Boxes of Love!


Hey Pet Society fans! The reindeers are gone! Yes, that’s right, Hideeni has something new! What? Well he’s ready for Valentine’s and handing out roses for your friends! And there are 12 different roses to collect! So sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can find him today!! 😉

Long Stem Red Rose Hideeni Long Stem White Rose

The reindeers aren’t the only thing gone though; they decided to take the remaining anteaters back to the North Pole with them! And that means there’s a brand new special prize on the lottery wheel! Spin to win! 🙂

And if you are wondering just what happened to “?”, well he surprised everyone this week by introducing new mysterious items on Monday! If you haven’t found any yet, get searching, as these items are available for a limited time only (they will be removed from boxes when the mysterious items are updated during the week that begins on February 15th)!

Red Heart Wall Sticker Heart Pouch
Cupid Bear Plushie Pink Heart Mobile

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

48 Responses to “Boxes of Love!”

  1. tinchos Says:

    Omg i´m one of the 1º´s

  2. ann Says:

    tan rapido todo!! que suuuper bien

  3. Clare Says:

    🙂 lovely

  4. Jun Says:

    First!!! Yay hiddeni

  5. jewie Says:

    oww…….. nice update

  6. godtubby Says:

    wow!!!! cool! like the colour of hideeni

  7. steffi-san Says:

    Love the roses and the new Hideeni costume! I only got the cupid bear plushie and the pink heart mobile. I find it harder to find items in blue and red mystery boxes. I guess it’s hunting time for me again later.

  8. bAm_kUeh..!! Says:


    i have them all..

    but i still have problems regarding with the gifts of hideeni..

    but i still love the all..]

    mwah mwah..:*

  9. tareq ali Says:

    wooow i wish i can get the bear

  10. Mikari Says:

    x3 Cute Heart Pouch… *q*

  11. Melanie & Star Says:

    YES! I was going INSANE finding that reindeer all the time >.<

  12. icetea Says:

    when I clicked pink tiger Hideeni,
    the gift never comes up… only “loading, please wait”
    Is there a bug? or something wrong with my connection (too slow?)
    huks huks T_T

  13. bea Says:

    i didnt get the facebook cake? how can i get it?

  14. yuha Says:

    if u get more than hearth pouch plz trade with me…. i try to find it so hard Y_Y

  15. anita Says:

    es hermoso lo amo:p

  16. Shelley Says:

    Cool!! new items in cheap mystery boxes!!!! Thanks, Playfish!!

  17. Princess Cute Says:

    beautifull!!!!!!!BUT WHY I CAN’T PLAY PS???!

  18. jer.. Says:

    wow nice..

  19. Nica Says:

    Can you carry the heart pouch around? 😀

    Hideeni’s cute now! 😛

  20. nona Says:

    i open alot of gmb & cannt find these items 😦

  21. Paola Says:

    why when i found hideeni the flowers doesnt appear on my chest???? >.<

    • Sirius Says:

      You need to post a story to your Facebook wall for your friends to collect a rose. For you to get a rose, you need to click one of your friends stories quick enough after they found Hideeni and posted it! 😉

      • Paola Says:

        i know that but i hate doing that way…. bcuz then i have to wait my friends to found Hideeni, it will be better just doit find him bymyself

  22. Ferretbite Says:

    That new cupid plushie is even better than the original version.

  23. Diane Says:

    Really hoping that my friends will be able to fee my petling for me when I am away!!???? Like I can feed their pets, and clean their pets….can I feed their PetLing? Let me know please if any one has any input.


  24. andrea Says:


  25. PWS Says:

    I have bought more than 15 boxes but can’t get Heart Pouch….. Help….

  26. Isidora Paz Says:

    someone has cupid bear plushie and heart pouch i change them into something!! =) pliss!

  27. mkmomola Says:

    An error occured when starting the game. If this problem persists please visit our FAQ.

    (Error #2036)

    i can’t play again.!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. wilz93 Says:

    Does anyone know the bait for valentine heartfish ??? Or it isn’t released yet … ?

  29. me Says:

    how do i get rid of those stupid petlings, i got notificated everyday that she is lost, but i don’t give A ****

  30. mimi Says:

    i take 40 boxes and i never won these new items

  31. Amy Says:

    😦 I’ve gone through close to 25 gold mystery boxes and I cannot get any of the new mystery prizes…arghhh lol.

  32. luckeydime Says:

    what does HS mean??? i can’t figure it out!

  33. I Says:


  34. girl94 Says:

    i have been trying to get these items for the past two weeks but all i got was the cupid bear plushie! i spent almost 100k on mystery boxes, and now the items that i want are not in there anymore. please be more fair.

    anyone got extras to trade? 😦

  35. Denise Says:

    Why always ps cannot load?

  36. Denise Says:


  37. Denise Says:

    so slow and lousy the connection

  38. Antonella Says:

    escribo este comentario para decirles que no me qusto el nuevo diseño de pet society!! 😦 . Y quisiera seber si van a cambiar o no?? yo soy fan de pet society y me encanta…. bueno espero su respuesta!!

  39. freyder toro saavedra Says:

    busco un peluche q se me estrabio hace algunos años MILENA PEÑA

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