“Ribbit!” Not quite what you want to eat, or is it?


This is a story that we received from Jerome where he writes about his pet Tofu and his adventures with frogs! 😉

Written by: Jerome Lee Zhe Rong (mapo_tofu)

“Yawn!” Tofu sat on his soft beanbag. After a day of running at the stadium, gardening and visiting friends, he was so tired that he nearly sleepwalked all the way home.

He decided to check on his prized cupcake tree one last time before taking a long nap. Tofu saw a small object below the tree. “Ah! A cupcake! Just the thing I need to wake me up!” he said. Tofu picked up the cupcake and brought it closer to his mouth to take a bite. “Ribbit!” it croaked!

“That’s not a cupcake!” Tofu gasped. He realised that he was going about to eat a frog! Tofu dropped the slimy amphibian. It croaked and hopped onto his head. Tofu ran upstairs to his laboratory (which was also his bedroom) and placed the frog onto a bed of seaweed.

He ran to the kitchen to find some flies (other than his scientist friends, everyone avoided Tofu because of his habit of rearing insects of all shapes and sizes, including the most annoying ones). Once he had found a suitably large jar, he allowed the flies to buzz around the room. The frog quickly gobbled them up and licked his lips greedily.

This was how a long-lasting friendship began. Tofu found more and more frogs under the cupcake tree.

Sometime later while Tofu was relaxing, “Ahh… Time for some bubble tea…. Hey, this isn’t tapioca pearls! Aaack! Oh wait… this is kind of tasty… but what is it? Let’s keep some…”

After a few days Tofu checked on the tapioca pearls that he had kept aside, “Huh? Those ‘tapioca pearls’ turned into tadpoles! Oh no… Aaack! Well, at least I can boast to my friends that I ate frog eggs!”

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12 Responses to ““Ribbit!” Not quite what you want to eat, or is it?”

  1. kat Says:

    nice like it huha
    -kat from insomnia layouts.multiply.com

  2. Jellie Says:

    first… =D cool story XD

  3. Bubbly Says:

    cute story!!

  4. tareq ali Says:

    greeeeeat job
    BUT SONYA ! where can i send a story like this one

    • Sirius Says:

      Normally, if you wish to enter a story, you need to PM it to boidae on the forum, as per this thread: http://forum.playfish.com/showthread.php?t=751871

      As you do not have access to the forum, if you like I believe it would be fine if you sent it through to the forum email address that you have. Just ensure you label it “Pet Society Blog Entry” and note that you will only receive a reply if / when your entry is selected for the Blog.

  5. tareq ali Says:

    its ok


  6. pepe Says:

    hey! where are the new MMB items? it says until 24th Feb…but in the boxes the items havent changed yet! 🙂

  7. Netlezer Says:

    where is the pet society valentines winner ?

  8. Netlezer Says:

    ohh thanks ^6

  9. Maxine Says:

    Good story! I love P.S! Check the new items! Love the Cafe Items!

  10. Kaylers Says:

    The Chef Mayor is so nice……………………………..i would like to have it 😛

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