Surf’s Up!


Hey Pet Society fans! Bondi Beach has been a hot spot this week, so where do you think Sirius was earlier with so many other pets from across the village when she spotted “?” hurrying by with images in paw? The beach of course!

Sirius ran through the sand to try and catch “?”, dodging other pets, boomerangs and even kangaroos! Just before she reached him though, a kangaroo, with a joey in her pouch bounced between them, spraying sand everywhere!

Once the sand had cleared, Sirius glanced at “?” and he no longer had the images, she turned to look towards the kangaroo bouncing towards the water, and the images were in its pouch with the little joey somehow!

Without even saying hi to “?”, Sirius turned and raced towards the kangaroo and joey. She reached them at the water’s edge and tried to convince the joey to give her the images. Unfortunately, after just a few seconds, a huge wave came in and drenched them all and the images washed out into the sea.

Luckily, as it was beach day, Sirius was already in her togs and dived in after the images! By the time she surfaced with them though, they were ruined. Can you work out what they might be?

(Blue Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes across Pet Society! Sign on now via Facebook to see if you can find them.

Updated! Here are the images that haven’t been a victim of Bondi’s surf.

Romantic Cushion Cute Tiger Plushie Heart Apron

These items are available for a limited time only (they will be removed from boxes when the mysterious items are updated during the week that begins on February 15th), so find them while you can! 😉

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

31 Responses to “Surf’s Up!”

  1. dundica Says:

    first yay greta MI 🙂

  2. pippy Says:


  3. maltese Says:

    that pink one in BMB must be for valentine… 2nd lol

  4. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    so cute.. but wheres the new feature..?

  5. dundica Says:

    new feature will be out on monday 🙂

  6. pippy Says:

    heart apron


    i got it

  7. Melanie Says:

    The first one looks like a chocolate box, and is it just me or does the third one look like a pink poo? xD

  8. Nica Says:

    I think the 2nd one’s a tiger!

  9. rudegal Says:

    i never have mystery items anymore..since the MB glitch was removed! damn it!

  10. Andrew Oliver Says:

    i got a heart apron. nice.

  11. katie and lil chunk Says:

    maybe a pink wig for the third box!!

  12. zoey Says:

    i used up all my money and still can’t find the mysterious items..sign sign

  13. Katie Says:

    It looks like a pink tree in the third box and some sort of animal plush in the second….

  14. tareq ali Says:

    what is the second one

  15. kevin tang Says:

    aww sirius works so hard everytime to get us those pics! ❤ LOL

  16. Gabbies owner Says:

    this is random, but i think a spy themed week would b cool

  17. Christine Says:

    I got the tiger and the valentine dress….YEAH!

  18. Cookie Says:

    The Second One Is A Tiger Plushie ! So Cute . (:

  19. hui ning Says:

    its for chinese new year
    this year is the year of the tiger

  20. diane Says:

    i know the blue mystery box!! i think it was a heart box…. and the golden mystery box is a pink poo…hahahha

  21. çiğde Says:

    moneyy moneyy moneyy

  22. RAy IGnacIo Says:

    Got the cute tiger plushie

  23. tareq ali Says:

    its like a big red heart with a ribon / cute tiger plushie / cute pink bag

  24. Martina Says:

    EEkkK! Siruis,you always do sumtin’ bad about the pickies!

  25. sakthi Says:

    the second one is a tiger plush.i know cause i got it.yay

  26. Imahiru Says:

    Please add new Eco prizes items………:)

  27. Kelly Says:

    I LOVE Pet Society

  28. Laura DeBruyne Says:

    Please bring back the Haiti bear!!! I bought Playfish cash today and when I looked for it, it was gone!! : ( Please bring it back again!!! I will buy it right away!! I would appreciate it so much!! I think it’s so cute and I want to give to Haiti!! Please?? Thank you!! : )

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