Bounce down the days!


Hey Pet Society fans! The holidays just keep getting closer and closer, and Sirius is bouncing with excitement (and to keep warm)!

Today, she braved the snow to go fishing, although the bouncing didn’t help and hence she didn’t catch a thing, she spotted some bright new fish jumping out of the water occasionally (she assumes to keep warm as the water must be even colder)! So go fishing yourself and see if you can discover what the festive fish love to eat!

Festive Fish Festive Cookiefish

After Sirius had spent awhile fishing, she saw “?” hurrying by, back towards his store, so she dropped her rod and bounced over! “?” looked at her strangely, perhaps because of the bouncing or her extremely excited face. As “?” was short on time and had to hurry back to his store to sell mystery boxes to all the pets who would be lining up to try and find the latest mysterious items, he quickly gave her the images, and went on his way!

As you can imagine, this made Sirius even more excited and she started bouncing higher and not really looking where she was going, and bounced straight into a snowman. So Sirius and the images got a little snowy, but despite being cold and wet, it didn’t dampen Sirius’ mood, and she bounced home and dried off by the fire. Can you work out what the mysterious items might be?

(Blue Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images that have avoided crashing into snowmen.

Red Holly Candle Santa Mayor Picture Gingerbread Stocking Decor

These mysterious items are available for a limited time only, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and find them while you can!

(And just in case you are wondering who Sirius is, she’s just a pet who lives in the village who loves to act as one of my sources! She also loves fishing, talking to the ducks by the pond, and growing festive flowers, plus she gets exceptionally excited by the holidays!)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

51 Responses to “Bounce down the days!”

  1. dadas Says:


  2. dundica Says:

    first yay

  3. Garu_pucca Says:

    2nd yay !

  4. PHARRELL Says:

    second .
    yay !

  5. Trellina Says:

    it’s really true that some MB r not IS anymore since today? 😦

  6. Kayla Says:

    3rd YAY!!!!!

  7. rania Says:

    where is the cookiefish???

  8. Diane Says:

    I just caught the Festive Fish using the mini festive cake 🙂 Took a few tries, but finally caught it! Now gonna use the same bait to see if I can catch the other one.

  9. Diane Says:

    Got the “Santa Mayor” picture in GMB 🙂

  10. venetia Says:

    it is very nice.

  11. pursung Says:

    why don’t you take more time for us to collect the “?” items that cost 999

    before romove them out from MB << playfish make me feel so bad about that T___T I try to visit my friend, to do anything to buy GMB & BMB but… -__-

    • Steffey Says:

      Many of those items that were removed have been in the MB for months and months….I think thats plenty of time to collect them… If you really wanted one of them you can probably find it in the trading forums.

    • Pet Society Help Says:

      Yeah I wish there would’ve been some sort of warning before hand, I would’ve bought a ton of GMB’s. 🙂

  12. rania Says:

    i used 12 mini festive cake but no festive fish T_T

  13. brandon axel Says:

    i can’t fish it

  14. brandon axel Says:

    i use 50 mini festive cake and no festive fish O_O

  15. godtubby Says:

    yippi!!! 🙂

  16. Lanien Elsid Says:

    are these Mysterious Box Item already available?

  17. Merry Six Says:

    oh, i do hope I CAN FIND THESE ITEMS!

  18. Borbonsito Says:

    We want a permanent Angel Wing!!!!!

  19. Wong Says:

    Final , I caught 18 festival fish! I am lucky?? 😀

  20. ecko00920 Says:

    my god!!! ginger bread sock decor and mayor santa pic in GMB..then a holly golded candle in BMB >.<

  21. darren Says:

    weeeeee nice i gotta get that!

  22. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Bounce down the days! Hey Pet Society fans! The holidays just keep getting closer and closer, and Sirius is bouncing with excitement (and to […] […]

  23. yuha Says:

    got on 1st festive cake… yippie!!!!

  24. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    Are these fish for a limited time only?

  25. daffnie Says:

    How long are those New Mystery box Items available?
    I’m saving up to buy them now, hope to find the “Santa Mayor Picture” !

  26. camila Says:

    hola quiero cosas

  27. JRx Says:

    i Am RIcher than i tot i have 30m woo

  28. JRx Says:

    is too hard to get it

  29. JRx Says:


  30. Testing Says:


  31. preencesa Says:

    haix…does it mean no 999 items anymore??? huhu

  32. gracia Says:

    i’m bored with playfish idk y :):)

  33. RAy IGnacIo Says:

    Woo-hooo! I got those 2 fish with the mini festive cake, i caught them after 13x, and I also got the Paradise fish….

  34. RAy IGnacIo Says:

    But I opened an MB then I got a Loud Speaker!

  35. babysoftpink Says:

    so sad, my comments never get approved

  36. kevinghetto Says:

    Until when these items available?

  37. RAy IGnacIo Says:

    I got the Santa Mayor Picture after many mystery boxes………….

  38. laura Says:


  39. rania Says:

    it’s really infair i bought 60 mini festive cake, 10 of each type of cofe and 20 of each of the other holiday food but i didn’t get any one of the new fishs no festive fish no cake fish no ice fish i’m really fed up you make this very hard to get and it’s supposed to be a funny game but no more now

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