Love your Pets… and Petlings!


Hey Pet Society fans! Love is floating in the air of the village! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check out the cute new Petlings and the romantic new Valentine’s items, and to start celebrating Lunar New Year! Please note that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 15th of February, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Have you ever wanted your pet to have its own pet to keep it company? Yes, well you’ll be ecstatic to hear that you can now purchase a Petling for your pet! Baby Petlings are available to purchase in the Garden Store, for now you can choose either an adorable Kitten or Puppy (the minimum level requirement for a Cat is level 5, and the minimum level requirement for a Dog is level 10) to take home for your pet to care for. What type of Cat or Dog you will grow (i.e. colour and breed) is random! 😉

Here are a few things you need to know about Petlings! You will need to name your Petling, so start thinking of the perfect name! Plus, all pets require care, so each day your Petling will ask for a food that it wants, feed it that food to keep it happy. Your Petling infant takes 4 feedings (one per day) to grow into a fully grown Petling, and you can only have one Petling growing at any one time; once your Petling is fully grown, you can purchase and grow another if you like. Ensure you feed your Petling when it asks for food, if you don’t feed a Petling for 3 days it will get very sad and run away. 😦 If your Petling/s run away, you be able to find it/them by either posting a feed to your Facebook wall, and having a friend help your find it/them, or by paying some coins to retrieve your Petling/s.

Petling Cat Petling Dog

Set the mood for the perfect Valentine’s Day, with beautiful flowers, mystical creatures and a range of romantic items in stores to create an idyllic atmosphere and fall in love.

Romantic Castle Flower Decor (Furniture) Baby Unicorn Plushie (Furniture) (HS)
First Kiss Statue (Furniture) (HS) Romantic Castle Terrace (Luxury)
Romantic Castle Staircase (Luxury) Romantic Castle Railing (D.I.Y.) Romantic Castle Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)
Romantic Sky (D.I.Y) (HS)
Romantic Castle Floor (D.I.Y.)

Don’t stop with your home though; give your garden a passionate make over with Love Trees and Bleeding Hearts growing from special seeds available in the Garden Store!

Bleeding Hearts Seed (HS) Bleeding Hearts (from Bleeding Hearts Seed) Love Tree Seed (HS)
Love Tree (from Love Tree Seed) Love Cherries (from Love Tree)

Re-enact the most romantic dreams with a range of Romeo and Juliet clothing to help sparks fly this Valentine’s in the Clothes Store!

Romeo Shirt Romeo Pants Romeo Shoes
Juliet Dress Pink Juliet Dress (HS)
Juliet Headpiece Juliet Shoes

Give your loved one a very special gift this Valentine’s, with Terrence stocking a range of gorgeous presents, that you can give to a friend and will remain wrapped in a beautiful gift box until opening up on February 14th, in the Cash Shop!

Valentine Bunny Plushie (HS) Mystery Gift Box (Gift Box only) Valentine Cake Rack (HS)
Angels Fountain (HS) Valentine Jacuzzi (HS)

And what’s a holiday in Pet Society without some special occasion fish? See if you can work out what the Valentine Heartfish loves to eat, or buy a Valentine Fish Biscuit and cast away for one of 15 amazingly romantic fish!

Valentine Heartfish (Pond) Valentine Fish Biscuit (Cash Shop) (HS) Rosefish (with Valentine Fish Biscuit)
Ringfish (with Valentine Fish Biscuit) Cupidfish (with Valentine Fish Biscuit) Eel In Love (with Valentine Fish Biscuit)
Romantic Fishbowl (Cash Shop) (HS) Romantic Aquarium (Cash Shop) (HS)
Big Romantic Aquarium (Cash Shop) (HS)

Valentine’s is known for delicious treats and chocolates, of course that gets Truffles excited, but did you expect “?” to get excited as well? Well he has, and you can transform your pet into a chocolate pet for a few days with the new potion in the Mystery Store!

Cupid Icecream (Food) (HS) Chocolate Pet Potion (Mystery) Cherry Icecream (Food)

This is just the beginning of our Valentine’s items in Pet Society though, there’s plenty more to come next week! So get visiting, brushing, washing, racing, cooking, tree bumping and gardening to save plenty of coins to ensure you can buy everything you want for this very special occasion!

Valentine’s isn’t the only Holiday just around the corner though, so you can prepare for Lunar New Year this week as well! Celebrate the coming Year of the Tiger with delightful tigers, glorious lanterns, a delicious feast and stunning clothing throughout the stores of the village!

Chinese Knot Decor (Furniture) Lunar New Year Wall Decor (Furniture) (HS) Prosperity Plushie (Furniture) (HS)
Golden Dragon Lantern (Furniture) ‘Luck’ Red Lantern (Furniture)
Lunar New Year Feast Table (Luxury) (HS)
Double Buns Wig Tiger Bib Tiger Shoes

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Once upon a time… in stores this week!

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112 Responses to “Love your Pets… and Petlings!”

  1. Xerine Says:

    Why I can’t give food to my petling???
    I bought one puppy yesterday n I gave food to my petling.
    But today, when I played pet society, I can’t give food to my petling..
    Please help me! Thanks! 😀

    • Sirius Says:

      Drop the food you wish to feed right over the Petling. It will only eat when it’s hungry and asking for food though. 😉

      • Xerine Says:

        Thanks for the information.
        I think the Petling will ask for food at the same time like the first time I gave the food to them..
        Maybe like that because when I playing the pet society at the same time like yesterday, My Petling ask for food. 😀

  2. Veronica Says:

    Really cute items :*

  3. Someone Says:

    I bought a puppy and its awfull! in looks. It has a blue colour however I wanted brown or a natural colour. The other thing I wanted to ask is, will the ppuppy breed once its grown up???

  4. Someone Says:

    yeah the second thing, can I change my pets name?

  5. Lilac Says:

    I love my petling! I just really hope that soon we can buy them beds and toys…maybe even collars. Ive seen people posting that it would be cute for the petlings to have all the items our pets do, but that is overkill. Different color collars would be more than enough!

  6. diana Says:

    Since I do to obtain money and to buy in Cash Shop? please say to me

  7. Fábio Says:

    MY stupid puppy ate my NEW YEAR´S CAKE, and I love that cake, and I had ONLY ONE, and now IT´S GONE! 😡 😡 😡

    DAM YOU PLAYFISH! THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!! You should have warned us beforehand!

    It happens that I had just took a picture of my room, unaware of what just have happened!

    I´m so upset! I wanna kill this stupid dog! :mad::mad::mad:

    And I just had fed it about 2h earlier.

  8. Fábio Says:

    I had a awfull glitch problem with my Bleeding Heart Seed; it turned into a Waratah when I picked it up, so upset!!!! 😦

  9. tareq ali Says:

    sonya i boughtt a holiday chacuzzi to my self today but i cant open the gift

    please help me

  10. tareq ali Says:

    i cant open the jacuzzi gift box for myself !!!!!

  11. preencesa Says:


  12. adam panda Says:

    i bought soo many bleeding heart floweres and planted them all but they all turned out to be the australian week flower… 😦 what happened?

    and i have another question, for the secret garden, i bought all three fairies, and i could see my secret garden but my friends say they cant


    • lauren Says:

      this also happened to me!!

    • Sirius Says:

      There was unfortunately a glitch, which means if you planted the Bleeding Hearts in the first few hours of the release, they turn into Waratahs. 😦 Unfortunately, the flowers that changed cannot be changed back as far as I’m aware. But any planted since should be fine.

  13. Someone Says:

    duh petlings can be really annoying, flying all over the place
    they have driven me crazy and i nearly fell apart..

    but i still love them x))

  14. Someone Says:

    by the way i have a black pup.
    not my fav. color but i still love him xx

  15. Candycamz Says:

    So nice, I totally love your new petlings !!!!! They’re super cute even if it’s blue, it even has a cute pink collar. THANKS Pet Society, keep up the good work!!!!!

  16. Candycamz Says:

    Oh anyway I forgot, happy valentine’s day Pet Society!!!

  17. moia Says:

    i have a question please, my friend got a cut grey cat with a fluffy tail, mine is not that pretty, it’s just withe normal cat and i’m really jealous
    i even tried to sell my cat to buy another one with a different appearance but it’ not applicable what can i do?? it’s just not fair 😦

    • Sirius Says:

      Once your Petling is fully grown you will be able to sell it back to the store if you wish. Perhaps you’ll grow to love your current Petling though. 🙂

  18. pepe Says:

    hey! where have all the WINDOWS gone??? I’ve been to the DIY to buy one…..where are they?? 😦

  19. Vane Says:

    on Valentine Contest can draw pictures by hand? or only photos, please sirius I want to compete, thank you ♥

  20. Someone Says:


    • Sirius Says:

      There is no way to change your Petling’s name once you changed it currently, sorry! No it will not breed. To feed your Petling ensure you drop the food over it’s head, not put it next to your Petling. 😉

  21. Tiffany Says:

    What did you do with the shelves?? and windows? I hope this is a glitch.

  22. nnikka Says:

    how to get the new fish? valentine heartfish ? can you tell me please …. many thanks …

  23. Lilac Says:

    It seems that the Petling’s names currently don’t matter. No one can see their names unless you post that you have purchased them, or that they are full grown. My fluffy brown cat Simba has just become fully grown today! I checked it out and he sells for 333 coins. Also now that he is grown I was able to buy a second cat! I named her Nala. They are in the same room! lol so watch out for houses with like 20 petlings running wild!

  24. Kevin Says:

    Help me, I can’t sell my petling!

  25. Mikari Says:

    can’t Mikari do something to her pet? like patting it or even play with her? =x

  26. Lilac Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    you will be able to sell it once its full grown. you can drag your petling to the cash register in the chest and he will sell for 333. It says that they are grown within 3 days, but day 1’s feeding doesn’t count. Make sure you feed they 4 days in a row every 24 hours. if you skip a day you set yourself back

  27. Emilia Says:

    i bought the flower seed, but my flower is not like that one, what happened? please someone answer me!!!!!

  28. Eve Says:

    does anyone know yet how much the love cherries sell for? Are they more than the regular cherries?

  29. jaewon Says:


  30. CaRaMEll Says:

    Where can I buy the petlinds?and,is it with Playfish Cash or is it with coins.If it with coins,how much does it cost?If it with Playsfish Cash,how much is it? Please Sirius I want your Replied……please…. 🙂

    • Sirius Says:

      They are available in the Garden Store! Cats, Dogs and Coyotes are available for regular coins, the Tigers are only available for PF-Cash (Tigers are 25 PF-Cash)! 😉

  31. CaRaMEll Says:

    Oh…..and one thing,can you low down the prices in the Luxury?a little,maby 500 coins or 300.And,can you allowed us to buy at cash shop with pet society coins,not with PF-cash?Pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee……… 🙂 😦 :*

  32. rima Says:


  33. rima Says:

    CUTE items:)

  34. rima Says:

    i have 12,000 pet coins & i’m going to buy it all:D

  35. pinkybunny Says:

    i have prob with my angel’s fountain

    no floating hearts in it at all

    😦 my friend says it will if my pet gets into it
    but my pet can’t coz it’s not clickable

    pls help me

    do u have same prob?

  36. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] more coins for washing and brushing and publishing coins from the lottery, shared our love of Petlings, and of course kept you up to date with the item releases each and every week! We are certainly […]

  37. Winston Daigle Says:

    Hi,great post,thanks for your share! and I get confused if i can quote this article in my website in case I place a link back to yours? Waiting for your comment!

  38. sabrina-san Says:

    Hi, Playfish.

    I want to say that I like this game so much and I want to say thanks to you. But o I have a complain that I can’t resists anymore is petling’s feeding. I like the petlings, but I don’t like when everyday I must feed them even in school day. I want you to make the players feed their petlings once per week. I know you have released the petlings mansion but I can’t buy it because I don’t have PFC. I know this is the weirdest suggest for me, but please hear my first feed back to you.

    Once again I want to say thank you to Playfish

  39. where can i buy a kindle Says:

    where can i buy a kindle…

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  40. onlinesports Says:

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