us if they’ve already thought of a new theme(much more different than the old things….).And I wish they would make a really exciting theme,that everyone would be begging to have those items.. πŸ™‚

  8. Owee Says:

    Cool items πŸ™‚

  9. merchas Says:

    Woot! Love it!

  10. ian Says:

    When will there be a petling biscuit purchasable by coins… 😦

  11. ian Says:

    oh…when will there be a boy suit….it has been a week without boy suits..

  12. Cool girl Says:

    WOW that will be the best week!!! πŸ™‚

  13. veriza Says:

    wiw πŸ™‚

  14. AellaMae Says:

    does anyone know when the red wigs will be sent to email subscribers?

    • javiera Says:

      i’m sure those were sent already,but it was only for PFC &/or PCash buyers only…

      • Bia Says:

        I am a pfcash buyer and didn’t receive the wig, what can i do?

      • Joy Jensen Says:

        What is PFC? I am confused about the wig that was supposed to be emailed to PFC and/or Pcash buyers!! I am definitely a PFcash buyer and have been for some time! What is the deal? I checked my email every day and nope…I didn’t receive it as promised!! I would like to know why? I will definitely stop spending my money if it isn’t appreciated.

  15. Icha Says:

    like it,,,:)
    but this no coins….:(

  16. gabby Says:

    oh noooo, playfish is getting greedier 😦 so much cute items in boutique , we dont have that so much money to play a game :((( i hope, they will reduce the amount of items in playfish cash..

  17. Bareta Susilo Suryaningsih Says:

    wow… good job

  18. Bouzou Says:

    Very disapointed by this week’s theme… 😦
    Fast food stuff ? Build-a-burger ??
    And come on, a kitchen suit for boys with strawberries ??? Please, do more clothes for boys, and more wigs ! There’s always wigs for female pets !
    And last point: why did you make so many cc items ?? If they’re like the petling resort (45cc, my god was that a joke ?!), I bet they’re not even affordable…

    I’m gonna spare a lot of money this week, waiting for the next one.

    • Sophiamonica99 Says:

      Yeah…Haven’t PLAYFISH realized that strawberry designs are not appropriate for boys?and the color red with straberry designs?it looks more perfect for girls to wear those clothes..and they always make many items which can only be bought by playfish cash…haven’t they realized that NOT all players have playfish cash?I think they’re just getting real money for those who are buying playfishcash….and sometimes when You’ve ALREADY subscribed at the PS NEWSLETTER…you won’t get anything…..FRANKLY,I WISH PLAYFISH WILL LOSE ALL OF THEY’RE PLAYERS IF THEY WON’T STOP MAKING MANY PLAYFISH CASH ITEMS!!!!leave a comment if you agree…

  19. Daffnie Says:

    love the new items, not much on the fast food stuff.
    I wanna buy the lake retreat and gothic petling mansion, will all they cost a lot of pfc?
    Cause the petling resort was very, very expensive!

    • Daffnie Says:

      i just wanna add, why is there so many boutique items? And they are so damn expensive! Can’t they cost under 10 cc or between 10 -15?

  20. Jess Nguyen Says:

    completely anwsome!!!! YEAh!!!!!!!

  21. amy Says:

    A LOT OF CASH STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. xsrinh Says:

    omg the burgers are soooo adorablee !!! ❀

  23. common Says:

    WHAT THE HECK!!!!!
    almost half of the items are pf!!!!
    and i hate the theme…..xcept for the wig ofcourse!!

  24. Rita Davis Says:

    Even though the petling resort and mansions were developed and terribly expensive, I’m relieved to see that there is an opportunity to “house” them. It is SO disheartening to see the little critters beg and jump all over the place for food when visiting!!! I do not see the need to increase the number available to own since most can’t be kept fed anyway!!!
    Lately, there have been only one…maybe two things new each week I consider..the rest is really foolish but then, this IS make believe, isn’t it? Couldn’t we just get an extra room perhaps to house ALL pet’s petlings in? Makes more sense but who says things have to make sense?
    Am extremely glad that the levels have increased in order to keep interest but what is the advantage if we cannot get more something…rooms, garden plots, etc?

  25. des4etyyy Says:

    I don’t like this week’s theme…there are a lot of pfc items and the kitchen suit for boys looks like the girls one except it’s red…please do more clothes and wigs for boys and don’t make everything that’s good for pfc.

  26. gwlovepetsociety Says:

    Theme good.. !
    thank you mayor !!
    hm.. please price not MAHAL
    hahha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  27. federica Says:

    you are really making people get tired of playing! and believe me not everyone is happy to spend real money so just keep in mind that.. and please at least make all cool stuff pfc as collaborative items also (you could have done it for the warbrode and the wig colours also – they are like updates of the game and it’s a shame that not everyone can benefit of it! – as you did for the pink doll house..) what a shame!

  28. tareq ali Says:

    umm is this mean my game got fixed ?

  29. lulu Says:

    Haha now with this theme, my pet would have a tough time fitting into her bikini for the rest of the summer!

  30. kiari Says:

    i agree with what people r saying abought 2 much pfc and this theme is cool n all but it seems like it was thought of last min. not even thought thru i noticed the boy chef outfit not in the boy bundel but the bundel has a girls outfit in it whats with that cant playfish tell some players correction lots ove players have lost their interest in this game its kindove uppsetting.

  31. Anouk Says:

    Love this week’s theme! Though it’s more or less the same with the Diner Week. But still, awesome!! πŸ˜‰

    I guess I’m okay with PlayFish selling stuff with real cash. Besides, we’ve been playing PS for free and the developers are doing an excellent job (minus the technical problems you’re having, which are beyond your control, I know ;D). But I have a suggestion that you might consider. How about giving the players PlayFish cash as bonuses for whatever accomplishment they’ve done in PS? We playerd wouldn’t mind if it’s just 1 PlayFish cash or 2. But at least, there’s something. And sort of a discount/bonus to those regular Cash Shop consumers. I hope you’ll try to consider this suggestion. The players will be encouraged.

    • HastuneMiku Says:

      I agree, because when we earn trophys, we get coins, but most players on pet society, dont have playfish cash ( me included ) Miku thinks that when she earns trophys and levels up, they should spin a wheel, which comes between these number 1-5 pf cash and 1,000-3,000coins, miku would also love an anime week, which has a vocaloid them x)

    • federica Says:

      yes i think so too.. of course the playfish company should take good care of you who spend real money for the game, that’s for sure.. but also who doesn’t should have a right to gain 1 or 2 cash coins every two weeks perhaps or any time playfish wants to!

    • shpangbOots Says:

      I agree! And i even think that if giving free PFC might be too steep for you folks, then maybe you can consider giving us free “can-only-obtained-through-PFC-purchase” items. Case in point is that new underwater dig site, where we get to dig up cool treasure and sometimes a free bait. With due diligence we faithful players stand a chance at getting someting extraordinary, which altogether is very rewarding.

      And maybe give away a few more free rooms? especially for those at the higher levels? ^_^

      Anyways you’re still the best Playfish and i know you think of something really nice for your loyal players!

    • cate:) Says:

      how much is the chef bundle and the wig??and are the gmb item pink headphone wearable??
      and the kitchen bundle??how much??
      and the collaborative item..is it giftable and can be collaborated wit others this week??
      and is the food stand pfc??

      and btw the burgers ARE SOOO CUTE!!!

      • Sophiamonica99 Says:

        Are you crazy?!How can they possibly tell you how much those things cost?They don’t even hit the stores…Right?(please leave a comment if you agree..) πŸ˜‰

      • Sophiamonica99 Says:

        Are you crazy?!How can they possibly tell you how much those things cost?They don’t even hit the stores…Right?(please leave a comment if you agree..) ;)and collaborative items cannot be gifted and the headphones is surely wearable…

  32. Damian Says:

    Pliz Traducir Spanish!Thank you 😦

  33. lotiana mary Says:

    I think playfish’s getting greedy :S

  34. r3dy Says:

    wow its totally amazing XD i cant wait 4 dis.. OH MY !!! Xp~~~ !!!

  35. Krystel Says:

    First – THANK YOU FOR RED KITCHEN!! Red is my FAVORITE color, especially in kitchens!

    Second – um, the strawberry chef outfits are cute, but why did the boy’s have to be identical and still too cutsy? You should have replaced strawberries with chili peppers, or at least not put the the strawberry & bow on the hat (leave the stripe)

    Third – I don’t appreciate the little “reminder” at the bottom, essentially excusing last weeks’ behavior and screw-ups regarding jubbies, early removal of stuff, etc. Basically, it feels like you’re making excuses for last week’s bad customer service and utter lack of respect.

    • DollyKins Says:

      Ohhh, i totally agree on the third thing!
      Oh and if u wonder why the boys is red tho…well Playfish must like boys in girl clothes. XD

      Not all pets are Gay PlayF. THANK YOU!

    • Sin Singh Says:

      @Krystel.. You are ON THE MONEY! I agree with everything you just mentioned!! The boys chef outfit could’ve been so much cuter ! black & white with red chilis or flames OR it could have been simply Kiss The Cook (That’s even better than the damn strawberries. Me thinks they initially made BOTH the red & pink outfits for the girls but because of that horrid “Listening” thread, everybody complained about there being no boys clothing LMAO so they said okay we’ll make red for boys and pink for girls *roll eyes*)

      I ALSO highly agree with your depreciation of the “reminders” they left on the bottom. I find it hilarious that they feel the need to put that.. it’s as if I look past their terrible service last week, I’m condoning more of it because they “typed” it in at the bottom LOL so if something happens again, one of these mods will be back in the forum talking about “Well we told you not to get your hopes up” No No No.. I don’t appreciate that either.

      @Dollykins LMFAO!!! That had me dying.. I agree.. WTH is going on here? Scurfuffle is NOT gay. He needs MANLY clothes.. SMDH

  36. NotFromMars Says:

    Nice wig, but still, why is there almost NEVER any BOYISH boy clothes? And when there even is any, it’s one single outfit (at most!) compared to like 3 girl dresses/accessories. Come on! D:

  37. XOXO Says:

    umm although al dis r nice.. but stil hav sum cmt abt it.. y more n more PFC item from day to days =.=’ n i agree wit de upon cmts , lyk dis week limited item , de orange juice aquarium i assumed it cost abt 10 PFC sth but it cost 16 n de magic 8 ball dey said it can answer wat chu ask , after bought n wen i click it jst show out sum words lyk * yes * * wat de nxt question * * she said dat * etc…. i din ask de Q lolz.. urgh i wasted 10 PFC T__T hmm i hope playfish wud consider to discount de PFC.. πŸ™‚ maybe 5$ can get more dan 25 PFC.. nw PFC item so expensive 😐 5$ = 1 item

  38. Brewster Says:

    yeah.. care more abt boy pls ): my boy (my pet) no more clothe to change n til i change him to girl XD for heaps of clothes

  39. XOXO Says:

    umm although al dis r nice.. but stil hav sum cmt abt it.. y more n more PFC item from day to days =.=’ n i agree wit de upon cmts , lyk dis week limited item , de orange juice aquarium i assumed it cost abt 10 PFC sth but it cost 16 n de magic 8 ball dey said it can answer wat chu ask , after bought n wen i click it jst show out sum words lyk * yes * * wat de nxt question * * she said dat * etc.. i din ask de Q lolz.. urgh i wasted 10 PFC T__T hmm i hope playfish wud consider to discount de PFC.. πŸ™‚ maybe 5$ can get more dan 25 PFC.. nw PFC item so expensive 😐 5$ = 1 item

  40. Marxy Says:

    Gosh >_<
    let me get the sunglasses

  41. HastuneMiku Says:

    I am really liking this weeks theme, the red kitchen bundle will be a definite buy for me ( if its not pfc of course πŸ˜€ ) I love the idea of the wigs, especially the wig that we can collaberate, and for people who dont have many friends on facebook ( like myself)
    can easily make these items by asking a friend once a day, if they can help you build the item, because the wig is very nice, it would proably need at least 20 people, but 10 is much better πŸ˜€ , i also love the build a burger eggs, the designs on there faces are just way to cute, miku ( my pet ) cant wait to build a burger so she can put it with her teddys, miku thinks that the mystery box prizes will look great in her diner, Miku’s favourite limited edition item would have to be the deep fat fryer, because its not pfc! and she can add it to her diner, but she thinks theres only one problem with this weeks clothes, that the boys red outfit bundle, seems to be a dress, with strawberries and lace, she thinks that they boys outfit could have maybe had a chefs coat, with chili peppers on it, with red oven gloves, a white chef hat, some red jeans and some white boots with chili peppers on, and a brown spiky wig (; , Miku loves this weeks theme, and will maybe just buy the coloured biscuits bundle by doing some surveys. Miku says bye!

  42. Tareq Ali Says:

    pet society is working now yaay
    the burger is soo cute hehe

  43. Tareq Ali Says:

    im sooo getting the lake

  44. Kiki Says:

    I agree with everyonel that says that next week includes WAAY too much PF Cash items. It’s getting sort of ridiculous, don’t you think? I mean, spending a little money would be okay, but items that cost over 30 PF Cash? Really? I REALLY enjoy this game as much as anyone, but it’d be very nice to get some PF Cash as a reward or something. I’d really love it if Playfish would listen to our feedback. Other than that, as far as the theme goes, I think it’s okay-ish. But I think Playfish can do better, for next NEXT week! :0)

  45. Tzu Says:

    Great job on the theme and items. :bd

  46. Archer Says:

    Oh yay more PF cash items πŸ˜› *sense the sarcasm there* And what??? Do boy pets not exist anymore within PS??? The girls seem to get a lot of good clothes every week but the boys are lucky if they get anything, let alone anything good. This game’s really going downhill fast Playfish. Get it sorted please.

  47. Awesomeness Says:

    the boys chef bundle looks like the girls! i dont even think thats a guys outfit.

  48. Joy Joy Says:

    well..i guess i’ll have to save up!!i’m gonna be using lots of coins!! suckish that so much is pfc D:

  49. Maddy Says:

    I hate this theme, and the new petling biscuits are pretty close to what we already have. I buy PFC, but I won’t be purchasing these… too expensive. If they made a mini room diner, I’d buy. But this is ridiculous… it’s like Mcdonald’s and Strawberry Shortcake and high fashion and music in one theme, lame. I hated diner week, and this sucks, too. Also, give the poor guy pets something to wear! Mine’s a girl, but she feels bad for all her guy friends… :[ I love this game, I just don’t like this theme… sigh.

  50. javiera Says:

    Cute Cuckoo Clock..im sorry i cant have you! ;_;…

    hm, what happened to the nannybot?…can’t it take care of the pets instead of the..big–er pets? e.o

  51. ................... Says:

    hate it.

  52. dewi Says:

    0oohh…. you make me hungryyn πŸ˜›

  53. alissha Says:


  54. sophiscated.me Says:

    >< haha πŸ™‚

  55. thewatcher Says:

    it’s been really hard to find active player in my friendlist now 😦

    guess they get bored or something. πŸ˜€

    I agree with everyone. 😦 please let us see some guy clothes in petsociety. Boyish one please not so cute. and no tuxedo too. we got too much tux in the store. and the girl clothes is too girly with pinky stuff and ribbons. =___=

    btw, ilove the burger thingy, πŸ˜€ can we eat them? :p LOL

  56. pris Says:

    Loving it C:

  57. pris Says:

    uuhhh i just noticed the “new” thing with the chest items, its sooo usefull!

  58. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    Please change our current lottery plushie.

  59. Isis Says:

    Another week of not playing! Good job, Playfish. I’m pretty sure you can lose all of your players if you try hard enough.

  60. Ace Says:

    I dont understand why there is pink headphone in the mystery box…

  61. shinny Says:

    I love this set clothes so lovely!!!

  62. JJ Says:

    I beg yoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….! no playfish cash for everything please please please I beg you no playfish cash until next week. I felt hoooooooooooooooorible Because I don’t have playfish cash…… 😦

  63. JJ Says:

    duuuuhhh…! Playfish cash R.U.I.N.S EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. tinyhamster Says:

    both of the petling mansions are named gothic petling mansion… typo error

  65. Sophiamonica99 Says:

    I beg you Pet Society,please!! when all of us play pet society,please make it easier for this game to load coz, everytime i play or open ps,it takes 30 to 60 minutes to load before i can play, so sometimes i just don’t play ps anymore…..so sad… 😦

  66. Toni Says:

    I agree with limiting the items requiring PF cash. I am always being asked for PF cash. A good percentage of the people that play this game don’t have jobs or have heard that you have to work for a living. This is relaxing for me and I don’t want to have to pay for everything.

    Please have some things that you could earn PF cash, like racing – maybe two races a day you could earn the PF cash. Maybe a gold mine dig site where you can earn PF cash. That would actually be fun! Mine for PF cash. Sounds like a good idea – what do you think? You could have little miner hats, picks etc. Do I get credit for my idea? Anyway I do like to play this game because I lose track of time and relax. Thanks for listening.

  67. nick Says:

    hey… i am cc buyer but please make it cheaper.
    ho come a petling resort cost 45bc. WTF !!!!!!!!!!

    • it is so fucking true Says:

      I am pretty sure if u make cc items cheaper. more ppl can afford it on trading n more ppl will purchase cc. so please consider to make cc items cheaper than b4. thx

  68. Kuha Says:

    best week ever

    now i want fries <2

  69. Sophiamonica99 Says:


    • DollyKins Says:

      D: Dear Sophia, Lot of us are depressed and disappointed because of the PFC. Some people have real life’s and just want to play the game for fun, not to buy item’s with real money, i think it is silly, in other hand… It’s a very cute and nice created game. People work on it hard to update it and make it more fun, they want some profit from it, no body works for free these days ^^;;
      … i mean really Million’s people play this game on FB. I bet it is one of the most popular one. I think it’s fine to have some PFC items in the shops, but they should give us a chance more often, or at least for ONE day to get those for normal gold, they can put up the price or i do not know! I loved the fact that they hidden treasure bait’s in the Ocean map, I was able to get some pretty PFC items. Thanks for that playfish, but please we are desperate for cute items, give us a chance… 😦 !!!

      • Sophiamonica99 Says:

        Yeah but why would the petling resort cost 45pfc?I thought this game is just for fun,but why do we need to spend real money just to buy pfc so that we can buy things that costs pfc?I hope and i wish we can buy pfc using our coins in pet society even though it will cost many coins,at least we got pfc right?But i think this will never happen….and if playfish can’t think of any theme every week,they could just tell us,all of us whoy plays ps….right?

    • rozelle Says:

      i’m agreeing with Dollykins

    • rozelle Says:

      playfish games are awesome and playfish did a lot of work on it so it’s fine they want some profit

  70. Sophiamonica99 Says:


  71. cindy liang Says:

    LOve playfish..wee so excited about every week theme:D but i am sad that i buy lots of mystery boxes i cant get what is inside for every week~~=.=but i do enjoy pet society..thanks so muchXDD

  72. Mar. Says:

    Build a burger? Are you serious?!!

    Like, really?

  73. Pebbles Says:

    Why, people, don’t you just wait until next week? IT’S JUST A WEEKLY THEME! They will come out with a new item next week, seriously, if you really don’t like this idea, just wait until next week. Quit wining! IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE ITEMS!!

  74. Pebbles Says:

    And I think the Build-A-Burger is Cute :3 Have 9,000 coins saved up ❀

  75. DollyKins Says:

    there is no way to get anything ;_______;

  76. Dakota Says:

    Do you all not realize that they make there money through playfish cash jeez thats only way they can make things for us. So deal with it! >:]

  77. Dakota Says:

    But i don’t agree with the prices whats up with the fuken 45 PFC for a petling resort, if the mansions are like that its way to much just like the dragon petling was to much too! so lower prices on PFC items please

  78. rozelle Says:

    i love this things

  79. rozelle Says:

    Dear Pet Society:

    When you designed the car and you said “Your pet may not have a license to drive but they can still pose for a cute car”. I’m thinking that maybe it’s a really good idea if you pet can have a license and then they can drive it in their neighborhood and still can display it, and you can have a garage like a room so you can display some more things in it, and then when they click their car there would be like a question that says “Would you like to drive the car or just pose on it like a kiddie ride. oh there’s one more request that i want to ask. i want to ask if when you buy a garage that may or may not be playfish, maybe there’s another method you can buy the garage or the pet license like mayne you can click to buy it with coins.If you are able to read this thank you very much. if other people are able to read this thanks so much for reading and please reply if you like or not, because i don’t know if all people will like this. PEACE

  80. rozelle Says:

    Dear Pet Society: these past few weeks you have been selling to much playfish cash things and i think so many people are not happy about it so please give us like one week on all your playfish things and make it coins PEACE

  81. didi Says:

    i buy red kitchen bundle but theres no red kitchen chef bundle in it. anybody with same problem?

  82. nana-chi Says:

    I bought the kitchen bundle and i didn’t even receive that red strawberry outfit! Is this some kind of glitch or something? Or is it because my pet is a female and the outfit’s not included just because it’s for boys? i mean, does the outfit only comes with the bundle if our pet is a boy? i want some answers please~

    • Sophiamonica99 Says:

      Oh…The red kitchen outfit and the kitchen bundle is bought seperatedly…if you bought the kitchen bundle you wouldn’t get the clothes too…hey!have you already read the blog at the top of the page?just understand the blog and you will never get confused anymore… πŸ™‚

  83. nana-chi Says:

    oh wait…i read it wrongly…it’s “red chef” clothing…ah!! which means is not that red strawberry chef clothing!! aish…and by the way…why can’t they make less pf cash items? i mean, for example, that petling resort? why must they put pf cash? cant they at least make one of them for the regular coin users? it’s just unfair you know…i bet they already made like thousands over dollars since this thing is like global. please! reduce the usage of pf cash!!!

  84. Priscillia Says:

    I’m not playing Pet Society anymore sorry >. http://www.moshime.com/mr-jealous

  85. Priscillia Says:

    I play moshi monsters! wooopee! I HATE CLUB PENGUIN >.> but I LOVE WEBKINZ! >.< and MOSHI MONSTERS!! ^.^

  86. zizo007 Says:

    hey pet society you created alot of items of countries for example canada or mexico
    so can you make items of ramadan pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
    pet society is the best
    please reply

  87. Michelle Says:

    I really think a Fast Food theme is in very poor taste. Playfish is promoting an industry that is nutritionally and morally bankrupt. I’m very disappointed.

  88. bhen Says:

    I try to buy item limited edition on Tuesday the Deep Fat Fryer, but it say that can not buy for today……what happened??? somebody had the same problem with me too???

  89. roselee Says:

    does anyone know why can’t I purchase the deep fryer?

    hope to have an answer on this one….

    did not get any info on how to get the short bob wig last week!

    if there’s someone who knew the answers…. I’d really appreciate it!

    thank you!

  90. mary Says:


  91. SImply Says:

    Hey!how come i cant buy the limited deep fat fryer? it just pop out “sorry!you can’t purchase this item for now!” what???why??

  92. mieko Says:

    me too, i can’t purchase the limited deep fat fryer…it says “you can’t purchase this item for now”……

  93. amy Says:

    c’mon! i mean last time u guys hardly give cash items! now so much? i agree w/ u people who commented about them!

  94. Awesomeness Says:


  95. fer Says:

    hi! today is tuesday in mexico and i canΒ΄t buy the Deep Fat Fryer, what can I do??? i want it!!!

  96. lyana myra Says:

    best item… muah muah…

  97. annisa Says:

    so cool!!!^^

  98. ang Says:

    Flies? I think u mean fries!~~~ lol

  99. ryk Says:

    I’ve completed the burger collection but was NOT rewarded the completeion item!! and the burgers simply would not stay staked up.
    Furthermore PETs nowadays is difficult to load, items cant be received when gifted. Getting tired to wait for its reloading and missing-run-away gifts.

  100. PIPIN Says:


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