Dragons and Jubbles and Wizards, Oh my!


Hey Pet Society fans! This week we’re taking a step back from the Birthday festivities and heading into a world filled of fantasy! Allow your pet to bring out his/her inner warrior, raise a dragon or two or even *gasp* dye their hair green! All of this is possible with this weeks update, you just have to use your imagination!

You will notice something new located on the right hand side of your game this week. Easy access to everything Mystery Box/Egg related! This means you can buy, open and easily manage all of your Mystery items in one place, without ever having to leave the house or having to search through page after page. (Includes Mystery Box, Cheap Mystery Box, Expensive Mystery Box, Mystery Bento Box, Mystery Ristorante Box, French Patisserie Mystery Box, Revival Mystery Box, Win Or Lose Box, Build-a-Plushie Mystery Egg (read below for more information on this exciting new addition!), Of course it is totally up to you whether you want to use it or not, you can still buy and open Mystery items the old fashion way too. Check it out! Oh, and make sure you look at this new flow for Mystery Boxes as if you buy more than 1, you get a discount when using this new feature! By the way, this discount also applies to when you buy shovels. Don´t miss out!

“?” is back at it again this week hiding not three, but four new items inside of the mystery boxes for us to find. You can sign on now via Facebook to start hunting now. Good luck!

Green Stone Bracelet
(Mystery – RMB)
Raspberry Juice
(Mystery – BMB)
Money Bags
(Mystery – GMB)
Green Stone Tiara
(Mystery – GMB)

Starting today you can send your friends the gift of magic with this cute Wizard Bear Plushie! Why not send one to your friends today? They’re free!

Wizard Bear Plushie
(Free Gift)

This is a rather special week for the diggers out there! We have unlocked a new special location on the map called the Deep Ocean. With this new location brings new Blue Shovels! These shovels are bought with Cash Coins, but the good news is we all get 5 free Blue Shovels a day! The catch is though, we only have one day to use them. If you miss out that day, they do not add up over time. Use em or lose em! Can you catch all of the items in the Deep Ocean?

Sealife Aquarium Treasure Bait
Water Drop Hat Deep Ocean Bath Tub
Deep Ocean Bed Curly Long Wig
Deep Ocean Table Deep Ocean Chair
Happy Dolphin Deep Ocean Mirror
Blue Mermaid Dress Magic Mermaid Dress
Magic Mermaid Dress Illustration
(Functional and Rare!)

The weekly digging item, found in the Town Forest (starting today!) is a Book of Spells. See if you can find it before the week is over! It’s a great addition to any wizard´s book collection!

Book of Spells
(Weekly Digging Item)

If you’re looking for a brave looking Magic Warrior to guard and protect your pet’s home, then you’ll need to ask 15 of your most hardworking pals to help you build one! This fierce looking statue glows in the dark too!

Magic Warrior Statue
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

There’s been a slight change in the way the limited items are released that I hope will make you all happy! Instead of there being a limited quantity, Limited items will now be available for one day only! This will allow users of all timezones to get the item, which means no more setting your alarm in the middle of the night, or rushing on your lunch break to ensure you get your copy.

This week we have two Limited items. The Pink Heart Wand will only be available on Tuesday 10th August all day, and the Black Jubble Ring will only be available on Wednesday 11th August all day. So make sure you sign on those days to ensure you get yours! They will only be available for 24 hours.

Black Jubble Ring
(Clothing – Accessories)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Black Jubble
(Outcome of Black Jubble Ring)
Pink Heart Wand
(Clothes – Accessories)

Joining the Petling family this week is the Dragon! What will yours look like? Will it have horns? Wings? Will it be green?! With the new Green Petling Biscuit it’s possible! You can also splash some green into your pet’s wardrobe with the new Leaf Green Wig Dye.

Leaf Green Wig Dye
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Dragon Petling
(Outdoor – Petlings)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Green Petling Biscuit
(Outdoor – Petlings)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)

If Hideeni stalking your rooms late at night isn’t enough company for your pet, I suggest taking a stroll over to the Clothing Shop or Boutique to purchase one of the new Jubble Rings! While wearing one of these special rings, a cute little Jubble will follow your pet around the room. (You could get pink, green or blue!) Since you can wear up to two accessories at one time, you can have two different Jubble friends by your side. When you remove the ring, the Jubble disappears. But don’t worry! He’ll be waiting in your chest safe and sound until you decide to wear it again.

Jubble Ring
(Clothing – Accessories) (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Green Jubble
(Outcome of Jubble Ring)
Pink Jubble
(Outcome of Jubble Ring)
Blue Jubble
(Outcome of Jubble Ring)

There’s a lot going on in the Clothing Shop this week, for both boys and girls! Pay Lily a visit and she will hook you up with everything you need for your fantasy warrior wardrobe! Don’t forget the new green wig dye I mentioned earlier!

Long Ponytail Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Mussed Hair Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Fantasy Warrior Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Fantasy Warrior Top
(Clothes – Boys)(OWO)
Fantasy Warrior Pants
(Clothes – Boys)(OWO)
Fantasy Warrior Boots
(Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Fantasy Warrior Shoes
(Clothes – Girls)

Arrrrr! Have you tried the latest Playfish game called Pirates Ahoy? To honor the fun and extremely addicting game we are releasing a Pirates Ahoy! poster and plushie for your pet to take home!

Pirates Ahoy! Parrot Plushie
(Market – Toy & Collectibles)
Pirates Ahoy! Poster
(Market – Toy & Collectibles)
Alchemist’s Bottle
(Furniture – Living) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Mage Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Mage Table
(Furniture – Living)
Baby Dragon Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Mysterious Chest
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Enchanted Crystal Rock
(Outdoor – Furniture (OWO)
Enchanted Floating Crystal
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Enchanted Portal
(Garden – Outdoor)
Enchanted Crystal Decor (Outdoor – Furniture)(OWO) Fantasy Rocky Floor
(DIY- Walls & Floors)
Fantasy Rocky Wall
(DIY- Walls & Floors)(OWO)
Fantasy Rocky Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Fantasy Rocky Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)

We thought the Mystery Shop looked a little bare with the recent clearance sale, so to make up for it, we’ve added the very cute Build-A-Plushie Mystery Eggs! Everyone has different style, different taste. With these eggs you can create many different kids of plushies! There are endless possibilities! Will your plushie be a mysterious detective, wearing a sophisticated necktie? How about a retro fashionista? You decide what kind of plushie you want to have! All of the pieces are there, you just have to find them and put them together! (Find a base, and the clothing/accessories will stack to create your very own look!) As a reward for finding all of these items, the Pink Bunny Base will be given for even more possibilities!

Build-a-Plushie Mystery Egg
(Mystery – Boxes & Eggs)
Black Teddy Base
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Classic Teddy Base
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Pink Bunny Base
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
(Completion Reward)
Purple Panda Base
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Necktie
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Pink Scarf
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Blue Bow
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Flowers Crown
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Headband
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Headphones
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Navy Hat
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Navy Top
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Pink Hat
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Red Bow
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Retro Glasses
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Ribbon
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Sweet Hat
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)
Plushie Sweet Shirt
(Outcome of Build a Plushie Mystery Egg)

And one final thing, based on your feedback we have changed the way you get collaborative items, this should now mean less clicks to get that item you build with the help of your friends.

I hope you have enjoyed the update this week! As always, please leave your feedback! We love hearing what you have to say.
See you next week!

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132 Responses to “Dragons and Jubbles and Wizards, Oh my!”

  1. mocha Says:

    wen i saw dis on the loading screen of ps….i just couldn’t wait!!!!

  2. Sayuri Says:


  3. Bouzou Says:

    The best week theme you’ve ever done Playfish ! I would like more like this one ^^
    Can’t wait for the black jubble !
    And thank’s for the change about LE items 😉

  4. Ennio Says:

    HEY!!!! the JUBLE RING IS IN COINS!!!!

  5. Stella Says:

    I hope the Black Jubble ring is not playfish cash…. I SERIOUSLY WANT IT!!!!

  6. kayla2026 Says:

    Yay. Free 5 PF shovels for the new digging site. Yipee!
    And even the Jubble Ring is for coins. Even if the Black Ring is for PFC, I CAN still obtain mine 🙂 Yay!

  7. HaseoCream Says:

    It’s so cool!!!!!!!! >.<
    I REALLY REALLY Love that wig!!!!
    I want to buy it,but… :"(

  8. JJ Says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they listened to me about the no playfish cash thingy ttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooouuuuuuuu pppppppppppplayfishhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. JJ Says:

    Dear, playfish and pet society

    I’ve been trying to get some playfish cash with coins, but there is no selection for that……. The only thing I found was only to convert playfis cash with money, and I really felt terrible about it and IT IS REALLY REALLY NOT COOL you know I hope all playfish games and pet society could convert coins becoming playfish cash I’m begging wit a puppy dog faceeee… 😦

  10. jamie james Says:

    dear jj you only buy pf coins with real money if it was for virtual cash every one would be doing it thats how they make there money snd ehy they offer you some good stuff for it in return

  11. Love-Line Says:

    I like black jubble
    Thanks a lot to P.S added dragon petlings (oh no PFC again 😦 )
    But why the black jubble it cost with PFC? 😦
    The magic wand are cool

  12. Pet Society Palace Says:

    …so the Magic Mermaid Dress Illustration is not a treasure item, right?

  13. ang Says:

    What is a Jubble??? I know what it looks like but what is it? Love the wand!

  14. Theodore Says:


  15. DollyKins Says:

    Is it possible to get the magical mermaid dress by digging? I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WOULD DIE FOR ITTTTT -tear-

  16. kevin storm Says:

    ohh no i can’t by the black jubble ring hiks hiks 😥

  17. kevin storm Says:

    try the new colour of jubbles red,purple,yellow or gold its must be cool don’t forget buy 3 get 1 black jubbles ring hahaha just kidding

  18. girlz_fightscuz-her Says:

    hmm.. i don’t really like it, coz it is so hard to get money

  19. Madtwinsis Says:

    I’m really mad at the moment! The Jubble-rings have ALREADY turned into PFC-items (it’s Friday now, they’ve been only in stores since Monday so not even a full week like normal!)
    I had a tremendous busy week and just went into the store to buy mine and now they’re PF-Cash items!!! I just found out on the forum that this was predicted to happen on Monday (which is just fine as they would have been a week in stores like usual)
    Many people are really upset by this!!!

  20. Sin Singh Says:

    Hilarious.. they started CHARGING CC for the Jubble rings now. That’s a real shame Playfish.

  21. Moko Says:

    My dragon petling idea is here! yaaaay!!!

    but pf, i cant dig the Magical mermaid dress illustration…. ?

  22. Helen Says:

    I dont like the new way of opening the mystery boxes ):

  23. Mary Karr Says:

    Build-A-Plushie cost me a bundle. Finally I got everything including the pink bunny. I was so proud and arranged everything in my scene. About three hours later I went back to admire my pink bunny and it was gone! I have written PS several times asking for a pink bunny but received no response. Additionally, about 90% of the clothing for the Plushies do not cling to them. Of my 82 friends I find only one who has a pink bunny. I assume from this that many of us are having the same problem. Please help. Thanks!

  24. Coins Says:

    nooooo, the jubble rings cost PFC now?! that’s sad, they were so cool <:(

  25. lilsis Says:

    @kayla2026 u have pfc? ur luckyy!!

  26. Krystal Gemmini Says:

    I think we should have a Futuristic week. With like future stuff. Whadda think everyone??? And YES helen, I HATE the new way of opening them too. 😥 They should of left that like it was. 😥

  27. pet supplies Says:

    pet supplies…

    […]Dragons and Jubbles and Wizards, Oh my! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

  28. Aweomeness Says:

    How do I even GET a dragon petling?

  29. Make Cash With VirtaPay Says:

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    include almost all vital infos. I would like to peer more posts like this .

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