Out of this world!


Hey Pet Society fans! Roses are being sent around the village at a rapid pace, hearts are everywhere, it can only mean one thing, Valentine’s is near!

Unfortunately, this didn’t mean that “?” was feeling particularly nice when Sirius went to visit him earlier; that or the fact that she was a chocolate pet due to drinking one of his potions a couple of days earlier meant that he didn’t really recognise her and hence didn’t want to give too much away!

When she tried to ask him what he was adding to the mystery boxes this week, he just started muttering some strange words over and over again. Can you work out what he means?

  • Top defence! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Out of this world! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Sky high! (Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and visit “?” to see if you can find them!

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items!

Classic Shield Alien Mask Aviator Goggles

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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39 Responses to “Out of this world!”

  1. dundica Says:

    first yay …..

  2. SippY Says:

    Weeee.. New MB-Items ;D

  3. SippY Says:

    New MB-Items 😀

  4. Cammie Says:

    second~~ yoo~~

  5. salem Says:

    second! 🙂

  6. jessie koo Says:

    I wonder if the cupid, pouch and pink mobile still in the boxes or taken out by now.

  7. bAm_kUeh..!! Says:


    maybe mah friends dream is comin true..

    and alien week in ps..?

  8. carlangas Says:

    hellooo baby

  9. carlaa Says:

    ii lovee juby (L)

  10. gummi bear Says:

    •» Top defence! (Blue Mystery Box) Classic Armor
    •» Out of this world! (Golden Mystery Box) Alien Mask
    •» Sky high! (Golden Mystery Box) Aviator Goggles
    I’ve already have the Alien Mask (so cuteee!) and the Aviator Goggles 😀

  11. jorge Says:

    OMG! From what i am reading, there will be a Space Week!! :p
    I´m Excited!!!

  12. nona Says:

    2nd alien mask

  13. Jessi Says:

    Hey! What happened to my Large and Gigantic pumkins??? They have all suddenly become tiny…
    And I am not getting any of my daily chocolates from the Valentines gift boxes either…what was the point of purchasing them?

  14. Nenaah Says:

    And I two of the misterious items mentioned :P… Are any of you having troubles with magic effects?? I took a pink bubble potion and it only made one bubble that stuck on my pet’s cheek and stayed there. I took and effect away potion and took another pink bubble potion and the same thing happened!

  15. Dexy Says:

    Aviatar Goggles GMB
    Alien Mask GMB
    Classic Shield BMB

  16. wilz93 Says:

    Have playfish fixed the valentine hearthfish problem ??

  17. Shelley Says:

    Cool! Thanks playfish!!

  18. Sisca Says:

    I got alien mask horeee

  19. edzzz Says:

    Sky high! (Golden Mystery Box) ->>> Aviator Goggles!

  20. maria alejandra duran carranza Says:

    porque me gusta pet society porque es muy bonito el juego

  21. Camilla Says:

    Dear, playfish I want to report a technical issue I’ve found in restaurant city, with the browser “SAFARI” if I send a gift to my friends when they recive it an error page appears (userunknown). Using firefox or explorer this doesn’t happen. Hope this can be usefull!!

  22. merchas7m4 Says:

    Aww… Amazing new items! Love them!!

  23. Dadas Says:

    I got alien mask and some ugly glasses

  24. I Says:

    I GOT COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Andrea Says:

    Hi, Why I can’t send the Tree house as a gift?????????
    It was written there,tha “buy it as a gift” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Andrea Says:

    Hi, Why I can’t send the Tree house as a gift?????????
    It was written there,tha “buy it as a gift” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sabrina Says:

    I love pet society!I take pics of my pet all the time!And thank you,Dexy,for letting us know the items,dear! 😀 🙂 😉

  28. Danilo Russo Says:

    Hello everyone. I know one thing. things that were in the mystery of 999 parcels like the piano now you can not find more?

  29. Danilo Russo Says:

    Please answer

  30. Vi Says:

    Fantastic new items!
    By the way, is the identity of the Mystery Shop Owner (“?”) riddle still continued? It’s been a long time, but I don’t think anyone has the answers. I hope you can answer my question!


  31. pany Says:

    i have friends who know how to do cheats for playfish cash and they even buy the new items before its gets released
    ive spent a lot of money on playfish cash this is so not fair
    and please where do i have to complain about this issue

  32. joud nabali Says:


  33. Atika Says:

    When r the result for My Pets Perfect Valentine going to be announced…???
    Plz do let me noe.. !!

  34. kevinghetto Says:

    This week I earned the alien mask.. Not once.. Twice!

  35. Sheldon Says:

    when will you tell the valentine’s day competition’s results? I’m so excited please tell us soon!

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