Can you hear the wedding bells?


Hi Pet owners! Pet Society has just been updated! There are all kind of lovely goodness added into the Mystery Boxes today. So take a plunge and see if you can find them all!

Bunny Teapot Floral Garland Donut Headpiece

Apart from the newly added Mystery Items, the team have also made some other changes to the game. For instance you can now decorate your rooms more easilly. This can be done by using the new “clear all” button, which will move all items that are in your active room into your chest/wardrobe. Note that this does not work for trees, fruits, planted flowers or vegtables.

The meerkat service has also been extended, so the meerkat service will now work for 9 days compared to the old 7 days.

There is also a new fish that you can now catch, it is the beautiful Romantic Ice Fish. You can catch this particular fish using any bait! So go fish!

  Romantic Ice Fish  

On Monday, there will be a new Mystery Egg added to the Mystery store. This new collection will contain a Doll House collection! I am sure you will love it! There are a total of 21 pieces to collect. Can you find them all? Below is a sample of the items that you can get from the new Doll´s House Mystery Egg.

  Doll´s House Mystery Egg  
Doll’s House Living Room Doll’s House Staircase Doll’s House Toys Room
Sweet Cat Doll Mummy Cat Doll Baby Bunny Doll

In the Clothing Store on Monday, there will be a range of new wedding outfits for your pet. I a sure your pet will look lovely in the Pure White Wedding Gown if you have a girl pet or in the Purple Wedding Tuxedo Top or Pants if it is a boy!

Pure Blue Wedding Gown (Girls) Pure Pink Wedding Gown
(Girls) (TWS)
Pure White Wedding Gown (Girls)
Pure Blue Wedding Headpiece (Girls) Pure Pink Wedding Headpiece
(Girls) (TWS)
Pure White Wedding Headpiece (Girls)
Platinum Wedding Tiara (Girls)
Pink Donuts Dress (Girls) Purple Wedding Tuxedo
Top (Boys)
Purple Wedding Tuxedo Pants
  Wearable Donuts Ring

There are all kinds of fun party stuff and food to go with the wedding theme to be found in the Market. The Donut Wall stickers are fun! And make sure that if you are trying to recreate a wedding scene with your pets loved one that you let them both eat a  Slice of Wedding Cake!

Pink Donut Wall Sticker (Toys and
Collectables) (TWS)
Yellow Donut Wall Sticker (Toys and
Wedding Celebration Bottle (Food Grocery)
Wedding Celebration Glass  (Food
Grocery) (TWS)
Slice of Wedding Cake (Food
Grocery) (TWS)
Colorful Donuts  (Food
Roses Celebration Glass (Food
Golden Wedding Cake (Food
Rose Wedding
Cake  (Food Grocery)  (TWS)
  Sparkling Juice Tower (Food Grocery) (TWS)  

Now, that´s all the food sorted, but you will of course need furniture for the big day. Furniture if of course found in the Furniture store 😉 I´m sure you´ll find something to buy, and in case you have not noticed, there are a lot of Donut themed items to come on Monday!

Wedding Table (Living) Donuts Table (Living)  
Donut Chair (Living) Pink Wedding Chair (Living) (TWS) Pure White Wedding Table (Living)
Tall Wedding Welcome Sign (Living) Wedding Welcome Sign (Living) (TWS)  
Roses Table Decoration (Living) Wedding Chair (Living)  

There will also be new Playfish Cash items to check out, there will be some new petling biscuits to buy. The petling biscuits changes the colour of your fully grown petling! The Romantic Ice Sculture and the two different Dove Domes are also things you  need to check out! As for the Wedding Cake, this can also be obtained by asking your friends for help!  (collaborative item)

Aquamarine Petling Biscuit (Garden
– Petlings)
Lavender Petling Biscuit  (Garden
– Petlings)
Light Blue Petling Biscuit (Garden –
Romantic Ice Sculpture (Boutique – Beautiful
Golden Dove Dome (Boutique – Amazing Items) Silver Gold Dome (Boutique – Amazing Items)
  Royal Wedding Cake  (Market – Party
And Gifts)

You also need to check out the Garden and DIY stores on Monday! The Just Married Convertible is definetely one to own! The Wedding Flower Pots are also nice!

Wedding Trellis  (Garden –
Furniture) (TWS)
Just Married Convertible (Garden –
Furniture) (TWS)
Silver Wedding Flower Pot (Garden
– Furniture) (TWS)
Silver Wedding Candlestand (DIY –
Fixtures) (TWS)
Wedding Candlestand (DIY – Fixtures)
Golden Wedding Flower Pot (Garden
– Furniture) (TWS)

Are you one of those that don´t like weddings? Then maybe Football is something for you? Get ready for the soccer World Cup with the complete World Cup makeover kit that you can find in the Market – Cool Stuff! You can choose to buy all the items seperately, or you can buy the bundle! These are World Cup Specials and is available until July 12th.

Soccer Goal Bouncy Soccer Ball  
Referee’s Jersey Referee’s Shorts  
Green Soccer Jersey White Soccer Shorts  
Red Soccer Jersey Grey Soccer Cleats  
Black Soccer Cleats Referee’s Cleats  
Referee’s Hat    

Hideeni is also in the World Cup mode and he is currently giving out flags. There are 15 to collect! And we will periodically remove flags as the different teams are eliminated from the World Cup tournamet! You can collect the flags already from today!

USA Flag Argentina Flag
Holland Flag France Flag Chile Flag
Mexico Flag Ivory Coast
Denmark Flag
Italy Flag Spain Flag Brazil Flag
Portugal Flag Australia Flag Germany Flag

And while we are on the topic of free stuff, there are now two new free gifts that you can send to your friends!

Bright Rose Wedding Headpiece   Pink Swan Plushie

And one of the final things to mention is that there will be a new limited item available next week. (watch the actual store for updates on when it is available) The fantastic Sweet Curls Wig which can be found in the Boutique in under Amazing Items. Only 20k up for grabs!

  Sweet Curls Wig  

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106 Responses to “Can you hear the wedding bells?”

  1. Tya demam petsos Says:

    kejapp lahhhh kejaaaaapp…………………. 😀

  2. Ginnie Rivera Says:

    …wedding theme…huh…at least the theme before i go to school his June 15 will be pretty…–via Philippines:>–

  3. Lula Says:

    What about SouthAfrica’s flag?? that was so rude for the World Championship host!! 😦
    Soccer referees NEVER wear hats. And these soccer t-shirts looks like rugby or something else 😦

    I love soccer, but I feel myself a little disapointed with those items 😦

  4. shinny Says:

    Oh!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!! Very thank you!!!! I love every things about this wedding !!!!!!^^

  5. LilTokyo Says:

    Where is the flag of South Africa, Korea, and Japan? I know it’s not intentional, but I think it’s very offensive for many of us whose countries that made it to the World Cup this year wasn’t represented in one of our favorite games. To be fair, all countries should be included too, such as Uruguay and Nigeria as well. Thanks!

  6. vita Says:

    Sirius please answer my question….
    can my pet get in the doll house???

  7. sfg Says:

    where do u get the holiday ticket???????????

  8. kelly fieldhouse Says:

    oh !!!!!!!!!!!!! i love everything about this wedding i think it’s just good how they do it i think pet society is cool dose every els think it’s cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. kelly fieldhouse Says:

    🙂 :DD :p :B 😉 :O cool

  10. sam Says:

    hello my name is sam i cannot play pet society because i sam

  11. Says:

    live mtv kiss award…

    Mtv Storm is great mtv site….

  12. Angry Chinki-Black Dude Says:

    Not ONE flag from an Asian country!? Wow playfish, thanks for giving me one more reason to not spend any more money on this game. 🙂

  13. Gea Says:

    OMG.. ccooollll…!!!!!!!
    well, I dont have enough money to buy all of that…
    andd,,, PFc , yeah.. of course.. 😦

  14. Fuhtian Says:

    I can’t express how disappointed I am that there is no flag for South Africa. I realize it’s just a game, but it’s something South Africans are proud over, and it feels more than a little insulting to be excluded, even if its on a Facebook game.

  15. Awesomeness! Says:

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the wedding theme! ive been wondering when playfish was gonna hav one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. javoruxo Says:

    somebody can please post a doll house guide!!!

  17. hui ning Says:

    chech for a guide it should be out soon i get my guides there

  18. keepdahoney Says:

    okai its really pissing me off how petsociety is purposely not putting my country’s flag up there. Three countries from Asia (Korean Republic, Korea DPR, and Japan) is enlisted in the world cup, but petsoicety sees it fit to exclude all of them….

    and its really rude to exclude the host of the world cup there….seriously

    the flags that they put up for grabs are only western countries save for a few and thats really insulting to alot of people no matter what the ranking is in the worldcup

  19. junsufaith Says:

    petsociety is being disrespectful to other nations that don’t have flags up there
    I mean, how can you leave out the host?!

    other than that im pretty disappointed with the new soccer items overall…

    But the wedding theme is nice, other than the fact that you cant exactly marry other pets in petsociety lol and the theme is pretty random at this point of the year

  20. eeew Says:

    Playfish flag FAIL!!!

    and how long will the other countries have to wait for them to get their own flags?

    what about the countries that don’t play soccer?

    you didn’t really think about it well enough… tsk! tsk!

  21. Tails Says:

    Are you KIDDING me?????

    No SOUTH AFRICAN flag???? We have a BEAUTIFUL flag, and are the proud HOSTS of the FIFA World Cup, yet our flag is neglected?

    Insane! And offensive! 😦

    Sure, there are other flags missing as well, which sucks, and I do understand they cannot have too many Hideeni items to find as it would take forever to collect them all, but leaving out the HOST’S flag??

    Bollocks!!! 😡

  22. cindy Says:

    no pueden poner algo de high school musical o tectonik y si ponen de hihg school musical que yo sea la fabulosa sharpay

  23. Dalphne Says:

    Will i get the same ice sculptures if buy it again? Cause there are 3 ice sculptures it will melt into…

  24. Fleur Jean Says:

    I w a n t t h a t h a i r ! ! !

  25. milkberry Says:

    Hello, I hope you can clarify this:
    Are ‘Pink Wedding Chair (Living) (TWS)’ and ‘Pure White Wedding Table (Living)
    (TWS)’ are really TWS? In PS it’s under the ‘Just Arrived’ section. I hope you can clear this up. Thanks!

  26. julesfrancis Says:

    I think they should make more boys items on this game or maybe a boys week (only boys items?)

  27. Sapphire Shine Says:

    Dear Pet Society Workers,
    You know some kids are playing,don’t you?Besides,don’t you worry about this.None of my friends got lost in Facebook at all!Problem is that sometimes even kids may think Facebook is mean enough,even for teenagers!

    Pet Society ism stillo a fun game!When is your Fan Appreciation week,by the way?And what do you get if you log in everyday?I would so like to know!By the way,my real name is Tan Kai Xin.You won’t tell anyone,would you?

    Posting another comment soon!Bye now.alligator!
    Yours truly,
    Kai Xin

  28. Sapphire Shine Says:

    Ohhh it is just not fair!You playfish is so unfair!By the way,if u send me the grand display room door and the enchanted wings I’d say I would appreciate it!
    Sob***I still wish to get 10 pf cash and 500 coins instead of just 50.Hope you put a 2000000 wigs instead of a 20000.:'( 😥

  29. Sapphire Shine Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U haven’t got Singapore!!!After all Singapore is the place where they would hold the World Cup Competition and hold the Olympic Flame!I feel like smashing you to pieces and crying!Oh you Playfish is just soooo unfair.:( By the way,I know at least 70% of my friends is a Singaporean!

  30. JellyAce Says:

    hey were did they het the mermaid wig?? i really want that kind of wig….

  31. tina Says:


    i have been going crazy trying to collect all 21 pieces of the doll house mystery boxes they just came out with this week because i think they are soooo ADORABLE!! but so far i only got 20 of them… i tried searching online for a picture of the last one so at least i know what it looks like… but i only saw a picture of the 20 doll house items which i already have… does anyone know what all 21 pieces look like… PLEASE HELP!!! =(

  32. Rifdah Neta Says:

    I would like because it’s beautiful hair to pet society tell me yes please do not forget ya

  33. Elvira Nabila Says:

    How to get the fish in the pet society money troubles at all please answer me now
    😛 😛 😀

  34. hihi Says:

    nice! the dresses r gorgeous. though i feel sori 4 those who cant buy the sweet curls wig. luckily i hve enough pf cash nw. ps, can u put lyk a jewellery section. besides the bracelets, i wouldn’t mind having some diamond necklaces to adorn my pet w/.

  35. Javoruxo Says:

    can playfish make a week dadicated to ecuador??? pleaseeee

  36. betty_pattinson Says:

    AMA TÜRKİYE BAYRAĞI YOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Says:

    Too bad thereäs no Greece flag. Shame…

  38. Kevin Says:

    I love the flags!

  39. noelia laion Says:

    house y love 🙂

  40. Romantic Ice Fish in Pet Society « Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    […] is in the air…and in the pond this week in Pet Society. Along with many wedding-themed items at the shops, you can find the Romantic Ice Fish swimming in the pond. The official blog has […]

  41. unwanted facial hair Says:

    I love Zac Efron. He’s a great actor and ofcouse really gorgeous. I do think that Zac and Vanessa made a nice couple and it’s a bit sad to see their relationship is over.

    Bye bye
    laser hair removal face

  42. Pet Society: Romantic Ice Fish gives weddings a splash | blog Says:

    […] is in the air…and in the pond this week in Pet Society. Along with many wedding-themed items at the shops, you can find the Romantic Ice Fish swimming in the pond. The official blog has […]

  43. Pet Society: Romantic Ice Fish gives weddings a splash | blog Says:

    […] is in the air…and in the pond this week in Pet Society. Along with many wedding-themed items at the shops, you can find the Romantic Ice Fish swimming in the pond. The official blog has […]

  44. michiru Says:

    no entiendo porque playfish no saca pelucas de otro colores para comprar con monedas doradas! deberia por lo menos sacar una peluca de cada color de los tintes que venden!!! como purpura o fuscia y que sean bonitas!! porfabor… nosotros tambien tenemos derecho a que nuestros pet luzcan lindos 😉 y deberian ser como otros juego que aveces sorteadamente te regalan 1 cash por dia o poderlos comprar con dinero dorado ejemplo : 2 cash por 50000 monedas doradas algo asi…

  45. Alya Hamida Says:

    I want Sweet Curls Wig Please… 😀

  46. diana Says:

    how give to cach on game ?

  47. onlinesports Says:

    You have noted very interesting details ! ps decent internet site . “Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you.” by Yassir Arafat.

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