In the jungle, the mighty jungle….


♫ ♪ “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight… ♪ ♫

Welcome to a new week, Pet Society fans! The game has just been updated, and “?” has filled the Mystery Boxes with four new items for us to find! You can sign on now via Facebook to start your search! Good luck!

Please note that the weekly store items will not be available for purchase until Monday 12AM GMT. Also, items in this particular update marked “OWO” (One week only) will only be available until Monday August 2nd at 12AM GMT, so get em while they’re hot!

Vine Headband (RMB) Jungle Elephant Decor (BMB)
Jungle Totem Decor (GMB) Toy Banana (GMB)

We are saying goodbye to two gifts this week, the Pink Fish Lucky Charm and adorable Mouse Plushie, and we are making room for two new gifts for you to share with your friends. I’m not sure that Tarzan ever wore a headband, but if he did, he had great fashion sense!

Tarzan Headband
(Free Gift)
Jungle Hut Decor
(Free Gift)

The Treetop Retreat is perfect for pets that want to get in touch with great outdoors. With this gorgeous treetop comes a special unlockable room for your pet. Please note that multiple Treetop Retreats do not unlock additional rooms. (One per player)

Treetop Retreat
(Boutique – Amazing Items) (Outdoor – Furniture)

Let’s admit it, our pets are pretty spoiled. Luxury bathrooms, nanny bots, digging for treasure practically in their own backyard?! We think the petlings deserve a bit of pampering too. The new Petling Resort provides 5 star care for up to 3 of your full grown petlings. This means you will not have to feed them or worry that they’ll run away.. it’s all taken care of! Simply drag and drop your pet onto the resort and they will remain safe and sound until you decide the vacation’s over. (Note that if you own multiple resorts more of your petlings will be taken care of. For instance if you have 2 resorts, 6 petlings will be able to visit the resort and so on)

Petling Resort
(Boutique – Beautiful Items) (Outdoor – Petling)

A little variety never hurt anyone right? That’s why we’ve added some more options to both the Animal Costume Bag and the Petling Biscuits selection. If your pet is feeling silly this week they can “Monkey around” with the adorable new Monkey Costume Set. This set comes with a monkey hairband, tail and gloves. Or, if they’re feeling “mellow” this week, perhaps the new Safari Yellow Biscuit will tickle their fancy.

Monkey Costume Set
(Boutique – Beautiful Items)
(Outcome of Animal Costume Bag)
Safari Yellow Petling Biscuit
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
(Outdoor – Petlings)

If you’re looking for a sleepy friend to keep you company, you’ll need to ask your friends for some help! The newest Collaborative item is the animated Sleepy Hippo Pond. All you need to do is request some help (a simple click should do the trick!) from your friends via Facebook wall posts. Once they help out (you need 30 click for this not so little guy!) your friends will be awarded some coins as a thank you! Win-win! Of course if you’re impatient like me, you could always pick this sleepy little fellow up from the stores. Just take a stroll over to the Boutique, he can be found in Beautiful Items.

Sleepy Hippo Pond
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

If you want to support WWF (and get some cute little critters as a bonus!) Take some time to visit Terrence at the Boutique. 10% of all purchases will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund, you can read more about it here. If you’re an animal lover and are thinking about getting all of the items, I suggest getting the bundle, it’ll save you some cash! We are offering a discount to all players that choose the Tropical Forest Bundle.

WWF Orangutan Plushie
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
WWF Baby Orangutan Plushie
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
WWF Playful Sumatran Elephant
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
WWF Sumatran Rhino
(Boutique – Amazing Items)
WWF Tropical Forest Wallpaper
(Boutique – Amazing Items) (Animated!)

“?” has been busy this week hiding new items in the Win Or Lose boxes. He never says much, but something tells me this is his way of hinting at the new Pirates Ahoy! game. Hmmm.. very sneaky…

Black Lace Eye Patch
(Mystery) (New item added to Win or Lose Box)
Sweet Pink Eye Patch
(Mystery) (New item added to Win or Lose Box)

Only a handful of these little guys were made, so you’ll have to be quick on your toes come Wednesday! The adorable Jumping Tree Frog is the newest Limited Edition item that will be hitting the shelves on Wednesday (if all goes to plan) so make sure you sign on that day and visit the Outdoor – Furniture shop, or the Market (Under “Cool Stuff”)

Jumping Tree Frog
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Market – Cool Stuff)
(Limited Edition)

Time to get your digging gear on! We have a monkey to catch! The Weekly Digging Item happens to go right along with our Jungle theme. See if you can find the Happy Monkey Hat while digging in the Town Forest, he won’t be around for long, so don’t give up if you can’t find him right away!

Happy Monkey Hat (Digging Weekly Item)

Bring out your inner Tarzan (or Jane) with these cool new digs. Simply pay Lily a visit in the clothing store and she will hook you up with everything you need to dress like your favorite jungle characters, Tarzan and Jane.

Jungle Jane Costume (Clothing – Girls) Jungle Leaf Dress (Clothing – Girls) (OWO) Tarzan Costume (Clothing – Boys)

It’s not easy living in the jungle. There are no French Patisseries out in the wild, that’s for sure! No, if your pet is going to live like Tarzan, he or she will have to eat like Tarzan too!

Roast Bird (Food – Grocery) Roast Fish (Food – Grocery) (OWO)

Come Monday, the furniture shop will be updated with everything needed to turn your house into the great outdoors! Everything from tree stumped chairs and tables, to comfy jungle inspired hammocks. Preston has everything you need, so make sure to pay him a visit!

Jungle Tree Hammock
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Jungle Stump Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Jungle Stump Stool
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Jungle Stump Table
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Stone Bonfire
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Jungle Tarsier
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)

Those with a green thumb (mine is black, unfortunately) will be happy to know that we are releasing a new seed for you to transform your garden into a Tropical Rain Forest! There are 5 tropical flowers to collect, see if you can get them all! Good luck!

Tropical Rain Forest Flower Seed
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Yellow Cup Orchid (Outcome of Tropical Rainforest Flower Seed) Sarsaparilla (Outcome of Tropical Rainforest Flower Seed) Angel’s Trumpet (Outcome of Tropical Rainforest Flower Seed)
Pitaya (Outcome of Tropical Rainforest Flower Seed) Jacaranda (Outcome of Tropical Rainforest Flower Seed)
Cooking Fire (Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)

Cute, furry little Leopard Petlings are making their way into town this week. It takes a more experienced pet owner to take care of these little guys. They grew up in the wild afterall, so for your own safety, we are only giving these petlings out to pets who are level 22 and over. We wouldn’t want to see you lose a finger or anything!

Leopard Petling (Garden – Petlings) Leopard Petling (Evolved – Level 22 and up!)

Finally, for those last finishing touches to your jungle inspired rooms, pay a visit to the DIY shop for everything you need!

Jungle Arch Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Jungle Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Jungle Torch
( DIY – Fixtures) (OWO)
Jungle Hanging Lamp
(DIY – Fixtures )
Dusky Jungle Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Dusky Jungle Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

Make sure you check out the shops on Monday, July 26th as these items will be leaving soon!

  • Fortune Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Autumn Faerie Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Faerie Mystery Egg  (Mystery)
  • Toy Mystery Egg (Mystery)
  • Fairytale Mystery Egg (Mystery)
  • Food Booth Mystery Egg (Mystery)

And the following items are on sale now in the DIY Shop:

  • Zen Garden Door
  • Cardboard Box
  • Saloon Wooden Fence
  • Log Shelf
  • Dotted Wallpaper
  • Pirate Lantern
  • Plain Window
  • Grey Radiator Decor
  • Teal Wallpaper
  • Seaweed Curtain
  • White Cute Iron Railing
  • Porthole Window
  • Basic Green Curtain
  • Saloon Shelf
  • Castle Drape
  • Grandiose Floor Lamp
  • Pink Coral Shelf
  • Cloister Window
  • Oak Tree Shelf
  • Basic Radiator
  • Bamboo Lamp
  • Blue Cafe Canopy
  • Wooden Shelf
  • Secret Vault Wallpaper
  • Gingerbread Mirror
  • Cheesy Wallpaper
  • Black Cute Iron Railing
  • Beige Wallpaper
  • Pink Ribbon Window
  • Gingerbread Window
  • Pale Green Wallpaper
  • Traditional Ceramic Tile
  • White Cute Floor Lamp
  • Value Light Fittings
  • Red Desk Lamp
  • Magnolia Wallpaper
  • Classic Gingerbread Floor
  • Warm Rose Wallpaper
  • Pale Blue Wallpaper
  • S-curved Shelf
  • Simple White Doorstep
  • Blue Beach Mat
  • Small Basic Shelf
  • Wooden Door
  • Light Tiki Wallpaper
  • Light Blue Curtain
  • Big Bone Door Mat
  • Arc Floor Lamp
  • Saloon Window
  • Wooden Cafe Shelf
  • Classic Dark Wood Railing
  • Dark Country Shelf
  • Stenciled Wallpaper
  • Wooden Slat Blind
  • Oak Tree Window
  • Honeycomb Wallpaper
  • Princess Curtain
  • Villa Patrizia Window
  • Gingerbread Door
  • Red Terracotta Tiles
  • Simple Wooden Shoe Rack
  • Indigo Brick Wallpaper
  • Darkest Night Wallpaper
  • Pleasant Window
  • Campanula Lamp
  • Display Room Shelf
  • Cute White Gate
  • Ballroom Wall Light
  • Orange Groovy Lamp
  • Simple Door
  • Burgundy Wallpaper
  • Thick Warm Mat
  • Dark Wooden Mirror
  • Saloon Chandelier
  • Purple Lola Table Lamp

Two items are leaving us from the Boutique as well:

  • High Gravity Floor
  • Moon Floor

Enjoy Jungle Week everybody! See you next time. 🙂

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41 Responses to “In the jungle, the mighty jungle….”

  1. domen151 Says:


  2. pokemon Says:

    yay finally a tarsier! (originally from the philippines in Bohol)and the monkey hat Weekly Special..can we dig it alredi? cuz it doesent look like a hat at all…(2ND!)

  3. Fish Lovers Says:

    Like it!!!
    Are the limited edition playfish cash??

  4. Hamra Says:

    OMG! so cute! but many sell on playfish cash =( i can’t wait to adopt leopard! i hope it not playfish cash!

  5. shaphat Says:

    the new monkey hat is cute. The image in the blog looks a little weird tho

  6. froggy Says:

    Wow I love them! Hopefully not too expensive…

  7. Sayaka Says:


  8. Cherry Says:

    I can find the item in the store???what happen???

  9. crazyalex Says:

    second T.T

  10. Jo'anne Says:


  11. reimanova Says:

    hey! the leopard is to be pay with playfish cash??? and will it be a new fish to catch???

  12. bee Says:

    Thanks! Happy Monkey Hat’s very cute.. XD

  13. Maddy Says:

    Will the leopard be cash? I really hope not. .<

  14. Awesomeness Says:

    too many playfish cash items!!! ugh.
    but clothes and petling are sooo cuteee!

  15. Cyax7 Says:

    I’m begging you Playfish, PLEASE let us have more than 10 Petlings, I look after mine very well. I am going to have to sell one of my cats so that I can get the leopard and its going to upset me very much :((((((

  16. ian Says:

    CUTE ITEMS!!…but too many pf cash items…uhmm…by the way is the petling a PF cash petling or coins?

    • kawaiipandarocker Says:

      2 EVERYONE: the leopard is a Coin petling and it costs 3,200 coins please read this before commenting about the petling

  17. alien Says:

    Adorable… particularly those in DIY shop… For the limited edition one, could you release some more amount cos I am sure many like this lovely frog. The last one of tree seed has only 9999 available and I heard they are sold off in 10 mins…

  18. Daffnie Says:

    I love these items!
    For the limited edition items, could you release more of it? I’m sure many people would like to buy this cute frog…

  19. Prince_of_Crystal Says:

    Ouch… too many Cash Items… but the WWF items are just great… only if I have money…. I want to make a forest as all the WWF items are originated from Indonesia….

  20. Anza Says:

    Auuggh…can the WWF Underwater Bundle set undeleted? I don’t have any of that stuff and I desperately wanted one bundle… 😦

  21. Kate Says:

    I absolutely love the monkey you can dig for! The leopard petling is also really, really adorable, I hope it’s not for PF cash. A LOT of stuff this time around is PF cash oriented, I really wish some of the stuff wouldn’t cost PF cash (and if it does, not so much). Cute stuff this time around, I hope the flowers and the limited are worth gold!

  22. Pet Society Palace Says:

    Is the Leopard petling PF Cash?

  23. Mellypop Says:

    Oh my…Need more free rooms

  24. Sophiamonica99 Says:

    what does “BMB”,”RMB” N “GMB” mean????please answer me….

  25. Ava Says:

    umm are the mystery box items out yet? i bought quite a few yet didnt get any of the items! oh the weekly digging special sooo cute just got it!

  26. Shes Says:

    Nooo I can’t believe the mystery eggs are going off the market! And so many, too. It doesn’t help that they’re costly. 😦

  27. yuha Says:

    orangutans, sumatran elephant&sumatran rhino,
    indonesian animals….

  28. Love-Line Says:

    nooo PFC 😦
    i like new WWF items 😉

  29. casey Says:

    if you all release any limited items like the frog make more available cause with the crown last last week there were very little they sold fast and right when i had the money they were sold out :/!!!7000 coins by the way!

  30. Queen Says:


  31. Della Says:

    “BMB” – blue mystery box
    “RMB” – red mystery box
    “GMB” – gold mystery box

  32. alecgaile Says:

    i have a suggestion why if our pets can go around the world or a beach instead of our homes?

  33. sindy Says:

    really don’t understand why i cannot buy the limited item every time,,,,,i love the jumping tree frog so much,,,,,,,,,,but………it is very disappointed…………

  34. Daisy Hunter Says:

    I just wanna suggest to give us more “good” items when we buy the GMB (at least we can sell them on higher prices). It is frustrating if we really have to work hard on collecting the coins, yet we got some “cheap” items from the GMB we bought. At the end, we find it bored to buy them again..

  35. Jessie Says:

    Does anyone have a problem with logging into their Pet Society account ? When i try to log on , the screen is blank and nothing is loading . Please help me fix this ! This glitch goes for Hotel City too !

  36. sportshere Says:

    I needed to read through this page twice because it ended up being helpful.

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