Rock back the clock!


Hey Pet Society fans! When Sirius showed up at the Mystery Store earlier, “?” was acting so colourful that Sirius assumed it must be Cinco de Mayo all over again. Unfortunately, Cinco de Mayo wasn’t back again as Sirius hoped, but she found out that plenty more colourful items that had her humming familiar tunes were now hidden away in mystery boxes! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see what you can find. 😉

Blue Thermos Kitchen Utensils
Colorful Boom Box Red Hood Bear Plushie

A splash of pink comes to free gifting this week, so send some adorable angels, or perhaps you think this pink bow would look stunning on your friends pets and hence could be a great gift!

Angel Bear Plushie Pink Sparkling Ribbon

What is all this leading to? Well, just one more clue, this little guy is swimming around in the Pond for one week only, so try and catch him today!

Tapefish (TWS)

Are you ready to rock the house? You’d better be, as this come Monday there’ll be pets dusting off the cassettes and strumming guitars as they whirl to the sounds of the 1980’s! The Market not only has the finest guitars, but a classic stereo, videogames and some adorable zebras too! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 24th of May, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Shiny Red Rock Guitar (Cool Stuff) (TWS) Retro Boom Box (Cool Stuff) Shiny Blue Rock Guitar (Cool Stuff)
Retro Pet Videogame (Cool Stuff) Pet Pink Retro Videogame (Cool Stuff) (TWS)
Cute Zebra Plushie (Toys & Collectibles) Cute Pink Zebra Plushie (Toys & Collectibles) (TWS)

Set up your rock mansion in the Furniture Store, with outlandish furniture, striking wall decorations, well-loved guitar cases and more!

Zebra Print Pink Sofa (Living) (TWS) Zebra Print Pink Chair (Living) (TWS)
Zebra Print Pink Stool (Living) (TWS) Zebra Print Pink Round Bed (Bedroom) (TWS)
Zebra Print White Sofa (Living) Zebra Print White Chair (Living)
Zebra Print White Stool (Living) Zebra Print White Round Bed (Bedroom)
Battling Guitars Wall Sticker (Living) I Heart 80s Wall Sticker (Living) (TWS)
Blue Cassette Tape Wall Sticker (Living) (TWS) Pink Cassette Tape Wall Sticker (Living)
Black Guitar Case (Living) Pink Guitar Case (Living) (TWS)
Music Video TV (Living) (TWS)
Grey Classic Chair (Living) Grey Striped Classic Table (Living)
Red Classic Chair (Living) Red Striped Classic Table (Living)
Pink Classic Chair (Living) (TWS) Pink Striped Classic Table (Living) (TWS)
Pink Rose Cushion (Living) (TWS) Red Rose Cushion (Living) White Rose Cushion (Living) (TWS)
Elegant Kitchenette (Kitchen & Bathroom) (Level 17 Required) Pink Kitchenette (Kitchen & Bathroom) (Level 25 Required)

If you need some striking wallpaper to go with your new rock pad, look no further than Grumble in the D.I.Y. Depot, as he could have you really believing it is the 1980’s once more!

Black Zebra Print Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Pink Zebra Print Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Deep Orange Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)

If you happen to be rocking through summer, you may need something to cool down, so head to the Food Store where Truffles has some delicious, icy new Ice Cream Cones to enjoy!

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone (Grocery) Strawberry Ice Cream Cone (Grocery) Pistachio Ice Cream Cone (Grocery) (TWS)

You have your house decked out, and even yummy ice cream, but don’t forget some 1980’s fashion! Lily is on the ball this week, with not only plenty of brilliant clothes to rock ‘til dawn, but also two brand new rockin’ wigs in the Clothes Store!

Asymmetrical Short Wig (Hair Stylist) Medium Bob Wig (Hair Stylist)
Blue and Fuchsia 80s Dress (Girls) Black 80s Leggings (Girls) Blue Legwarmers and Shoes (Girls)
Red Bandana 80s Shirt (Boys) Double Belted Wristband (Accessories)
Zebra Print Pants (Boys) 80s Rocker Boots (Boys)
Animal Print 80s Headband (Girls) (TWS) Animal Print 80s Dress (Girls) (TWS) Pink and Brown 80s Bangles (Accessories) (TWS)
Brown 80s Leggings (Girls) (TWS) Bordeaux High Heels (Girls) (TWS)
Red Sneakers (Boys & Girls) Colorful Digital Watch (Accessories) Pink Sneakers (Boys & Girls)
Funky Blue Shades (Accessories) Black Sparkling Ribbon (Girls) Funky Pink Shades (Accessories) (TWS)

Two new hair dos not enough? You’re in luck! On Monday the Brown Bob Wig is a brand new Collaborative Item which you can obtain with the help of your friends! Please note that this means the Totem Pole is only available until this Sunday, GMT.

Brown Bob Wig (Collaborative)

For even more funky fun, head to the Boutique and skate around the neighbourhood with your new roller skates. Or show your pets colourful side with the Plum Red and Dark Purple Wig Dyes!

Blue and Yellow Roller Skates (Amazing Items) Pink and White Roller Skates (Amazing Items)
Plum Red Wig Dye (Amazing Items) Dark Purple Wig Dye (Amazing Items)

And if all these rocking items really just make you want to go outside and have some fresh air (Sirius isn’t sure how, but anyway), then head to the Garden Store for the Raised Potted Plant, or the Boutique for the Royal Garden Flower Seed which grows into one of three amazing new flowers!

Raised Potted Plant (Garden – Gardening) Royal Garden Flower Seed (Boutique – Beautiful Items)
Radiant Crystal Flower (from Royal Garden Flower Seed) Precious Golden Flower (from Royal Garden Flower Seed) Regal Flower (from Royal Garden Flower Seed)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in stores this week!

82 Responses to “Rock back the clock!”

  1. I LUV PETSOS Says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! naruto theme… go..go…go… go NARUTO!!!!! ^_^

  2. aurora Says:

    yeah…!!!! so good…
    but , please PS , make “SPONGEBOB THEME WEEK” with patrick , squidward , mr crab , plankton , sandy , and more… pleaseeeee…

  3. aurora Says:

    yeah…!!!! it s so good…i like iiit…
    but , please Pet society ,please make “SPONGEBOB THEME WEEK” and patrick , squidward , mr crab , plankton , sandy , and more… pleaseeeee…

  4. HARMAN Says:

    This is going to be awesome!!!

  5. mayi Says:

    i found out that the monday date is next week.
    this coming monday is on 17th may 2010 :/

  6. leila ysobel Says:

    the game doesn’t load!!>.<

  7. ang Says:

    It would be a nice change to have long wigs, like the mermaid one from the treasure bait ^-^ I feel a summer theme is coming up soon 😀

  8. Bea Says:

    Hey! Great! I love 80’S! but what’s happed? The game does not load in my country!

  9. marithe Says:

    yo have yu dne it

  10. Mook Says:

    i can’t load ;-( i can’t play pet society How shoud i do? i refresh more than 20 times

  11. marithe Says:

    yesterday my money was 170000000 and now my my money is 5 please give me that much i paid for it mon huhuhuhuhuhu:)

  12. Zina Says:

    Hey! I cannot play the game in my country! I’ve been trying to get in for like, 2 hours and it doesn’t load at all! what’s going on?

  13. eve Says:

    me quiero crear un pet society por faaa

  14. Pet Society: Tapefish in for One Week Only | blog Says:

    […] The Tapefish was released on May 13. If you want one, head over to the pond asap because this is available for one week only. Others have reported using onions or apples to get them. Good luck! […]

  15. sandy Says:

    love it

  16. Mitchie Haruno Says:

    i love PS!!

  17. Gracia Says:

    How cute!!!!
    The best since petso started

  18. greta Says:

    royal seeds cause my game to not save… cake’s burned and can’t get the dang crystal flower out of my bees pot… don’t buy til this is fixed! you are wasting my money!!! ;(

  19. cAte:) Says:

    hello..can you give my pet a make over?
    pls. giv me ur email in yahoo..i will giv u her pic..and pls. reply asap..
    i need to make my pet look more unique and different

  20. Says:

    i love u imiz u

  21. rozelle Says:

    can petsociety have their pet get to drive their cars outside their houses or maybe in friends’ street????

  22. rozelle Says:

    can petsociety have a princess theme too???

  23. Awesomeness Says:

    Shouldn’t next weeks items be published already?

  24. Cindy Says:

    I haven’t been able to load PS for a month. Whats going on!!!!! Help

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