Tides of Change!


Hey Pet Society fans! A major game update has just occurred for Pet Society! This will affect your game, so read on, or sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see for yourself!

The first thing you will notice is that the game screen is now wider! This is obviously fantastic, as you can see more of your beloved pet, friends’ pets, homes, shops, etc! As an added bonus, secret rooms such as the Secret Garden and Tree House Room are now a little larger!

Shortly afterwards you should notice a new look and layout, with cool new icons, and a new town map with the shops! So explore, explore, explore! The new design has been specifically devised to help us integrate new features in the future. The Bank is no longer displayed on the town map, but you can always access it at any time by selecting the Add Coins button! 😉

You may notice that there are no trees to bump on the town map, but never fear, Friend Street is here! You can find Friend Street in the lower left corner of the town map, where you can visit friends and bump trees to your heart’s content!

If instead you use the Friends Bar to visit your friends, you will notice that there are changes there too! The Active and Visits tabs have been removed! You can still tell who you have visited each day though, as the original pink or blue background will change to a neutral colour after you visit. And there is really no need for an Active tab anymore, so we fed it to the hungry fish in the Pond, as you now receive the same coins no matter who you visit (35 coins for your first 50 visits each day, 20 coins for the next 25, and 15 coins thereafter).

By now, you may be wondering where your happiness and hygiene bars are, well due to mysterious circumstances, which Sirius basically thinks “?” is responsible for, they no longer exist! What does this mean for you? Well, happiness no longer affects your game in any way, so feel free to brush your pet, but don’t be surprised when nothing much happens! Hygiene however is still in effect, you can tell how dirty your pet is, and how dirty the pets you visit are, by the number of flies on them, the dirtiest pets will have 5 flies. You can earn 20 coins and 1 paw point per fly cleaned when washing a pet up to a maximum of 80 coins and 4 paw points.

When you are watching your paw points add for washing those flies away, don’t be too surprised if they appear lower than normal, as the display for these has been changed! It may be a little confusing at first, but each level the paw points number goes back to zero and counts up to the amount needed to reach the next level. For example, if you were a Level 43 pet with 337,300 paw points previously, your pet will now show as a Level 43 pet with 5,300 paw points towards the next level (as 332,000 paw points were those required to reach Level 43).

Back home now, because after all that exploring Sirius needs a rest, you will find that the Stickers, Cooking and Tutorial icons have been removed from the main game screen, and placed in the snazzy new Books tab, which is neatly located next to your Friends tab, and shown below! While in this region of the game screen, Sirius would like you to know that the shiny new red camera icon you see there is particularly special, as you can now take a snap shot of your pet in your room!

There’s one more drastic change that we are sure everyone will love, because well, you asked for it! The Chest and Wardrobe now have various categories to help you find what you need (Sirius loves the toys tab)!

So enjoy, and remember to let us know what you think of all the changes and how you’d like us to improve the game further! More game improvements are already been worked on, like ways to navigate the shops faster, but your valuable input is needed, so look out for a survey in the next week after you’ve played for awhile to give us detailed feedback about these updates! And to celebrate the new design, if you’ve been playing Pet Society for awhile you should have just received 3000 coins to splurge with! Thanks for all of your support!

Recently, we mentioned that there may be coming change for the Pet Society Blog! Well, a big change has just arrived, each week when the mysterious items are released, the Blog will be updated as normal, but differently to the past, this Blog entry should include all of the items being released at midnight GMT on Monday as well most weeks! So while the current items are still in store, you will be able to have a peek at what is to come!

“?” has been up to his rascally business again, hiding new things in his Mystery Boxes! When Sirius stopped by the Mystery Store, he seemed a little more green than normal (perhaps he’d eaten some strange beans – more on that later), so Sirius took the opportunity to distract him by asking Adhara (her puppy) to show him some tricks, and slid the new mysterious item images off of the counter and into her pocket! These mysterious items are now available in boxes across the village!

Sunflowers Pot Sunflowers Hat
Knitting Basket Scarecrow Mask

What will Monday bring? Keep reading to find out! Note that these items are not in stores just yet, but will appear in stores at midnight GMT on Monday! Also remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of March, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Now there’s a Scarecrow Mask in the Golden Mystery Box, what could that mean? You may just need to follow the yellow brick road to find out! 😉 For your adventure, choose to dress as Dorothy, a Good Witch, a Wicked Witch, or even the Wizard of Oz, with Lily putting together a variety of magical outfits in the Clothes Store.

Checkered Blue Bow Checkered Blue Dress Sparkling Red Shoes
Star Wand (TWS) Pink Witch Crown (TWS)
Pink Witch Dress (TWS) Pink Witch Shoes (TWS)
Purple Witch Hat (TWS) Purple Witch Dress (TWS) Purple Witch Shoes (TWS)
Green Wizard Glasses (TWS) Green Wizard Hat Green Wizard Shirt
Green Wizard Pants Golden Wizard Boots

Of course, a Lion searching for courage would be a good friend to help you on your journey, so check out the Garden Store for the new Lion Petling! And where would Dorothy be without her Toto? Pick up your own Yorkshire Terrier Plushie friend in the Furniture Store!

Lion Petling (infant) (Garden) Lion Petling (fully grown) (Garden) Yorkshire Terrier Plushie (Furniture)

Transform one or more of your rooms into the mystical Land of Oz with a variety of shiny emerald items, a yellow brick road and even some troublesome poppies in the stores of village!

Emerald City Wallpaper (Cash Shop)
Tree With Poppies Bush (Garden) (TWS) Yellow Bricks Floor (D.I.Y.)
Emerald Throne (Luxury) (TWS) Emerald Chandelier (Gadget) (TWS)
Emeraldfish (Pond) Emerald Curtain (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

From one magical tale to another, have you ever wanted your very own special bean seed leading to a land in the clouds? Sirius certainly has, and this week this dream can come true! Don’t let Jack have all of the fun, visit Terrence in the Cash Shop and buy a Beanstalk Bean to grow your very own Beanstalk that reaches into the heavens. Please note you can only have one Secret Beanstalk Room, no matter how many magical Beanstalks you grow.

Beanstalk Bean Beanstalk Plant
Secret Beanstalk Room (unlocked when you have grown a Beanstalk)

Back down to earth and you can see things through Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes, or perhaps even her Granny’s with fanciful new outfits in the Clothes Store! To enhance your fairytale experience, run through the forest or set up your own country cottage!

Red Hoody (Clothes) Red Country Dress (Clothes) Red Country Shoes (Clothes)
Granny Bonnet (Clothes) (TWS) Granny Glasses (Clothes) (TWS) Pink Nightdress (Clothes) (TWS)
Green Forest Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)
Green Forest Floor (D.I.Y.) Country Rocking Chair (Furniture)
Country Wooden Window (D.I.Y.) Country Wooden Door (D.I.Y.) Country Wooden Shelf Unit (Furniture)
Country Wooden Side Table (Furniture) Country Wooden Seat (Furniture)

Extend your country experience with a cute picket fence, antique wallpapers, picnic tables, an adorable letter box, fabulous pianos and more!

Cute White Gate (D.I.Y.) Cute White Fence (D.I.Y.)
Cute Pink Gate (D.I.Y.) (TWS) Cute Pink Fence (D.I.Y.) (TWS)
Antique Roses Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) Pink Roses Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)
Blue Picnic Table (Furniture) Pink Picnic Table (Furniture) (TWS)
Flowers Wall Frames (Furniture) Blue Mailbox (Furniture) Flowers Picture Frame (Furniture)
Elegant Wooden Piano (Luxury) Elegant White Piano (Luxury) (TWS)
Rose Flower Pot (Garden) Rose Teapot (Furniture) Rose Tea Cup (Furniture)
Garden Tea Terrace (Garden) Pink Country Lamp (Gadget)

Stock up on gifts for Mother’s Day, with flowers, chocolates and gift cards joining the stores this week!

Mother’s Day Cute Bouquet (Furniture) Chocolate Pastry (Food) Mother’s Day Cute Card (Furniture)

New to the Cash Shop and Mystery Store on Monday is the Marvellous Mystery Box, which is just as shiny and alluring as its predecessor! Try your luck and discover a variety of items that can no longer be found in stores!

Marvellous Mystery Box

As you know, Haiti was devastated recently by massive earthquakes that struck the region in January. Many of you helped out and donated through our Mercy Corps page and / or by purchasing a Help for Haiti Plushie in game. To say thank you for all of your amazing donations, which Mercy Corps are putting to work in Haiti, you should all receive your very own Haiti Poster!

Haiti Poster

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in stores this week!

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365 Responses to “Tides of Change!”

  1. Barb Pfeiffer Says:

    Pet Society is not working…

  2. Bia Says:

    I think the people didn’t like the new pet society must just stop playing it… The petville is more like the old version of pet society than the new one for me… I don’t think is childish, I am 29 years old and I could learn to use the new layout as simple as it gets. I am playing pet society now more than ever and I am spend money with it too… There is a big drama around the new layout and design… I am totally agree with the people that complains about the technical issues, the bugs must be fixed, but about the childish design, c’mon… I really think we want to see the paw points of friends, the new levels above 47, a shop for petlings and petlings stuff, good items and all stores not only in cash shop, an amount of money to be exchanged to cash, the bars of hygiene, happiness, and health again, and more new stuff like trophy for fishing i.e. A tab in the storage for diy itens could be great too, and we could organize our storage for collections. I think the design in game is more like the design outside game like the banners and other merchandise of the pet society, it fits alot with the itens, I think the pets could have shades in the colors of its body to gain an appearance of “puffed” like the itens, like the posters of pets have, and plushies have…

  3. Bia Says:

    One more thing: I like to see in the game a park for pets to meet each other in real time to play only with active people and interact to others petling too, a place we could bring our petling to play and interact with our pet in the game… It could be nice to see… And a real chat on cafe where I could chat in real time inside the game with others active players, to make “roleplay” for the pet c: So nerd but it could be fun ^^

  4. Nea Says:

    Change just for the sake of change is not always good. I know that you guys need to earn your pay, and improvements are good, but many of these changes were not improvements. People like things to be familiar, when you change to much to fast, we lose interest. The new screen size is okay, the tabs for stored items is fine, but the look of the screen is childish almost baby like, like for little children. And the active feature was very helpful, you should bring that back. Small changes…..are best if you want to keep us playing…

  5. dd Says:

    hello… I want to learn how to collect stikers…
    can anybody help me

    • Jorge Says:

      The stickers, like Free Gifts, are send by friends.
      All you have to do to send a sticker its to open the Sticker´s Album, the red book from the new Book Tabs, and click on the link that says ¨Send stickers to your friends¨,, then choose the friends who you would like to send the stickers, and then, they have to accept to recieve a Stickers Pack ingame, which contains 1 STICKER. And so on, your friends have to send you sticker packs 🙂

      But you should be aware that Stickers can EXPIRE if you don´t pick then within 24 HOURS.

  6. lautaro Says:

    that changed the pet society prefer to be like when did that change is already much

  7. lautaro Says:

    lay it as it was before

  8. Jefferey Gal Says:

    I’m totally hooked on Sonny with a chance, Tawni is my favorite on the show! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it!

  9. AG Says:


  10. TaniaSinclaire Says:

    I love Pet Society:D

  11. Emma Says:

    I love it!!!^_^
    Pet Society! The best!

  12. Eugene Koh Says:

    I hate the new pet society once i full screen i play then i wanna change back to normal screen the screen become half gone ! And WHY is it so diffcult to earn paw points ? please make changes to the paw points and the screen thing

  13. kewpiebb Says:

    maintenance again and again, can hardly login whenever day and night.

  14. Jasper Says:

    I love this change!, the new icons is cool! (like furniture icon) but, are PS and Wild Ones will start a war? my friend tell me…

  15. nii Says:

    does anyone knows how to change the pet’s name in pet society?

  16. Jasper Says:

    i have one question = Are aviator gogles is rare item?

  17. Karis Booth Says:

    Instead of Tides of Change it should say Tired of Change – liked the old format so much better. My 6 year old likes the new format…if that tells you anything. I think Pet Society is going to lose the Over 30 market – my friends (all who played actively) are not fond of the new changes, the new look – yuck and boo!

  18. Brandy Willenborg Says:

    Ever since the change I do not have a right arrow anymore. I can’t view my rooms, visit my garden, do any shopping…nothing. Can’t even play anymore! The change is fine but fix whats broken! My other friends have had trouble with their arrows too! How can you expect us to play and add friends if the game is broken???

  19. Rabih Says:

    The changes are good in a way, made some things easier! but the fact that the brush lost its use is not acceptable, because many paw points were raised so that we reach new levels and the reward were then upgrade of the brush (ruby or whatever comes next)! so why loosing energy and time to upgrade something that is now out of use???

  20. Rubie Bickham Says:

    Wonerful! I love how this blog is always updated with fresh content.I made three of my friends subscribe btw,lol

  21. mochanilla Says:

    i think the changes are good enough . but like what others said . it’s hard to gain level . 🙂 FOR THOSE WHO DONT LIKE IT . MAKE UR OWN GAME . 😛

  22. aomy Says:

    While am playing before your changing the new group am just brought a new accessories likes Lip Gloss, Day Cream something on my desk am notified that must save but i can’t save its, when you maintenance and i comeback the things that am brought it’s gone and also deduct my coins too but am have nothing thus, am must buy its again . what are you will doing for this problem? Can you check and bring my coins back?

  23. Camuu Luquee!! Says:

    Donde estan las habitaciones secretas, la casa del arbol y el jardin secreto ?

  24. IJ Zone Says:

    That’s Good!!!!
    I love it!!!

  25. Yunsheng Jain Says:

    I can’t enter Pet Society.

  26. Yunsheng Jain Says:

    I can’t enter Pet Society.
    What should I do?

  27. mark Says:

    pls make the item more affordable PLS 😥

  28. jorgee Says:

    k padre todo estoo es muii interesante y muy bonito todo esta padree

  29. yvonne moyer Says:

    HOW do you get money to buy stuff if you are poor and cant afford a credit card. There are so many things now that are being sold for money. It is so incredibly unfair. Cant you just raise the prices more for the real neat stuff????

  30. Thanh Says:

    how can I catch the emeraldfish?

  31. Mia Says:

    No wonder it’s been undergoing some maintenance….

    Overall, I like it (no, I LOVE it!) except for just two things which is…….

    WHERE’S OUR FREAKING PAW POINTS??? Don’t forget the active icon, cause’ I wanna see if I have the advantage of passing my friends!

    The bright side is that I’m cool with the other stuff… Besides, you guys must have worked hard to get this design working so I appreciate that! Better a bad game (no offence!) than no game at all, right?

  32. Franko Says:

    First of all I want to second Xelooo, Marisa and Aticemas comment b(^_^)b
    To please do something for Chile
    I know that 20% of my pet society neighbours aided Haiti
    And well I find it unfair that one country has priority over the other while both have suffer the same misfortune by nature.
    If one is not willing to aid more than one country then one must not start an aid what so ever since one is face with comments of help and comments of unfairness.
    Any way I think it would be nice if the pet society team/ play fish could do something towards Chile too since a similar catastrophe hit their land. Thank you … by the way I am not from Chile nor do I have Chilean blood lol I am 100% born Canadian hehehe!

    Secondly I want to say that I do not like the new layout for pet society
    Honestly what are you trying to do? loose players or what?
    I used to be an active player trying to visit everyone in my list and do the extra care for the pets in need…
    All of that just to get enough coins so I could waste them on Sunday night.
    I used to love Sunday nights, I sued to love buying, selling and trading items with my pet society friends but now all the magic and ambition is gone
    Since I no longer see my pet society friend’s needy bars, nor can I see how many paw points I need to pass my friends/rivals.
    I am not the only one in my list that is not as active as we used to be
    I don’t mind the chest organization or the clothing divisions
    Or the fact that we get more coins and that it is faster to visit friends
    But come on why did you have to change the layout of the map it looks flat and UGLY
    We need the short cuts back and the paw points to level up …
    The graphics are too much of a baby like and bubbly that makes you want to stop playing
    Why can’t you just mixed the baby style, the bubbly and the normal together but not for every item I don’t think there is a need for all the items to be bubbly and babyish
    I think the babyish look can be done for certain clothing and of course for the plush toys and other stuff but not everything … since there are adults playing this game too … That’s all.

  33. Amber Says:

    I’m not happy at all at how fast my pet gets dirty. I’m finding that I spend all my time just washing and feeding my pet because she gets so dirty and hungry so quickly. I don’t like visiting anymore because everyone’s pets are full of flies. It’s gross.

    I don’t enjoy it now.

  34. walford Says:

    Hello, First of all, what a cool article! i’m just researching for my website but i had issues reading this article due to the text sticking out on to the side menu…. edit… apologies, my fault, it is my ancient version of chrome causing the bug. May be worthwhile telling peeps to update? Cheers. walford

  35. HiNaMoRi Says:

    i like pet society!!

    i like the changes!!

  36. anako baxsoliani Says:


  37. orexis side effects Says:

    This is a great article. Thanks!

  38. jorizze Says:

    but my question is how to change the color of the things in pet society??

  39. escort london cheap Says:

    It is rather interesting for me to read that post. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

    Bella Kuree

  40. jen Says:

    where is the bank???//

  41. Gensis Says:

    I need play fish cash in pet society plz sand me in facebook 😦

  42. liliy Says:

    plyys i wish that u can put my favorit game on titter.com cause i cant open facebook or cy world or any of these websites so plyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys i hope that u can make it

  43. Huyen Says:

    um this is just a random question but u know when u got ur pet’s house right? i mean they goto a room but i want to choose my own room for my pet to stay in is it possible? because id like to stay in my first room thts wat happened b4 the japenese week first i was in my 1st room then i redecorated it and then well… i put all my japanese items in another room and then i was still hoping to be in the 1st room as usual but…. i ended up in my 7th room instead so now how do we change rooms for our pet to be in? i keep trying to find answers but there were none so its pretty hard for me 😦

    • Sirius Says:

      Your pet will arrive in the first room with a door, or if there are no rooms with a door your pet will arrive in the first room. So add a door back to your first room if you want your pet to start there.

      (If you have a Welcome Mat, your pet will go to whatever room you place the Welcome Mat in regardless of doors.)

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