Win 1000 Playfish Cash in Pet Society’s 2nd Birthday Competition!


Love Pet Society? Love parties? Want to win 1000 Playfish Cash?

Well you’ve come to the right place! We’re celebrating Pet Society’s 2nd birthday by having a big party all over the world and for a chance at winning the 1000 Playfish Cash all you have to do is show us how you party with Pet Society!

Just decorate one of your Pet Society rooms using Pet Society items from the shops, take a picture using Pet Society’s camera button and upload it to the contest tab here by Sunday 15th August 2010 at 00:00 PST.

You don’t even have to decorate a room to join the party, just come along to see the entries and vote for the one you like most! That’s right, we’ll choose our favorite 15 parties and let you know which they are, then YOU get to vote which should be the top 3!

3rd place will earn themselves a cool 200 Playfish Cash, 2nd place in the votes will bag themselves 300 Playfish Cash and the winner of the competition as voted by YOU will be instantly catapulted to Pet Society’s A List with a stunning 1000 Playfish Cash prize!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Oh, and remember to read the terms and conditions on the contest tab before you enter folks!

Good luck everyone, see you at the party!

51 Responses to “Win 1000 Playfish Cash in Pet Society’s 2nd Birthday Competition!”

  1. Anjo Pacumio Says:

    I really want to join but I am from the Philippines. 😥

    Ad I am 14 years old. I wanna join so BAD. :'((

  2. Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    The contest page says the deadline is August 12. Has it been extended to August 15?

  3. Jon Says:

    I am trying to eter but it says that i already entered

    my friend entered the competion from my house but wit his accout…

    Pet society can u please help and my friend says that if you have to delete his enterings then it is ok..

    his name is Janina Gates and his Party name is Laaaaaaaaaaaame party

  4. Tareq Ali Says:

    i cant take a picture in the game

  5. razzer640 Says:

    Why do you have to be 18 years of age? :/
    I thoguht the game was for ppl who are like 14, not over 18 :L

  6. Fonzy Says:

    @Anjo Pacumio – yeah, too bad Philippines is not included.

  7. KARL ISON Says:

    LOL…I CANT JOIN!!!!!!

  8. kayla2026 Says:

    I cant join =( BUT THATS ok 🙂

  9. naufal rajasa Says:

    me tooooo

  10. Ken Arum Puspaningtyas Says:

    NOT FAIR!!! I’m from Indonesian, and I can’t JOIN?! It’s really not fair!

  11. simply Says:

    this is so unfair……..I thought pet society is an international game. =( This is so bad!

  12. nana-chi Says:

    I wanna join so much!! but it’s not really fair that only people from certain areas can join…since pet society is a global game, why can’t everyone participate? =(

  13. Jimmy Trance Says:

    Haha, that’s super ironic. We’re Indonesian people can’t join the contest. And I think that is not fair for us. We also would like to join it.

  14. Marianthi Says:

    GREECE ???

  15. marvyn Says:

    cant filipinos join a contest??

  16. Critique Says:

    I wanna join but i know there are rich people with 100,000 coins or pf cash and will buy the whole shop just to win…

  17. Sampaguita Says:

    there is a rumor that players from the Philippines couldnt be joined in the event . is it true ??? if it so , T_T *sobbing . eeeeeeeeee i really want the price . we must be fair T_T .

  18. AGUSTINA Says:

    i love pet society

  19. :( Says:

    come on guys we are unlucky omg 😦 we really want it 😦 how about this? if lord mayor give us even 10 pf cash but everyone who play pet society:) yes that’s it please! we love pet society and we jealous winners 😦

  20. eman Says:

    i entered a 4 picture and i want to delete one,how?

  21. nic Says:

    Why can’t INDIA enter ???

    The Competition is only open to residents of the following countries who are at least the minimum age of 18 years or older: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the fifty United States and the District of Columbia except residents of AZ, CO, MD, ND, TN, and VT provided that, where an entrant has not attained the age of legal majority in her or her state, province, or country of residence, the entrant has obtained the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian to participation in the Competition. Employees of Electronic Arts Inc. (“EA”) or its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising or promotional agencies, as well as members of their immediate families, are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

  22. zuri urbaneja Says:

    hola! ¿por que si tengo una mascota, no puedo participar en el sorteo de la fiesta? ¿por que si en venezuela somos muchos los que jugamos pet society, nos dejaron fuera?

  23. Ashley Says:

    I love this contest. 🙂 Its a very sweet thing to do given with the current economy. I’m surely going to enter. Many thanks Playfish. You’ve just made my day! 🙂

  24. jeremy Says:

    i dont now how to enter

  25. zeta Says:

    there are like almost a million ps players in the philippines. we even have a popular blog dedicated to ps, why can’t we join?!

  26. Pinkie Says:

    Why not all country in the world can participateeee????….


  27. asma Says:

    i love this..

  28. cien7abcd Says:

    Omg, i thing Paraguay is so important, if you put Brazil in the competition, omglol

  29. Ai chan Says:

    This is not fair ! I’m Indonesian , but why we are not allowed to join this contest ? Pet society is an international game, right ? There are many people play pet society here, all players want to win the prize ! And , we (Indonesian) are want to win the prize too . This is not fair . 😦

  30. Nein Says:

    why can’t Philippines join? 😦

  31. stardust Says:

    i hope next time the gamers from the Philippines can join too!! wwaaaaaaa!!

  32. Alonso Says:

    that’s very difficult

  33. mega ratnas. Says:

    i really likes Ai Chan’s comment!!!! 😀

  34. iheartyou30 Says:

    i hope next time philippines can join too :((((

  35. Bea Says:

    Well the winner are always from another contry! =( Let’s see! I gonna try! I love this game a lot! It would be amazing to be the winner! =)

  36. Cool girl Says:

    YESSSSSSS I can join!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. thea Says:

    i love pet soceity my faaavourite game :D:Di realy like pets if i can i will do a birthday card to them and winning is not so inportant to me mybe next year i will win:D:D

  38. leen Says:

    How can i join The compitition ???please anyone tell me

  39. lotiana mary Says:

    This is LAME! Why petsociety can come up with several AREA(s) only? DONT YOU REALIZE PETSOCIETY IS BECOMING POPULAR BECAUSE OF PEOPLES ON indonesia,india,philippines, and MANY MORE! And you replied our support with unaccepting us into one of your several contest area? This is SUCK

  40. OMG Says:

    i dunno, but NO PHILIPPINES!? :O
    did anyone of you here knew that more FILIPINO USERS are playing PET SOCIETY?
    ( or maybe they forced this because they don’t want overload entries to make them easier to judge? *whistles* )
    but why we are not included? 😦

    this is soooooo not fair! 😡

  41. pet ty gaga Says:

    I want veryyyyyyyyyyyy

  42. ALondra Says:

    wohoooo nice game yup =D

  43. Mar Says:

    Awww… many countries can’t join. I wonder if this has something to do with the number of players in a certain country that do purchase Playfish Cash… hm…. like income vs. freebies. But of course I do not have data to prove that correlation. I’m in the Philippines btw

  44. eliza Says:

    wellim a winner????????????:D

  45. edrian Says:

    Can play-fish cash be transferred to a friend????????????????????????????????

  46. kelly Says:

    I would like to ask since I have noticed that the competition has been removed and the app they they used does not show like the birthday competition ever existed

    Can I ask when are the winners going to be released ???
    Or is Playfish trying to sweep this under the rug??

  47. Anouk Says:

    I wanted to join so bad, but I’m from the Philippines, so I wasn’t able to.

  48. Eva Says:

    I’ve didi it but i don’t have it now because i’ve delete it!!!!!!!!!

  49. annisa rachmaini Says:

    hai…..ask playfish battery domk!
    can not!
    I beg!

  50. edgecrosser Says:


  51. Pineapple(Kyle) Says:

    i caught a Halloween fish with some mocha lol

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