Happy 2nd Birthday Pet Society!


Hey Pet Society Fans! This week we are celebrating Pet Society’s 2nd Birthday! It’s hard to believe that 2 years have gone by already. August 8th 2008 is when it all began, and I must say, the town and everything in it has certainly grown and changed in ways that we never even dreamed of. Did you ever think, back then, that our friends would be able to help us build our very own Hot Air Balloon? One that would take us across the sky to an exclusive location on our map to dig treasure? I sure didn’t!

Yep, things sure have changed, but there is one thing that remains the same, if not stronger than ever! Our love for the game and all of the amazing updates we get spoiled with every week. The Pet Society Team deserves a great big pat on the back for all of their hard work keeping this game alive and feeding our addiction! (I’m not ashamed to admit it!) And you, the fans, are what keeps them motivated! So a huge thanks to you too!

Please note that any items marked OWO (One Week Only) will be available until Monday August 9th at 12 AM GMT but may return at any time in the future.
In honor of Pet Society’s Birthday, “?” has hidden some new items in the Mystery Boxes for us to find! To start the festivities early, you can start searching now for these special items! Good luck with your hunt!

Jar of Crystals
(Mystery – BMB)
Lollipop Collection
(Mystery – GMB)
Sleepy Pig Plushie
( Mystery – GMB )

For the overemotional proud pet owners, we have tissues ready! And the cute and cuddly Platypus Plushie is eager to join the large and always growing toy collection of PS! This of course means that we need to make room for the new toys, so we are sadly saying goodbye to the Tropical Flamingo Cocktail, and the Holiday Bear Plushie. These free gifts are available to send to your friends now!

Pet Tissue Box
(Free Gift)
Platypus Plushie
(Free Gift)

What is it about The Mayor that makes him the talk of the town? Is it because of his strong, authoritative figure? Because he’s filthy rich? Maybe it’s because of the hat… ah yes, the hat! Everybody wants their hands on that hat! And now… if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty of course, you can have your very own piece of the Mayor! The Weekly Digging Item is the Mayor’s Hat. You can start digging today to find yours!

Mayor’s Hat
(Weekly Digging Item)

Since Pet Society is turning 2 this week, it seems fitting to have two limited edition items for double the excitement! On Tuesday, the very romantic Pets In Love Water Globe will be on sale in the Market (Toys & Collectibles) (50k available), and on Wednesday Rob the Robot will be coming to the Boutique (Amazing Items) and only 10k of these cheeky little guys will be available, so make sure you get yours before they’re all gone!

Pets in Love Water Globe
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
(Limited Edition)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
(Limited Edition)

Keeping with the “2” pattern, we have two new collaborative items this week as well! The Surprise Birthday Box requires 15 friends to help build, but I won’t spoil the surprise! You’ll have to find this one out for yourself. The Party Invitation requires some materials that you can get by either asking your friends for help, or using PFC to complete the set quickly. Once you have successfully built your Party Invitation you can place the item in a room of your choice (wherever you want to have the party!) The game will then select three random friends from your friend list to come over and celebrate with your pet! Please note you can only have one party per room, and the party will last a full week. Both of these items will be available in the shops on Monday, August 2nd at 12 AM GMT. But you can build them through the hammer icon already!

Party Invitation
(Market- Party & Gifts)
Surprise Birthday Box
(Market – Party & Gifts)

You can select one of these beautiful items for a friend, or simply keep one for yourself. If you choose to give the gift of mystery, your friend won’t know the contents of the box until August 8th when the secret will finally be revealed to them and the box will open! If you choose to keep it for yourself.. well, you’ll know what’s inside, but you still have to wait for it to open too!

Blue Mystery Gift
(Market – Party & Gifts)
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Lovely Dressing Table
(Outcome of Blue Mystery Gift)
Lovely Desk
(Outcome of Blue Mystery Gift)
Lovely Kitchen
(Outcome of Blue Mystery Gift)

Also in the Boutique are two very delicious looking (what a tease!) Minicakes for you to display at your party.. make sure your pets don’t try to eat it! Plastic doesn’t sit well in the tummy.

Strawberry Birthday Minicake
(Boutique – Beautiful Items) (OWO)
(Decorative Only!)
Kiwi Birthday Minicake
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Decorative Only!)

One of three adorable baby Robins are looking for a home! First you need to purchase the Evolving Robin Egg, then after three days your egg will hatch and either a Pink, Green or Blue baby Robin will burst out of the shell and fly around your room!

Evolving Robin Egg
(Outdoor – Furniture)
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
Evolving Robin Egg
(Second Stage)
Pink Robin
(Outcome of Evolving Robin Egg)
Green Robin
(Outcome of Evolving Robin Egg)
Blue Robin
(Outcome of Evolving Robin Egg)

One of the most important things when planning a Birthday Party is the decor! What would a party be without matching festive tables and chairs, ribbons and streamers, and even a Birthday Bear Plushie? I suggest displaying the yummy pastries found in the French Patisserie Mystery Box on the new Pastry Fridge to truly impress your guests and their tummies.

Romantic Bag
(Furniture – Living)
Birthday Party Table
(Furniture – Living)
Birthday Party Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Colorful Dinner Table
(Furniture – Living)
Pastry Fridge (Furniture – Kitchen)
2nd Birthday Bear Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Pastel Birthday Decor
(Market – Party & Gifts) (OWO)

The DIY shop is keeping it simple this week releasing just two very warm, pastel inspired items (mmm, reminds me of cake!)

Warm Pastels Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Warm Solid Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)

The Garden Shop offers something sweet for those with plots to fill! The Beehive Tree Seed, which evolves into the Beehive Tree will produce a lifetime supply of the yummiest, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth honey you’ve ever tasted!

Beehive Tree Seed
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Beehive Tree
(Final Evolved Stage of Beehive Tree Seed)
Honey Pot
(Outcome of Beehive Tree Seed)

If you saw the fan feed this week, you will already know all about the Lady PawPaw wig that is set to hit the stores this Monday along with a ton of other great party outfits for both girls and boys! Check out the clothing store for all of your party digs! ♫ Rah rah, ah ah ah… rama ramama.. GaGa Oooh la la.. ♫

Black Designer Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Lady PawPaw Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Black Designer Shoes
(Clothes – Girls)
Cute Celebration Hat
(Clothes – Girls) (OWO)
Cute Celebration Dress
(Clothes – Girls) (OWO)
Green Celebration Headband
(Clothes – Girls)
Green Celebration Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Green Checked Jacket
(Clothes – Boys)
Green Checked Pants
(Clothes – Boys)

Don’t overdo it on the sweets! As tempting as these may look, combined with the honey pots, pastries, and sheer excitement from the Lady PawPaw wig, it is a recipe for disaster. Hyper pets + parties that last a full week = late night visits from the Mayor. And I don’t think he’ll be pleased that he wasn’t invited!

Chocolate Candy on a Stick
(Food – Grocery)
Strawberry Candy on a Stick
(Food – Grocery) (OWO)

Bella saw some weird looking creature prowling the stores this afternoon, and just as she was about to call security she recognized the strange figure beneath what looked like tentacles… it was Hideeni! Yep, you heard me, Hideeni has returned from his vacation and is not wasting a second of his time back in town. Word has it that Hideeni (dressed as an Octopus) will be handing out Seashells to all of your friends that he collected on his trip. He also brought back a beautiful Shell Display Case for you to display the beautiful souvenir collection on. (Can be found in the Furniture Shop (Living) or Market (Toys & Collectibles) on Monday) Welcome back Hideeni!

Hideeni’s Shells Display Case
(Furniture – Living) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Nautilus Shell
(Hideeni Gift)
Aqua Cone
(Hideeni Gift)
Star Shell
(Hideeni Gift)
Golden Starfish
(Hideeni Gift)
(Hideeni Gift)
Water Whelk
(Hideeni Gift)
Kings Crown
(Hideeni Gift)
Nutmeg Shell
(Hideeni Gift)
Tulip Shell
(Hideeni Gift)
Pink Limpet
(Hideeni Gift)
(Hideeni Gift)
Button Shell
(Hideeni Gift)
Snail Shell
(Hideeni Gift)
Rainbow Scallop
(Hideeni Gift)
Rose Coral
(Hideeni Gift)

You asked for them, now they’re back! Come Monday, some of the Cash Shop’s favorite oldies are returning to the stores via the new Revival Mystery Box. The items found inside are classic items that are no longer found in stores, so if you missed them the first time, or simply want an extra, here is your chance! These boxes are only available for a limited time, can you collect them all before they’re gone?

Revival Mystery Box
(Mystery – Mystery Boxes & Eggs)

As previously mentioned here, we are giving 2 very special gifts to our fans and email subscribers. So make sure you are signed up with the Pet Society newsletter for a free and exclusive gift next week Also, make sure you ‘Like’ Pet Society on Facebook and get the companion gift to complete the set!

Pink Birthday Pet
(Email Subscriber Gift)
Blue Birthday Pet
(Fan Gift)
Pink & Blue Birthday Pets
(Outcome when you place both together!)

Some exciting new changes have happened in the Stylist this week. New colors (I think you will be surprised to see one in particular!) new eyes, and a few other features that you can check out now! Here is a sneak peek at what to expect!

Enjoy the festivities this week, Pet Society Fans! I hope you will enjoy celebrating the 2 years of joy, laughter and amazing friendships made here. That is what Pet Society is all about! Here is to 2 more years!!

See you next week!

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    (It was that click on link thing you could get with friends help.)
    It is NOT any classic item.
    I´m very very very disappointed.
    If I had known this I never had bought 1 box and it did cost me 7 cash. 😦
    Crap. I really believed in the descriptionwords:
    “Get playfish cash items from the past!
    which classic not available in the shops item is in this box?”

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    And if so, how can this be rectified? I still want those things! 😛

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    Why I still havent receive the above?

  144. Irene Says:

    Dear Playfish,

    I have subcribed to this site since around two years ago. Why haven’t I received the subcriber’s give?

  145. Elli Says:

    so unfair, i didnt realise these 2 kitty gifts were avaliable and you needed yto get the link from the conformation email):
    i dont mind missing out, though i am a collector, but maybe more information should be given in the future? :S

  146. Barb Howard Says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday to Pet Society ! I’m late in getting active but trying to catch up. ha ha Love everything, so will not even begin. I get such a kick out of ROB !
    He is a cutie !! Kat thinks so also with her giggles !! Thanks again !! ❤ barb

  147. Andreina Says:

    My Surprise Birthday Box won’t open…and we’re August 12 already. What happens?

  148. Natalie Says:

    I clicked to get my Pink Birthday item. I am an email subscriber. However, it would not let me have it–it said that the “coins had expired”. Why can’t I access the item?

  149. free makeup Says:

    Gaga is childish in my personal view

  150. Kanu Says:

    pet society want to ask if I can give some gift fish play and I open the pet society daily and visit all my friends to the bathroom and I feed them

    carefully : kanu

  151. White Chocolate Says:

    It kinda sucks that the new stuff is nice but some are not capable of buying playfish cash. Some are even wary of buying them online. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to earn playfish cash like an event or something?

  152. Pet Society Addict Says:

    How come there is no more shell display case?

  153. The Blue Promise Says:


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