Livin’ Large!


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!!! Are you ready, Pet Society fans, for a week filled with items fit for a giant? Oversized everyday items are making their way into town this week! These items will be hitting the shops on Monday August 16th at 12 AM GMT. But, as always, you can view a sneak peek here on the blog if you’re impatient like me!

Starting today, the search is on for the newest Mystery items! A Thimble Flower Pot, perfect for green thumbed pets, an oversized Pink Thread Seat (careful of the needle! Ouch!), and a Duck Stamp Picture can be yours if luck is on your side! Can you find them all? You’ll have to visit “?” in the Mystery Shop to begin the hunt. Good luck!

Thimble Flower Pot
( Mystery – BMB)
Pink Thread Seat
(Mystery – GMB)
Duck Stamp Picture
(Mystery – GMB)

What’s better than showering your friends with FREE gifts? Showering them with HUGE free gifts! Ok.. this one isnΒ΄t exactly HUGE, per se.. but that is definitely one of the biggest buttons I’ve ever seen! And for some reason… it actually looks cute when worn on the top of your head. This gift is available now to send to your friends.

Button Headband
(Free Gift)

It’s a good thing the shovels aren’t oversized this week. Digging is tough enough as it is! Phew. All of your hard work will pay off this week when you find the newest weekly item, which is a Diamond Ring Headband. Have you seen the size of that rock?! Any girl would be lucky to wear something that flashy on their head. This item is available in the Town Forest now, so get digging! And remember.. it’s only available for one week.

Diamond Ring Headband
(Weekly Digging)

Try your luck getting the newest adorable dresses added to the Win Or Lose boxes. One in pink, and one in black for the non-pink lovers out there! These items are already inside the boxes, so you can start searching today!

Black Frilly Dress
(Win Or Lose Boxes)
Pink Frilly Dress
(Win Or Lose Boxes)

Get your bait and fishing rod out, it’s time to start searching for our newest friend in the pond! The Safetypin Fish has arrived and can be found now with any food! Good luck!


You won’t have any trouble seeing the time with the new Limited Edition Oversized Clock, the clock displays your local time and will be available all day on Tuesday August 17th only. The larger than life Orange Juice Aquarium will be available all day Wednesday August 18th only. Remember these two items are limited edition and will only be available for 24 hours. So make sure you sign on those two days to ensure you get one for yourself!

Oversized Pocketwatch
(Market – Cool Stuff)
(Furniture – Living)
(Limited Items – Tuesday)
Orange Juice Aquarium
(Outdoor – Fish)
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Limited Items – Wednesday)

Ask your friends for help if you’re looking for a new Car to put in your garage! Your pet will sit in this Roller Skate shaped vehicle, and best of all! It’s free (after 20 clicks of course!)

Roller Skate Car
(Market – Cool Stuff)
(Collaborative – 20 clicks)

If you’re looking for some mystical advice, the Mystic 8 Ball is the perfect toy for you. The 8 ball holds all the answers to your questions, simply click it and a message will appear above. (Cheaper than going to a psychic right?)

Need a place to display your favorite purses? To organize your most glamorous shoes? It’s every girl’s dream to have a walk-in closet, and now your pet can have one of their very own! Purchase the Wardrobe from the Boutique and a special Walk-In Closet room will appear before your very eyes! Note that multiple wardrobes will not give additional rooms.

Mystic 8 Ball
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Walk-In Closet
(Furniture – Bedroom)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Walk-In Closet Open
(Furniture – Bedroom)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the incredibly large candlestick chair. Jack, whoever he is, can also take a bath in a giant bowl of cereal, sleep in an enormous book or have a seat on an oversized dice seat! All of these items can be found in stores on Monday!

Book Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Dice Seat
(Furniture – Living)
Matchbox Dresser
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Candle Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Green Thread Seat
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Teacup Table
(Furniture – Living)
Cereal Bathtub
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bath)

There is a surprise hiding behind the new Little Big Door, but you’ll have to see it for yourself! I don’t want to spoil everything. Check out the Giant Ceiling Light, I wouldn’t want to be the pet that changes that lightbulb.

Light Blue Stripes Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Light Pink Stripes Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Little Big Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Giant Ceiling Light
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Safetypin Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Black Cherries Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
White Cherries Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

Bigger is always better when it comes to Chocolate and Candy! Eat at your own risk! Playfish is not responsible for any tummy aches or teeth rotting!

Pink Giant Candy
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Giant Chocolate Block
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Giant Minicake
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)
Oversized Mayor Stamp
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)

Oversized head gear is the newest trend in Pet Society.. I don’t recommend going outside in the heat while wearing the Overgrown Strawberry Hat, if you want to turn your hair red, the new Dark Red Wig Dye is a much better solution! (and then you won’t attract bugs, be sticky and all of that mess!)

To reward our PFC OR Coin buyers, we are giving out a Short Bob Wig via email. So make sure you are subscribed! I will update you a little later on when these cute wigs will be given out!

Overgrown Strawberry Hat
(Clothes – Accessories)
White Flavia Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Pet Soda Cap Hat
(Clothes – Accessories)
Short Bob Wig
(Given to PFC or Coin Spenders in the month of AUGUST via Email Subscription)
Dark Red Wig Dye
(Clothes – Stylist)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)

A couple of other updates to the game include a level increase, which has now been raised to level 100!
New Bonsai pots have also been added. They are not buyable in stores, but you will have the option to choose which one you want when you pull your tree out of the ground. There will also be a preview of the beautiful new pots in the Garden Shop.

I hope you have enjoyed this oversized update! See you next week, Pet Society fans!

Also, just a reminder that sometimes decisions are made at the last minute and things can work out differently than we originally planned. All information including pricing should be taken as guidance only and is subject to change before and after release.

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154 Responses to “Livin’ Large!”

  1. Otulissa Says:

    Love the red bob wig. But why PFC D: I am not aloud PFC 😦

  2. alien Says:

    So cool… oversized… good idea!!

  3. Samantha Says:

    looking forward to next week!!!

  4. sayaka Says:

    Nice.. So cutee!!

  5. Otulissa Says:

    Also not much clothes as well. Nice, but not great. Not a nice touch for my birthday week 😦

  6. sidi Says:

    and again the really cool stuff’s just available for cc … argh!!

  7. Jeanina Says:

    SO BIG!!! πŸ™‚

    i really like the stuff!!! :”>

    hahaha… LOL

  8. Marxy Says:

    Another girly week
    oh well

  9. STEVE Says:

    why the clothes and other accessoris just for girl??
    where is for boy???

  10. Christie Says:

    This is very-very cool.
    Question tough: More rooms as level rewards?

  11. hui ning Says:

    nice nice nice nice nice nnnnniiiiiccccceeeee

  12. Michael Says:

    Oh my gosh! It`s Indonesian week. you forgot for indonesian week.

  13. Mikari Says:

    LOL OMG lv 100?? Just when I was about to finish the lv! D: I want a new room added then!!
    Anyway, lately I’m wondering, the clothes are for girl only LOL my pet is a girl, I don’t mind, but for the boys? xD
    damn another spend for that walk-in closet x_X””

  14. KARL ISON Says:


  15. ChameleonM Says:

    Great new week theme =)
    But 1 question: what will the Mystic 8 Ball do?

  16. Hyarey Says:

    hmm Im interested in the little big door lol

  17. Rani Says:

    what does OWO stand for? is it One Week Only?

  18. Soorifan Says:

    Love the wig πŸ˜€

  19. kephz Says:

    OMG i can’t believe you forgot indonesian week!! You did it last year! i’ve been waiting indonesian theme to be coming this week. So dissapointed 😦

  20. Chloe Says:

    Will all the people who have bc items in their account get that cute wig? Cause if we’re going to be notified by email, it’s gonna be a problem for most users cause not everyone’s log in email and paypal email are the same.

  21. tareq ali Says:

    greeeeeat wooow …. ummm i have an idea….. bottons eyes wearable … wat do you think ?

  22. luxisufeili Says:

    I hope the fish don’t choke in that orange juice!

  23. Elle Lawliet Says:

    Has anyone else noticed how it’s been MUCH harder to get items from the Win-or-Lose Boxes since they added the eyepatches? It’s even worse now with the dress! It seems like they deliberately made more boxes with the pies in them so that it’s harder to get the good items. This really SUCKS and I wish that it would change!

    • MICHELLE Says:

      I get stuff all the time… maybe its just the luck of whos buying… bc i cant get anything from the GMB’s any more.. its pathetic lol

  24. Daffnie Says:

    I love the new items…But LEVEL 100?! WHAT?!

  25. jamie james Says:

    ty for listening to my idea about the walk in wardrobe room love the new theme also

  26. ksuc Says:

    LEVEL 100!?
    I’ve been waiting for this so much time..

  27. NotFromMars Says:

    That stuff is nice and everything, but WHERE’S ALL THE BOY CLOTHES?!
    There’s usually like ONE boy set a week, but TONS AND TONS of girl clothes!
    Can you PLEASE add some more BOY CLOTHES? D:

    Boy pets are left out!!!

  28. Carla Says:

    So if your pet has Paw Points waaaay over the level 47 requirement, will it get bumped up to something well beyond level 48? Is there some amazingly awesome prize for getting to 100? This is very exciting news!

  29. Didyar Says:

    All the things look terrific!! It’s a pity we don’t see clothes for boys this next week though, I don’t really mind ’cause I’ve got a girl. About the level 100- WTG!!! Woohoo!!! although we don’t know anything about it yet.. Are you going to add rooms as well?? We certainly hope so very badly. Thanks

  30. hannah joe Says:

    level 100th? YEAH RIGHT. easy for those who using CHEAT ENGINE TO LEVEL UP! so unfair.

  31. ISa Says:

    NONE of the updates are working, where are them. Useless day

  32. Hanachi Says:

    The theme is OVERSIZED, but the items are CUTE!!!
    I like the giant chocolate block XD
    Giant things in pet society are still cute!!
    Go cute, pet society!!! >w<

    But… Where is boys clothes?? There are so many boys plays pet society too!! It's not fair! Well, I'm a girl and I see so many boys playing pet society.. Pet society isn't just a game for girls, right?

    But, I really like this weeks theme!! πŸ˜€

  33. ang Says:

    NO actually!!!!!!!!!! We don’t need oversized items!!! We already have a tons and no space to put them!!!!

  34. Kate Says:

    Level 100…that’s crazy, but what on earth can you get when you level up that far? D: I wish the walk-in closet was worth coins…T_T

  35. vampire girl Says:

    Items cute. Now comes my rant.. stay well back from the cordon whilst I go off on one..

    I would like to know and not have had it randomly slipped in at the end of the blog about the level increase.. Its mad.. I mean do we get more rooms? Do we level up faster? Do we earn more coins? Do we get a good reward for getting that far? Its a bit much 100.. I mean to say 60 but 100… Dude.. Are you trying to kill us? I was trying to level up like in the summer holidays from college I can see that won’t be happieng any time soon… I am fed up…. I want to be dye pet lings red… So how about some red petling dye.. Yeah and while I am ranting.. I want the CC items at lower cost you’d make more and sell more if the price was drooped. I also want to see us be able to do what we please with the items we buy from REAL MONEY.. I mean why tell us what we can do with it.. Coz um HELLLOOO Its our money.. We should be able to do more.. Oh and the rooms could do be being made bigger… I know many players that are fed up of being told what we can and can’t do with the items we have brought with REAL MONEY… Get you act together play fish…

    Rant it now over for now…

  36. aurasafira riesty putrika Says:

    i like this…
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  37. aurasafira riesty putrika Says:

    nice… So beautyful and cute

  38. Jess Nguyen Says:

    what is via email how can i get the short bob wig? please answer me?

  39. HaseoCream Says:


  40. Ryou Says:


  41. ryouciel Says:


  42. ryouciel Says:


  43. Nee Says:

    That’s all nice and good, but what are you going to do about the lie you told us about the Jubble rings. I got scammed out of 8,000 gold because you moved the change date up THREE DAYS EARLY.

  44. ilabcateandmikmik:) Says:

    i think nxt week itrems arent that cool

  45. Jo'anne Says:

    thats HUGE….

  46. LaDy PasTa Says:

    oh my God that red wig is soo cute i really want all these items to come soon! they arre wonderfull! i cant wait to waste all my saved money on these cuute things πŸ˜‰

  47. alexis Says:

    OMG they changed it to level 100

  48. Connor Says:

    Not exciting at all. This makes 3 or 4 weeks in a row. No new clothes for boys? Good thing Bedrock loves being a naked newlywed.

  49. Devina Ayona Says:

    Love it love it love it sooooooo much

  50. pijan Says:

    love the items!

    where the indonesian week? i really want it!

  51. hdjjyjtitdy Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! <3<3

  52. Ferretbite Says:

    Would be nice to have a Boys’ Alternative to the walking closet… Other than that it’s a fun update.

  53. febri kim Says:

    uh~ I like the closet…^^

  54. Elle Says:

    Level 100???? Thanks a bloody lot, Playfish. I’m just about to hit level 47 and you go and move the goal posts. GRRRR!

    NOT happy.

  55. stacey Says:

    Level 100?! Wt?! That’s super crazy!!how many rooms have added then…..?

  56. Cool girl Says:

    So cute πŸ™‚

  57. Cool girl Says:

    Wow so cute πŸ™‚

  58. Kiki Says:

    what a cute theme!:)

  59. Lanien Elsid Says:

    What would be the rewards on leveling-up?

  60. Jen Says:

    love the new items

  61. ahomira Says:

    uwaaaa.. lots of new items.. so cuutteeeee!!! i need to level up my pet to have a new room for all of this..

  62. Carrie Says:

    The huge cereal bathtub is adorable! I’m going to get it for sure. πŸ˜€

  63. amy Says:

    this happens to be the best week!!!!!

  64. Arina Says:

    that was awsome !!! I’m very like it !!!! =)

  65. Jimmy Trance Says:

    What’s LE and OWO? Could someone please tell me what is that mean? By the way, I’ve just finds out that it’s hard to get the new mystery items. Why don’t pet society reduced the un-mystery items?

  66. froggy Says:

    awsome !!! like it β™₯

  67. angela_savia Says:

    I dont’ like these new items..sorry!
    The best ones are for cc and I really don’t have so much money to spend every week for this…
    Anyway… I think mistery boxes are full of poor items and always the same… It becomes unconvenient to by them…
    And… I would like if you’ll create some new acquariums.. Please: if you’ll do this, just for coins!

  68. Adam Says:

    is our pets homes going to be made bigger, as i have looked at the new level requirements and there are no additional rooms. Whats the point of carrying on to level 100 from level 47 which is the last level of getting any more rooms in our homes. Please make are houses bigger!

  69. Crystal Rivera Says:

    the new clothings and furniture are awsome

  70. wajih Says:

    We want Ramadan stuff !!!!

  71. Mae Says:

    this reminds me of the movie Borrowers! The teacup table is weird though, cause aren’t things supposed to go inside them not on top of them? lol

  72. rockinpanda Says:

    the toilet seat looks like a toilet 0_0

  73. YiiN Says:

    wow!!!!! really cool ~ i wanna buy all of it !!!
    pet society >w< ~

  74. georgie Says:

    coOl! i ❀ the Roller Skate Car.. XD

  75. Alexandria Says:

    I’m in China for vacation right now so I can’t get the stuff… This week’s items are really cute, and so are last week’s, but I can’t get them 😦 My friend is with me too on vacation and we’re mourning over the items… Two more weeks to go… 😦

  76. Chloe Says:

    Loving the updates, but I really wish there would be updates to the cook book. As one of the many players who enjoys cooking I really miss the fact that the cookbook hasn’t been updated in months. I really liked the feature PS added during Christmas. I wish they’d add new recipes for summer, that would be so awesome!

  77. Cassidy Says:

    How come i havent recieved that wig yet! :[ i buy lots of playfish cash! :'[

  78. Cassidy Says:

    How come i haven’t received that wig yet! :[ i buy lots of PF cash! :'[

  79. carmen aponte Says:

    so cutee!!!

  80. lulu Says:

    I guess the Orange Juice Aquarium would be good for Orange Fish!

  81. maricorcanama Says:

    i love all your idea and theme in the pet society i am always excited every monday for the theme most especially the wigs where look so cool like us keep this up pet creators pls i would appreciate much if you send me one of last short hair which you promise us pet society addicts tnx a lot keep in touch soon … lovely pet chocky

  82. Farah Says:

    Silly does one become an email subscriber? If I am already one, I do not receive the gifts.

  83. Farah Says:

    I also did not receive my gift last week the blue little figurine. :(((((

  84. dp Says:

    where are the boys clothe????
    stop favoring the girls, they are already cute enough!
    give the boys some nice clothing features also!

  85. Jessie Says:

    I hate the new mystery box system .

  86. Sin Singh Says:

    Please help? What is it that I have to be subscribed to, to get the wig?

  87. Elizabell Says:

    i want the wig too….how do u get it?

  88. jamie james Says:

    walk in wardrobe was going to say i cant afford 25 pound for the highest amount of pfc but now i find walk in wardrobe is only 20 pfc i only need to spend 3 pound ty playfish you have no idea how much you have made my day moneys a little tight these days especially this week two sofas im buying tom 110 pound in total

  89. DollyKins Says:

    I love the items, but lvl 100 is way too much, 70 would have been fine + giving us bigger houses. PET SOCIETY GIVE US MORE SPACE FOR THE ITEMS YOU MAKE and pull down the lvl thing ! That is just Insane !D:

  90. Says:

    love the cereal bath tub πŸ™‚ awesome XD

  91. JLR Says:

    the cereal bowl is the cutest thing EVERR, love the different colored polka dots, there should be more colored polka dot stuff. omg what a cute theme!

  92. pris Says:

    I think it was a great idea, but I don’t really find the items to be super cute, I think the cereal bowl could be more colorful :C .. and I haven’t got that wig.. when do they send them or how can I find it? I also love the idea of an orange juice aquarium but find it opaque.. lacking color this week :C

  93. fadli earl Says:

    so sad, there aren’t indonesian week!

    you celebrate american’s but not indonesian. UNFAIR
    so dissapointed 😦
    don’t you know that you have MANY player in INDONESIA? 😦
    we all really dissapointed.

    • Hanachi Says:

      I agree with you..
      I’m from Indonesian and I’m feeling dissapointed.
      Pet society is a game for everyone, isn’t it?

  94. nic Says:

    how do i get my hold on that red wig?

  95. SpiritOfEmotion Says:

    Eta.. I’m level 100 at the soap and all that remains the same.. and ‘so good!’ to the people who got the bob wig, I want it, looks SOOO nice. Thank you playfish! (though I personally think the wardrobe could be one of those extra rooms you get at a specific level, then the people who want wouldnt groan. No offence! =D)

  96. chosung Says:

    Thanks pet society:D i really Luv this many interesting and beautiful decoration…LUV PET SOCIETY!!!!!!! n_n

  97. kapusta Says:

    yeah,what about the red bob wig? will everyone get it or is it some kind of prize for something (cash or coins spending)???

  98. Sansa Says:

    Hey, I wonder how to get on 100 level?! Explain, please. And other, why in the Botique the prise isn’t for a facebook credits both.. Because I have 25 facebook credits and I can’t buy NOTHING for my pet… It’s stupid! Please, do something like 20 facebook credits for 10 playfish cash?? :)))))

  99. Lera from Russia Says:

    Please help ….. How to buy a red wig?? I really want it >,<

  100. Lera from Russia Says:


  101. des4etyyy Says:

    i love the pocketwatch and i already got the dresses ❀ they are so cute ^^ This week is amazing and very cute ^^

  102. roselee Says:

    how to we get the short bob wig? it says here in the blog through email but not that clear! i have checked the email and there is no email about the wig. what happened?

    thank you!

  103. Muffin Says:

    How can I have that red wig ?

  104. PinKy Says:

    hey guys..
    im confused…
    in older entries, i saw ‘TWS’ n ‘WS’..
    plz tell me wht does it mean??

  105. Neeny Says:

    Nice items but I stupidly bought the “little big door”

    What a waste of 5000 coins πŸ˜₯

  106. aiss Says:

    i like the mystic 8 ball

  107. dewi Says:

    Please help? What is it that I have to be subscribed to, to get the wig?

  108. Miia Says:

    What ‘Given to PFC’ means?

  109. ...a... Says:

    i want my red short bob wig and i didnt get it and i do subscribe via email!!!

  110. Pat Says:

    How do you get the red wig. I’m subscribed, but I haven’t received any notification.
    This also happened with the anniversary doll, by the time I got the email, the link said it had expired. Very disappointing.

  111. Gwinnie Says:

    Hi! I am a coin spender. I have subscribed to e-mail updates. When will I get my wig? Thanks!

  112. Kitty Says:

    It says I can’t buy the big pocket watch! there is still like 40 minutes left!

  113. ajda Says:

    hi πŸ™‚ i would love to get that wig but i have problem width subscribing i did not get any mail from pet society 😦 what can i doe? plz help (orry for my english)

    p.s. does someone know how can i earn fb credit so i can buy playfish cash (it is not possible to buy it in my country) thank u

  114. Miia Says:

    how do i get the red wig, anyone? =)

  115. Koy Says:

    Could anyone tell me how can we get Short Bob Wig ? It’s so cool lor

  116. Hui Bian Says:

    How and when can we get the Short Bob Wig…..check email ?

  117. Aqua Says:

    I have a question, how can I obtain the new wig? D:

  118. lyana myra Says:

    nice amazing item… i love it….

  119. monica Says:


  120. tebayda1 Says:

    love pets

  121. Plum Says:

    Wig? How? Where? The new week is coming up! We love it and want it. Information, please!

  122. Lariisiitaa tqm Says:

    I love pet society and just wanted to say that it is an honor if I had a few coins but do not ask as much as others really just wanted to tell you that I am poor and I along with anyone in pet society I have only 3 friends and it is an honor say this bye

  123. larissa marian Says:

    it is very expensive esque wig cost me much I facebook I have only 30 credits and I need more for less porfiiss Help me choose

  124. Hanachi Says:

    I’m a coin spender and I’ve subscribe my e-mail. But when will I get my red wig? It’s so cute and I like it.
    I got the anniversary present link too, but it’s already expired. So I won’t lose that red wig. But where??

  125. Kellen Says:

    hmmm i thk i wil miss de short wig again 😦 lyk de email bday gift it expired … m a Coins spender an PFC buyer too.. but til 2d i din receive any mail fr playfish.. i spend at least 30000 coins per week 😦 y i din deserve de wig

  126. elizabeth Says:

    the new levles dont help or make sense unless there are rewards that come along with it

  127. xXxHeartBrokenxXx Says:

    I’ve been digging for hours wasting my money and yet I havent dug up the Diamond Ring Headband how annoying is that?! I wasted thousands of coins and nothing came up!!!!!! I want my money back!!!!

  128. nicky Says:

    it’s cute

  129. dress Says:

    can u give me mony or anything that can help me

  130. Teela Says:

    I have never received the red wig, even though I have spent a LOT of money on PFC. When will we get it?

  131. Maria Heloisa Says:

    Hello, friends!
    I wonder if ever the contest of the birthday party of the Pet Society. Even the best party, not the clothes. Thank you for your attention! kisses!

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