A New Year… with new possibilities!


Hey Pet Society fans! The New Year is almost here, so get ready to party into 2010! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook to find out just what the store owners have come up with to celebrate the New Year! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 4th of January, 2010, but may be available again at some point in the future.

As soon as the word party was mentioned, Truffles was overly excited, because parties normally involve yummy food and drinks. And he set to work gathering not only the finest juices, sodas and cakes, but also brilliant balloons and party hats for a great party atmosphere! These are all now available in the Food Store, so visit Truffles to party into 2010!

Red 2010 Balloon (TWS) Blue 2010 Balloon (TWS) Green 2010 Balloon (TWS)
Luxury Sparkling Berry Juice Luxury Sparkling Grape Juice (TWS)
Peach Soda Drink (TWS) Apple Soda Drink
Ballroom Cake (TWS) Ballroom Cupcake (TWS)
Silver Party Hat Gold Party Hat

Of course, your pet will want to be dressed to impress for this party! As always though, Lily is full of wonderful new ideas in the Clothes Store! Whether a touch of royalty or a modern New Year outfit is your thing, Lily will have you looking your best!

Princess Golden Tiara (TWS) Princess Ball Gown (TWS) Princess Golden Shoes (TWS)
Chic Party Hair Ribbon Chic Party Dress Chic Party Shoes
Prince Golden Top Hat (TWS) Prince Tuxedo Shirt (TWS) Prince Tuxedo Pants (TWS)
Prince Golden Shoes (TWS) Modern Tuxedo Shirt Modern Tuxedo Pants

The food is ready, the pets are dressed, what’s left? Location! Every party needs to start somewhere, and what better place than a palace? Start designing your party room around this gorgeous Palace Staircase and scrumptious New Year Feast Table in the Luxury Store.

Ballroom Staircase
New Year Feast Table (TWS)

Just as Lily will always ensure your pet is well dressed, E.M.I.L.I.A will do her best to ensure your home has the latest lights! To help encapsulate the palace atmosphere, install a Palace Chandelier or some Palace Wall Lights from the Gadget Store.

Ballroom Chandelier (TWS) Ballroom Wall Light

To dance the night, and year, away in your stunning palace, some new wallpaper, floor or even a door may be appropriate to have your home looking its best in 2010! Luckily, we simply mentioned the possibility of dancing at the party, and Grumble was on board with brilliant new options in the D.I.Y. Depot.

Golden Ballroom Winter View Window (TWS) Ballroom Door Ballroom Winter View Window
Pink Ballroom Wallpaper (TWS) Red Ballroom Carpet Floor Ballroom Wallpaper

So… we have… food, clothes, a staircase, lights, wallpaper, floors and even a door for our huge New Year’s party, have we forgotten anything? That’s right, furniture, or we’d all be celebrating in rather empty rooms! Visit Preston in the Furniture Store for everything from chairs and tables to an adorable teddy fit for royalty to welcome in 2010!

Ballroom Chair Ballroom Teddy Ballroom Side Table
Ballroom Table Ballroom Flower Decor
Ballroom Sofa Ballroom Hall Chest

Finally, and you should probably avoid telling Grumble about this one, Terrence has a sweet music box, ballerina and all, new to the Cash Shop this week! So for a special trinket for your pet, or possibly even a New Year’s gift for a friend, make sure you check out this awe inspiring Music Box!

Music Box

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?) in stores this week!

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51 Responses to “A New Year… with new possibilities!”

  1. ann Says:

    i love all.. me encanta lo quiero todo!!

  2. konan Says:

    Great items! :3 I like the music box!

  3. des4etyyy_xD Says:

    nice items :P:P:P

  4. tiara Says:

    nice items! love it 🙂

  5. Tch Says:

    Perfect !! thx Ps 😉

  6. Annie Says:

    Nice items! Love them! 😀 Although I’m dirt poor from the holiday specials.. 😦

  7. Ally Says:

    beauty and the beast!

  8. yuha Says:


  9. preencesa Says:

    yay! im so so ready for this items.. i refrained from spending my coins for this.. a total make over for my pet!


  10. cutiaaa Says:

    hoam , good items, but shocking price?

  11. godtubby Says:

    coming!!!!! ^o^

  12. Mellypop Says:

    arrghh..confusing…not enough room for making my pet’s house as a palace “(

  13. litlle zooie Says:

    happy new years

  14. Pet Society Girl Says:


  15. Ayeesha Says:

    Awesome! And Happy New Year Sirius and other Pet Society folks. 🙂

  16. samantha Says:

    nice! i hope my money are enough to but them all.

  17. Faye Says:

    Cool items this week, they all look elegant 🙂
    Although earning enough money to buy ’em all would be so hard XD

  18. paari Says:

    hey guys happy new year i love all the items and i have purchashed everything wow thats too nice……….love it…………….exellent New year items no words wowwwwwwwww

  19. paari Says:

    yeah i need room too………waitng for my next level,item are though too awesome so cant do anything i have changed my living room to place thats the thing i did…..

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    […] society, new year trackback Treehorn is so excited with the new updates released this week. Out of all the updates, she chose favorites which she will probably buy for this year’s New Year’s […]

  21. arnica Says:

    play game on pet society now

  22. Melanie Says:

    I LOVE the new items! The perfect thing to cheer me up after I broke my wrist slipping on the ice (be careful, everyone!) =D

  23. ius Says:

    hello..ps ..in blog is palaca..but in the shop say ballroom

  24. tiara Says:

    hey sirius. is the palace chandalier glow in the dark?

  25. botbot Says:

    Why cant I open my pet society account? 😦 I have been trying to log in since last night but the mayor kept on reappearing telling me to retry 😐

  26. Mikari Says:

    =( of all colors, why pink? I want all blue for once, the wallpaper I mean DD:
    Holly! xD Palace Staircase is so expensive. I’m rotten and ripped off =P eheheh
    I’m going away fro a few days for New Year, if only the 3 days battery is in PS coins.. after all the battery for a week is playcash \=(

  27. lolifofo Says:

    Lame… sorry but that’s the truth… and what’s the deal with gold yakhhh XD

  28. TriZia:P Says:

    .Luv all the items, sppent my money, and earning. I wish to get thejackpot at lottery. ^_^ LOVE IT. dont hv furnitre bcuz of shocking prices. D: Or I just dont hv enough money. WELL NVM. I stil LOVE IT>

  29. jessie Says:

    love all item!!!!

  30. jessie Says:

    cute and very glamour!

  31. Maggie Soon Says:

    i love this Gold series!!

  32. Christine Says:

    Why are you junking up our storage with all these items that cannot be sold, recycled or gifted? I hate searching through all the clutter for recent purchases – Searching through all the expired Christmas ornaments and mystery pet plushies, it’s like I’ve been forced to convert my game to a junked up attic! If you’re going to create these objects that you force us to keep whether we want them anymore or not, at least let us plop them in some junk folder so we don’t have to page through the crap every day searching for food to eat and recent purchases.

  33. (CLaiRe) Martina Says:

    Woot! Cash Shop item? Grrr!

  34. Pet Society Mystery Says:


  35. Jacqueline-Kimiko Says:

    I wish i could buy them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re all so cute!!!

  36. casshopwannabee Says:


  37. dan Says:

    i can’t get ’em all

  38. pippy Says:

    dear Sonya and everybody
    Happy New year

    I’ve one question
    Are you gonna remove all the clearance out on 17th Jan or you gonna move it back to the shop?

  39. Agent Y Says:

    can i get playfish cash without paying.
    i mean who want to for games
    just make a little rare or hard to earn money.
    pls do it if u can!

  40. Bess Giumarro Says:

    This was an entertaining read, I’m forever on the watch for good articles and blog ideas so thanks. I’ve bookmarked this article so I’ll stay in contact!

  41. pippy Says:


  42. adam panda Says:


  43. Zoed Says:

    Can U help me, what the hell can I do with the christmas tree decoration? It cannot be sold or recicled?

  44. nessie Says:

    sonya, answer please!!
    i recieved the special gift, but when i tried to sell it my money was the same as if i didn’t
    what’s happening? why does my money doesn’t increase?
    love p.s new items

  45. Alee Says:

    ACTUALIZAAAA!! YA SALIERON LAS NUEVAS COSAS!!!!! HOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  46. Emma Says:

    OMG !!! Love the shoes,dress,tiara and music box 😀

  47. BA141CACO3 Says:


    • Sirius Says:

      TWS = This Week’s Special – Items that will be in store for the current week, and will disappear from stores at midnight GMT the following Monday. These items may be available again at some point in the future.

  48. 04/19/2010 Pet Society Update: Prom Night « Pet Society Friends Says:

    […] the outdoor/garden theme items. However, I feel like they’re just doing a remake of the New Year Grand Ball theme they had a few months ago but with different colors. I guess I can’t complain though, coming […]

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