A moment in time…


Hey Pet Society fans! Step back in time this week, to the rockin’ 1950s! Sirius thought her Teleporter must have turned into a time travel machine when she stepped into the Mystery Store this week, as “?” proudly showed her pictures of the ‘latest’ new items hidden away in his mystery boxes, as they are totally retro! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start searching!

Pink Retro Glasses Pink Retro Chair Red Retro Typewriter

If you a decorating retro style, be sure to ask your friends for a stylish Retro Teapot Telephone which is new to the free gifts this week! Or for a fun Canadian friend, send your friends the new Beaver Plushie, and hopefully they will send you one back!

Retro Teapot Telephone Beaver Plushie

And grab your shovels and head to the Town Forest! Why? Well there’s a new Weekly Digging Special to be found, and he’s super cute! So make sure you find a Happy Raccoon Plushie before he disappears!

Happy Raccoon Plushie (Weekly Digging Special)

Enjoying the World Cup? Sirius is! Bouncy Soccer Balls have been scoring goals across the Village in the last few weeks, and Hideeni has been bringing flags to offer to your friends, to show who they support! Well, with some teams now eliminated from the World Cup, Hideeni has decided, in his infinite wisdom, to remove some of those flags. It’s not bad news though, in fact it’s very exciting, as he’s managed to find 5 new flags to give out – Uruguay, Ghana, Slovakia, Japan and Paraguay! So keep an eye out for Hideeni around the Village, and give your friends a chance to receive one of these flags! 😉

Come Monday, swing back to the 1950s once more with a range of items in stores to set up your own Diner, plus new Jukeboxes, Typewriters, Televisions and more! If you want to be the envy of the village, make sure you get your hands on the Pink Retro Convertible for 1950’s luxury at its finest! Remember that any items labelled One Week Only (OWO) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 12th of July, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Diner Table (Furniture – Living) Retro Neon Pet Diner Sign (Market – Cool Stuff) (Luminous) (OWO)
Retro Blue Sofa (Furniture – Living) (OWO) Retro Blue Chair (Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Retro End Table (Furniture – Living) (OWO) Rocker Poster (Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Colorful Jukebox (Market – Party & Gifts) (OWO) Blue Retro Typewriter (Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO)
Pink Retro Convertible (Boutique – Amazing Items)
Retro Television (Market – Cool Stuff) (Animated) Retro Neon  Pet Society Sign (Market – Cool Stuff) (Luminous) Retro Gas Station (Garden – Furniture)
Blue Diner Wallpaper (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) Blue Diner Floor (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors)
Pink Diner Wallpaper (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (OWO) Pink Diner Floor (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Pets Garage (Market – Cool Stuff) (Level 13 Required) (Wall panel that you can place your car in!)

For some ice cold fizzy goodness, buy yourself, or just use a friend’s Cold Drinks Vending Machine! Once you have one of these in your home (or find one in a friend’s home) simply click it to purchase a random cold drink for 50 coins! There are 10 great drinks to collect!

Cold Cola (from Cold Drinks Vending Machine) Cold Drinks Vending Machine (Food – Grocery) Cold Lemonade (from Cold Drinks Vending Machine)
Cold Orange Soda (from Cold Drinks Vending Machine) Cold Lime Soda (from Cold Drinks Vending Machine) Cold Grape Soda (from Cold Drinks Vending Machine)

There’s something fizzing up the water down at the Pond, the ducks were quacking about it for ages to Sirius, and to be honest she was quite puzzled at what could cause such a stir. This was of course until she saw a remarkable new fish, which almost reminded her of a message in a bottle jumping out of the Pond, the Fizzyfish! Can you catch one?


For some 1950s funky fashion, visit Lily in the Clothes Store! Be sure to try on the new wigs, as they may just make you the talk of the town! Plus there are some great new Wig Dyes in store, so wear your favourite wig to the Clothes Store to see what it might look like in Platinum Blonde or Light Blue!

Retro Ponytail Wig (Hair Stylist) Short Retro Wig (Hair Stylist) (OWO)
Red Retro Glasses (Accessories) (OWO) Cool Baseball Jacket (Boys) Light Blue Jeans (Boys)
Blue Retro Dress (Girls) (OWO) Retro Pink Dress (Girls)
Platinum Blonde Wig Dye (Hair Stylist) (PF-Cash) Light Blue Wig Dye (Hair Stylist) (PF-Cash)

Now, if you just love fashion you will be pleased to know that there’s even more this week! Take to the heights of outstanding couture with the Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set which will be released in the Boutique this week! This set contains five must have fashion items (you can also choose to buy the items individually).

Mon Petit Cheri Roses Hairband (from Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set) Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set (Boutique – Beautiful Items). Note: This is a bag you purchase, you find items inside it. You cannot keep it. Mon Petit Cheri Brown Dress (from Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set)
Mon Petit Cheri Handbag (from Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set) Mon Petit Cheri Strappy Sandals (from Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set) Mon Petit Cheri Purse (from Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set)

Enjoy a touch of Canada this week with the Brown Beaver Plushie, some iconic Maple items, and more in the stores of the Village! If you love it all like Sirius does, buy the lot with the Canada Set which contains one of each item! These Canadian inspired items will be available for a limited time only.

Brown Beaver Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) Maple Leaf Floor Lamp (D.I.Y. – Fixtures & Fittings)
Maple Syrup Cake (Food – Grocery) Chocolatey Nanaimo Bar (Food – Grocery)
Nostalgic Lake (Garden – Furniture) Canada Set (Market – Cool Stuff)

Finally, there are a couple of new Collaborative items, so get your friends to help you obtain the Mountain Landscape via wall posts, and the Materials needed to build a Playhouse which will unlock a small extra room to play in when built using the Facebook requests feature!

Mountain Landscape (Collaborative)
Nails (Collaborative) Wood (Collaborative) Pink Paint (Collaborative)
Playhouse (Built from Collaborative materials)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from From Egypt with love in stores this week!

72 Responses to “A moment in time…”

  1. Soorifan Says:

    thank you PF!!!

  2. Anouk Says:

    1950s, love the theme!

  3. BOOHOO Says:

    hey sirius what happened to the collaborative tool button . its gone! theres only a dollhouse button

  4. Stap Stip Stupid Says:


  5. marco Says:

    wooh.. back in the game..

    and the items are so cool now..

  6. Tyfusi,Juliets Owner Says:

    OMG free play house(need to built)and WIGS im in LOVEE

  7. zaza Says:

    yay! affordable extra room! 😀

  8. ang Says:

    Yay a new room to be unlocked!!! OMG OMG!! THANK YOU SO MUCH PLAYFISH XOXO~! You guys are the best! ❤ I am so happy my wish came true! Beavers and other Canadian items aww so sweet thanks 🙂 My 2nd wish came true! Happy Canada Day ^-^ (booo HST!!) Loving the sodas, clothing and wigs too! The raccoon is just too cute!

  9. kATiE Says:

    i love the Cold Drinks Vending Machine and the PLAYHOUSE !!!!!!!!! :))

  10. vin2 :) Says:

    i only want the wigs 😦

  11. ~Pinky~ Says:

    Thanks for the update Sirius!
    It’s good you found out what’s fizzing up the water. Fizzyfish looks interesting and funny. 🙂

  12. **kiTTy Says:

    o my gosh ! it’s so beautiful !!
    all of em !

    i also love the wig, the dollhouse , and more !

    LOVE IT!!!

  13. Frustrated Says:

    Where is the soccer plushie?……….:/
    I have seen them around, and they are really, really cute!!
    Does anyone have any idea about them?
    Dear ang, don’t get too excited about the new room as chances are we will have to tuse CC to help eachother out!!

  14. Just Qee Qee Says:

    wow amazing…

  15. bah-meow Says:

    what is OWO???

  16. Paul Says:

    I want all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. **kiTTy Says:

    OWO means ” one week only”

  18. Anjo Pacumio Says:

    At last, the Playhouse is there!

    And a new dye! =) I thought that you would never get a dye of the sweet curls wig?

    • ang Says:

      I saw it on the forum that it’s actually a slightly difference in color than the sweet curls wig but same name.

  19. zefira Says:


  20. zefira Says:


  21. RainbowSprinkles Says:


    1.What do they mean by… Note: This is a bag you purchase, you find items inside it. You cannot keep it. in the Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Set???

    2.Does OWO mean TWS???

    3.Whats inside the canada set???

    ~BTW, thanks for the early update..love the new stuff ^ ^

  22. sasa Says:

    WOW COOLL!!! eh btw why paymo removed from the paymet for blue coins?? I can’t buy bc anymore 😦

  23. Isis Says:

    Fun! But can we go back to ‘TWS’?? It was much easier to read than the ‘OWO’ when I’m skimming over the blog doing my weekly planning.

    And yeah, finding it humorous we would NEVER get another wig in the sweet curls color. Now I feel like a moron for buying two.

  24. Yuki Says:

    I agree, TWS sounds so much more ‘special’ (XD) tha OWO…
    But HOORAY!!!! A bonus room that doesn’t require PC- and it’s adorable!!! And HOORAY also to the Japan flag!!! I’m getting ten =D

  25. Lyssa Says:

    That dollhouse looks to die for Dx And pretty much everything else Pet Society has ever made >.< EEEEEEEK! I'm so excited!

  26. Jorge Says:

    Super great items! (Y)

    Just one question…. the collaborative Playhouse will be available to build for a limited time? (Like the past collaborative items)

    Hope you can help me with this question 😉

  27. lilly Says:

    love the clothes/wigs and the vending machine!

  28. Anne Says:

    really cute 🙂 but i think its kinda stupid theres two shades of blue dye

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone feels that the items are….. getting better?! I absolutely love the collaborative room!!

  30. Avana Says:

    this is weird….. 70’s, 80’s and now 50’s? ?????

  31. catrina brewer Says:

    As usual there is almost nothing new for boy pets to wear. Unless I missed some I only saw ONE new boys clothes. Clint is getting depressed about this!!

  32. Julie Says:

    Where can u find the playhouse thing becuase my friend already sent me a request about it and i accidently exited and cant find where to send a gift to her 😦

  33. Prince_of_Crystal Says:

    New room… but no more FB post collaborative? sighs….

    Anyways, actually, the Playhouse looks too girlish, but since Snowy is a girl, I won’t complain at all….

    • Prince_of_Crystal Says:

      EDIT: I didn’t see the word post on the “Mountain Landscape”. I need new eyeglasses…. Sorry….

  34. Prince_of_Crystal Says:

    And the Rocker poster… ALVIS? You mean ELVIS? Nice one :lol:….

  35. pokemon Says:

    PS is such a liar..they said tht they sweet curls wig will be the only wig will have tht color but look:the dye is alredi released! wow gr8 job PS uve dona a big mistake again

  36. Edward Cullen (Eclipse) Says:

    it’s so AWESOME !!!

  37. Gea Says:

    cutteezz ever… and it’s so cheap..

  38. daryl Says:


  39. zskiberry Says:

    Love the new stuff!!

  40. irma shirley Says:

    why did my pet society always error …? blank white page… when i click the playhouse icon and enchanted forest icon?!
    fix this pliz….

  41. Henning G. Svensen Says:

    Looks great, cant wait to get them 🙂
    Btw, does anyone knows where to get the soccer player plushie?

  42. Rachel Says:

    Sirius, is the new fish caught with any bait, or is it with the sodas from the vending machine??

  43. Jess Says:

    I love PET SOCIETY a lot, must tell i like all items and ideas you have for it.
    Iwrite u coz i want you to know that this game is fabulous, many friends love it too. And coz there are some thing that i wish you can read and consider for the future, just to make it better.

    I am a level 47 (dont remember how many paw points), Im fixing the house to look very warm and like human house, but i must tell i wish to have some more rooms, i dont have playfish to spend to buy them… maybe u can make more levels and add at least 2 more rooms.

    I also love to cookbook, i remember there where some seasonal dishes, where r they? i dont see any new ones. When will they be again?

    The other day i saw a beautiful clock in another’s pet room: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs549.snc3/30070_431419569133_617339133_5542967_3148092_n.jpg
    How can i have one too?

    And just one one thing… I lost a dog (white with some gold ears french poodle), he was my best friend and as my pet looks like me and my pet’s house is similar to mine, i wish there could be a plushie of a white french poodle…

    I hope you can consider my suggestions 🙂
    Take care!

  44. ahomira Says:

    yay! can’t wait for monday! i love the typewriter & the telephone teapot and also that vending machine! cool items!

  45. Daffnie Says:

    Love the new items!!!

    I hope there is gonna be a shovel to be sold in the shops, probably in the boutique for bc. It’s very expensive to be buying 5 shovels for 300 coins.

  46. Afifah Says:


  47. Muffy186 Says:

    Awesome items i can’t wait for monday i want to collect all the 10 sodas and i love mon petit cheri ohh i am soo exited X)

  48. Kris Says:

    Why no 4th of July items? There were items for Canada Day, but not 4th of July? I have a sparkler and firework popper from last year at least. I would love to see some fireworks for the sky, though!

  49. Roger Says:

    Awesome creativity. I like the posts here. They are well written and the description is appreciable. Hope for the best. Thanks

  50. Cedrick Bairam Says:

    ur absolutely right, This is my third visit to this blog ,keep up the good work !

  51. King Tischer Says:

    Hello , Thank you for taking this opportunity to converse about this , I look forward to reading more in the near future !

  52. Lucy Says:

    nice article dude !! and nice things too 😀

  53. verona Says:

    i can’t send a free gift to my friend! when i click “send gifts”, suddenly i read the words “pet society is undergoing maintance” . but my friend can send me a gift !

    why like that?

  54. yuha Says:

    just like the clothes 😦

  55. Avana Says:

    is there a limited item this week?

  56. jazz Says:


  57. Jane Tjörnhagen Says:

    Please help me I don´t understand half of the things I have to do to to do this task.

  58. Petra Says:

    The furniture is awesome 😀 !! But the made a mistake..its not ”Alvis”,its ”Elvis”..
    They should fix it =3 & im soooooooo in luv with that pink retro convertible :DD

  59. Hanachi Says:

    Hmm.. I prefer saying This Week Special (TWS) more than One Week Only (OWO)..
    I want that Mon Petit Cheri Brown Dress, but why and WHY PF-cash again?! 😦

  60. nezha Says:

    hi! i can’t get my collaborative doll house to work, every time i try to do it, my game freezes and i have to reset it… anyone can help me with that?

  61. panjullll Says:

    which bait to catch fizzyfish?

  62. Cleo Says:

    REALY CUTE but i didnt like the french, cant wait to see the stuff coming out in tomorrow in the blogs!
    Can you lower the price for the shovels, verry expensive for just 5 only!
    make them $150 or $200 THX
    🙂 my pets girlfriend and my pet :O and me 2! would like to see more exiting things because the only money we have been spending is on shovels.
    ❤ Nadja + Malcom ❤


  63. hana Says:

    i try to buy the new lamited items
    but i cant the game off when i was buy it

  64. nasta Says:

    i lilke thith geme

  65. Smiley1215 Says:

    The saves don’t work on my computer

  66. Plastico!! Says:

    I know its too late to ask this but,how can I get the Fizzyfish??

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