Let your love shine!


Hey Pet Society fans! Love surrounds pets in the village this week, with even more breath taking Valentine’s items hitting the stores! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check them out! Please remember that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of February, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

What better way to show love and compassion at this special time of year than with a gift to help those in need! On Tuesday 12 January 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, causing catastrophic destruction and leaving many people without even the most basic amenities. This week Terrence and Preston introduce the Help for Haiti Plushie with 100% of proceeds going directly to Mercy Corps to help with their efforts helping the people in Haiti recover from this saddening disaster! For more information see this page! Please note that this Plushie is only available until February 21st, 2010 GMT. 😉

Help for Haiti Plushie (PF-Cash)

Valentine’s is not only full of love, but chocolate, flowers, hearts and more! Fill your pet’s Valentine’s, or a special pet friend’s Valentine’s with chocolate with the I Love Chocolate Box or Valentine Chocolates containing 14 delightful and delicious chocolates (one per day) in the Furniture Store!

Too Cute (from either Chocolate Box) I Love Chocolate Box (HS) Be Mine (from either Chocolate Box)
Secret Admirer (from either Chocolate Box) Valentine Chocolates (HS) You Make My Day (from either Chocolate Box)

To prepare your home for the very special day, start off with heartfelt wallpaper, or take your love sky high with the Cloudy Wallpaper and Floor available in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Red Hearts Wallpaper (HS) Lovely Window (HS) Lovely Wallpaper
Cloudy Wallpaper
Cloudy Floor

No one seems to know who Preston’s Valentine is, but from the range of truly lovable items he has this week, we can only imagine that if he has one, they will be one spoilt pet this Valentine’s! So if you want to decorate your home with love, or find a gift for that special pet, ensure you check out what Preston has for you in the Furniture Store this week!

Small Valentine Bouquet (HS) Perfect Valentine Bouquet (HS) Luxurious Valentine Bouquet (HS)
Lovely White Bear Plushie “I Heart You” Wall Sticker (HS) Lovely Red Bear Plushie (HS)
Cute Candle Set Pink Heart Wall Sticker (HS) Romantic Candle Set (HS)
“I Love You” Wall Hanger (HS) “Love” Wall Hanger (HS) “Be Mine” Wall Hanger (HS)
Lovely Red Cage (HS) Modern “Ai” Painting Set Lovely White Cage
Romantic Stone Chair Romantic Stone Column Romantic Stone Table
Lovely Chair Lovely Table

To add a little luxurious pampering to your pet’s Valentine’s, there’s only one pet to see, Felicity of course! So head on in to the Luxury Store today to indulge this Valentine’s!

Crystal Heart (HS) Romantic Stone Columnade
Heart Sofa (HS) Lovely Bed

For an extra special touch, ensure you check out the Blowing Bubbles Statue in the Cash Shop, which, when placed in your room, will produce heart bubbles for a great atmosphere! The Luminous Pink Hearts String in the Gadget Store is another must-see item (yes, it appears even E.M.I.L.I.A has a soft side, however much her robotic side denies it). Plus the glorious Red Roses and Heart Cactus in the Garden Store will help fill your garden and home with love!

Blowing Bubbles Statue (Cash Shop) Luminous Pink Heart String (Gadget)
Red Roses (Garden) (HS) Heart Cactus (Garden) (HS)

As expected with any celebration in the village, Truffles has some very delectable and gorgeous treats! Stop by the Food Store and mark the occasion with cake and lovely soda!

Pink Soda Glass (HS) Lovely Pink Cake Pink Soda Bottle (HS)

If you are still umming and ahhing over what to wear on February 14th, Lily may just have the answer in the Clothes Store! From outfits for the perfect romantic evening to Cupid costumes, she seems to have it all this Valentine’s!

Lovely Red Headband Lovely Red Date Dress Lovely Red Shoes
Lovely Tuxedo Shirt Lovely Tuxedo Pants Pink Heart Shades (HS)
Lovely Pink Headband (HS) Lovely Pink Date Dress (HS) Lovely Pink Shoes (HS)
Cupid Circlet (HS) Cupid Golden Wings (HS) Cupid Bow and Arrow (HS)
Cupid Tunic (HS) Girly Cupid Tunic (HS) Cupid Sandles (HS)

For a change of pace, light up your night life! Terrence introduces the Glowing Potion to the Cash Shop this week! If your pet drinks this mysterious potion, your pet will be able to glow in the dark (use a light switch to turn off the lights) for three days!

Glowing Potion

Last, but most certainly not least, are you enjoying your Petlings? We hope so! Do you love your pet’s Petling, but just wish it was a slightly different colour? Well if you do, this may be the perfect solution for you! You can now find Coloured Petling Biscuits in the Garden Store, feed your Petling a biscuit of the colour you would rather your Petling be, and its coat will magically transform! To help you select the colour that’s right for you, we’ve included some pictures of an example Kitten and Puppy in each available colour!

Example Coloured Petling Biscuit (PF-Cash)
Example Black Kitten Example Blue Kitten Example Grey Kitten
Example Dark Brown Kitten Example Brown Kitten Example Light Brown Kitten
Example White Kitten Example Pink Kitten
Example Black Puppy Example Blue Puppy Example Grey Puppy
Example Dark Brown Puppy Example Brown Puppy Example Light Brown Puppy
Example White Puppy Example Pink Puppy

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in stores this week!

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60 Responses to “Let your love shine!”

  1. Bob Says:


  2. jorge Says:

    Yay! my Glow in the dark Potion wish made truee!!! :p

  3. poci Says:


  4. Chi Says:


  5. DJMABVEC Says:

    second…. LOVE ALL THINGSS.
    But I have a problem my PS doesn’t load since last week 😦 Im on level 39.
    need help!! I did al the thing possible to load but doesn’t load :@

  6. Maggie Says:

    Everything is too cute!! I’ll sale everything to buy this stuff

  7. Bob Says:

    does the pet change to exactly the same pet as above? or will the pet have same looks but color different?

  8. Hersche Says:


  9. Magaa Says:

    Mui lindos Pero lo de la porcion de cash gastar 5 cash solo para 3dias Mmmm no sirve Bueno Mui lindos Items ♥♥♥

  10. Sil Says:

    Love is in the air and in pet socety too!! ♥ I love EVERYTHING!!

  11. yuha Says:


  12. danny Says:

    love it!!!!!! my petling will love her new coating 🙂

  13. marie amir Says:

    i want to buy evry thing in shops 😀

  14. shinny Says:

    So lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Aya Says:

    The kanji character you have for “love” is written incorrectly. Oh well… xD

  16. Marge Says:

    my PS doesn’t load!! I have that problem since last week!! HELP-HELP PEASEE:(:(:(:(:(::'(

  17. bAm_kUeh..!! Says:

    love it..!!

    but the biscuit is pf cash..

    but its still cute..:D

  18. YiNG Says:

    Everything is soooooo lovely!! <333333 Awesome!! Need to start earning lots of money~ 😀

  19. alien Says:

    I am so glad to see the bed, window in the general store but not the cash shop 🙂

  20. flor Says:

    if I had know that the petlings stuff were gonna be from the cash shop i wouldnt have bought it :S

  21. Erica Says:

    What exactly are the CAGES for??

  22. Serenity Says:

    no chinese new year item? 😦

  23. Davin .G Says:

    So cute ! Please I want to buy petling biscuit, but i dont have playfish cash , can you sell petling biscuit with coin ? thanks.

  24. delia Says:

    does all puppies wear blue collars now ? and all kittens wear pink collars ?

  25. Pet Society Weekly Update: 8 February 2010 – More Valentine’s Day Items! « Pet Society Cat Says:

    […] Pet Society Blog for the complete list of […]

  26. samxo Says:

    Love it!!
    i can’t play pet society ;_____; doesn’t work anymore

  27. copogirl15 Says:

    so cute!!!!! i want cupid suit!!!
    is that contains of chocolate box can eat with my pet???

  28. bhembhem Says:

    how does the chocolate box works??? is it like we only can received 1 per day???

  29. Shelley Says:

    Cool!! Love Pet Society!!!

  30. nona Says:

    i saw red heart lock & pink diamond how can i get it is these new items in gmb

  31. nona Says:

    where can i find the pink diamond & red heart lock or it’s old itemes plz anyone answer me

  32. nona Says:

    where can i find the pink diamond & red heart lock or it’s old itemes plz anyone answer me

  33. Petu Nia Says:

    Can someone explain me how does I Love Chocolate Box and Valentine Chocolates Works? Do we have to buy one per day? BTW I loved everythin else!

  34. Purin'd Says:

    Luck 4 me.. I have the bubble statue one week ago before it was in store!!!

  35. delia Says:

    can we feed other people’s petling ?

  36. Emily Says:

    the Valetine’s items are lovely ❤

  37. Maja Says:

    i really love valentines day !! i really save my money for it !!
    i also love this week’s items!!

  38. Gerry Says:

    wow the cats are very CUTE

  39. asyraffile Says:

    cool 😀

  40. Pet Society’s Valentine’s Day Lineup Will Blow Your Mind | Frisky Mongoose Says:

    […] proof comes with a post on the game’s official blog revealing so many new, cute and romantic items that it can make both your head spin and your […]

  41. preencesa Says:

    why is my valentines chocolate box stopped from giving some treats..

    i only got two of it, even tough i log in everyday!

    whats wrong with it??? need some reply!

  42. belda Says:

    the puppy is cute very-very cute thanks that is the best ever

  43. COLA Says:

    I don’t know why it’s been removed, I didn’t buy it as it’ not HS~~~

  44. COLA Says:

    Why is Luminous pink heart string removed ..I don’t know why it’s been removed, I didn’t buy it as it’ not HS~~~

  45. alien Says:

    Oh dear!!! I just notice that the “Luminous Pink Heart String (Gadget)” which has never been marked “HS” has been removed from the gadget shop since this week!! Is it a mistake?! I only bought one item of it so far as no hints of it being an “HS” and I thought it will stay in shop for a longer while….

    Dear Pet Society, could you put back this item cos it doesn’t meant to be a “HS” right at the beginning!!!! PLEASE!!!

  46. Petu Nia Says:

    Sirius can you help me? My chocolate gift box does not work. Is because I forgot to log in one day or is another issue with it? Thank you

    • Sirius Says:

      When did you stop receiving them, only after you had missed (not logged in for) a full day?

      Is both your computer time, and time zone, set correctly and matching each other?

  47. Boo Says:

    May i ask any1 that know the answer but can i delete a pet? because i accidentally bought a dog instead of cat n i don’t know how to abandon it…

  48. Petu Nia Says:

    I usually log in every day but that sunday I couldn`t and then any chocolate appear when I log in. Since monday from now I haven`t missed a day.

  49. Andrew Says:

    This is a little to girlish for me, congratulations for 52 comments and so on. 🙂

  50. Tides of Change! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] January. Many of you helped out and donated through our Mercy Corps page and / or by purchasing a Help for Haiti Plushie in game. To say thank you for all of your amazing donations, which Mercy Corps are putting to work […]

  51. yasmin Says:

    essto es una miiierda me qiero mter al pet society


    loving u

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