Take a stroll down Pet Ave.


Hey Pet Society fans! There have been rumours of a huge monster storming through the village, so watch where you step! Sirius put on her detective hat to try and investigate. Although not 100% conclusive, her findings landed her at the door of the Mystery Store, where there is said to be a new Giant Monster Plushie in Mystery Boxes, so there’s no need to be alarmed after all. Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to seek out your own Giant Monster Plushie or other mysterious objects.

Contemporary Zig-Zag Bookshelf Skyline Print Giant Monster Plushie

While in the Mystery Store buying Mystery Boxes, you may also want to check out the Win Or Lose Boxes, as “?” let Sirius in on the secret that there’s three new items available, and of course plenty of famous pies!

Purple Owl Plushie (Win Or Lose Box)

Keep those gifts flowing, as there are some more new Free Gifts to send to your friends!

CMYK Paw Print Set Pink Flowerbed

And make a splash with the Newspaperfish swimming in the Pond. It is unclear who has been throwing their old newspapers into the pond which resulted in this strange fish, but detective Sirius is on the case!

Newspaperfish (Pond)

Come Monday, hit the city! With millions of pets, the Pet Society village really is a metropolis, so make it show in your pet’s home! Starting in the Garden Store, there are some amazing vehicles for your pet, to pretend you are cruising down Pet Ave. You can also install some Traffic Lights and directions to the nearest Subway! Decorate your city street further with the City Lamp Posts, and consider a Newspaper Stand for the street corner! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 17th of May, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Red Sports Car (Furniture) Cream Sports Car (Furniture) (TWS)
Pet Avenue Street Sign (Furniture) (TWS) Pink Retro Car (Furniture)
Traffic Light (Furniture) (TWS) Subway Entrance (Furniture)
Double City Lamp Post (Furniture) (TWS) City Lamp Post (Furniture) (TWS)
Newspaper Stand (Furniture)

Got your newspaper from the Newspaper Stand? Take it with you to read it with your coffee at the nearby Café with the new items in the Furniture Store. Visit a stylish bar, or decorate your city pad with great contemporary furniture.

Coffee And Newspaper (Living)
Golden Bar (Living) Pink Bar (Living) (TWS)
Golden Contemporary Bed (Bedroom) (TWS) Golden Contemporary Carpet (Bedroom) (TWS)
Dark Contemporary Bed (Bedroom) Dark Contemporary Carpet (Bedroom)
Earthy Contemporary Frames (Living) Pink Contemporary Frames (Living) (TWS)
Contemporary Side Table (Bedroom)

Add some colour to your apartment with a new range of wallpapers in the D.I.Y. Depot. And install some City View Windows for your visitors to marvel at your view!

Black Loft Brick Wall (Walls & Floors) City View Window (Windows & Doors) Red Loft Brick Wall (Walls & Floors) (TWS)
Dark Aquamarine Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Purple Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)
Bordeaux Wallpaper (Walls & Floors) Aquamarine Wallpaper (Walls & Floors)

Back outside, and every stunning city needs some great parks and features! Head to the Garden Store and Boutique where Mrs. Appleblossom and Terrence will astound you with amazing water features, or for the more delicate green touch, pick up some flowers.

Swimming Pool Terrace (Boutique – Beautiful Items) City Rock Fountain (Garden – Furniture)
Blue Flowerbed (Garden – Gardening) Basket of Roses (Garden – Gardening) (TWS)

For a classic addition to your metropolis experience, install a Railway Vintage Clock and always be on time! Also, new to the Market this week is the Cute Dalmatian Plushie, unfortunately there’s no way to get 101 of these fellows though, but we are sure a few would be welcome in most homes!

Railway Vintage Clock (Cool Stuff) Cute Dalmatian Plushie (Toys & Collectibles)

Some quick snacks are always helpful in the hustle and bustle of city life, so visit Truffles in the Food Store for some French Fries and Small Chips Pack, to fill you up while on the go.

French Fries (Grocery) Small Chips Pack (Grocery)

What is underneath this thriving Pet Society metropolis though? Terrence has the answer with the Manhole Secret Room in the Boutique!

Manhole Secret Room (Amazing Items) Manhole Secret Room Unlocked

Of course, there are plenty of fabulous clothing options strewn across the city. Lily brings you a taste of that experience this week with a range of stunning new outfits in the Clothes Store.

White Wavy Dress (Girls) Pink Wavy Dress (Girls) (TWS)
Ken’s Wig (Hair Stylist) Casual Striped Top (Boys & Girls)
Casual Blue Jeans (Boys & Girls) Casual White Shoes (Boys & Girls)
Golden Office Outfit (Girls) (TWS) Golden Office Shoes (Girls) (TWS)

There’s more than just designer clothes in the city centre though, if your pet loves high fashion, you need to check out the new range of designer bags and perfume with the Mon Pet Chérie range in the Boutique!

Brown Design Bag (Beautiful Items) Rosy Eau De Parfum (Beautiful Items)
Rosy Ribbon Bag (Beautiful Items) Purple Design Clutch (Beautiful Items)

For total indulgence (as if the glorious Mon Pet Chérie range wasn’t enough) spoil your pet with the new Limited Item, the Solid Gold Teddy! Remember you can only purchase a maximum of one of these per day, and there’s only a limited number available, so secure yours today!

Solid Gold Teddy (Market – Toys & Collectables) (Limited)

Finally, even more fish, ten to be precise, have made their way into the Pet Society Pond. It’s unclear how they arrived, but they can only be caught with the new Gummy Fish Candy from the Boutique, and are said (if you trust the ducks by the Pond) to be quite bouncy!

Orange Gummy Seahorse (caught with Gummy Fish Candy) Gummy Fish Candy (Boutique) Blue Gummy Fish (caught with Gummy Fish Candy)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Mysterious Reforms in stores this week!

100 Responses to “Take a stroll down Pet Ave.”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I ALWAYS can’t get in the game since last wednesday.

  2. ian Says:

    ohh..i love this weeks special..:D but the only thing that i hate is the cash items..mph 😦

  3. annoyed Says:

    Playfish is getting really annoying these days – all the items that are actually worth buying are PF cash items.

  4. mbj Says:

    I have been trying to take to go on to pet society for the past 2 days but it says page you requested is not found and my grand son ryan says that im not on his list of neighbors but im on his friends list same with my other grandaughter it is not letting me on i had 4 pets and about 30000 coins which i have been saving for monthes why plz answer me i enjoy pet society.

  5. Viaviaviaaaa_81. Says:

    Cool Items!! I like it..!! =)

  6. MAY Says:

    NOOOO the purses are playfish cash >.<

  7. MAY Says:

    and why isn’t it impossible to get 101 dalmations?

  8. ang Says:

    Thanks for making the rosy handbag 5 cc!! I can finally purchase sth I like <3~ It's beautiful and I'm so so happy 😀

  9. georgie Says:

    Solid Gold Teddy is Sold Out! 😦

  10. Lance Says:

    Limited edition items should be available for at least 24 to 48 hours, it’s kinda unfair for some countries which the local time are later than others…

  11. Dalphne Says:

    I want the Solid Gold Teddy…but it’s SOLD OUT!!!

    It’s getting hard to get paw points…harder than before.

  12. Uila Engel Says:

    I bought my gold teddy! on both my profiles! but i got on line at 6 in the morning to buy them. lol

    • Evie Says:

      On BOTH of your profiles? You do realise that having more than one account is against TOS for both Facebook AND playfish?

  13. Uila Engel Says:

    that was a real limited edition, not like the peter pan statue that is 2 weeks for sal and still are a lot available. the teddy went out really fast.

  14. Lily Says:

    Love the gold teddy, too bad it sold out so fast!

    I also bought the rosy handbag, it’s SO CUTE.
    I wish the other handbags were also 5 cc 😦 12 is a bit much.

  15. Mollie Says:


  16. JenJen Says:

    oh wow the “Mon Pet Chérie” collection is STUNNING. I can make my game as luxurious and sophisticated as my real world 😛

    Oh Playfish, why do you have to tempt me like this !!!! 😦

    It’s too beautiful to pass but it’s so pricy as well!!

    *Logs into Paypal to see balance…

  17. Tanya_Kim Says:

    OOOH I’m totallly feeling this week’s items!!

    My pet is looking cute and sexy with her high waisted skirt and them bags!

    I also love the LADY GAGA reference in the Newspaper stand item!
    She looks sooo lovely Pet Socitified!
    Since you designed them already, please release the HAIR AND MAKE-UP of Miss Gaga!!! It’s GORGEOUS and TO DIE FOR. I’m sure you’d make millions happy. She’s so hot right now!


  18. Sissy Says:

    Well I thought it was unfair with the teddy thing because I had all the money and I was going to buy it but it said that I can’t afford it. That’s so unfair!!

  19. ang Says:

    I’ve begin to notice that new items are available when a new day begins on Sunday, I thought it’s suppose to be on Monday? Anyone know why? The newsletter updates on Monday when a new day begins but the new items are already in stores 24hrs before~ not really complaining but just wondering~

    Loving this week’s items! wish we could purchase rooms with coins so there’s a place to put them~

    • Evie Says:

      I have not noticed this, I am confused by your comment, I live in the Uk and is BST here now, so new items are instore at 1am on Monday morning here, how is it that you think they are available on Sunday? Do you think you have some hackers in your friend list who get the items early?

    • Lefty Says:

      Hi Ang,

      Use playfish time. GMT Monday 0:00am, check your current country time compare to GMT..

  20. Dalphne Says:

    Can the pet society makers add in more SOLID GOLD TEDDY???
    I want it so badly!!!
    Unlike the peter pan statue this teddy sold out real fast!

  21. Koche Yo Says:

    I really wish to purchase Solid Gold Teddy, is it possible for Pet Society to add the number to be sold to players? I like it so much!!!! It sold out too fast…

  22. Lance Says:

    Please i really like that if there’re more Solid Gold Teddys in store…

  23. Uila Engel Says:

    There was still a discussion about the teddys on the forum. a lot of discussions, to say the truth.

    And i dont think they should bring the golden teddy back on stores, just make it giftable so if someone is willing to part from their own and trade or give it to some friend they will be able to. but not add more, it would loose all the meaning of limited edition.


    my opinion is the same as the girl that created that thread.
    I got late to my german classes to stay at home a little longer and buy the teddy before i went out, making me miss my train, but was worth it, cause i got the teddy. 😉

  24. Evie Says:

    Oh why oh why is everything playfishcash?
    They need you to spend your money !!!
    I think the handbags are crass and I shall not be buying them, I love the sewer room and as an early poster says ‘Each to his/her own’, I certainly would not part with real money for a virtual handbag I can hardly bear to part with real cash for a real bag 😀

    The teddy issue is a real bad one, most people were asleep or at WORK earning money when the teddy was released, very few player were actually around to get one, and who the hell knew that Playfish would only release 50,000 of the blasted things? There was 250,000 of that hideous Peter Pan statue FGS! I DID get a teddy FYI but many of my friends did not. As for making the teddy less ‘exclusive’ I think you will find that it is already hacked, certainly the ps forum members seem to think so, so how ‘exclusive’ is it now?
    This is all about making money for Playfish, please try to remember that while you are playing but don’t forget to have fun too 😀 I LOVE this game but you have to remember that Playfish gotta make money to run it.

  25. zombie Says:

    The sewer room is cool and is a better price than some of the secret rooms (fairy room being the worst), but the bags??? My vampire pet would not been be seen dead with a handbag so ‘Oh Dear’ no playfishcash sales here ….lol

  26. Savira Kawaii Says:

    What is the meaning of TWS anyway?

  27. Savira Kawaii Says:

    What is the meaning of TWS anyway? I can’t find some new things there!

  28. babysoftpink Says:

    Please make more solid gold bear. I will rush to get limited edition every time from now on. Please make more just this once so everyone gets a forewarning about the arrival of solid gold bear.

  29. facebook Says:

    why hello pet society fans
    pet society is some more pets but they arent pet society pets they are petville pets

  30. Melanie, NC Says:

    I wish I could get things out of the mystery boxes. I am buying and I get the same things over and over! I haven’t got one of the new MB items in over 3 weeks! Has anyone else had this problem???????

  31. babysoftpink Says:

    I really want the gold solid bear, could you please restock. Thanks.

  32. chosung Says:

    Love all^^~i want the giant monster but can’t get it:( hope i can have it

  33. Jessy Says:

    Chinese traditional festival– Dragon Boat Festival– is coming soon on 16 June. Don’t you think it’s a good theme.^^ cc~

  34. gold coast accommodation apartments Says:

    Great! But I completely different ideas myself. But I definitely support your right to think what you like.

  35. teresa Says:

    why i cant get my second playhouse….i already finish the task..tsk tsk tsk

  36. kristen Says:

    It is now July 15, can I still get the Giant Monster Plushie? I have had NO LUCK… and I am dedicated to mystery boxes, I must spend about 4000/day… Thanks!

  37. Kraig Okumoto Says:

    Yo! Just wanted to tell you that you built a wonderful little site and I would like you are aware how welcoming it looks. Will be back on a regular basis.

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