A Summer Spectacular!


Hey Pet Society fans! Things are heating up in the village, so this week the town will be transformed into a tropical paradise! “?” is starting the beach party with the Hula Dancer Plushie hidden away with mystery boxes now, plus what better floatation to wear into the waves than the Swan Rubber Ring (okay, Sirius protests this and thinks the Duck Swim Ring Top is the best, but anyway)! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start searching!

Pink Kite Hula Dancer Plushie Swan Rubber Ring

Of course, Hula Dancer Plushie needs a friend to enjoy the beautiful beaches with, so you can now send the Holiday Bear Plushie to your friends using the free gifts function! Plus for a delicious summer treat there’s the Tropical Flamingo Cocktail.

Holiday Bear Plushie Tropical Flamingo Cocktail

Plus, have you been fishing lately? The ducks have been quacking a lot lately, and after many quacks with Sirius it was finally determined that there are a few new items in the Pond ready to be caught!

Orange Coral Pink Neon Tetra Blue Anemone

And have you tried digging yet? If not select the Hunt for Treasure button located next to the Camera icon when at home, then select the Town Forest from the map to get started! There’s now a very cute new weekly item to be found, so grab your shovels!

Happy Kitty Plushie (Weekly Digging Special)

Come Monday though, the temperature in the village soars even higher with multitudes of new items hitting the stores! Grumble will keep your beach party going all night as well as all day with great new tropical scenes in the D.I.Y. Depot! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 28th of June, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Tropical Beach Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Beach Floor (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Sunset Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Tropical Sunset Floor (Walls & Floors)
Tiki Hut Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS) Tiki Hut Floor (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Tiki Wall Torch (Fixtures & Fittings)

Decorate your favourite beach side spot with summer colours, with new umbrellas, towels, buckets and more in the Garden and Furniture Stores! Plus head to the Market for a fun Orange Kite or funky Purple Surfboard.

Green Striped Beach Umbrella (Garden – Furniture) (TWS) Orange Striped Beach Umbrella (Garden – Furniture) Pink Striped Beach Umbrella (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)
Blue Bucket (Furniture – Living) Pink Bucket (Furniture – Living) (TWS)
Suntan Cream (Furniture – Living) Beach Bag (Furniture – Living) (TWS) Suntan Oil (Furniture – Living) (TWS)
Green Striped Beach Towel (Garden – Furniture) (TWS) Orange Striped Beach Towel (Garden – Furniture)
Pink Striped Beach Towel (Garden – Furniture) (TWS) Tropical Tiki Bar (Furniture – Living)
Tropical Tiki Chair (Furniture – Living) Tropical Tiki Stool (Furniture – Living)
Tiki Patio (Garden – Furniture) Pet Tiki Statue (Garden – Furniture) (TWS)
Orange Kite (Market – Cool Stuff) Purple Surfboard (Market – Cool Stuff) (TWS)

While at the beach, enjoy some great summer treats! Truffles is salivating at the thought of these sweet new foods, so buy them from the Food Store before he devours them all!

Orange Passion Cocktail (Grocery) Pink Heart Ice Lolly (Grocery) (TWS) Tropical Strawberry Cocktail (Grocery)

For a very special tropical touch, this week the limited edition Tropical Volcano will be released! There are only 10,000 of these available, so make sure you get yours before they are all gone!

Tropical Volcano (Boutique – Amazing Items) (Limited)

For even more special additions to your tropical paradise, visit Terrence in the Boutique for the Tropical Waterfall! Plus purchase some Magic Sand and you will receive one of three possible amazing sandcastles for your beach!

Tropical Waterfall (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Magic Sand (Garden – Furniture) (TWS) Enchanted Sand Castle (from Magic Sand)

Of course you may want some new swimming outfits this summer, so visit Lily in the Clothes Store for plenty of new fashion options! Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

Hibiscus Hairclip (Girls) (TWS) White Swimming Suit (Girls) (TWS) White Flip Flops (Boys & Girls) (TWS)
Orange Lily Hairclip (Girls) Orange Swimming Suit (Girls) Orange Summer Shoes (Boys & Girls)
Tropical Flower Necklace (Girls) Tropical Flowers Shorts (Boys) Tropical Flowers Wreath (Accessories)
Tropical Flower Crown (Girls) (TWS) Tiki Dancer Flower Outfit (Girls) (TWS) Tropical Flower Bracelet (Girls) (TWS)
Yellow Rubber Ring (Accessories) Tropical Flowers Anklet (Girls) (TWS) Pink Rubber Ring (Accessories) (TWS)

Summer is definitely the perfect time for a tropical paradise, but it’s also when great summer sports, like tennis, get into full swing! Wimbledon starts on Monday, and to celebrate, there’s some great tennis specials in stores! Wimbledon Specials (WS) will be in stores for approximately a month! If you love it all, you can get one of each item at a special price with the Tennis Budle Box. This is all available from the Cool Stuff section of the Market, or the Accessories section of the Clothes Store.

Blue Tennis Racket (WS) Orange Tennis Racket (WS) Pink Tennis Racket (WS)
Purple Tennis Visor (WS) Purple Tennis Outfit (WS)
Purple Tennis Arm Band (WS) Purple Tennis Sneakers (WS)
Grey Tennis Headband (WS) Black Tennis Top (WS) White Tennis Arm Band (WS)
Black Tennis Shorts (WS) Black Tennis Sneakers (WS)
Pink Tennis Headband (WS) Pink Tennis Outfit (WS)
Pink Tennis Arm Band (WS) Pink Tennis Sneakers (WS)
White Tennis Visor (WS) White Tennis Top (WS) Blue Tennis Arm Band (WS)
White Tennis Shorts (WS) White Tennis Sneakers (WS)
Purple Sport Shades (WS) Blue Sport Shades (WS) Pink Sport Shades (WS)
Blue Tennis Bag (WS) Tennis Bundle Box (WS) Pink Tennis Bag (WS)

Underwater Habitat items form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post. Love it all? Support WWF by buying the whole set at a special price with the WWF Underwater Bundle!

WWF Baby Orca Whale (swims in aquariums) WWF Baby Humpback Whale (swims in aquariums)
WWF Sea Turtle Plushie WWF Baby Blue Whale (swims in aquariums)
WWF Underwater Grotto WWF Underwater Grotto Room (unlocked with purchase of WWF Underwater Grotto and acts like an aquarium)
WWF Deep Sea Arch WWF Underwater Bundle

Finally, to increase your pet’s wild side, consider trying an Animal Costume Bag! Each bag contains one of six fantastic costumes, with possibilities including black cat, leopard, fox and more! Try one to see what you will find!

Black Cat Tail (from Animal Costume Bag) Animal Costume Bag (Boutique – Beautiful Items) Leopard Tail (from Animal Costume Bag)
Black Cat Hairband (from Animal Costume Bag) Fox Hairband (from Animal Costume Bag) Leopard Hairband (from Animal Costume Bag)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Once upon a time… in store this week!

79 Responses to “A Summer Spectacular!”

  1. ash Says:

    can u put normal fish in the WWF Underwater Grotto Room

  2. joel Says:

    Aaaaawwwww!!!! I really wanted the ocean WWF bundle and the animal bag thing!!! can’t it be priced in NORMAL COINS? I don’t care if it’s expensive like 5000 or 10,000 coins all I care is that I get them!! And next week, can we have coin Limited items and WWF stuff pls!!!!

  3. ezo Says:

    i have all the clothes in the store

  4. An Says:

    Again with the CC?
    Look Playfish, I know you’re not forcing us to buy CC stuff or anything, and I know you guys have to make a living, but for god sake! At least add CC to the lottery wheel!

  5. ayrah Says:

    i like it…!! though summer is almost over in phillipines.. but still.. cutee.!

  6. ayn Says:

    how does the magic sand turn into castle?

  7. Marcella Says:

    WHAT NEXT WEEK THEME???It will be gret if pet society try SUPER HEROES THEME….
    uuuuurgh i wish someday my pet can wear poison ivy clotes…Hhhhrrrrrrrrr

  8. Sharonyyy Says:

    Playfish you lied again, the waterfall ended up in the Boutique at a price of 12 cc. You said it would be collaborative. (:

  9. Aileen Says:

    Can i know where is the collaborative item??? i think it should hav lol……..

  10. Josephyn Says:

    I luv summer!!!!

  11. Javoruxo Says:

    Please make an ecuadorian week!!

  12. marie Says:

    today was the SECOND day i couldn’t spin the wheel. and then i’m kicked out of the game. i’m posting the complain here because in the forums there aren’t any threads explaining why we keep getting kicked out of PS. really annoying, i hope you can fix this issue ASAP! 😡

  13. Anza Says:

    Aww man! The WWF Underwater Bundle costs 40 CC? 😦 I haven’t any CC at all! 😦

  14. someone Says:

    sirius,how the magic sand work?

  15. Sara Says:

    these r very cute items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or should i say… AWESOME ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Stap Stip Stupid Says:

    I love it!! give me the MB please!!

  17. karen Says:

    I dressed my son in a Halloween costume and he frightened his little sister. So I will have to be careful what costume i get next time

  18. vasco Says:

    we need more fun please put a plane for fly in an adventure shooting for other planes and the record of you make join it and exchange for marvelous prizes

  19. SecondHandBooksForSale Says:

    i have the fox bundle set..

    anyone want to buy?

  20. taaniia Says:

    (: YEÁÁHH,,,

  21. aaa Says:

    ilove itt!!.

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