Announcing the winners of our WWF Ice Animals Competition


Another day another set of competition results!

This time we’re announcing the winners of our WWF Ice Animals Competition where we asked you to create a piece explaining what endangered animals would want to tell us if they could speak.

WWF have kindly judged this competition for us, with the following 12 entries being selected by WWF for a prize. The prize for each winning entry is an exclusive full size Ice Animal in Pet Society. Unlike the normal Ice Animals these won’t melt away; you’ll be able to show yours with pride.

A big thank you to WWF for selecting the following winners, and congratulations to you all on your stunning entries! Just click the images to see the original threads:

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24 Responses to “Announcing the winners of our WWF Ice Animals Competition”

  1. nicholas Says:

    that was cool

  2. Shelley Says:

    Sonya, who won the first?

  3. godtubby Says:

    man!!! that’s awesome

  4. -XoXo- Says:

    woaaaah.. cool, i’ve never thought that I’m one of theeem.. yeeehaa! xD ;3
    –thanks so much!

  5. -XoXo- Says:

    anyway, how can we get those prizes?? hehe.. ;D

  6. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:


    theyre all cute..

    love them all.:))

  7. snowmoon Says:

    these entries are all so very very WONDERFUL!!! i loved them all! great job people!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! 🙂

  9. Ella Says:

    Yeah Gussik won!!!!!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zla Says:

    I thought only entries with 15 words or less could win…

  11. Barbara Says:

    Yey!!! I won!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 yay Play fish!

  12. Ximie Says:

    Yay!!! I win something congrats to all and Thank you :B!!:DD

  13. Tami Says:

    Congratz to all the winners! 😀

  14. may albarnita Says:

    Yeah!!! There is mine!! “MAKE IR REAL” xD

    I am very happy 😀

  15. may albarnita Says:



  16. yuppy Says:

    Wow, never thought I’d be amongst the winners! Congrats to all!

  17. xxx X_X xxx Says:

    Those animals are so cute ! But I don’t have Play Fish cash to buy them

  18. Ximie Says:

    Uhmmm…!! i did not get my prize..idk what i need do to get my prize??? :0!!

  19. merchas7m4 Says:

    I really like the new items!
    Especially Petlings!

  20. Confused... Says:

    I never got my prize either. I got a message about it a month ago and they said they would gift it to me in the game sometime soon but I never got it. I don’t mean to complain but it has been a month. Just wondering if Playfish forgot about me or from the post above, us?

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