Bursting with excitement!


Hey Pet Society fans! The entire village has been buzzing with holiday spirit in recent weeks, with snow everywhere, festive fish in the pond, gifts being exchanged, and plenty of cheer! If you think it’s been fun, then we hope you are ready for the new year! 🙂

“?” was bursting with excitement when Sirius wandered into the Mystery Store today, she really couldn’t quite work out what he was talking about! He kept exclaiming odd phrases over and over. Could you help Sirius decipher them?

  • Au + He = ? (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Shred the snow (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Hyper inflation (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Heat the ice (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Light on the head (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Redbreast delivery (Golden Mystery Box)

These mysterious items are now available, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to start searching for them!

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items:

Golden 2010 Balloon Snowboard Decor Party Balloons Decor
Hot Water Bottle 2010 Balloon Hat Robin Plushie

With the chilling winter continuing in Pet Society, an icy fish has been spotted jumping out of the pond, so cast in a line and see what you can catch! This frozen creature isn’t the only new resident of the pond though, however it is whispered (well, quietly quacked by the ducks) that the others are so hard to catch that only Pros can!

Plus, if you are feeling like you just can’t get enough space, why not purchase some more rooms? You are now able to purchase up to 6 large additional rooms for your pet to spread out in (if only renovating was so easy in your real home)!

When you are heading to the shops to purchase some last minute items to decorate for the holidays, look out for some great savings on a huge range of clearance items (prices have now been slashed in store, however they will only be displayed with clearance banners from Monday the 28th of December, 2009). Pick them up while you can, as all current clearance items will disappear from the shelves after the 13th of January, 2010 GMT.

And finally, there have been some rumours around the village that Sirius just has to share! A little duck told her that there will be a special surprise for pets who sign on to Pet Society via Facebook on the 24th or 25th of December GMT! 😉

(And just in case you are wondering who Sirius is, she’s just a pet who lives in the village who loves to act as one of my sources! She also loves dancing with friends and talking to “?” even when he makes no sense, plus she is an avid fan of all things that quack!)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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49 Responses to “Bursting with excitement!”

  1. Merchas7m4 Says:

    Oooo! I can’t wait!
    Well I have to… till 6pm…

  2. salem Says:

    wow! a REALLY happy christmas for my pet!!! 😀 😀 thanks pets! 😉

  3. preencesa Says:

    hate this…

  4. Ally Says:

    Some of them are robin plushie (!!!) and a 2010 party hat 🙂

  5. JoyM Says:

    @Ally: Aww.. I want the Robin plushie (Im a doll collector :D) :(( I’ve been opening mystery boxes and i’ve only had the 2010 balloon hat so far 😀

  6. Syed Ali Says:

    Wow i just got a hot water bottle & the tiki folding screen is back 🙂

  7. vita.... Says:

    i can’t wait,….

  8. ZwiebelKatze Says:

    Au + He means Silver plus Helium — so I’m guessing SILVER BALLOON??

    Redbreasted delivery is a Robin Plushie

    Light on the head could be the 2010 party hat (if it has a light?)

    Hyperinflation sounds like another ballon.. Maybe a huge one, an air balloon with a basket under?

    • Kim Says:

      I think AU is gold….not silver. It’s a gold balloon (I just got one). It’s just like the new ones in the food shop that come in red & blue.

      • Kim Says:

        yes i just checked and “AU” means gold on the periodic table of elements.

        hyperinflation is a big bunch of balloons…

        and “light on the head” is the 2010 hat…it’s a hat made out of balloons, so they meant “light” as opposed to “heavy”

  9. jessie koo Says:

    So easy to get…
    GMB: robin plushie, 2010 party hat, party baloons decor, hot water bag
    BMB: golden 2010 baloon, snow board deco

  10. JoyM Says:

    @Jessie: Oh wow… Ive only got the 2010 balloon hat, hot water bag, and party balloons decor.. ‘But what i really want is the ROBIN plushie!! ;D

  11. sergio Says:

    quiero juagr porque osino los meto ma tiros a ustedes lokos guachin era re joda:p

  12. ronn Says:

    I love robin plushie!

  13. Ela Says:

    Oohh..I can’t wait for the surprise!

  14. youssef Says:

    🙂 ;0 :p :*

  15. teti!! :D Says:

    kierooo todooo!!! 😀

  16. nessie Says:

    hey i have a problem, i want to sell the gift and my mpney doesn’t increase, what is happening sonya?

    • Gabbies owner Says:

      same here!

      • Sarah Says:

        same here, I reported it to PS and got a standard reply. It seem sthey put the globe/gift thing back in my chest but when I tried to seel it again the same thing happened! Does anyone know what’s going on????

  17. Pet Society Help Says:

    Awesome, glad to hear they removed some mystery items and added new ones. 🙂

  18. yuha Says:

    i got a holiday gift!!!! a big snow globe 🙂 thanks playfish

  19. angela Says:

    this is a good game

  20. hanna micah Says:


  21. juanca.- Says:

    I don’t like the new things that you introducing into the GMB :/ the old things that was stay in shops :/ change it please only mystery items, Are a lost of money… pleaseee 🙂

  22. romario Says:

    i want to get that mystery box 😀

  23. chofi Says:

    hey sonya I have a question.
    Remember the new rule of xxxx cuantity of items? (of course you do xD)
    weel if we can’t sell or gift or recycle the advent calendar’s tree decorations how are we suposed to get rid of them if we don’t want them anymore? ._.

    ps. nice snow globe *o* thank you play fish.

  24. Bea Says:

    Wow! Awesome future items! I love them! XD

  25. Jasnice Tan Says:

    I got all of them they are all so cute!!!!!!

  26. rebecca Says:

    When are you guys going to remove the useless “Invite friend that does not want to play this game” button in the middle of our friends list? This is the only update I care to hear about at this time.

  27. laura Says:

    i’ve got the robin plushie like A LOT of times): i wanted the santa mayor picture though but it’s gonna be gone…

    anyone want a free robin plushie??

  28. Isak Says:

    I want it, I really do, please!!! 😀

  29. Isak Says:


  30. Fiona Says:

    GMB ISSUE: Someone can tell why if I buy an EXPENSIVE GOLD MYSTERY BOX I always get rubbish?!?! If the word says EXPENSIVE, why doesn´t have an EXPENSIVE item on it??? I don´t get it! I spend 500 coins on a GOLD BOX to get something EXPENSIVE that isn´t at stores, why I always get cheap things?!…


    • RAy IGnacIo Says:

      Well, I think it doesn’t matter if you will get 999 items 0r 499 and etc. that’s why it is called mysterious because you don’t know what’s inside, you win some, you lose some

  31. bianca Says:

    laura, i will take a plushie!!!!

  32. stephen Says:

    me i wondent mind a free robin plushie

  33. (CLaiRe) Martina Says:

    Wahhhh! Tried 18 Gmbs and 1 Mb,but no prize!

  34. Andrew Oliver Says:

    i havent even got a single one of the items!!! i always get stuff that can sell for 83

  35. nessie Says:

    sonya, answer please!!
    i recieved the special gift, but when i tried to sell it my money was the same as if i didn’t
    what’s happening? why does my money doesn’t increase?
    love p.s new items

    • charles Says:

      The same thing happened to me when I tried to mine. I reported it to pet society but they only sent a standard reply that said absolutely nothing about my issue. Then a couple days later I noticed the globe was back in my chest, but when I tried selling it again, the same thing happened! I reported it again, but I haven’t heard anything for pet society this time 😦

      • charles Says:

        I meant the same thing happened when I tried to SELL mine. Also, I meant I haven’t heard anything FROM (not FOR) Pet Society this time…

    • Sirius Says:

      It’s a bug currently with some items (the Playfish holiday gift, and the Mysterious PF-Cash gift items), it’s been reported, so I’m sure the team will work on a fix!

  36. dark wolf Says:

    yea i found 2 of Party Balloons Decor and 1 2010 Balloon Hat and 1 Robin Plushie
    if any one want the balloons send afriend recuest to dark_wolf_x@yahoo.com

  37. tarl Says:

    the items on the golden mystery box are cheap! i always get the same staff! i hate it!

  38. Updates « facebook Daily Says:

    […] Source: http://blog.petsociety.com/2009/12/23/bursting-with-excitement/ […]

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