Eggvasion 2010


Hey Pet Society fans! *thud* *thud* *thud* Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the Easter Bunny hopping around the village, and no, it’s not Hideeni! Easter Bunny has hidden some decorative eggs to display in your home in the trees in Friend Street, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and head outside and take a look around!

Light Purple Egg Decor Aquamarine Egg Decor
Green Egg Decor Pink Egg Decor

Holidays are always a good time to share with your loved ones, so this week you can send some new gifts to your friends for free, by clicking on the Free Gifts icon on the left hand side of the screen! Whether you want to send a cute Plushie, or an Egg to celebrate the season, we are sure you’re friends will love the gifts!

Blue Robin Plushie Daffodils Bouquet Red Panda Plushie
White Ribbon Egg Pink Gift Basket Pink Ribbon Egg

“?” may not be the first pet you think of at Easter, but when Sirius hopped into the Mystery Store earlier, he had a surprise for her, not only are the new mysterious items perfect for the season, but there’s a new duck! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start searching for these mysterious items, those labelled Holiday Special (HS) are in boxes for a limited time only, so find them while you can!

Egg Wall Decor (HS) Yellow Duck Toy
Pink Bunny Hairband (HS) Easter Egg Headgear (HS)

The Easter celebration continues across the stores of the village on Monday! Remember that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 12th of April, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Stop by the Furniture Store for some great greetings cards and an adorable Bunny to play with! Plus visit Truffles in the Food Store for some great Easter treats!

Easter Bunny Card (Furniture) (HS) Pink Bunny Plushie (Furniture) (HS) Easter Daffodils Card (Furniture) (HS)
Easter Ham (Food) (HS) Hot Cross Bun (Food) (HS)

Truffles has some particularly special eggs in store as well. When your pet eats one of these delicious Surprise Eggs, you’ll find a miniature toy inside!

Rose Chocolate Surprise Egg (HS) Rose White Surprise Egg (HS)
Baby Pink Bunny Toy (from Surprise Egg) Baby Lamb Toy (from Surprise Egg) Baby Happy Chick Toy (from Surprise Egg)

Easter and Spring go hand-in-hand in the Furniture and Garden Stores, where you can buy these amazing Egg Greenhouses which will give 7 days of flowers if you check on them each day!

Blue Egg Greenhouse (HS) Pink Egg Greenhouse (HS)
Narcissus Pot (from Egg Greenhouse) Daffodil Pot (from Egg Greenhouse) Peony Pot (from Egg Greenhouse)

With new flowers blooming, explore new life butterfly style! Mysterious Butterfly Cocoon’s are new to the Cash Shop and Garden Store, and in just three days evolve into one of three stunning butterflies!

Mysterious Butterfly Cocoon
Blue Butterfly Magnificent Pink Butterfly Yellow Butterfly

Decorate your own eggs this Easter with the Basic Eggs in the Furniture and Mystery Stores and a range of fun decorations in the Easter Egg Vending Machines!

Milk Chocolate Basic Egg (HS) Pink Basic Egg (HS) White Chocolate Basic Egg (HS)
Golden Egg Holder (HS) Pink Egg Holder (HS) Blue Egg Holder (HS)
Blue Egg Ribbon (from Easter Egg Mystery Egg) Easter Egg Vending Machine and Mystery Egg (HS) Pink Egg Rosette (from Easter Egg Mystery Egg)
Chick Egg Decor (from Easter Egg Mystery Egg) Pink Sugar Roses (from Easter Egg Mystery Egg) Chocolate Cream Decoration (from Easter Egg Mystery Egg)

Send some amazing gifts to your friends, or spoil yourself this spring with elaborate Easter Mystery Gifts in the Cash Shop! Remember that when you gift or buy these they will stay wrapped until Sunday the 4th of April, 2010 when the contents will be revealed.

Fawns Merry Go-Round (Animated) (HS) Romantic Bird Swing (HS)
Pink Tree Swing (HS)

Add a bit of extra life to your aquarium with 10 new seasonal fish in the Pond which can be caught with the Easter Fish Biscuit from the Cash Shop!

Lilyfish (caught with Easter Fish Biscuit) Easter Fish Biscuit (HS) Blue Eggfish (caught with Easter Fish Biscuit)

Have you ever wondered how to produce eggs from home without chickens? Well, the alternative this Easter, seemingly only available in the world of Pet Society, is the Easter Egg Tree Seed available in the Garden Store!

Easter Egg Tree Seed (HS) White Chocolate Egg Tree (from Easter Egg Tree Seed)
Blue Chocolate Egg Tree (from Easter Egg Tree Seed) Pink Chocolate Egg Tree (from Easter Egg Tree Seed)

If all you want for Easter is a new wardrobe, visit the Clothes Store, where Lily has a few cute new outfits for girl pets, as well as an adorable Duck Swim Ring Top!

Bunny Ribbon  Hairband (HS) Pink Apron Dress (HS) Pink Shiny Shoes (HS)
Blue Ribbon Hat Blue Ribbon Dress
Pink Ribbon Hat (HS) Pink Ribbon Dress (HS)
Duck Swim Ring Top

If all you want this spring is a makeover for your home, maybe a Cello will help, or perhaps a whole new Elegant room! Whether you prefer a neutral cream or romantic pink, this set will add extra sophistication to your pet’s home.

Wooden Cello (Furniture) White Cello (Furniture) (HS)
Elegant Cream Bed (Luxury) Elegant Romantic Bed (Luxury) (HS)
Elegant Cream Dressing Table (Furniture) Elegant Pink Dressing Table (Furniture) (HS)
Elegant Bath Tub (Furniture) Elegant Romantic Bath Tub (Furniture) (HS)
Elegant Cream Stool (Furniture) Cream Rocking Horse (Furniture) Elegant Pink Stool (Furniture) (HS)
Elegant Cream Table (Furniture) Elegant Wooden Table (Furniture) Elegant Pink Table (Furniture) (HS)
Elegant Cream Curtain (D.I.Y.) Elegant Pink Curtain (D.I.Y.) (HS)
Elegant Cream Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) Elegant Pink Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (HS)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items including:

  • Carnival Decoration (TWS)
  • Koala Doll
  • Mystic Blue Perfume Bottle
  • Gorgeous Pink Perfume Bottle
  • Deluxe Feather Half Mask (TWS)
  • Bird Half Mask
  • Giant Beads Top
  • Blue Beads Top
  • Black Long Coat
  • Dreamy Princess Bed
  • Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)
  • Black Framed Gate
  • Black Framed Window
  • Deep Night Sky Wallpaper
  • Mystery Box Cake (TWS)
  • Practical Joke (TWS)
  • Chocolate Poo (TWS)

In stores this week!

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86 Responses to “Eggvasion 2010”

  1. Girl Says:

    Like new items !! Can’t wait for them … ^^

  2. Ghadeer $hraim Says:

    WooooW…Kteeer nice al-thingss

  3. Krystel Says:

    I’m excited for the new trees but with one of every kind of tree (and 3 easter ones) I will have NO space for growing flowers!! Even if I were to splurge the cash for all 3 fairies, that would only be 3 extra spots. We need more garden space! Or let us grow some flower/vegetable seeds in a pot that’s NOT cash!

    Looks all very great, but PS has gone back to ignoring boys again when it comes to clothes!

  4. Indiago Says:

    Sue Cash Shop!!

  5. kelly Says:

    We hate Cash Shop!Sue!Sue!Sue

  6. Caroline Says:

    Why must we have Cash Shop why don’t they just sell on the furniture shop with pet society coins NOT PLAYFISH COINS!

  7. Heather Says:

    Cash Shop suckssssssssssss!a LOT!!!

  8. AJ Says:

    Who has a complete list of the egg decors?

  9. -Serenity- Says:

    The egg reminds me about kinder egg suprise

  10. Ricardo Says:

    we urgently need the back Chairs and beds luxury 15,000 coins………. Urgentlyyyyyyy

  11. sj Says:

    i seem to be having a problem with the free gifts. My mum was able to send me the red panda on the first day. After which, she tried to send me other stuff but up till today was unable to find my name in her friends list. anyone facing the same problem?

    If these gifts only last for a week, PS please fix it.

  12. Orianthi Says:

    Cool. You should also place a purple guitar in the furniture shop.

  13. valentina lozano Says:

    me encanta!!!!!!

  14. lesley Says:

    i almost bought everything for easter i just love ur new dress and i am waiting for my easter tree 2 grow i hope i get the pink 1

  15. clyde Says:

    i need the sharmrock seed very much!!!!! anyone would trade with me?? i need two. email me at thanks very much 😀

  16. eckotaku Says:’s the pink that counts xD

  17. Bowq Says:

    Aww…no…rabbit petling for easter 😦 Everything else is great though.

  18. Amanda Says:

    my flowers from the egg greenhouse are missing!!!! 😦 please fix!

  19. Elise Says:

    i cant find the egg greenhouse in any shop T^T where is it!!!!

  20. Sol Says:

    hola, tengo una duda, ¿los huevitos que se obtienen al pasar por los árboles ya no estan? lo que pasa es que me dedique a visitar y comprar cosas y ahora que tube tiempo y quise pasar por los árboles y ya no dan, que injusto no decia cuando desaparecian y pense que todo lo de pascua se iba el mismo día o por lo menos después del domingo que es pascua. Por favor quisiera una respuesta, muchisimas gracias…

  21. Sol Says:

    Hello, I have a doubt, the huevitos that are obtained on having happenedpassed for the trees already not estan? What happens passes is that it he devotes to visit and buy me things and now that tube time and I wanted to spend pass for the trees and already they do not give, that unjust!!! Not decia when desaparecian and pense that quite it of pascua was going away the same day or at least after Sunday that is pascua. Please it he wanted a response, thank you very much…

    For the doubts I write it in English

    (I hope that he understands himself) I am not good with this language, am sorry about it.

  22. florence Says:

    hello,where can i get the red panda and blue robin plushies? or has it been sold out already?

  23. nebil Says:

    varför kan man inte spela pet soceity

  24. anne Says:

    pls. make the elegant pink curtain stillavailable.. i really want it.. (badly) sugh 😥

  25. anne Says:

    pls. make the elegant pink curtain stillavailable.. i really want it.. (badly) sigh 😥

  26. cuadra Says:

    Links are dead, might want to update them

  27. Geneviever Says:

    everything is sooo CUTE!!!!! I Wish in 2011 It Could be the same things with a handful of new things also!! That’d Probably Make A lot of people Happy!! MOstly People who miss this event (:

  28. Lucas Danowski Says:

    I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one these days..

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