True Blue!


G’Day Pet Society mates! Travel from one side of the globe to the other this week with a variety of Australian and Scottish inspired items in stores! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to celebrate Australia Day (January 26th) and Robert Burns Day (January 25th) with Pet Society flair! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 1st of February, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future. What does this really mean? Well, come Sunday the 31st of January, 2010, 11:59 pm GMT they will last as long as a snowflake in the summer!

Go walkabout Down Under this week and meet some quite unique marsupials such as Kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils and Koalas (yes, koalas are marsupials, not bears ;)). It is hot in the Australian outback though, and that means insects, so be sure to equip your pet with a Cork Hat before heading out. And pick up a Boomerang while visiting the Great Southern Land to ensure a bonza return trip.

Kangaroo Plushie (Furniture) Eucalyptus Tree With Koalas (Garden) (TWS) Tasmanian Devil Plushie (Furniture) (TWS)
Cork Hat (Clothes) (TWS) Woolly Boots (Clothes) (TWS)
Wooden Outdoor Chair (Furniture) Boomerang Wall Decor (Furniture) (TWS) Wooden Outdoor Table (Furniture)

Make your journey to Australia’s Red Centre even more realistic, with amazing scenery, and even a replica of Uluru in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Uluru Rock (TWS)
Outback Wallpaper (TWS)
Outback Floor (TWS)

If all the heat, sand, insects and animals isn’t quite your style, the stunning Sydney Harbour, and perhaps a cool Choc-top while checking out the view may be just what you need!

Choc-top (Food) Sydney View Window (D.I.Y.) (TWS) Snack Roll (Food)

And from Sydney Harbour, it’s only a few clicks to world renowned Bondi Beach. So put on your togs and thongs (flip-flops), grab your surfboard, lay down your towel and enjoy an iconic Aussie summer’s day! Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap!

Bondi Beach Wallpaper (D.I.Y.)
Bondi Beach Floor (D.I.Y.)
Beach Bikini (Clothes) Beach Shorts (Clothes)
Green Flip-flops (Clothes) Surfboard Decor (Furniture)
Blue Beach Mat (D.I.Y.) Red Beach Mat (D.I.Y.) (TWS)
Blue Beach Chair (Furniture) Red Beach Chair (Furniture) (TWS)

If you want a little less sandy way to grab some rays, the Luxury Store provides! With options for both beachside and poolside, you can indulge in some Australian sunshine in comfort and style.

Beach Hammock Luxurious Sun Lounger (TWS)

The Australian spirit has even invaded the Billabong (sorry, Pond); but as a relative of roos, the Kangaroofish won’t be trapped easily, so make sure you throw him some Aussie tucker! And when travelling to the village, it seems some of the kangaroos brought some seeds in their pouches (as well as joeys), which they promptly mixed in with the Flower Seeds in the Garden Store. Hence, you can now grow your own Aussie beauty with the Waratah springing up in gardens from Byron Bay to Denham.

Kangaroofish (Pond) Waratah (from Flower Seed)

For a taste of yet another amazing culture, check out the range of Scottish items in stores! From the traditional and instantly recognisable Bagpipes to the ever so mysterious Loch Ness Monster, Preston will have you covered. And Lily is stocking some brilliant tartan outfits in the Clothes Store.

Bagpipes Decor (Furniture) (TWS) Loch Ness Plushie (Furniture) (TWS)
Tartan Dress (Clothes) Highland Shoes (Clothes) Highland Kilt (Clothes)

Bring a little brightness into your world with these new yellow shirts that Lily and the Pet Society forum community have selected based on Tristan’s humble request! Don’t know what we are talking about? Well, be sure to check out this thread in the Pet Society forum, and feel free to visit the forum often to share and interact with other Pet Society fans!

Pet Face Yellow Tee Yellow Jumper

Complete your garden fairy collection this week with the delightful Flower Fairy in the Cash Shop. Not only is she gorgeous, but she will make your flowers grow twice as fast! Plus, if you own all three fairies (Vegetable Fairy, Fruit Fairy and Flower Fairy) you will unlock the beautiful Secret Garden which contains two extra gardening plots!

Flower Fairy Secret Garden

Finally, the very shiny and oh so alluring Magnificent Mystery Box is introduced to the Cash Shop and Mystery Store this week! Try your luck and discover a variety of items that can no longer be found in stores! The current contents will change though after February 24th, 2010 GMT, so find the item of your desires while you can!

Magnificent Mystery Box

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Bee Tribal! in store this week!

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36 Responses to “True Blue!”

  1. preencesa Says:

    wow…nice items!!!

    keep up the good work! mwuah!

  2. ann Says:


  3. ahg Says:

    not so good…

  4. Magaa Says:

    Wowww qe lindooos items hay hoi 😀
    Felicitaciones Pet Society
    AAAAAA!xqe la caja suepr ultra mega rara tiene qe estar en cash 😦
    eem. bueno Seguire comprando todo en pet society 😀

  5. Jacqueline Says:

    Love it. Thankyou 🙂

  6. Paola Says:

    third!! awesome job guys!!!
    i love everything!!!!!

  7. kevinghetto Says:

    I want magnificent mystery box, but I hate when it’s using pf cash!

  8. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    huhu..:(( im sad becoz the mystery box cost 5cc..:((

    and i cant afford it..:((

    but i love all the items btw.:))

  9. geo5955 Says:

    wow… the secret garden looks so nice!!! too bad we need pf cash to get it T.T

  10. macmillen Says:

    i have no coins for that

  11. godtubby Says:

    no cc 😦 but i love it!!!! 😀

  12. dalphne Says:

    Love the new items. But they are expensive!!!

  13. yuha Says:

    yuha like this!!!
    love beach items….hmmm… i must spend a lot of money to buy TWS 🙂

  14. delia Says:

    who is tristan ??

  15. nathan Says:

    This is cool! Like it! And the plushies are CUTE!!!! 😀

  16. ks Says:

    can you guys let me upload my videos to the 3000 coin camera i just bought?

  17. jason Says:

    I dun think the Magnificent Mystery Box is worth 5cc each.
    The items inside are just those NIS items.

    And I had spent 5cc for just 1 carnival decoration
    (which price only 500coins in shop before that).

    So, I don’t think I will spend my CC for that anymore
    unless there are new items in it.

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    […] The complete set of new items for 25 January 2010 are in the Official Pet Society Blog. […]

  19. Shelley Says:

    Why with Playfish cash?? 😦 😥

    Why can’t we buy it with coins??

    1000 ps coins = 1 playfish cash!!

  20. bhem Says:

    what is inside magnificent mystery box? anybody bought that already??

  21. Matthew Says:

    how do i ZOOM in the items like on the picture of the kangaroos and koalas?

  22. ange Says:

    i wish they would do a New Zealand Theamed week we havea holiday on monday it would be cool if they did

  23. Martina(KERfy) Says:

    Oh… I got nutin good in the MMB (Magnificent MB)

  24. Princess Cute Says:

    where can I buy the yellow shirts???

  25. Bea Says:

    Wow! The famous Tristan is very happy now! That’s awesome! At last some pet is happy here. Well I good like to have blue (I love blue) clothes for my male pet. I like all the items showed in Pet Society. Thank you PS! Congratulations Tristan!

    Hey! Hey! What’s about the new items for this week?

  26. jacqui Says:


  27. diane Says:

    pls!!! add me!!! and give me!!!

  28. gillian Says:

    i guys waz up aint this web site see yeah later peace out

  29. passing through Says:

    What food do i need to use to catch the kangaroofish?? Is it still available even though Australia day is over???

  30. Introducing Sirius! « Sirius' Space Says:

    […] She loves her country (Australia)! […]

  31. Seth Contento Says:

    Wonderful philosophy. I like it. Appreciate your posting

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