Mayor or Master Chef?


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” appears to have been talking with Perry this week! When Sirius and her Petling Tiger dropped by the Mystery Store to purchase some Stone Age Mystery Eggs, not only was “?” in a rather good mood, but he offered her some tea, and gave her pictures of the new mysterious items!

Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start hunting for your own Tea Tray, or perhaps a very cute (shhh, don’t tell the Mayor we said that) Mayor Chef Plushie, or just brighten up your home in preparation for spring with the Hydrangea Pot!

Hydrangea Pot Mayor Chef Plushie Tea Tray

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

36 Responses to “Mayor or Master Chef?”

  1. Pet Society Dream Says:

    I’m so excited! I’m gonna try hard to get it! 😀

  2. jewie Says:

    omg…………. its cute…………………..


  3. jessie koo Says:

    wow so early this week?

  4. Zaira Nicole S. Ignacio Says:

    lol soo cute silje! i got 1 tea tray in my 6th try…

  5. bAm_kUeh..!! Says:


    love it..

  6. yourBOM Says:

    I want them all! So Cute! So Cute!

  7. Darkness Says:


  8. paari shah Says:

    hey i want this cute pot

  9. paari shah Says:

    tea tray as well

  10. simon seville Says:

    greaat game hurry visit this

  11. lobla Says:

    yes yes very cute 😀

  12. kevinghetto Says:

    What a very cute Tea Tray!

  13. Petu Nia Says:

    I`ve lost all of my Valantines chocolates! Those would have been perfect for next week Theme :,( Snif!

  14. Twinkles Says:

    Next’s week’s theme will be the CAFE.. it’s cute!

  15. alien Says:

    French… Paris… Cafe… We should have something wonderful coming next week…
    I am so excited!

  16. rude_gal Says:

    o..i wish the old gmb glitch still works!

  17. Jackiechow Says:

    I love them all!!!

  18. pepe Says:

    it’s going to be chef’s week or something like that. We’ll have items to decorate a kind of “fish room”, some more garden items, and cute spring pieces…! 🙂 cant wait! 😉

    • merchas7m4 Says:

      If you are implying pepe that you have seen/ hacked for spoilers then I think you are breaking the T’s and C’s…
      If you have, don’t post them, it ruins the fun for everyone else.

  19. auron Says:

    Wo so cute i love it

  20. delia Says:

    why i don’t receive my valentine chocolate again ?? i got for the first 2 days and then i put it in the chest box and forget to put it on in the room again. when i remember and put it in the room i don’t get the chocolate anymore…

  21. dizzysparrow Says:

    love the flowers! want more like them :O

  22. Sam Lynne Says:

    Omigosh! lovin’ the mayorchef and tea tray!

  23. miyaku Says:

    excuse me pet society,
    i wanna complain about the missing pants
    my pet lost all her pants and i tried to find it but i can’t so can you please help me to give it back my mouse has a technical problem so give it back or i’ll tell the police!

  24. steffi-san Says:

    I’m having a lot of difficulty getting the tea tray and the hydrangea pot. After what must be hundreds of mystery boxes in 3 days, the only thing I got was the chef mayor. 😦

    But the new mystery items are super cute. 🙂 Good work on this one.

  25. JoN Says:

    i got the chef mayor and tea tray but the hydrangea pot is just too diffcult to hunt for D:

  26. mimi lala casado matos Says:

    yo tengo mayor de rey chef

  27. mimi lala casado matos Says:

    la chef en mundo de mascotas para niña llorando y removar por eso yo tengo el nuevo pet society de facebook la nueva imagen con facebook inicio para las computadoras como tus amigos.

    ya puedo tomar falta 2 hora- 2 minutos y 90 segundos para el nuevo objeto final en 28 de febrero llega en ruleta de sorteo en pet society a las 7:55 p.m en colombia por y esperamos soy mimi lala casado desde west palm beach, FL bye-bye y buen jugador con tus amigos.

    a trabajar chicos y chicas mascotas para playfish 1999 en colombia de

  28. mimi lala casado matos Says:

    ya solamente 900 dias para darle abril paquete de misterioso un solar trueno.

    usando super trueno-super thunder para evitar apagar la luz con mas de 365 dias con 500 paises para volar y viajar el mundo

    buenas tardes chicos……………………. exelente el nuevo objeto a las 7:55 p.m.

  29. rikarika Says:

    i got the tea trayy,..!!!!! wkwkkw..
    it costs about 999 if u sell it.. 😛

  30. Mariana Says:

    los necesitooooooooooo awww estan brutosss los quieroo yaa :D:D:d

  31. Qinni Says:

    It’s so cute, but the stickers keep falling off my menu ;__;

  32. phobe kanney Says:

    i want to have a many lots of 999 because i love this !!! mayor ia want to give me tenks!!! phoebe kenny

  33. phobe kanney Says:

    -_- i want to make a money for play fish cash
    tenks phoebe kenny-_-

  34. phobe kanney Says:


  35. crushing machine Says:

    crushing machine…

    […]Mayor or Master Chef? « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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