Tides of Change!


Hey Pet Society fans! A major game update has just occurred for Pet Society! This will affect your game, so read on, or sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see for yourself!

The first thing you will notice is that the game screen is now wider! This is obviously fantastic, as you can see more of your beloved pet, friends’ pets, homes, shops, etc! As an added bonus, secret rooms such as the Secret Garden and Tree House Room are now a little larger!

Shortly afterwards you should notice a new look and layout, with cool new icons, and a new town map with the shops! So explore, explore, explore! The new design has been specifically devised to help us integrate new features in the future. The Bank is no longer displayed on the town map, but you can always access it at any time by selecting the Add Coins button! 😉

You may notice that there are no trees to bump on the town map, but never fear, Friend Street is here! You can find Friend Street in the lower left corner of the town map, where you can visit friends and bump trees to your heart’s content!

If instead you use the Friends Bar to visit your friends, you will notice that there are changes there too! The Active and Visits tabs have been removed! You can still tell who you have visited each day though, as the original pink or blue background will change to a neutral colour after you visit. And there is really no need for an Active tab anymore, so we fed it to the hungry fish in the Pond, as you now receive the same coins no matter who you visit (35 coins for your first 50 visits each day, 20 coins for the next 25, and 15 coins thereafter).

By now, you may be wondering where your happiness and hygiene bars are, well due to mysterious circumstances, which Sirius basically thinks “?” is responsible for, they no longer exist! What does this mean for you? Well, happiness no longer affects your game in any way, so feel free to brush your pet, but don’t be surprised when nothing much happens! Hygiene however is still in effect, you can tell how dirty your pet is, and how dirty the pets you visit are, by the number of flies on them, the dirtiest pets will have 5 flies. You can earn 20 coins and 1 paw point per fly cleaned when washing a pet up to a maximum of 80 coins and 4 paw points.

When you are watching your paw points add for washing those flies away, don’t be too surprised if they appear lower than normal, as the display for these has been changed! It may be a little confusing at first, but each level the paw points number goes back to zero and counts up to the amount needed to reach the next level. For example, if you were a Level 43 pet with 337,300 paw points previously, your pet will now show as a Level 43 pet with 5,300 paw points towards the next level (as 332,000 paw points were those required to reach Level 43).

Back home now, because after all that exploring Sirius needs a rest, you will find that the Stickers, Cooking and Tutorial icons have been removed from the main game screen, and placed in the snazzy new Books tab, which is neatly located next to your Friends tab, and shown below! While in this region of the game screen, Sirius would like you to know that the shiny new red camera icon you see there is particularly special, as you can now take a snap shot of your pet in your room!

There’s one more drastic change that we are sure everyone will love, because well, you asked for it! The Chest and Wardrobe now have various categories to help you find what you need (Sirius loves the toys tab)!

So enjoy, and remember to let us know what you think of all the changes and how you’d like us to improve the game further! More game improvements are already been worked on, like ways to navigate the shops faster, but your valuable input is needed, so look out for a survey in the next week after you’ve played for awhile to give us detailed feedback about these updates! And to celebrate the new design, if you’ve been playing Pet Society for awhile you should have just received 3000 coins to splurge with! Thanks for all of your support!

Recently, we mentioned that there may be coming change for the Pet Society Blog! Well, a big change has just arrived, each week when the mysterious items are released, the Blog will be updated as normal, but differently to the past, this Blog entry should include all of the items being released at midnight GMT on Monday as well most weeks! So while the current items are still in store, you will be able to have a peek at what is to come!

“?” has been up to his rascally business again, hiding new things in his Mystery Boxes! When Sirius stopped by the Mystery Store, he seemed a little more green than normal (perhaps he’d eaten some strange beans – more on that later), so Sirius took the opportunity to distract him by asking Adhara (her puppy) to show him some tricks, and slid the new mysterious item images off of the counter and into her pocket! These mysterious items are now available in boxes across the village!

Sunflowers Pot Sunflowers Hat
Knitting Basket Scarecrow Mask

What will Monday bring? Keep reading to find out! Note that these items are not in stores just yet, but will appear in stores at midnight GMT on Monday! Also remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of March, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Now there’s a Scarecrow Mask in the Golden Mystery Box, what could that mean? You may just need to follow the yellow brick road to find out! 😉 For your adventure, choose to dress as Dorothy, a Good Witch, a Wicked Witch, or even the Wizard of Oz, with Lily putting together a variety of magical outfits in the Clothes Store.

Checkered Blue Bow Checkered Blue Dress Sparkling Red Shoes
Star Wand (TWS) Pink Witch Crown (TWS)
Pink Witch Dress (TWS) Pink Witch Shoes (TWS)
Purple Witch Hat (TWS) Purple Witch Dress (TWS) Purple Witch Shoes (TWS)
Green Wizard Glasses (TWS) Green Wizard Hat Green Wizard Shirt
Green Wizard Pants Golden Wizard Boots

Of course, a Lion searching for courage would be a good friend to help you on your journey, so check out the Garden Store for the new Lion Petling! And where would Dorothy be without her Toto? Pick up your own Yorkshire Terrier Plushie friend in the Furniture Store!

Lion Petling (infant) (Garden) Lion Petling (fully grown) (Garden) Yorkshire Terrier Plushie (Furniture)

Transform one or more of your rooms into the mystical Land of Oz with a variety of shiny emerald items, a yellow brick road and even some troublesome poppies in the stores of village!

Emerald City Wallpaper (Cash Shop)
Tree With Poppies Bush (Garden) (TWS) Yellow Bricks Floor (D.I.Y.)
Emerald Throne (Luxury) (TWS) Emerald Chandelier (Gadget) (TWS)
Emeraldfish (Pond) Emerald Curtain (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

From one magical tale to another, have you ever wanted your very own special bean seed leading to a land in the clouds? Sirius certainly has, and this week this dream can come true! Don’t let Jack have all of the fun, visit Terrence in the Cash Shop and buy a Beanstalk Bean to grow your very own Beanstalk that reaches into the heavens. Please note you can only have one Secret Beanstalk Room, no matter how many magical Beanstalks you grow.

Beanstalk Bean Beanstalk Plant
Secret Beanstalk Room (unlocked when you have grown a Beanstalk)

Back down to earth and you can see things through Little Red Riding Hood’s eyes, or perhaps even her Granny’s with fanciful new outfits in the Clothes Store! To enhance your fairytale experience, run through the forest or set up your own country cottage!

Red Hoody (Clothes) Red Country Dress (Clothes) Red Country Shoes (Clothes)
Granny Bonnet (Clothes) (TWS) Granny Glasses (Clothes) (TWS) Pink Nightdress (Clothes) (TWS)
Green Forest Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)
Green Forest Floor (D.I.Y.) Country Rocking Chair (Furniture)
Country Wooden Window (D.I.Y.) Country Wooden Door (D.I.Y.) Country Wooden Shelf Unit (Furniture)
Country Wooden Side Table (Furniture) Country Wooden Seat (Furniture)

Extend your country experience with a cute picket fence, antique wallpapers, picnic tables, an adorable letter box, fabulous pianos and more!

Cute White Gate (D.I.Y.) Cute White Fence (D.I.Y.)
Cute Pink Gate (D.I.Y.) (TWS) Cute Pink Fence (D.I.Y.) (TWS)
Antique Roses Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) Pink Roses Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)
Blue Picnic Table (Furniture) Pink Picnic Table (Furniture) (TWS)
Flowers Wall Frames (Furniture) Blue Mailbox (Furniture) Flowers Picture Frame (Furniture)
Elegant Wooden Piano (Luxury) Elegant White Piano (Luxury) (TWS)
Rose Flower Pot (Garden) Rose Teapot (Furniture) Rose Tea Cup (Furniture)
Garden Tea Terrace (Garden) Pink Country Lamp (Gadget)

Stock up on gifts for Mother’s Day, with flowers, chocolates and gift cards joining the stores this week!

Mother’s Day Cute Bouquet (Furniture) Chocolate Pastry (Food) Mother’s Day Cute Card (Furniture)

New to the Cash Shop and Mystery Store on Monday is the Marvellous Mystery Box, which is just as shiny and alluring as its predecessor! Try your luck and discover a variety of items that can no longer be found in stores!

Marvellous Mystery Box

As you know, Haiti was devastated recently by massive earthquakes that struck the region in January. Many of you helped out and donated through our Mercy Corps page and / or by purchasing a Help for Haiti Plushie in game. To say thank you for all of your amazing donations, which Mercy Corps are putting to work in Haiti, you should all receive your very own Haiti Poster!

Haiti Poster

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in stores this week!

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365 Responses to “Tides of Change!”

  1. godtubby Says:

    change? bad………………

    • elle Says:

      I like that it’s faster to get more coins.. just a few tasks and I get coins. But i don’t like going out the door to go to the shops. And since the change, it takes me forever to access PS to the point that my petlings ran away. I really thought they disappeared!

  2. Imma Be Says:

    I dont like the changes of the level. very complicating. 😦

  3. yssa Says:

    i like the old pet society better!! :((

  4. yssa Says:

    ~love the this week specials!! 😉

  5. kevinghetto Says:

    Great change!

  6. nabil Says:

    hey i love it its good!

  7. mARIAm Says:

    love it

  8. catharsis108 Says:

    wow, i guess all these changes need some time to get used to! but honestly, i’m pleasantly surprised! though, i wonder why there is no tab for DIY items (wallpaper/flooring/windows etc)? ^^

    thanks for showing the previews, lovely! :9C

  9. Miko Says:

    This is awful~~~most of my friends from Taiwan said “if no change back, we will quit playing” and give us back “fish” money!!!! bad taste bad design bad ideas

  10. ecko00920 Says:

    yeah you change..and now i cant log in to ps 😡

  11. jewie Says:

    in a way change is nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and the graphics of new items are much cuter now,… compared to the graphics way back 2008………. 🙂

  12. icetea Says:

    whoow…. so many changes…. 😀 😀
    hope will log in as soon as possible

    i’m really looking forward to the fairy tail items

    wizard of oz ~~beautiful~~

  13. Nica Says:

    I love the new items!!! I can’t wait for Monday! 🙂

    I also like the change with the layout and all. Animations are faster which is great!

  14. mal Says:

    me no like the changes. btw, can’t upload PS…need to feed my poor petlings!

  15. mag Says:

    i don’t think all the changes are that good, for instance, how can i compete with my friends now if i can’t see the paw points???? and how can we make more money if we can’t make the other pets happier or if we don’t know that they need feeding??? i don’t think that’s too good………. 😡

  16. jmta94b Says:

    i don’t like the new design, it’s like a baby style, and also the screen is wider, i know, but at the same time it’s smaller! please brought the old design back!!!

  17. Cata Says:

    The only thing I like is the new chest order, the rest… too big, too childish and I miss the active/non active feature – It was not about the coins, it was about sharing with the active ones… how can’t you see that??? and the bars where quite useful too, maybe I can get use to the flies, but I miss happiness, and I will miss it big time!!! loved the sound of making a friend happy, and I won’t make it sound like that if there isn’t any meaning to it…

    I’m just too sad about it T_T

    Liked the new items… as always.

  18. mal Says:

    i’m sure coins matters if not all, but tonmost of us. Right? i don’t mind the changes. But pls at least compensate it in such a way that we can earn as much coins and paw points as before….

  19. Danielle Says:

    I don`t really like the new design. How can i see if my pet is hungry??
    It`s really confusing this way.
    I do like the new box style so i don`t have to look ages for stuff i need.
    Love next week items..and do we also have more then 47 levels now??
    I`m so confused

  20. merchas7m4 Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the new update!
    The snazzy new graphics could be a fantastic new change for future items!!
    Love it Love it Love!!!
    I just hope the Lion isn’t CC cause I’m running out of Trial Pay offers!!!

  21. hermione Says:

    i don’t like the change coz its hard to get coin and paw than before!!!

  22. xelooo Says:

    and the chilean earthquake? it was 8.8 richter 27 feb.2010

    • marisa! Says:

      xelooo is right u know ¬¬ i live in chile and believe me the earthquake was not a bed of roses… i live in Talca and the quake was 8.8 richter :/ many people lost their homes… many little children lost their parents and their loking for their parents alone in the streets, when actually their parents died… but they don’t know.Many citys that are in the coast of chile were DESTROYED and their habitants are on hills held prisoners with no food,water or clothes….many..people who made a lot of efforts to build their houses,to own a shop, or to give their best to their children..ALL THOSE EFFORTS GONE IN 2 MINUTES…many people are suffering…:’( ..and so are pets.. many little puppies and kitties alone in the streets.. please we need help!!!!!

  23. elka Says:

    Changes seem interesting, but I am not sure I understand the portion about feeding/petting/cleaning your friends… If this was removed, how will we make money??? I PAID REAL MONEY into this game, looots of it. Ok, it’s *my* problem you say, but they really owe me something. Furthermore, I have been trying to access the game for HOURS now and just can’t. So will they resolve this? Changes, fine. But we need to be able to LOG IN.
    Anyways, can’t wait for the new decor on monday, but if this isn’t going to change, I might throw a serious fit at the customer support…….

  24. wjee Says:

    Love the rose wallpaper !!!!:)

  25. suzy Says:

    i hate the changes. UGH. and whats this about when you go up in paw points new items will be available to you? this is the one REASON i loved PS more than the other games. you didnt have to get to different levels to get items. *sigh*. my favorite game just got screwed over. how sad for me i guess

  26. Adam Says:

    Pet society is much better now. i am extremely happy that i can earn more money per visit and that the people don’t even have to be active. it is much easy to navigate around pet society. the tab bar in the chest is just what i wanted. i love it now i have a bigger screen to see my rooms with. Also when visiting friends, i don’t have to click ‘ do you want to go and visit so and so’. i would like to be able to have a visits only tab, as it is easier to visit friends. Aswell, i would like to see items in the shops a bit faster than it currently is.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH PLAYFISH. you have made me want to stay on petsociety!!!

  27. becky Says:

    i can’t access to the game, please do something!!!

  28. yourBOM Says:

    Only 1 Cloth for my boy! This is UNFAIR! Now everyone who has male-pet will where the same outfit. Really control!

    Can’t wait for the Green Forest Wallpaper and Garden Tea Terrace!

  29. Erii Says:

    I love the new items for the next week ❤ but it's a little complicated become accustomed to the changes, specially the level one D:

  30. Betty Says:

    I just wish that I could actually LOG ON to the game now.. why in the world can’t i log on??????? This is a total WRECK!!!!!!!!

  31. Marine Says:

    Think this change is really bad in some things such as the paw points… Hope I’m not alone to think so

  32. En Passant Says:

    it appears that expanding to fullscreen then reducing again simply cuts off the whole right edge of the screen, including the settings/fullscreen buttons.

  33. Val Says:

    I think the changes are great, it looks beautiful. It will be a lil difficult to get used to but nothing that we cannot do, thank you PF.
    New items look amazing, cant wait!

  34. Lynne S Says:

    Don’t like all the changes. Too cutsie-wutsie for me. Want the levels back the way they were, need goals… not to spend more hard earned cash. Time for change back. Ugly. Not pretty anymore. UGLY!

  35. ThisIsGay Says:

    This new design is horrible, it also takes forever to upload.
    and its like a copy of Happy Pets sort of, in a way.
    I’m also not satisfied with the paw points, that’s the only thing that got me playing everyday. 😦

  36. merchas7m4 Says:

    lol! Siruis gets the items 2 days early!
    Well, guess you gotta be an Official to get them privileges!

  37. cheryl Says:

    wow i love the new updates its nice to have a change so u dont get bored and soo luvin the petlings well cute cnt wait for monday

  38. Nandayo Says:

    — I really like the categories in the trunk now! I agree with the above comment that we need a tab for wallpaper/floors as well.
    — I’m not sure how I feel about the overly cutesy design.
    — I miss the visited pets tab. It’s a lot more convenient to not have to scroll through when you’re doing your visits.

    Hopefully with the new changes it will run faster when I’m at my home computer?

  39. Jamie Says:

    Well, i don’t like the change re: my mail. In other words, it’s not there! I can’t see it, i don’t know how to find it! There’s just this little glowing icon with an envelope and when i click it says “you have new mail” WELL WHERE THE HELL IS IT??????? It’s not on the floor where it used to be!!!!!!!!! HOW DO I FIND IT???????? I’m sure there’s another icon that opens it???????????? Where is it? I click on the envelope over and over and just get that stupid message!!!! WHERE IS MY MAIL?????????????

  40. tiger882 Says:

    I feel cheated with the loss of Petting!! This was a major source of income for me and now it’s been stolen away.

  41. Nubicat Says:

    Wat’s Up Width the contest of movie awards 2010?? were can I see the winers?? its supost that they are going to be here

  42. ray Says:

    why would playfish remove the menu for shortcuts to the store?? it’s inefficient to make us exit the house and then manually look for the store to enter. in addition, it was not that long ago that playfish agreed to make earning money and paw points easier. 150-200 coins and 48 paw points could be achieved for cleaning a very dirty and unhappy pet. Now 80 coins and 4 paw points maximum? is this a huge scam to make us add more friends?? (i have 112 already) Because the animation does not seem any faster for visiting friends…

  43. Susanne Liley Says:

    My first thought was, Wow that’s a lot of stuff! Love the new changes but I really wish there was a widescreen option rather than “full screen” because PS only takes up about 1/3 of my screen space when I can technically see a whole room at once. A big Thank You for moving the “invite friend” box to a less invasive place, but I miss the active friends tab because it would scroll the friends list without having to hit the button all the time. Could we have a visit & unvisited tabs? My husband is colorblind and I can already see him having Problems between the very slight color changes of who he has or hasn’t visited.

    Overall, Wonderful improvements!

  44. Pola Says:

    Not my favorite thing to do specially with the disappearing of the happiness /cleanness meter, and reduction of the paw points you get now.
    I haven’t received my 3000 coins or the poster and I’ve been playing for longer than my sister (she already got her coins)
    The tabs system on the inventory and clothes are great but that’s it I can stand the design and the new friend street I mean I could get use to it
    I really wish we all could get our coins on time 😦

  45. diah Says:

    love the new updates.. thx for the coin 😀

  46. Morgan Says:

    Ugh. I hate the new changes. Are you trying to compete w/ that POS game Petville? Now PS looks like that game. 😦

  47. Werdell24 Says:

    Most long-time players have already expressed their dislike for the new changes and I’m with them. Unless playfish changes things back, a great number of people will leave the game. They should keep that in mind.

  48. Bamf Says:

    I’m not a paid shill.
    I can honestly say the update stinks.
    No health, no brushing, the look was cuter before.
    The gaming is spoiled.

  49. Jenna Says:

    Hi guys, sorry to be a little picky, but Toto wasn’t a Yorkshire Terrier. Well, actually, it’s debatable what type of dog he was, since Mr. Baum didn’t specify a breed in the book. However, the dog in the original movie was a Cairn Terrier, and Cairns have the black coat as one of their colors. Yorkies have a long, silky, blue and tan coat, not black. So, the designers may want to rename the plushie to either Cairn Terrier Plushie or something more generic like Little Black Dog Plushie or Toto Plushie before the new items hit the store next week. Just for us sticklers out there. 😉

  50. bee Says:

    i don’t like the no more brushing and get coins part 😦
    he mystery shop outer looks weird.
    it reminds me of fake pet society
    8/10 for the new changes 🙂

  51. Luzma Espinosa Says:

    Definitivamente no me gustó en absoluto el cambio. Hay que estar checando los platillos de otras maneras, de nada te sirve ahora los cepillos, no ves el estatus de los otros como antes ni sus necesidades de cepillado y limpieza que te ayudaba a ganar muchas monedas y todos tus esfuerzos por ganar nivel, puntos y monedas, pareciera que fueron infructuosos.

    Ojalá que regresaran a algunas de las características anteriores para que lo podamos disfrutar como antes.

  52. Alyssa Says:

    I love this new change EVEN though i can’t see my friend’s paw points i love it cuz…
    This change is faster that the normal one.. to those who doesnt like it ONE BIG AHEM

  53. pebsmum Says:

    I like that they divided up the catagories of stuff, but I HATE the icons and the new map. It’s so ugly, it looks like a Mario Game from the 1990’s. I wish they kept everything the same and just divided the stuff up in the chest. Sigh. The longer screens are lousy too.

  54. Magz Says:

    Paw point system is horrible. Making all 3 health/clean/happy levels into one – disaster… Less points, less coins, less sense for me. I think I will quit playing… 😦 I’m just so dissapointed. It’s like a knife into my heart.

  55. thisrainykitten Says:

    This SUCKS. There was no problem with Pet Society. The only problem that exists are the many, many hackers who cheat and then brag about it on Facebook. Why can’t Playfish fix THAT?

  56. chandra Says:

    i’ve been waiting for tabs in the chest forever…thank you! ^_^ now, if we can just change the wallpaper & flooring in the garden, that would be awesome!

  57. Anouk Says:

    I love the new changes! Thanks for letting us earn more coins and keeping our stuff organized. Also, the new items are awesome!

  58. Mikari Says:

    Woah a new design ne =_= not that I mind, but thos who are not active in PS anymore was combine together, its a bit bothering for me =x and also… the new change, for wide screen more, when I change back to the original style I can’t see teh arrow on the right room, like it was cut to half or something.. what’s the matter? >_>

  59. sunny Says:

    i don’t like the change… at all. please change it back 😦 i prefer the old 1 much better

  60. ang Says:

    love most of the new changes! however, it would be nice if it told you how many pawpoints until the next level. also only four paw points for cleaning, when it used to be up to 48?! It is going to take me forever to level up…love the idea of showing what the upcoming releases are going to be. new items are very cute.

  61. sunny Says:

    change it back plz

  62. Lois Says:

    HUHUHU! I am having a hard time with the new format!

  63. Kim Says:

    wow! amazing updates! i have played it and pleased with the new changes! 🙂 i also like the organized chest! i’ve plenty of items and i was really having a hard time looking for my new items before! but not now! 🙂 i also like that you removed the active tab coz now we can earn more coins and ty for increasing the coins! i also like it when we now visit friends,, we don’t no longer need to walk to get to hug or kiss our friend’s pet…it’s just right behind our pet so it’s easier and less time consuming! love it! but i don’t like the change in paw points…i hope in the coming days,, you can decrease the required paw points so that we can level up fast! 🙂

  64. KirstenEdwards Says:

    I can’t even get the game to come up on facebook, I’m upset about this as it’s been like that all day and I have an updated flash etc. so what is the problem, not happy not happy at all!

  65. Shasa Says:

    I don’t like the new changes.. I can’t know my friend’s experience… I miss the old pet society!

  66. XOXO Says:

    Don’t like it at all…I am an adult …new design of icons and layout are very childish and I don’t understand the reason that we can’t wash/clean pets anymore. anyways I think I won’t spend much time on Pet Society as before…

  67. Kelvin Says:

    no offence, but this new layout is very inconvenient and unnecessary…several of my friends agree with me because honestly, the layout got better and better but now, no offence, but it sucks…people who’ve been playing the game for a long time appreciate the classical look of pet society, transforming it looks cheap and ugly…and i’m saying this with all modesty.

  68. Yasuki Says:

    WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!! i dont like it! the graphics are nice, but it bothers me that i cant earn ANY pawpoints at all. WTF, 4 pawpoints for complete wash? and no happiness bar? well then **** you! how am i supposed to get to the next level if i cant get pawpoints you *****s? yea yea i get money, but i dont give a ****, cause before this ****ing change I got money AND pawpoints. I’m angry.
    BTW, youtube changed too. now i can’t even favorite a damn video. **** LIFE. And **** PLAYFISH for doing this.

  69. COCA COLA Says:



  70. copogirl15 Says:

    woah new design cool!!! 🙂

  71. copogirl15 Says:

    and now pet society had an extra item

  72. bamie29 Says:

    love it so cool..

    gtg and get some money for monday’s items..

    ♥ it all..!

  73. Melanie Says:

    The changes aren’t all bad…. I would like more paw points for cleaning and such. I loved helping other pets out! Only 4 paw points stinks! Hopefully, there will be a few bugs fixed and comments listened too. Can’t wait for Monday!!!

  74. Mouseleaf Says:

    I hate the changes!!!! You don’t get as much exp. you don’t get as much coins, it looks childish, i lost all the exp. i had, you can’t brush your pet, you can’t take care of other pets, you can’t walk to the stores, the list goes on and on!!! You should get to choose of you want the new one or if you want the old one back!!! I may never play again just because of these stupid changes!!!!!

  75. Jonathan Says:

    i dont like the new change. its so diff to earn paw points to level up D:

  76. psfan13 Says:

    love the tabs in the chest but we can’t no longer feed friends’ pets 😦
    I loved that.
    More male clothes, plz

  77. HS~~ Says:

    cool updates playfish!!! i love em!!!! =))))))))) btw sirius, what bait do we use to catch the emeraldfish?? pls reply asap. thnx =)))))))))))

  78. NEW! Changes in Pet Society, Mystery Items, and Updates for 8 March 2010 « pet society cat Says:

    […] the preview of the updates for Monday, 8 March 2010, can be viewed from the Official Pet Society Blog. I guess Pet Society got fed up with the spoilers that fans and bloggers have been putting out, so […]

  79. hazel Says:

    this is not good! i don’t like the new design! so few paw points to be gained and the graphics are now plain weird!

    on the other hand, friends don’t have to be active anymore…

  80. Lily Says:

    i’m sorry. i really hate these changes. i’m pretty mad and really confused too. first of all, its going to be harder to make paw points. only five paw points for cleaning a pet completely? we used to get 48 paw points for that. i was really looking forard to level up. and im really confused how i cant see my hygiene bar or my friends pets or their score. how do we compete with each other? and the happiness bar was another way for us to make paw points. the whole thing is really raelly annoying, fustrating, and complicated. i prefer the old pet society much more.
    you can expect me and a lot of other players quitting this game.

  81. Minyu Says:

    wht happened?? why always “save failed” in the middle i play?? 😦
    the changes actually is great if they keep happiness n hygiene bars… also paw points and the way we earn coins by take care other pets.. hope playfish can fix it soon..

  82. Candy Coco Says:

    People who have commented : I don’t think the change is THAT bad . Pet Society is already working hard to make things better in Pet Society . Besides , I think that earning money in Pet Society is WAY MUCH EASIER THAN BEFORE . So , stop complaining about the new changes . We just gotta get used to it , right ?


  83. Candy Coco Says:

    … And if there’re problems in Pet Society , you don’t need to be so exagerrative . I think it will make Pet Society feel bad .. you know .

  84. Iselin Says:

    I hate the new design, it sucks!

  85. psfan Says:

    appreciated the changes ..but a bit lagged for me

  86. shinny Says:

    Love love Pet Societyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  87. justine Says:

    i don’t like it 😦 i really miss the feeliing of “shopping on the street” in the previous one, it really made me feel like “going somewhere”. i believe i also need the paw points to know whether i’m losing my friends in the list of scale! The active tab i believe is also in need. if i know this friend is active i would choose to visit it regularly to see their new decoratings, also to know which friend to disguss more when talking about the new things in PS. the catagory in the treasere box is really nice, i luv it! however i don’t think every things are being displayed in the five catograry, i some times cant find my things (ex, the Pink Cafe Chair, TWS)??
    thanks for the hard work in changing anyway

    • Sirius Says:

      You should still be able to tell the active pets, as they are the ones with their eyes open on your friends list. Un-active pets have a sleeping look.

      Not everything is in the categories in the chest, but it should all be in the All tab still! 🙂

  88. Trixie Says:

    Thank you for changing the screen and cities in pet society, I like this. Become a good city map. Friends who will also visit in one complex. But, I have a question. I see there are people who have seen the furniture, gadgets, and other existing. But why did I not exist? If you already have a new petling, why the garden did not exist? Thank you, and if I have things that are suspicious …. HAHAHA PLEASE answered yaaaaa

  89. Miffy Says:

    please help me! this is the 4th day I can’t enter to pet society, always blank page and it doesn’t load…I tried on several computers and with several programms :(.
    Yesterday I saw on the facebook fanpage that other people have the same problem. What are we supposed to do?

  90. faisalrid Says:

    I’m really surprised for the new designs and tabs. IT’S REALLY COOL AND HELPFUL! THANKS A LOT PF. The wardrobe and chest is the coolest and best changes ~ in my mind. Also, 3000 coins, that’s really cool.

    BUT, How about the paw points? friend’s stats? and the active bar? GONE! It would be nice if PF undo that changes. Also, only 4 paw points for each cleaning pets? How ridiculous – was 48 and 70 coins – now? 4 paw points #_# The paw points system and the cleaning-visiting-active system aren’t good much, would PF return it back?

  91. mocha Says:

    justine…u can make out who is active…the 1s coloured pink r active if i’m not mistaken…<3 da monday items…..and the changes are not all dat bad…..give it sum tym…..u mite even get used 2 it…..

  92. Anouk Says:

    Don’t worry PlayFish, no design is ever perfect for everybody and I bet you know that. I still think that the changes made are great. Of course, many of our “traditions” in PS will be gone, but that always happens. 🙂

  93. Anouk Says:

    BTW, is every PS player goin to receive the THANKS FROM HAITI poster?

  94. Players disgruntled by the new Pet Society « Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    […] official Pet Society blog explains it like this: “It may be a little confusing at first, but each level the paw points […]

  95. Serenity Says:

    I love Pet society change 🙂
    But I only hope to put back the fast scroll icon in every store
    Because it is waste of time using the normal scroll item to searching item in the store 😦

  96. Gaby Says:

    I’m not sure I like it completely. there are no more benefits for active players?

    I liked the option “to visit”, it was visually easier to visit my friends 😦

    I also liked to clean pets not only beacuse of the coins, but also because it would give me almost 50 paw points, but now it will only give 4 paw points.

  97. AK Says:

    huge changes to the user interface!!!

    love the tabs that classify things in the treasure chest, but sometimes still it’s hard for me to find things, e.g. no beds in the furniture tab which I thought it would be.
    Classifyinng things can be hard, but as not all the things are included in the tabs, I always need to go back to use the “All” tab…….at least give me a “others” tab which helps me filter out things

    I know the interface would be simplier using colors to distinguish active/inactive/visited/not-yet-visited pet friends, but I need to concentrate to look at the colors to figure out which pet friends I haven’t visited…… I used to click on the not-yet-visited pet friends without looking at the browser =P can work on tother things as well as earning money in Pet Society~ That’s why I miss the big buttons as well.

    Agree with what justine said, i like the feeling walking in the pet street and I can go anywhere in the street,maybe I got used to the way that I always see my pet in that big size anywhere I travel, it’s kind of strange when you go out it gives you a map. It immediately takes me out of my immersion as a pet.

    Another problem is that I found that sometime after I enlarged to the full screen mode and then back to the normal mode, I could not see the things on the right hand side. Problem with my IE browser?

    Anyway, I still love Pet Society very much, things are getting more attractive and beautiful in the shops. Love it and hope it’s getting better in the future

  98. Elixis Says:

    been playing pet society for so long but I DON”T LIKE THE CHANGES!! listen to our feedbacks.. its horrible although its wider and bigger, how can i know if my pet or the pet i’m visiting is hungry or happy.. and when i click on the book icon and quit it the screen got cut into half and i can’t seem to find the original screen back.. i love the old settings its easier

  99. Ida Marie Says:

    “i don’t think all the changes are that good, for instance, how can i compete with my friends now if i can’t see the paw points???? and how can we make more money if we can’t make the other pets happier or if we don’t know that they need feeding??? i don’t think that’s too good………. >:(”

    agree. i really hate it! its sucks, and its ugly.

  100. petsocietybuddies Says:

    mmmmm i just love the new changes it is totally awesome buy the save button and other buttons could be a bit smaller it looks childish but the rest all i just love it 🙂

  101. juuancaa Says:

    Excuse me but it’s been a week since the big earthquake occurred in southern center of my country, Chile, and I know, I would like to send him a tax or perhaps the same gesture he made to the Haitian people is that Chile will stand but our south needs all the help possible, thanks

  102. kathleen Says:

    i can’t even logged in..i don’t know whats the prob?my WIFI that im using or the gameT.T….i miss logging in always in pet society..

  103. Mandy Says:

    Change it back “PLEASE”. I get no points for washing or brushing my pet or other pets, how am I suppose to get to the next level… What’s the Point!!! Don’t think I will be here much anymore… spent
    money too… It’s the only game I liked.

  104. YuKii Says:

    I like the changes but I NEED the previous paw points system so that I can compete with my friends, and its really hard to earn paw points now!
    and the shortcut to shops too please!

  105. Lindsay Says:

    I thought the chnges were awesome at first, but then i noticed the brush and pawpoints. Why have a brush if it doesn’t count for anything and why mess with pawpoints? I liked those to things better before, but everything else looks great. Is it just me or is it harder to log on??

  106. Kaitlyn Says:

    I hate the new Pet Society! Change it back! PLEASE!

  107. Sozalina Says:

    – The change of the CITY look is fine, but I’ll need some time to get used to it ^ ^;
    – The chest is SUPER COOL 😀 .. Thank you XOXO.
    – Books tap is great.

    – I want the active & visits tabs back 😦 .. Visiting the active pets is cool to see them displaying the new items in their rooms! and the visits taps to see less pets in the friends bar! I have Over 600 friend & I want to visit the active ones first!!
    – OMG! The paw points disappered so fast! My eyes can’t catch it >_<
    – The happiness & hygiene bars are cute! Why did u removed them :\ .. now I'm not interested in brush my pet anymore!

  108. Mj Says:

    We are earning way fewer coins and points per visit!!! I agree that it was getting too easy to level up before, but decrease the points, not the coins too!!! Not being able to get coins for petting and washing is ridiculous, not to mention that there are a total of five flies possible at 20 coins each but the total possible coins you can earn is 80!? Completely stupid! At least make it 100 so it’s not just a rip off and makes sense!
    Aside from that, some of the other changes such as the new map are interesting. Please don’t go too far in the way of that other Pet__ game. We play Pet Society for a reason!

  109. marisa! Says:

    xelooo is right u know ¬¬ i live in chile and believe me the earthquake was not a bed of roses… i live in Talca and the quake was 8.8 richter :/ many people lost their homes… many little children lost their parents and their loking for their parents alone in the streets, when actually their parents died… but they don’t know.Many citys that are in the coast of chile were DESTROYED and their habitants are on hills held prisoners with no food,water or clothes….many..people who made a lot of efforts to build their houses,to own a shop, or to give their best to their children..ALL THOSE EFFORTS GONE IN 2 MINUTES…many people are suffering…:'( :(..and so are pets.. many little puppies and kitties alone in the streets.. please we need help!!!!! 😦

  110. delia Says:

    I like the change about the chest and the clothes arrangement, but I don’t really like the other changes

  111. Cris Says:


  112. Chuli Says:

    The changes confused me a little bit at first and I wish the Active tab remained but I think I like it better this way.

  113. Suzanne Says:

    I just hope the save error (don’t know if this is a problem on other platforms, but on facebook the game is almost unplayable) gets resolved in time for us to be able to enjoy these cute new items.

    I like that less scrubbing is needed to earn coins. I was getting injury in my hand from playing.
    However, now it’s harder than ever to level up. That makes me feel sad. The biggest source of paw points has been taken away! =(

  114. Meg-O Says:

    I hate it! Change it back. This is horrible. WTF! CHANGE IT BACK!

  115. Michele Says:

    I love seeing the next week’s items in the blog, but I know several of my friends do not. Can I suggest that you put them onto a linked page in future, so that players have the option of looking or not?

  116. Frieda Hos Says:


    I loooooooooooved the changes..!!

    And, I can’t wait to see the new items!! Land of Oz..! Awesome!

    By the way.. I bought the Haiti plushie.. so, they give me a poster now?? Great!


  117. Dena Says:

    Still can’t log in to pet society..

    Can’t wait to buy the next week special..

  118. hui ning Says:

    some of the cahnges are great the items look so great

  119. Alice is My Pet Says:

    How to update pet’s status???

  120. anima51 Says:

    i’m sorry, but i dont like the new look. i miss the previous ‘playfish cartoony style’.
    the new look is so maxis….like an old computer game style (sorry)…this is just what i feel, thx

  121. Heather Says:

    I am VERY upset about this new design change and I KNOW I’m not the only one. Why why WHY have you suddenly made the site look like it’s geared toward five-year-olds?? The icons, the new village, everything is so BABYISH. Facebook doesn’t even ALLOW children under 13, so why the HECK make changes that are geared toward kids? I used to love this game!! WHY FIX WHAT ISN’T BROKEN??

  122. Fernando Says:

    i don’t like but i like

  123. Juan-Carlos Says:


  124. sonny hawkins Says:


  125. Buzzy Says:

    I thought the older look was more sleek than this one. This is too kiddy for me.
    I have a hard time distinguishing my visited friends on the pink, it’s really a negative.

    I also would like the active and inactive friends installed again. I always visited my active friends first and loved seeing that they have.

    new Items coming out is alway love though.

  126. jenniferbunny Says:

    I like new pet society BUTT when i clean people it does not save!!!!! My boyfriend is having same problem!!!! MAKE IT SAVE BC I DO A LOT OF HARD WORK CLEANING PEOPLE!!!!

  127. marcus Says:

    Cahnge so (BAD) !
    I hate it lalalallala !

  128. pepe Says:

    the game layout is ok, it’s really like some Zinga games….

  129. kathleen Says:

    Having a hard time logging inT.T…

  130. MMM Says:

    I don’t like the change they have done with the paw points i think is unfair because i used to have 100000 and now i have like 1800 something 😦 and i <agree that it's harder to get coins, i'd rather have the old pet society

  131. Camilla Says:

    **SOS TECNICAL ISSUE** again I want to let you know a problem with Restaurant City, the “popularity” meter has BIG PROBLEMS! When you save and came back into the game (even after 2 minutes) it goes automatically to “4.00” although before saving was over 30!!

  132. tommy k Says:

    why can u convert play fish cash to normal coins but u cant convert normal coin to play fish cash u shud be able to

  133. Nat Says:

    I like the new image!,but it’s too hard level up :/.
    PD: Chile needs help too! >o<

  134. Aticemas Says:

    i think you should do something for the people in chile, many of chilean fb users play your game, you should do something nice for them to fell that they’r important, plus they need so much help.
    it was much bigger than haiti, plus it weas with a tsunami after the earthquake. many people lost everything they had even their family.
    animals are suffering as well, anda need so much help.

  135. Colleen Rose Lovell Says:

    I think the changes are great love the bigger format and the changes to the chest is wonderful, though shame there is no button for DIY items, makes changing rooms so much easier. Did like the idea of active and non active petters, though I have lots of friends so I was never disadvantaged. Wonder if possible to make foods the petlings eat unattractive to the pets. On the whole well done. Looking forward to lots more adventure.

  136. Sophie Says:

    I love the changes, I really love that now I win more money when I visit my friends, that’s a really good change, I love the world map, and I’m sure everybody is now saying they don’t like it but soon they will, I think it’s something they have to get used to.

  137. Julia Says:

    Love the new pet society an love new items too!!! =D

  138. Kichihaya Says:

    I am in the middle with the new layout: although it is very childish, it’s bigger and I like the glossier icons and such. I also like the new inventory organization. On the bad side, I really liked the competition that came with the old levels and paw points. It seems that a lot of things were “fixed” and they didn’t have to be. Now the brush is completely useless and the town map is pointlessly kiddie-fied for lack of a better form. I say keep the bigger and better layout, but change the game play back to how it was before.

  139. bhem Says:

    i bought the haiti doll, but i did not receive Haiti Poster! Any information regarding this?

  140. yuha Says:

    145 comments??? wow… *tumben bgt

    yuha like these piano!!!!!

  141. Leon Says:

    I kind of like the change, but it’s hard to access all the store now with the new map. I can’t remember which store is which and if i already visit them. I have a hard time visiting every store to check out and buy new items.
    I love the lion petling though.

  142. hui ning Says:

    i like the fact that my pet no longer appears at my friends doors when visiting but instead appears right next to my friends pet. theis saves time walking to my friends pet

  143. Nayask Says:

    Sure hope the “tides of change” will backoff soon, or PetSoc is history for me =/

  144. pet society lover Says:

    the changes are really cute!!! I love it………..but leveling up is really hard though~

  145. danu Says:

    w pngn cpet kaya.,.

  146. Sam Lynne Says:

    niceee!! wuv the changes but im not used to it but itz fine ill get used to it..and…
    stop putting on commentz that u said “i hate the new look!” when u keep playing u’ll get used to it!!!!! >:P

    Anyway…luv the white piano! specially the WIZARD OF OZ thingy!!!! 🙂
    like the “CHECK” signs! its like 3D i enjoy clicking it!
    Love the new look but im getting confused in the hygene,.
    :)) 🙂 :):):):):):):):):):)

  147. shirmaine Says:

    I love the new layout but still i’m having problems like when you expand ur game on ur com and then after a while make it to the normal size…. about 1/4 of the screen was hidden at the advertisment place at the right! and so i can’t save! can you fix this problem? or is it just me having this problem?

    btw, are the pet society stores gonna offer so many new things like this week? (wizard of oz, little red ridding hood) LOVING IT!

  148. d Says:

    New Pet Society is shit -.- i stopped playing pet society :@@@

  149. vincent Says:

    so cute

  150. sarah Says:

    i hate it…. u can’t earn as much paw points as u want to each time u play it like before….n i was level 45 to get to 46 it’ll take me a freaking year. that ain’t good.

  151. nicole Says:

    hate new version!!! less paw point gained, hard to achieve nxt level

  152. edith Says:

    The “new pet society” is like the “new coke” — why on earth did you change what worked??!!
    hate the new game. Why did you ruin it?
    You’re making us level up 5 points at a time? Game looks too childish and the things we found so much fun you’ve gotten rid of.
    Please reconsider

  153. cocotte Says:

    I’m getting used to those changes but I miss the cleaning. happiness and hunger scales – I miss too not seeing if someone is or not online even if it doesn’t affect the amount of pieces we get –

    • Sirius Says:

      You can still see if a friend is active or not in your friends list! 😉 The pets that look like they are sleeping (which I have an example with arrows in the following picture) are the inactive ones, and the active pets (meaning they’ve played in the last 24 hours) look awake: http://i46.tinypic.com/mhabmd.png

  154. Ixis ♫♪♫♪♪♫ ♪♫ Says:

    the changes u made on first sight look so cool and more modern and intresting, but when u start to play they are soooo complicated. You don’t know when you will level up or how much poinst you got from gifting, buying, or anthing that gives exprience. I don’t like the changes…btw u never know if your pet is clean and you never know is he in a good mood you know and makes me confused when I want to know how much xp do others have….One thing I like is that the inventory is more organised because I have like 10 pages…And I also like the new look, but it still makes me confused…That’s all I have to say….Thx for reading 🙂

  155. julie Says:

    couldn’t access ps after the changes…grrrrr

  156. Kelly Says:

    The new designs of pet society was not so bad guys, is quite nice… Playfish spends lots of times thinking to make a better one and you all are just still asking back the old design , we should respect the decision , the choice is made by them not us, anyway i think the new graphics were real cool .. Thanks Playfish , You made my day wonderful

  157. Camila Lopez Says:

    cada vez mas hermosas las cosas nuevas en pet…
    siempre lo juego, creo q es un vicio XD
    podrian hacer algun tema para Chile, asi como lo
    hicieron con HAITI, ya q tambien estamos pasando por un mal momento,
    asi como apoyo social 😉

  158. Sarah Says:

    its different for sure but you can say we need
    a change nothing can stay the same the hygene
    is different other wise i love it

  159. rebecca Says:

    Don’t like the changes, they’re more like a step back than forward… 😦 no more brushing pets, just washing… old style was so much better… i like the big screen though 😉

  160. Frank Amaya Says:

    EEEWWWW!!YUKKK!!! New look sucks!! What am I supossed to do with the comb now!! its useless!! I get the feeling I get less Paw Points and some things have now higher costs!! Things at stores are cool though

  161. Nicola Says:

    I like the new changes, everything is nice and clean. The new items are cool too.

  162. Stoney Says:

    My paw point hang at 2,147,483,647.
    Previous only around 900,000.
    Anyone have this problem?
    I am giving up playing Pet Society.

  163. Dee Says:

    You ruined my favorite game. No need to visit the pets in the Cafe unless they have flies buzzing around. Much harder to earn points. As for the new design – not every player is a small child you know. It is a shame you do not know when other pets are hungry and one should be able to feed other pets when you go visiting and they are begging for food!

  164. Eliana Says:

    So far so good with the changes but my pet gets no coins for wahing it up or others nor paw numbers, just see the washing plus and thats it. On the other hand have been playing for quite a while and have not received the 3000 coins said here. Let me know why me pet gets no coins for the washing. thanks

  165. Pam Says:

    I like the changes. The only thing is I miss having a home button instead of having to go to the map to go home when I’m visiting. 🙂 Good job on all the new items. It is more fun being able to buy things and earn coins more easily. It makes having neighbors important but also makes it possible not to have 1000’s and level up for new rooms quicker! TY Pet Society!

  166. Hana Mohamoud Says:

    I don’t like the changes 😦 too bad you guys don’t care about what we think of the new makeover .. I will be playing waaaaaaaaay less often. Bye!

  167. rosalinda Says:

    Me encanta pet society!…me gustaron los cambios…sólo quisiera que se ganaran más monedas en las carreras…

  168. Qualmi Says:

    I like most of the Pet Society changes. It’s very pretty, runs smoothly, and it feels like a pet more than a game now.

    The only things I’d like changed is to swap out everyone’s brushes for something useful to us (since there is no happiness meter anymore), and give us some sort of indicator for other pets’ hunger levels; it’s easy enough to tell they’re dirty. Giving us the travel shortcuts back might be nice.

    As far as everyone complaining about their Paw Points, we aren’t actually losing any. From what I understand, the PP meter resets to 0 whenever you level. I gain PP as quickly as I ever did and have already leveled since the revision.

    I still like Pet Society. Give this a chance, people. Try to find things you like about the changes instead of looking for things to complain about. =)

  169. Isabel caguimbal Says:

    Hi pet society news blog i also like the new changes for pet society but i still like the old one its realy the best

  170. Janice/Janz Says:

    i like the new tabs and design, however, we no longer receive notifications so we would know who among our friends visited us and could no longer identify who are the active friends for the day which i think are still important…

    the use of brush became useless though i appreciate the larger points we get during visit… looking forward to more enhancements, more clothes for male pets and new kitchen stuff…

    thanks a lot!!!!

  171. Aubrey Says:

    It would be nice if the PS team would try to make earning coins AND paw points easier. Making changes is not a bad thing, but a lot of players, like I am, feel that a lot of things have been sacrificed. Cleaning, feeding and brushing are all part of the fun. Pet Society is supposed to be cute, sure, but we want gameplay quality too. The changes were cool, but then, we couldn’t deny that a lot of players actually liked the past version of PS.

    Hope things could be sorted out. Thanks for trying to make the game better for us, though. Although, we kind of liked it a lot before. 😀

  172. Lillian Says:

    i’m sorry, but i dont like the new look.I have the problem of a severity: I visit a neighbor and clean a pet to arrive the 4th, the appearance automatically jumps out, error message(code:3225), so how do I earning money ?The system is getting more unsteady too much, please improve.

  173. Anja Says:

    I would like to see when my friends are active 🙂 And scales, as Cocotte says… 🙂

  174. pal Says:

    what does the pink and blue on the friends list represent? There’s a bug, each time u toggle, and then hit esc, u wont be able to save, hit on settings or access the rooms on the right.

  175. koko_maroco Says:

    hii PF team .. nice to see u working to please us 😀 keep up
    am gunna rate the new updates from scale 1-10 (10=AWSOME,1=BAD)

    the wide screen : 10 😀 its realy amzaing

    the paw points thingie : -1 i really hate it ! i want it to go back to the way it was cause we wanna know how much we have left for the next level .. PLEASE bring it back

    the health bars and stuff : -1 omgosh i really hate that too .. like 4 paw points when it used to be 48 !! omgosh so unfair 😦 and its hard to follow how dirty and unhappy he is now !! please bring it back to the way it was

    the wardrobe chest organizaitons : 9 omg way more than awesome !! but !! the beds and sofas and such .. ar’nt avaliable on the furniture seciton .. i say make an “Others” seciton ? eh ?

    the books : 10 not a bad idea

    the friends : 6 .. i like it that theres 6 frinds on each page(it used to be five..get it 😛 ? ) and i also like that its 35 coins right now but i dislike that theres no more active 😦 thats used to be sooo freakin good !!

    the new map : 8 .. its okay .. but i wish there was an icon for “my house ” thats placed somewhere eles other than the map .. but other than that .. good

    no more bank : 10

    yeah its realy cool .. but COME ON guys more easy ways to earn money
    PAH-LEASE !!!!
    i have a suggestion .. i say make a new store thats called “VIDEO GAME ” or some thing that has games when u play earn loads of money ? get it ? hope so 😀

    i also have onther idea .. how about a petling store ? 😀
    it will have petlings,furnis,food,clothes,collars,houses…. etc for petlings ?
    that would be cool
    and we need more stuff to grow in our gardens ..

  176. prince Says:

    i dont like the changes. you dont get as many coins for cleaning up others pets or any points for grooming. You took away the shortcuts to go to other stores. Just dont like it.

  177. kittaroo Says:

    Well, it always takes some times to get used to new things, but:
    1- the full screen option doesn’t work properly ( I have a small notepad) and it’s now very unpleasant to play
    2- it has become very hard to gain paw point (caring for other pets it’s no longer useful!)
    So, after all, I have to admit I prefered the old look..

  178. heather Says:

    where can we purchase the tree house??? I’ve talked with over 20 people in pet society and none of us know how to get this. thanks

  179. hanna Says:

    bring back the way/ the amount of money & paw points we earn (bring back the hygiene&happy bar). this would be easier for us to earn coins too so that we can buy Week’s Specials you always offer.

    we get the problem with the game when we get back to normal screen from toggling the full screen – you will see that everything is cut.

    show the paw points of my friends from the friend list below.

    instead of an icon of a door for the town map make it a globe (just like from the old pet society.

    THERES NO POINT OF HAVING THE BRUSH IF WE GET NOTHING FROM IT! so you might as well bring it back and let us earn coins & paw points from it.

    i was happy i was doing great with my paw points, seeing that i had big points, but now that its all change its boring that i see my paw points so little and very hard to earn paw points too!

  180. hammy Says:

    i do like the changes but im not happy about the fact that u took away the the blue and green things . blue meaning the level of how clean ur pet is and green for if they r happy…..i would like to see that come back.

  181. Marijana Says:

    I love it. It is so cute. :)))

  182. Tania Says:

    The only thing that I don’t like is that , I can’t compete anymore . I’m on level 47.. so I was done… But I love the game so I kept playing. Now there no reason for me to keep playing anymore. Before I was racing with my other pet friends…..Now the little fun left for me is GONE. We can’t race anymore with the PAW POINTS!. The new items are cool and stuff but the fun is gone. It’s so boring.. there is no meaning for me to play Pet Society anymore.. It’s so sad. Becuase I really liked. 😦

  183. Josefina Says:

    I like the changes, but i need a spanish blog, please.I speak a litle english.
    Thanks a lot.

  184. Annie Says:

    The new change isn’t so bad. It’s easy to get used to after a while. My friend who just got into Pet Society doesn’t seem to have a problem with the layout at all. In fact, she spent hours and hours of playing it when she first started. I also love that you get more coins per visit. It is also useful to have tabs which sort my items, but some items are sortable, which is a little inconvenient.

  185. Kelly Says:

    I like the new one but now its too hard to level unless you have a million dirty friends!

  186. Adriana Says:

    – Less walk to get to my neighbors while I’m at their houses.
    – I can move freely around the whole room without having to take my pet some point or another.
    – The stores map separated from the neighborhood

    – Design of the map
    – Desing of the items
    – More money visiting friends
    – Easier way to find my items on the chest, the book section is better too

    – A soap image that shows up before the first fly appear so I know my pet needs to take a shower fast! (or maybe my pet can give me a clue).
    – More assemblance between the stores map and the neighborhood
    – Some <> speed buttons for stores
    – More interaction between users, so I don’t visit my neighbor only to get some money. Maybe contests (cooking, decoration, appearance of the pet), asking a neighbor to take care of your tiger/coyote/kitten/dog/lion and if he does it well he gets a reward, having plagues on the garden and asking friends to find them and eradicate them, giving a symbolic reward to the neighbor who finds a missing object from someone’s house, I don’t know you can really do a lot of things.

    Pet Society is not another facebook game, it’s really the favorite for a lot of us, I think the new challenge for Pet society and other Playfish games is to find the way to make them more interactive among users, because a regular user for Pet society only cares about its pet, getting money and decorating its place, but it doesn’t motivate the user to invite more friends, and the new users may get bored to see they don’t get much from the game (specially after they compare their houses to a long time playing neighbor).

    Btw congratulations for this blog and for caring about our opinions.

  187. Happy Island Says:

    ok. the changes suck’s. i want the brush back to play. & the actives players and the paw points back with our realy paw points ¬¬. i want see the other points of my friends & the coins aree soooooooo much dificult to get & the paw points to.!! PLEASE CHANGE TO THE OLD PET SOCIETY.!! 😦

  188. Dreamy Says:

    I guess, it will take us some times to get use to the new layout. But I noticed that my paw points has stop at 2,147,483,647 and no matter I visited my friends or do anything, it is no moving, is level 47 the maximum? I am beginning to lost interest in this game now…:(

  189. nini Says:

    i like this !! but i want playfish coinssss :(( ;(

  190. Lilac Says:

    The new version is awful. The brush is completely useless, you don’t get more money visiting your friends at all (we’re not stupid, we can count, and the most you can get by cleaning 4 flies is 80 coins, before you could both brush and wash them and you got more money).
    The new graphics are posh and childish, there’re being many problems with users who can’t log in or save the game and all in all it’s a complete disaster.
    Oh, and, a larger screen? You’re genious, you put the advertisements on the top! Was it hard? Because actually it’s the only good change you’ve made (and the way you fixed the tree house graphics is hilarious!)

  191. Sahar Says:

    With this changes, you make it so hard to move up levels.. in general, I just hate those changes

  192. ahmed Says:


  193. Riinrin Says:


    1. I don’t like that we never get coins by brushing the pet (What’s the point having a brushing tool then?)
    2. Give us the World shortcut icon back! It’s really annoying that you removed it.
    3. The Active tab is important for us! ~
    4. Let us see the pet paw points to the other users, it’s really stubborn of you to remove it.
    5. Give our dear old tree back 😦

    1. Making an icon for an example “Clothes”, “Hats & jewelly” etc.
    2. The park looks better (better graphic)
    3. The healthy bar is good and the clean system is awesome
    4. The screen is bigger than before

    This is not for being rude, but this is what I think about the game. I know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t want these back 🙂

  194. Andrea Says:

    I don’t like the new format!!! I want the old one please!!!! 😀

  195. Seema Says:

    i love the change =]

  196. Jackie Says:

    Hate it, don’t want to play it.

  197. luis Says:

    No me gusta los nuevo relacionado con los puntos y niveles

  198. germaine Says:

    i dont like , my pet point is not correct

  199. germaine Says:

    i don’t like , my petpoint is not correct

  200. Adriana Says:

    I ment resemblance in:
    – More assemblance between the stores map and the neighborhood

  201. Alejandra Says:

    Tan bello Pet… Congratulations

  202. bushi Says:

    i luv the gamww

  203. bushi Says:

    i luv luv the game fantastic

  204. Katarina Says:

    I also liked the old Pet soc. better! It was much better looking, and fun to see how clean and happy they got… but thanks for you put moore money when cleaning eachother and so on. But please! change the appearences back!! Its uggly now

  205. katerin Says:


  206. MARWA Says:

    I don’t like some of the changes first that i can’t get more paw points as i’m at level 47 ???? and i can’t see my friend’s paw boint so i cant compete with them

  207. Bianca Ripoli Barreiro Says:

    Hate changes.
    I want the old Pet Society because:
    The brush is useless
    The map is divided in 2
    The active and visited friends are just hard to find
    The new icons are TOO, SO infantile
    The books would have to be icons like the chest, the wardrobe, etc.
    There´s no longer a quick access to go home
    The pawpoints changed…

  208. Kristin Says:

    They’re not changing it back, so quit whining about it. Just appreciate the fact that they put their time and effort into doing something good for you guys. I think that they did an EXCELLENT job with the new layout. I absolutely love it. All of my friends love it. So, I don’t see why you have to ruin it for those of us who DO appreciate it. Thank you, Playfish<3

  209. Patrik Says:

    this changes are very bad.i can not see the hygiene and happy.street is very bad.if they do not get back old design i will not play pet society any more.

  210. Estela Says:

    I don’t like the new changes, because it’s to difficult make points as easy as the other pet society… i would like that come back as the same as the other people that ask the same thing. Please!!!


  211. Bad Says:

    Hate the changes. Go back to the way it was first please. I CANT GET ANY MONEY! Too confusing. All around bad.

  212. rahime Says:

    I don’t like new pet society!!


    i think of the changes of pet society are good because after is very hard to select tha stores in the map
    GOOD CHANGE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    im mexican and im speak english at a medium but im defend
    too in mexico are playing pet society

  214. pichi Says:


  215. Myfanwy Says:

    Ok no. I hate the new changes, how am I going to make money when you take away the happiness bar for the pets? :/ Sure I get more money for visiting but whats the point. Plus I can’t compete with my friends when I can’t see their paw points!!!! I’m actually really upset about all of these horrible new changes.

  216. Amy Says:

    Yeah… dont like the new look, i rather the old one, altough the order in the chest is better, but its the only positive thing i see. The other ones eather are now complicated or just dont like them.

  217. Ada Says:

    Silly, childish…lacks clarity. It really is all about interaction and friendly competition with friends. The current format is missing all that.

  218. ivy ciata Says:

    i think i dont like the changes in pet society coz i cannot know if my neighbor is dirty and happy as well. But im very very happy because of the money that the players get.

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!1 make sure that the players will not be bore… THANK YOU

  219. Jiae Says:

    Hate the changes. A lot.

  220. Lupita Says:

    I really don’t like this new version. I am thinking of not playing anymore. I don’t like that I lost all my points, even that I have the same level. I don’t like that I can’t feed or bathe my friends. It’s a kind of complicated. I would like to know who is active or not. Some of my friends think just the same. Changes are good but you could leave the points and what I mentioned above. Thanks. 😦

  221. dije Says:

    i really dont like the changes.. its so hard to get paw points.. 😦

  222. tsvety Says:

    The change is good, but when i am on my apple the cursor is having problems when i want to go to the right. I am not sure if its flash player or what….???
    The cursor stops like an inch to the right so i can’t even get to my rooms, i can only get to my garden room. Please fix this. Thank you!

  223. catherine Says:

    the new design is kinda childish
    i like the chest and the up coming stuff
    but the wide screen is kinda annoying
    i take too much time finding where i want to go
    the old design to is WAY better!!!


  224. lmgs Says:

    Hi I liked the new design and that you can earn more money by visiting friends. But i didnt like that we cant see the paw points anymore!!
    Please return paw points

  225. Eber Says:

    i dont like.

    maybe is a little bit cute but there are so many things that are lost an is hard to know when the pet is all clean or happy…

  226. Ashley Says:

    I really don’t like the new Pet Society. It is much more confusing, harder to get XP and coins as well. I wish you guys would change it back to the way it was!

  227. Bia Says:

    I like the design in the way it is more cute, it is good. But the bars of happiness, cleaness and health of friends, also like the trophies and stickers of friends must still be present. And the paw points, I used it to compete with friends, now it is more difficult to do. I think it is more difficult to leveling up, too. I don’t know. But the graphics must keep going this way, with more colors and shades, lol. I was wandreing if the neighborhood could be in the same style of graphics like the city itself, it could be cute, too. And I sugest in the survey more colors and an entire improvment in the stylist, with new faceshapes, ears, mouths, eyes, etc. Lot talk, thanx.

  228. yo Says:

    I hate this new pet society, want the old one

  229. Mocha Says:

    NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i willl not go on pet society anymore!! its so confusing 😦 can there be a button that makes the old come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Dindo Says:

    i love the new PetSoc but i think DIY items like flooring and wallpapers should have their own tab on the Chest.. im wondering is the PAWpoints gain from the older version the same from the new one?? Nevertheless… this is a good CHANGE..

    PS: should bring back the happiness tab ( i need more gold grrrr..)


  231. amanda Says:

    i really agree with those who said that the game isn’t fun anymore. i love the old version of ps because it makes us gain a lot coins than usual and we also can reach higher level faster. the new design also quite childish. please redesign this game and fix the basic problems (such as cannot log in to ps and have to retry it, it happens often), before u guys making all these changes..

  232. faeree Says:

    I like the changes for the most part once I got used to everything.

    Some semi-cons: I can’t even notice the wide screen and when I go to full screen I still have to scroll. Bah. The brush should be removed or replaced with something useful as its just collecting dust now.

    Main Suggestion: RE: the storage/clothing new tabs. The tabs- to me- are really unsuccessful. I still have to go to ALL to find most things (like backgrounds, flooring, certain mystery items). I’d rather see tabs include ALL items just narrowed down into categories. Right now, the specific tabs only narrow down a portion of your items. To me, this is frustrating and really unorganized. If you cannot create category tabs that will include ALL items then I’d rather the tabs be broken down to where I purchased item (i.e. DIY, Furniture, Food, Mystery, Luxury, etc). That way it fits with the way you currently have things organized and will make it a more successful way of narrowing down my search for specific items.

    Overall I like the changes and thanks for making the game a lot faster too 🙂

  233. Eleah Says:

    Love the changes they are great!

  234. Shasa Says:

    Now, I like the new pet society… But, please can you show me how to earn money from wash my friend’s pet?

  235. sayt Says:

    i like the change……. but, it’s confusing me, i like the old one better.

  236. ghie Says:

    i’m sorry..
    totally hate it !
    it’s same with petville.. OMG..
    very disappointed.. ;(

  237. Marc Says:

    thnx for the 3000 coins Pet Society…………….Long Live Pet Society!’

  238. chrystine ,ae carbungco Says:

    i dont like the new onesss I like the old onesss so get back the old ones

  239. angel Says:

    love the updates! and why you have to do that!? The old is Great!

  240. Hikari-Konata Says:

    I love the change! Thanks for the 3000 cash!

  241. NOTHING Says:


  242. ¶ SONG ¶ Says:


  243. Lucy Says:

    I don’t like it. I want to know what my pet need, I want the old point system back, I wanto to know my friend’s points…. this change is really bad. Ok, it looks nice, but the game isn’t fun anymore.

  244. Cowboy Says:

    Hey …. I like this … but whether in the garden expensive? or use PlayfishCash? I do not have PlayfishCash … : ‘(

  245. rima Says:


  246. jodi Says:

    I am sooooooooo mad!!!! Are you kidding me? Only 4 pawpoints now when cleaning a pet??? WHat is the motivation to do it now! NOTHING! THat is soooooooooooo ridiculous! Seriously…… that is the only reason I played to compete with friends and now I have NO idea where they are or how many points we all have. The motivation is GONE. Me and my many PS friends have decided to BOYCOTT PS until you change it back so we can actually EARN pawpoints. How are we ever going to level up with only 4 paw points per cleaning. Not worth our valuable time anymore! Of course, if PS is anything like FB then NONE OF THESE COMMENTS WILL EVEN BE READ OR LISTENED TO! Such a shame you have gone and ruined the funnest game on FB.

    EVERYONE BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. viviana langone Says:

    son horribles los cambios que hicieron no sube nunca el puntaje imposible pasr de nivel no se ven los puntajes de los demas no se puede masagear etc horrible que vuelva el pet de antes

  248. Moza62 Says:

    I wrote a really long reply here yesterday, and it’s not here. I guess I’m not allowed to voice a complaint? Ugh, wish I hadn’t wasted my time writing all of that!! BOO PLAYFISH.

  249. Marisol Says:

    i hate the new pet society!! i miss the old pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the new pet society is like a babies! PLEASE BACK THE OLDE PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!! its better!!!!!!!!

  250. Evangelyn Phoon Says:

    I like the New Pet society but there are some places that is bad:
    -I need to waste time to click to go the shops.
    -I want to earn the money from brushing the pets.
    -The is take the inventory space.For Now the brush completely wasting my Inventory space,It is useless!
    -the inventory(item) doesn’t have a wallpaper category , fish category , petlings category , etc.
    -Now is so hard to earn money.There are a few flies only, even though it has change into $20.

    These are the things that i think that should be change.Thank you.

  251. Íngrid Says:

    No some of the changes was good. like the grafics etc but its very VERY hard to get to a new level and thats why i played so much,. It feel like a wasted my time on pet society, oh well nevermind it was fun back in time. Can you just change back to happy / Food / Hygien bars?
    48 pawpoints downgraded to 5 is BAAAAAAAAAD, very BAAAAAAAAD.

  252. MARWA Says:

    please tell me how can i get more paw points i’m at level 47 ???? and are we going to have a new levels???

  253. casiw Says:

    i looooove pet society

  254. Christina Says:

    The new design is horrible. And more coins? YEAH RIGHT! I’ve noticed that you can barely get any coins from taking care of your pet and your friends pets and its much harder to get paw points. Over all? Worst mistake. It’s all too childish and confusing for older players. Please give us the old design back.

  255. Karis Booth Says:

    Sorry guys, can’t stand the changes. Too cartoony – liked being able to see my friend’s point numbers (the actual points). Don’t like the conversion. It was way more motivating to be in the 100,000 range than the 4,000 range. I know a lot of people who are stopping playing. Boo!!!

  256. Karis Booth Says:

    The graphics are so cartoonish I feel like my 6 year old playing – losing interest fast.

  257. muhammad rafly andihan nugraha Says:

    🙂 1 ❤ pet society 😀 😀

  258. muhammad rafly andihan nugraha Says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 i like it!

  259. FISHY Says:


  260. Denny Says:

    I think that there should be a “sound of water” when pets take a shower, just like there’s the sound when they’re eating…
    It would give a more real feeling!
    Thanks Pet Society! ^_^

  261. baby mia Says:

    erghhh i hate it someone hacked my pet.society !!!!!!! i was rich now im complaining u should do a code or anthing else that have privacy!

  262. winter Says:

    i hate the changes..espeacially the paw points and the brushing..i hope to change back the older version =(..

  263. gelo wong Says:

    how to play this

  264. Camilla Says:

    **SOS TECNICAL ISSUE** again I want to let you know a problem with Restaurant City – meter fixed (THANKS!!!When I write here things are fixed immediately!!) – new problem: when you recive a “+1, +1,5, +4..” as a gift nothings happens and your popularity doesn’t increase anymore!

    Also I want to ask you if is it possible to have a “new” signal in Country Story also for the never visited friends, it would be very usefull.

    Thanks again 😀

  265. Quinn Says:

    My paw points bumped up to 2 Billion (origiannly i was at 480,000+). I hate it! people might think i hacked!! huhuhu

  266. Alizadeh Says:

    Pink are yhe girl pets and blue sre the boy pets! ;);

  267. keithlegara Says:

    yes.!its now new look..but.theres a problem by playing pet society.:(.when you click the fullscreen button while playing pet society,and after a while,when you want to exit fullscreen.,you cant never be right back the fullscreen if you want to click it again..can you give me a solution to this problem??

  268. pasas Says:

    i have a led screen in my pet’s house, and it also serves as my “shout-out/status bar” in the house. before, i’ll just click the ‘pet’s status’ icon to change the words flashing at the led screen but with the new design, I CANT figure out how to change my status! PLS HELP!

  269. Shawn Says:

    where is the set pet status button??? where???

  270. Janice Says:

    100% Love it, 100% Lovely, 100% Beutiful, and 100% Better

  271. Alice Says:


  272. Dance a Jig through the Emerald Isle « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] Pet Society’s Blog Just another WordPress.com weblog « Tides of Change! […]

  273. Pet Society Current Hater Says:

    This new layout is the worst ever i will stop playing PS unless they change back to the old one but the organized chest is kind of nice

  274. gabriel rubio lunar Says:

    es super finoooooooooo!!

  275. sergio payares Says:

    gracias por volver a poner los puntos altos……. y por suvir los puntos por visitar pero pongan las barras de higiene y felicidad……….. tambien pongan los puntos de mis amigos para poder verlos……….

  276. Sue Says:

    I am having problems getting onto PS. For three days I couldn’t get on, 2 days I managed to just once today I managed to get on a short time ago but now I cannot get on yet again. What is going on?

  277. Douglas Says:

    i really hate it…. I cant now how many paw points my friends have… -.- and its so dificult to earn paw points knoooooooowwwwww…… Im going to stop playing and tell all my friends to stop playing… I want the antique pet….. -.- you must to an enquest of who wants new or old pet societyy…!!!!!!!!!! -.-

  278. vico Says:

    troppo complicato………per guadagnare coins è un impresa

  279. kaja Says:


  280. michele bachelder Says:

    I like the old layout better. I liked knowing which pets needed to be washed and I also liked knowing who was active. (I liked to occasionally surprise one of my active friends with a lavish gift). I really don’t like the new layout at all. On the flip side I love my new beanstalk room and I loved the treehouse room too!

  281. Stateira Says:

    I luv the changes (xpescially the 3.000 coins!) but when I roll the wheel, it use to be 5+ days and I have BIG numbers AND a petling, but last time, it looks like I just login to ps every week. oh, it sucks!

  282. JoseMaria Says:

    i love the new tabs in the chest and wardrobe! But the designs are kinda lame.. it reminds me of a child’s nursery school or something.. to cute.. if i had to rate, 8.5/10 for the changes. 🙂

  283. Equita Says:

    i love the changes!!! but the only thing i dont like is the design.. could you please have the designs back to normal?? or maybe you could convert coins into playfish cash?? that could be nice.. like 500 coins for 2 playfish cash.. that would be great!

  284. Stacey Says:

    I do not like the new design it is too much like petville and very childish on it’s design…. my six and 12 year old cousins who play with my pet at times with supervision thought the previous design was much more fun — there was more interaction with you pet and your friends through scratching, cleaning and feeding (would have liked to seen more reward for feeding a friend and more benefit to the friends pet as well).
    Miss the world icon where you could select where you wanted to go. Also things seem to move much slower in this new design.

    I have not heard many people liking this new design, none of my friends do. The one thing that is helpful is the menu tabs within our storage and clothing trunks — would like to see the ability to organize within these sections ourselves (i.e. drag items in front or behind one another to put them in the order we would like — we could for instance put all our windows together (which I have noticed the program is doing now) but maybe we want it organized in themes instead i.e. all the tiki items together or maybe we want all the xmas decorations together).

    Thanks for listening to our thoughts about the program, and taking them into consideration.

  285. cress Says:

    hmph……yes theres a tide of change..but im dis appointed that all the good items can only be bought by a playfish cash,,what about those people who doesnt have playfish cash???that is so unfair……so my comment is…give all the players playfish cash please i really love pet society but its just that i dont have playfish cash thats why i dont play it very much..so please……hear what i wished for

  286. vico Says:

    decisamente meglio…….però c’è ancora qualcosa da modificare per la gioia dei fans,i mobili devono avere un costo minore scontateli……ci sono delle cose meravigliose ma costano troppo.Per favore fatelo!!!!!!!!!!saluti e baci

  287. pet fan Says:

    i hate the new pet society , please get it back

  288. Walter Torres von Jezierski Says:

    I need your help:
    I don´t know what I did with the mouse, that the games of my games in facebook became bigger, but only the games, now the game doens feet well in my PC screen.
    what your I do to fix it again?

  289. PS lover Says:

    Well, it’s easier to get coins now. That’s what I like about the new PS. I think the page where they display the shops looks cute! I also love the new stuff. I LOVE THE NEW CHANGE!!!!!! THANK YOU PLAYFISH!!!!!

  290. Raphaela Says:

    So beautiful all that thing.Thanks for who design the “Pet Society” things.

  291. Cutiepie Says:

    Hi, like the new changes but there is a glitch to the page. When I move between the larger screen and the normal sized screen, the buttons on the right hand side are not accessible. Therefore, I cannot save the game, transfer between page sizes or move around rooms as the arrows are missing. This is a major bind, so please can this be sorted?? Thanks

  292. tannieh x3 Says:

    is cute and pretty a tings of pet socety

  293. Kay-lynn Says:

    I love the new design but there’s a couple things that I would like to see in the village: one is a pet store so all the new petling stuff isn’t taking up all the space in the stores and a village park where you could meet active players and play games with them to earn points/money.

  294. DJ Says:

    After these changes, I can’t get in PS from work. Why??? 😦 so disappointed.

  295. Jacob Tabo Says:

    i really love the new items, especially the jack and the beanstalk.. but i can’t afford it cause i do not have playfish cash.. so sad.. :(, could you please offer goodies that does not need playfish cash.. please.. 🙂

  296. Ivy Says:

    at first, i was confused on how to use the new pet society but later on, i learned to use it and feel very comfortable with the changes. i love it. 😀

  297. debby nataya Says:

    i very2 don’t like the change,,!!!!!

    where’s the paw points?
    where’s the dose of happiness?
    where’s the dose of healthy?

    i don’t like this change,,

    many of my friend told that they’ll quit of this game, if the game not change back like the old…..

    you must believe it! that’s not a good idea,,

    now, i can’t log in pet society game,,,

    BAD !


  298. Melanie Says:

    I like the new look but i think it gets harder to level up……
    before in just 1 day i level up 3x but now i think it takes 3 days to level up!……

    I really love this game……….
    I’m really really sorry……………:(

    I Love You Pet Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. Suchi Says:

    i luvvvvvvvvvvvve the new PET SOCIETY…. 😛 but they shud in a way ask us to collect some coinzz… n give it 2 the bank 4 wich we can get the blue coinzzz… or else itzzz… a bit borin… FOR E.G. = 100 YELLOW COINZZ… WEN GIVEN WE GET 10 BLUE COINZZ… N 200YELLOW COINZZ… WEN GIVEN WE GET 20 BLUE COINZZZ… THT WOULD BE GR8 IF THEY DID THT………

  300. Diana Alegria Says:

    Great! I love pet society!!! at first the change could be bad, because at most people dont like the change, but I think they would be fine, only we need to be accustom it!

  301. Barb Pfeiffer Says:

    Pet Society is not working…

  302. Bia Says:

    I think the people didn’t like the new pet society must just stop playing it… The petville is more like the old version of pet society than the new one for me… I don’t think is childish, I am 29 years old and I could learn to use the new layout as simple as it gets. I am playing pet society now more than ever and I am spend money with it too… There is a big drama around the new layout and design… I am totally agree with the people that complains about the technical issues, the bugs must be fixed, but about the childish design, c’mon… I really think we want to see the paw points of friends, the new levels above 47, a shop for petlings and petlings stuff, good items and all stores not only in cash shop, an amount of money to be exchanged to cash, the bars of hygiene, happiness, and health again, and more new stuff like trophy for fishing i.e. A tab in the storage for diy itens could be great too, and we could organize our storage for collections. I think the design in game is more like the design outside game like the banners and other merchandise of the pet society, it fits alot with the itens, I think the pets could have shades in the colors of its body to gain an appearance of “puffed” like the itens, like the posters of pets have, and plushies have…

  303. Bia Says:

    One more thing: I like to see in the game a park for pets to meet each other in real time to play only with active people and interact to others petling too, a place we could bring our petling to play and interact with our pet in the game… It could be nice to see… And a real chat on cafe where I could chat in real time inside the game with others active players, to make “roleplay” for the pet c: So nerd but it could be fun ^^

  304. Nea Says:

    Change just for the sake of change is not always good. I know that you guys need to earn your pay, and improvements are good, but many of these changes were not improvements. People like things to be familiar, when you change to much to fast, we lose interest. The new screen size is okay, the tabs for stored items is fine, but the look of the screen is childish almost baby like, like for little children. And the active feature was very helpful, you should bring that back. Small changes…..are best if you want to keep us playing…

  305. dd Says:

    hello… I want to learn how to collect stikers…
    can anybody help me

    • Jorge Says:

      The stickers, like Free Gifts, are send by friends.
      All you have to do to send a sticker its to open the Sticker´s Album, the red book from the new Book Tabs, and click on the link that says ¨Send stickers to your friends¨,, then choose the friends who you would like to send the stickers, and then, they have to accept to recieve a Stickers Pack ingame, which contains 1 STICKER. And so on, your friends have to send you sticker packs 🙂

      But you should be aware that Stickers can EXPIRE if you don´t pick then within 24 HOURS.

  306. lautaro Says:

    that changed the pet society prefer to be like when did that change is already much

  307. lautaro Says:

    lay it as it was before

  308. Jefferey Gal Says:

    I’m totally hooked on Sonny with a chance, Tawni is my favorite on the show! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it!

  309. AG Says:


  310. TaniaSinclaire Says:

    I love Pet Society:D

  311. Emma Says:

    I love it!!!^_^
    Pet Society! The best!

  312. Eugene Koh Says:

    I hate the new pet society once i full screen i play then i wanna change back to normal screen the screen become half gone ! And WHY is it so diffcult to earn paw points ? please make changes to the paw points and the screen thing

  313. kewpiebb Says:

    maintenance again and again, can hardly login whenever day and night.

  314. Jasper Says:

    I love this change!, the new icons is cool! (like furniture icon) but, are PS and Wild Ones will start a war? my friend tell me…

  315. nii Says:

    does anyone knows how to change the pet’s name in pet society?

  316. Jasper Says:

    i have one question = Are aviator gogles is rare item?

  317. Karis Booth Says:

    Instead of Tides of Change it should say Tired of Change – liked the old format so much better. My 6 year old likes the new format…if that tells you anything. I think Pet Society is going to lose the Over 30 market – my friends (all who played actively) are not fond of the new changes, the new look – yuck and boo!

  318. Brandy Willenborg Says:

    Ever since the change I do not have a right arrow anymore. I can’t view my rooms, visit my garden, do any shopping…nothing. Can’t even play anymore! The change is fine but fix whats broken! My other friends have had trouble with their arrows too! How can you expect us to play and add friends if the game is broken???

  319. Rabih Says:

    The changes are good in a way, made some things easier! but the fact that the brush lost its use is not acceptable, because many paw points were raised so that we reach new levels and the reward were then upgrade of the brush (ruby or whatever comes next)! so why loosing energy and time to upgrade something that is now out of use???

  320. Rubie Bickham Says:

    Wonerful! I love how this blog is always updated with fresh content.I made three of my friends subscribe btw,lol

  321. mochanilla Says:

    i think the changes are good enough . but like what others said . it’s hard to gain level . 🙂 FOR THOSE WHO DONT LIKE IT . MAKE UR OWN GAME . 😛

  322. aomy Says:

    While am playing before your changing the new group am just brought a new accessories likes Lip Gloss, Day Cream something on my desk am notified that must save but i can’t save its, when you maintenance and i comeback the things that am brought it’s gone and also deduct my coins too but am have nothing thus, am must buy its again . what are you will doing for this problem? Can you check and bring my coins back?

  323. Camuu Luquee!! Says:

    Donde estan las habitaciones secretas, la casa del arbol y el jardin secreto ?

  324. IJ Zone Says:

    That’s Good!!!!
    I love it!!!

  325. Yunsheng Jain Says:

    I can’t enter Pet Society.

  326. Yunsheng Jain Says:

    I can’t enter Pet Society.
    What should I do?

  327. mark Says:

    pls make the item more affordable PLS 😥

  328. jorgee Says:

    k padre todo estoo es muii interesante y muy bonito todo esta padree

  329. yvonne moyer Says:

    HOW do you get money to buy stuff if you are poor and cant afford a credit card. There are so many things now that are being sold for money. It is so incredibly unfair. Cant you just raise the prices more for the real neat stuff????

  330. Thanh Says:

    how can I catch the emeraldfish?

  331. Mia Says:

    No wonder it’s been undergoing some maintenance….

    Overall, I like it (no, I LOVE it!) except for just two things which is…….

    WHERE’S OUR FREAKING PAW POINTS??? Don’t forget the active icon, cause’ I wanna see if I have the advantage of passing my friends!

    The bright side is that I’m cool with the other stuff… Besides, you guys must have worked hard to get this design working so I appreciate that! Better a bad game (no offence!) than no game at all, right?

  332. Franko Says:

    First of all I want to second Xelooo, Marisa and Aticemas comment b(^_^)b
    To please do something for Chile
    I know that 20% of my pet society neighbours aided Haiti
    And well I find it unfair that one country has priority over the other while both have suffer the same misfortune by nature.
    If one is not willing to aid more than one country then one must not start an aid what so ever since one is face with comments of help and comments of unfairness.
    Any way I think it would be nice if the pet society team/ play fish could do something towards Chile too since a similar catastrophe hit their land. Thank you … by the way I am not from Chile nor do I have Chilean blood lol I am 100% born Canadian hehehe!

    Secondly I want to say that I do not like the new layout for pet society
    Honestly what are you trying to do? loose players or what?
    I used to be an active player trying to visit everyone in my list and do the extra care for the pets in need…
    All of that just to get enough coins so I could waste them on Sunday night.
    I used to love Sunday nights, I sued to love buying, selling and trading items with my pet society friends but now all the magic and ambition is gone
    Since I no longer see my pet society friend’s needy bars, nor can I see how many paw points I need to pass my friends/rivals.
    I am not the only one in my list that is not as active as we used to be
    I don’t mind the chest organization or the clothing divisions
    Or the fact that we get more coins and that it is faster to visit friends
    But come on why did you have to change the layout of the map it looks flat and UGLY
    We need the short cuts back and the paw points to level up …
    The graphics are too much of a baby like and bubbly that makes you want to stop playing
    Why can’t you just mixed the baby style, the bubbly and the normal together but not for every item I don’t think there is a need for all the items to be bubbly and babyish
    I think the babyish look can be done for certain clothing and of course for the plush toys and other stuff but not everything … since there are adults playing this game too … That’s all.

  333. Amber Says:

    I’m not happy at all at how fast my pet gets dirty. I’m finding that I spend all my time just washing and feeding my pet because she gets so dirty and hungry so quickly. I don’t like visiting anymore because everyone’s pets are full of flies. It’s gross.

    I don’t enjoy it now.

  334. walford Says:

    Hello, First of all, what a cool article! i’m just researching for my website but i had issues reading this article due to the text sticking out on to the side menu…. edit… apologies, my fault, it is my ancient version of chrome causing the bug. May be worthwhile telling peeps to update? Cheers. walford

  335. HiNaMoRi Says:

    i like pet society!!

    i like the changes!!

  336. anako baxsoliani Says:


  337. orexis side effects Says:

    This is a great article. Thanks!

  338. jorizze Says:

    but my question is how to change the color of the things in pet society??

  339. escort london cheap Says:

    It is rather interesting for me to read that post. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

    Bella Kuree

  340. jen Says:

    where is the bank???//

  341. Gensis Says:

    I need play fish cash in pet society plz sand me in facebook 😦

  342. liliy Says:

    plyys i wish that u can put my favorit game on titter.com cause i cant open facebook or cy world or any of these websites so plyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys i hope that u can make it

  343. Huyen Says:

    um this is just a random question but u know when u got ur pet’s house right? i mean they goto a room but i want to choose my own room for my pet to stay in is it possible? because id like to stay in my first room thts wat happened b4 the japenese week first i was in my 1st room then i redecorated it and then well… i put all my japanese items in another room and then i was still hoping to be in the 1st room as usual but…. i ended up in my 7th room instead so now how do we change rooms for our pet to be in? i keep trying to find answers but there were none so its pretty hard for me 😦

    • Sirius Says:

      Your pet will arrive in the first room with a door, or if there are no rooms with a door your pet will arrive in the first room. So add a door back to your first room if you want your pet to start there.

      (If you have a Welcome Mat, your pet will go to whatever room you place the Welcome Mat in regardless of doors.)

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