Search ‘til it comes home!


Hey Pet Society fans! Are you enjoying dressing your pet up in all sorts of costumes and putting him / her in the spotlight? We hope so! Ensure you check out the Pet Society Movie Competition where you could win up to 1000 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for recreating your favourite movie in Pet Society. For more details, check out the Facebook page!

Unfortunately, despite showing up at the Mystery Store in a Tiger Costume, Sirius couldn’t manage to scare “?” into handing over the images of this week’s new mysterious items!

Instead of running away terrified as she’d hoped, “?” just stood firmly behind the counter, greeted her by name, and gave her a few clues! So here they are:

  • Fresh from the Farm! (Red Mystery Box)
  • Prickly Pink! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Join the Parade! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Search ‘til it comes home! (Golden Mystery Box)

Sirius has since decided that she should probably take along her Tiger Petling next time, once he’s fully grown, maybe that will scare “?”.

These mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and search ‘til it comes home!

Updated! Here are the images of the new mysterious items.

Milk Tank Cactus On A Rock
Black Carnival Mask Cute Cow Plushie

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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44 Responses to “Search ‘til it comes home!”

  1. jewie Says:

    wooooh cool..thanks

  2. Moklo Says:

    2nd! yay! ^^

  3. Moklo Says:

    what are these items? I don’t know what these items look like. =)

  4. Moklo Says:

    I need more clue… =) pls…

  5. chanelferris Says:

    hi i love pet society it rocks i am there fan i dont play other games i only play pet society i love the clothes furniture and myster and everthing it rocks i love this playfish game.


  6. pebsmum Says:

    Oh no does this mean Tiger plushie is gone? Oh well maybe there’s something good in these.

  7. bj Says:


  8. godtubby Says:

    oh yeah

  9. Twinkles Says:

    Red mystery box- Milk Tank
    Blue- Cactus on a Rock
    Gold- Black Carnival Mask
    Gold- Cute Cow Plushie

  10. bAm_kUeh..!! Says:

    woot woot..;)

    cow plushie is one of it..

  11. aqsha Says:

    ONLY THIS????????!!!!!!!!!mad]]]

  12. aqsha Says:


  13. shakingpee Says:

    where’s the result of Pet’s Perfect Valentine Competition?? i thought you’re going to publish it here today?

  14. Princess Cute Says:

    where can I buy the Red Mystery Box??

  15. Jackielou Says:

    Add me! 🙂

  16. shakingpee Says:

    @Sirius: please…………….. may i know when will you be posting the winners of my pet’s perfect valentines… please please please… coz’ i thought it was on Feb19..

  17. selene Says:

    eii aki no maz pasando

  18. Alif Rasyadan Says:

    1000 coin

  19. Cookie =3 Says:

    Red Box: Milk Tank
    Blue Box: Cactus On A Rock
    Gold Box: Black Carnival Mask
    Gold Box: Cute Cow Plushie

    Cow Plushie Is Soo Cute ! Its A Must Have.

  20. Ermawan Banyu Biru Says:

    1000 coins

  21. Ermawan Banyu Biru Says:

    1000 coins

  22. febriandini cahya Says:


  23. Akmal Hakim Says:

    1000 coins

  24. okto8 Says:

    There’s a milk tank inside red mystery box! Right?

  25. Paulinne Says:

    k onda encerioo por que no va a saalir andaa ee

  26. zulfi jauharul ihsan Says:

    1000 coins

  27. rima Says:

    Sweet,isn’t it?

  28. okto8 Says:

    There’s a cactus on a rock inside blue mystery box.

  29. dina Says:

    1000 coins

  30. dina Says:

    1ooo coins

  31. farhah tajdidah Says:


  32. augustine Says:

    plzz… give me some cash because i want to buy a tiger petling and cash items please……………..

  33. Carina Says:

    Lovely and useful blog!
    Thank you for putting it together.
    I am totally addicted to this game, and just discovered the mysteryboxes and how much fun it is.
    I have searched and searched for the cowplushie, and the chef! But I dont seem to be able to find it. 😦
    I did however find the teatray and Milktank! But no cow.
    Thank you again for doing this blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  34. Mariana Says:

    a alguien le sobro alguno que no tube ninguno yo 😦 si pueden regalenme unoo!!

  35. Gail Says:

    tnx!i just want to request a window,door,wallpaper and tiles for groovy set and for the elegant cream set. i just want it to be in the new items.thank you!

  36. aechael Says:

    haha=)) pet society really FUN =)). its not kindda bored. =))

  37. aechael Says:

    haha=)) ILOVE this game.

  38. trianna utami Says:

    1000 coin

  39. princess _lara Says:

    i cant find that mask it so pretty i wish i could find 1 of those

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