That’s the way the cookie crumbles…


Hey Pet Society fans! Welcome to a brand new week! Before we get to the new and delicious items… I have an announcement to make about one of our good friends, Hideeni.

Over the last few months Hideeni has been creeping around in our houses and our stores showering us with gifts and happiness (well, for most of us anyway. To some he’s just a stalker. A generous stalker none the less, but still a stalker.) Lugging bags full of gifts is a tiresome job, so Hideeni has decided to go on vacation and will not be popping up around town for a little while. Now your pet can sleep peacefully knowing there won’t be any unsuspecting visitors popping up randomly in the middle of the night. (Or while they’re in the bath. Bella still insists on wearing a bathing suit in the tub since the last incident)

But have no fear! For Hideeni’s vacation is only temporary. He did not say when he would return, but he will be back sometime in the future. Bon Voyage Hideeni! Make sure you bring us back a souvenir!

The Mystery Boxes have just been updated with 3 brand new items. You can sign on now via Facebook to start looking. You’ll never know “whoooooo!” you might find inside. Good luck!

Star Headband
(Mystery Box – BMB)
Grey Owl Plushie
(Mystery Box – GMB)
Elegant Chocolate Fountain
(Mystery Box – GMB)

Someone’s been playing tricks throwing ice cream cones on the heads of unsuspecting pets. You know how the story goes, it only takes one person before a trend starts! Maybe this daring fashion piece will make it into Kooki’s stylish Fashion Blog! *crosses fingers* You can send a silly Strawberry Cone Hat or adorable Pelican Plushie to your friends today. They’re free!

Pelican Plushie
( Free Gift )
Strawberry Cone Hat
( Free Gift )

Have you ever eaten a fish with chocolate drizzled over it? How about one that was covered in cream and surrounded by a delectable cookie crust? No? Really?! Well, you might be tempted once you see the fish that can be caught with the new Bakery Fish Bait. With this bait you can catch the 10 different species of Bakery Fish! I can’t promise any scales will be removed though, so eat at your own risk! Or put them in an aquarium as a friend for your pet if that’s more your thing. πŸ˜‰ This new bait can be found in Outdoor > Fish or in the Boutique > Amazing Items. Happy Fishing!

Bakery Fish Bait
Creme Bruleefish Crepefish Chocolate Spongecakefish
Vanilla Spongecakefish Pistachio Icecreamfish Ice Cream Sandwichfish
Strawberry Icecreamfish Chocolate Macaronfish Chocolate Creamfish
Waffle Fish

July is almost over already, and soon enough Fall will be knocking on our doors. But don’t worry! Your pet can enjoy the summer sun all year round in this garden, and the best part is, it comes with two new plots! The Secret Summer Garden will be available on Monday, and can be found in the Boutique > Amazing Items.

Secret Summer Garden

Sweet Cake Potion is making it’s way into the stores on Monday which will allow you to give your pet the sweetest (literally) makeover of a lifetime! It can be found in the Boutique (Amazing Items) or in the Food Shop (Magic Food) and the effect will last a total of 7 days when your pet consumes it. It’s a good thing Hideeni will be out of town this week, I heard he likes cake!

Sweet Cake Potion Sweet Cake Potion Outcome

Time to crack the whip and get your friends sweating! We have a bed to bake! The newest addition to the Collaborative collection is the Indulgent Candy Bed and you will need 20 of your hungriest pals to help make it. Sweet dreams! Okay that was just cheesy.

Indulgent Candy Bed

Okay folks! Time to mark your calendars, the next Limited Edition item is set to come on Tuesday, July 20th. (If for some reason this date happens to change, you’ll be the first to know!) For a lifetime supply of candy, you can grow your very own Pink Candy Tree right in your backyard.

Pink Candy (LE) Pink Candy Tree Seed (LE) Pink Candy Tree (LE)

In case you haven’t noticed, the sweets released this week were inspired by an old story called Hansel and Gretel. Here is a summary for those that aren’t familiar with it:

Hansel and Gretel are the young children of a poor woodcutter. They have an evil step-mother who convinces the father to abandon the children in the woods as there is not enough food to feed the whole family. Hansel, aware of the plan, leaves a trail of pebbles back to the house so he and his sister find their way back home. The step-mother is angry and locks the two children up for the night with only a loaf of bread and water. The next night, the woodcutter attempts the same plan again; this time Hansel leaves a trail of bread-crumbs but they get eaten by hungry birds and the two children get lost in the woods.

After wandering around, Hansel and Gretel stumble across a house made of gingerbread and other confectionery. They are very hungry and begin to eat it. It is owned by an evil old witch who lures them inside. She traps Hansel in a cage and forces Gretel to do the housework , continually sweeping the house. She feeds Hansel lots of food with the intention of eating him. Eventually the witch turns on the oven. Gretel comes up behind her and kicks her into it, shuts the door firmly and padlocks it. They hang around in the house for a couple of days eating the sweets and they find some valuable gold coins. Once they are convinced that the witch is completely burnt they successfully find their way home and are met by their ecstatic father. He tells them that his evil wife is dead and they are now rich because of the gold coins’ value. They all live happily ever after.

To honor the great tale we have placed a Gretel Bear Plushie for you to find while digging this week!

Gretel Bear Plushie

Don’t forget to visit Lily on Monday for the newest fashion digs. She’s got something for both boys and girls, plus a beautiful bold new wig and some awesome accessories too!

Long Bunches Wig
(Clothes – Hairstylist)
Chocolate Cone Hat
(Clothes – Accesories)
Blue Candy Waiter Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Blue Candy Waiter Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Pink Candy Waitress Outfit
(Clothes – Girls) OWO
Pink Candy Waitress Shoes
(Clothes – Girls) OWO

What’s the only thing better than chocolate? A different chocolate every day for a whole week of course! If you purchase one of the chocolate boxes (Golden, Purple or Rosy) your pet will be treated to a chocolate a day for a week! Each box, no matter the color, produces the same chocolates however the more boxes you have, the more chocolates you will get. (For example if you buy a Golden Chocolate Box and a Purple Chocolate Box, you will get two of the same chocolates on day 1 and so on) Remember that you must sign in everyday to get the chocolates!

Golden Chocolate Box
(Food – Grocery)
Purple Chocolate Box
(Food – Grocery)
Rosy Chocolate Box
(Food – Grocery)
Layered Chocolate Pyramid Chocolate Milk Chocolate Flower
Strawberry Chocolate Passion White Drop Chocolate Chocolate Butterfly
Chocolate Rose

Preston is on the ball over in the Furniture Shop selling us tables covered in icing, chairs showered in sprinkles and cookie crumbs everywhere! Make sure you check your furniture for bite marks before purchasing. I’m not so sure about the return policy on half eaten items!

Donut Armchair
(Furniture – Living)
Cookie Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Cookie Table
(Furniture – Living)
Chocolate Dresser
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO
Cake Arm Chair
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO
Ice Cream Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO
Glazed Donut Chair
(Furniture – Living) OWO
Candy Dressing Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) OWO

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!! Buy exclusive ice creams straight from home! (Or visit your friends to buy from their Ice Cream Stand!) It only costs a small price, and you don’t even have to leave your home! There’s a flavor for everyone. Check em out:

Ice Cream Stand
Sorbet Cone Ice Cream Cookie Ultimate Ice Cream Cup
Fruity Ice Cream Cone Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cone Tropical Ice Cream Cone

Finally, you’ll want to give your home those important final touches by adding a sprinkle here, or a cupcake there! Head on over to the DIY shop on Monday for all of your wall/floor/ceiling needs.

Pink Cream Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) OWO
Pink Cream Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) OWO
Pink Cream Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) OWO
Ice Cream Chandelier (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Candy Ceiling Light (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) OWO Ice Cream Candle (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) OWO
Chocolate Cream Door (DIY – Windows & Doors) OWO

Last, but certainly not least, should you find your Gretel Bear Plushie while digging this week, she will definitely want to be reunited with her brother Hansel. He’ll be a little bit easier to find however, all you need to do is head over to the Market (Toy’s and Collectibles) to take him home with you.

Hansel Bear Plushie
( Market – Toys & Collectibles )OWO

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s update Pet Society fans! Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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  1. edelin wijaya Says:

    OWO is only one week right ??

  2. linda Says:


  3. candy sweetness Says:

    what is bmb ?(or gmb?)

  4. PS lovers Says:

    wow… I like this.. cute, nice!

  5. PS Lovers Says:

    What’s “LE”? Limited?? no no no!!

  6. Batrisyia Days Says:

    Wow!!!!!!! Cool I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. stefhany Says:


  8. ian Says:


  9. ian Says:

    SWEET! but so childish..

  10. Heopossible Says:

    How cute xD <33333

  11. Vain Jayne Says:

    So the new mystery boxes above have a picture of the grey owl in a GMB but underneath it says it’s in a BMB, which box would he be in?

  12. Hanachi Says:

    Cute!! I really want the Ice cream stand!! πŸ˜€

  13. veriza Says:


  14. Daffnie Says:

    How many of the Pink Candy Tree Seed (LE) will be on sale?

  15. Mellypop Says:

    Does anyone notice that Grey Owl Plushie box is in Mystery Box – BMB but the icon is GMB’s image? and i agree everything looks so lovely!

  16. saga Says:

    what is BMB ang GMB?

  17. Nieves Says:

    I think the Treasury (Bear Plushie Gretel) is in the center of the earth, dig 300 times and I lock me two, maybe there was a treasure and he could not catch. even so I’m still a fan of pet society

  18. rozelle Says:

    these new things are awesoome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bebe Says:

    does anyone dig Gretel bear plushie out of digging site ?? i seem lag on some times .. keep on dig n dig witout stop n need to refreshed =.=”

  20. Chic Says:

    I love these new items as sweet…i got them lol

  21. ilove.CUTEESS Says:

    woahhh cute cute ice cream!!! i thik my pet will resist eating eat because of cuteness!! it has a cute animal i it?? who woul even eat such cute things :DD i love cute ice cream oh yeahhh!

  22. ilove.CUTEESS Says:

    woahhh cute cute ice cream!!! i thik my pet will resist eating eat because of cuteness!! it has a cute animal in it?? who would even eat such cute things πŸ˜€ i love cute ice cream oh yeahhh!

  23. Kou Says:

    Really mad the LE tree is bought with PF cash! I’ve been waiting to get a new tree and was really looking forward to it. T-T

  24. jamil Says:

    the blog is so beautiful with many information

  25. jamil Says:

    ya? what is bmb and gmb?

  26. deep mo Says:

    hi all~ i want to know, how to get the Pink Candy Tree Seed?? πŸ™‚

  27. Junjae Says:

    WHAAAAT ? The pink candy treee ;___; I wanted it so badly and I have seen that we must buy it … VERY disapointed! The items are cute but too enormous! O__O

  28. pinsky Says:

    Why is the blue wig called “Long Bunches Wig” in the blog, but in the actual store it’s called “Long Pigtail Wig?” Or at least that’s what it says on my computer. There aren’t even any pigtails in/on that wig! Anyone else noticing this?

  29. georgie Says:

    nom nom nom yummy! πŸ˜€

  30. Tsubame Says:

    There are only 8 different ice cream?

  31. froggy Says:


  32. ang Says:

    I love this week’s items one of my faves!

  33. samuel Says:


  34. Ana Says:

    super cool

  35. Vita Says:

    I think that is the true story:
    Hansel and Gretel are the young children of an impoverished woodcutter. When a great famine settles over the land, the woodcutter’s wife (originally the children’s biological mother, but later changed to their stepmother) announces her plan to take the children into the woods and leave them there to die, therefore with two fewer mouths to feed, she and her husband might not starve. The woodcutter reluctantly submits to his wife’s scheme. They are unaware that in the children’s bedroom, Hansel and Gretel have overheard them. After the parents have gone to bed, the children sneak out of the house and gather as many white pebbles as they can and return to their room.

    The next day, the family walk deep into the woods and the children lay a trail of white pebbles behind them. After their parents abandon them, the children wait for the moon to rise and illuminate the pebbles. They return home safely, much to their parents’ horror. A week or so later, the mother angrily orders her husband to take the children further into the woods and leave them there to die. Hansel and Gretel attempt to gather more pebbles, but find the doors locked and escape impossible.

    The following morning, Hansel takes a slice of bread and leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for them to follow. However after they are once again abandoned, they find that the birds have eaten the crumbs and they are lost in the woods. After days of wandering, they follow a beautiful white pigeon to a clearing in the woods, and discover a cottage built of cake and gingerbread. They greedily begin to eat the rooftop of the house, when the door opens and a hideous old crone emerges and lures the children inside, with the promise of soft beds and delicious food.

    What Hansel and Gretel do not know is that the hag is in fact a cannibalistic witch who built the house to entice children into her clutches, so that she may eat them. She locks Hansel in an iron cage in the garden and forces Gretel into becoming a slave. The witch feeds Hansel regularly to fatten him up, but Hansel cleverly sticks a bone he found in the cage (presumably a bone of its previous captive) and the witch feels it, thinking it to be his finger. Due to her blindness, she is fooled into thinking Hansel is still too thin to eat. After weeks of this, the witch grows impatient and decides to eat Hansel, “be he fat or lean.”

    She prepares the oven for Hansel, but decides she is hungry enough to eat Gretel, too. She coaxes Gretel to the oven door and asks her to put her head in to see if the flames are high enough. Gretel, sensing the witch’s intent, lies that she does not understand what she means. Infuriated, the witch demonstrates, and Gretel instantly shoves the witch into the oven, slams and bolts the door and turns the heat up, burning the witch alive. She frees Hansel from the cage and the pair discover a vast treasure chest filled with jewels, gold, and diamonds. Packing the jewels into knapsacks, the children find their way home to their father. His wife has mysteriously died. The father has spent all his days lamenting the loss of his children, and is delighted to see them safe and sound, and with the witch’s wealth, they live happily ever after.
    Sorry, if too long!

  36. Mahsya Says:

    uuu ! Great Great ! Love It !! πŸ˜€

  37. Forza Says:

    Why is everything cool is in PFC ….??!!!
    we need some new cool stuff, but NOT in play fish cash PLEASE ….!!!

  38. J.C Says:

    ok i dun know where to complain but i bought the 8000 coin arcade thingy but the next day it got swapped with a cheap blue one. I’m like WTF it’s not the first time already.

  39. edelin wijaya Says:

    why the cool stuff always use the PFC ?
    please don’t use PFC anymore ok ?

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