Soar like an Eagle!


Hey Pet Society fans! Things have been heating up in the Village, so it’s time to get the party started! “?” may not be the first pet you think of when someone shouts “Party!”, but after visiting “?” earlier, Sirius promises you he’s ready for a week of celebrations with an Independence Day Party Hat, some amazing Pink Party Balloons, and even a fabulous Pink Mini Fridge to help keep your drinks chilled now hidden away in mystery boxes! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to try and be one of the first to kick off your party!

BBQ Hot Sauce Independence Day Party Hat (TWS)
Pink Party Balloons Pink Mini Fridge

And with Independence Day in the USA coming up on the 4th of July, make sure you gift all of your friends this Eagle Plushie as a free gift! If fashion is more suited to your friends, perhaps send a Romantic Pink Ribbon, and hopefully they’ll send one back!

Eagle Plushie Romantic Pink Ribbon

With Independence Day celebrations underway, make sure you grab your popcorn! Luckily down in the Town Forest, there’s a new Weekly Digging Special to help, the Popcorn Machine, make sure you find yours before it’s gone!

Popcorn Machine (Weekly Digging Special)

Come Monday there’s even more digging fun! If you build your own Hot Air Balloon you will unlock the Enchanted Forest, a brand new digging location! How do you build this beautiful Hot Air Balloon you wonder? Well, you can enlist the help of your friends to assist you in obtaining each of the required materials (Fabric, Rope and Rattan Sticks) as they are new Collaborative Items, alternatively you can choose to purchase the materials with Playfish Cash. Once you have all the required materials select “Build” to complete your Hot Air Balloon!

Fabric (Collaborative) Rope (Collaborative) Framing (Collaborative)

Hot Air Balloons, Popcorn… Sirius wants to go to the Fun Park! You can too thanks to “?” (see, he really is a lot of fun) with the new Fun Park Mystery Eggs in the Mystery Store with 15 great items to collect!

Fun Park Vending Machine and Mystery Egg Bumper Car (from Fun Park Mystery Egg)
Green Octopus Plushie (from Fun Park Mystery Egg) Cotton Candy (from Fun Park Mystery Egg) Colorful Elephant Plushie (from Fun Park Mystery Egg)

Moving on to the main event of the week (no, it’s not the Fun Park), celebrate Independence Day in style with fireworks, balloons, sports outfits, Colonial outfits, delicious treats including BBQ Corn On The Cob and more! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 5th of July, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Blue Festive Firework (Market – Party & Gifts) (Animated) (PF-Cash) Red Festive Firework (Market – Party & Gifts) (Animated) (PF-Cash) Pink Festive Firework (Market – Party & Gifts) (Animated) (PF-Cash)
Independence Day Party Balloons (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS) Statue of Liberty Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectables) (TWS)
Independence Day Bunting (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS) Independence Day Flag (Market – Party & Gifts) (TWS)
City Skyline Window (D.I.Y. – Windows & Doors)
Blue Baseball T-Shirt (Clothes – Boys) Blue Baseball Pants (Clothes – Boys)
Blue Cheerleader Outfit (Clothes – Girls) (TWS) Blue Cheerleader Pom Pom (Clothes – Girls) (TWS) Blue Cheerleader Shoes (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)
Blue Colonial Shirt (Clothes – Boys) Blue Colonial Pants (Clothes – Boys) Blue Colonial Shoes With Socks (Clothes – Boys)
Pink Colonial Dress (Clothes – Girls) (TWS) Pink Colonial Shoes (Clothes – Girls) (TWS)
Blue Colonial Dress (Clothes – Girls) Blue Colonial Shoes (Clothes – Girls)
BBQ Beef (Food – Grocery) (TWS) BBQ Corn On The Cob (Food – Grocery) BBQ Sausages (Food – Grocery) (TWS)
BBQ Chicken (Food – Grocery) BBQ Mushroom (Food – Grocery)

Head outdoors for your Independence Day celebrations with a huge new range of Grills and outdoor furniture options in the Garden Store!

Black Luxury Grill (Furniture) Purple Grill (Furniture) (TWS)
Orange Mini Grill (Furniture) Pink Mini Grill (Furniture) (TWS)
Black BBQ Tools  (Furniture) White Garden Flower Pot (Gardening) Pink BBQ Tools  (Furniture) (TWS)
Wooden Garden Seats (Furniture) Wooden Garden Swing (Furniture)

While outside getting some sun, you may wish to consider the new Limited Item coming out this week; it’s an adorable deer that your pet can actually sit on! There will only be 5000 Deer Seats available, so make sure you get yours before they run out!

Deer Seat (Boutique – Beautiful Items)

And if you’d like to spend your outdoors time looking at beautiful scenery, visit Grumble in the D.I.Y. Depot for the Real-Time Wallpaper. Not only does this wallpaper have a gorgeous mountain scene, but it will change through sunrise, day, sunset and night according to your time of day!

Real-Time Wallpaper (Sunrise View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)
Real-Time Wallpaper (Day View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)
Real-Time Wallpaper (Sunset View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)
Real-Time Wallpaper (Night View) (D.I.Y. – Walls & Floors) (PF-Cash)

Back inside now, to the kitchen, with an exciting new range of appliances and cabinets in the Furniture Store! Why so exciting? Well the new Luxury and Mini Fridges can open and close, displaying a range of yummy food items!

Silver Luxury Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom) Silver Luxury Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Pink Luxury Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Pink Luxury Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Silver Mini Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom) Silver Mini Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Orange Mini Fridge (Closed) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS) Orange Mini Fridge (Open) (Kitchen & Bathroom) (TWS)
Minimalist White Ceiling Lights (Kitchen & Bathroom) Minimalist White Stove Set (Kitchen & Bathroom) Minimalist White Over-the-Stove Cabinet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Kitchen Sink (Kitchen & Bathroom) Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinet (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Cupboard (Kitchen & Bathroom) Minimalist White Fridge (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Table (Kitchen & Bathroom) Minimalist Tall Chair (Kitchen & Bathroom)
Minimalist White Picture Set (Living) Minimalist Flower Pot (Living)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in store this week!

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    cool stuff to win 😀

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    Any idea why the new dark red bob wig hasn’t shown up in my email, or any of my friends’ emails???

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    love’s very beautiful.

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    hay i got a kitten but i dont no how to feed it?????????? it wonts milk and i got it and pot it out she wont drink it 😦

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