A Snow Spectacular!


Hey Pet Society fans! Holiday parties continue throughout the village this week, and new items are out, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and rush to the stores to discover what’s new! Remember that any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 28th of December, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

The holidays are getting closer, as seen by less and less numbers on your Holiday Countdown Calendars! 😉 So perhaps it’s time to dress up for the occasion! Lily has a range of endearing holiday outfits in the Clothes Store this week!

Classic Santa Hat (HS) Classic Santa Beard (HS) Classic Santa Jacket (HS)
Classic Santa Glove (HS) Classic Santa Boots (HS)
Holiday Elf Hat (HS) Holiday Elf Dress (HS)
Holiday Elf Glove (HS) Holiday Elf Shoes (HS)
Holiday Reindeer Headgear (HS) Santa Girl Dress (HS) Santa Girl Ribbon (HS)
Santa Girl Glove (HS) Santa Girl Shoes (HS)

Now we all know by now that Mrs. Appleblossom loves holidays, but do we really know how much? She has many more wonderful surprises in the Garden Store this week, starting with two gorgeous new Holiday Trees!

Pink Medium Holiday Tree (HS) White Medium Holiday Tree (HS)

Of course, that isn’t all though. Remember creating your own jack-o-lanterns in October? Well now you can build your own Snowman! Mrs. Appleblossom has the classic parts in store, but to really personalise your snowman, you have to try the new Snowman Ornament Mystery Eggs which include a variety of additional extras!

Small Snowman Ball (HS) Medium Snowman Ball (HS) Huge Snowman Ball (HS)
Classic Snowman Eye (HS) Classic Snowman Nose (HS) Classic Snowman Mouth (HS)
Classic Snowman Limb L (HS) Classic Snowman Limb R (HS)
Snowman Large Top Hat (from Snowman Ornament Mystery Egg) Snowman Ornament Vending Machine Snowman Large Purple Scarf (from Snowman Ornament Mystery Egg)
Snowman Green Button (from Snowman Ornament Mystery Egg) Snowman Ornament Mystery Egg (HS) Snowman Leaf L (from Snowman Ornament Mystery Egg)

If you loved the Holiday Tree Ornament Mystery Eggs released last week, you will be pleased to know that there are now even more decorations to collect inside!

Blue Star Bow (from Holiday Mystery Egg) Silver Teardrop Bauble (from Holiday Mystery Egg) Green Facet Bauble (from Holiday Mystery Egg)
Pink Facet Bauble (from Holiday Mystery Egg) Red Flat Bauble (from Holiday Mystery Egg) Gold Pinecone (from Holiday Mystery Egg)

What does every pet want to find under their Holiday Tree when ripping open presents? That’s right, new toys! Luckily Preston has some great new Plushies in the Furniture Store! Plus, to ensure your Santa and Elf Plushies aren’t lonely under your tree, make sure you pick up a Present Box Decor. And for some additional holiday cheer, check out the Snowman Chair and Holiday Cake Rack!

Santa Plushie (HS) Present Box Decor (HS) Elf Plushie (HS)
Snowman Chair (HS) Holiday Cake Rack (HS)

Felicity may just be the queen of standout tables, with the latest Winter Holiday Feast Table in the Luxury Store!

Winter Holiday Feast Table (HS)

For a super special gift for your pet, or for a friend, visit Terrence in the Cash Shop! You can choose from three amazing gifts to purchase, and they will remain wrapped in a decorative gift box until December 25th!

Mysterious Holiday Gift (Gift Box only) Golden Snow Globe (HS)
Holiday Heart Picture (HS) Grandiose Grandfather Clock (HS)

Is your winter room missing something, some snow perhaps? Well, you just might need the new Snow Machine! The Snow Machine does need batteries to operate, so pick up some of those too! Also, with even more Holiday Fish in the Pond, perhaps it’s time for a larger aquarium? If that sounds like a great idea to you, head to the Cash Shop for a Holiday Oversized Aquarium! And for a homely view these holidays, install some Festive Windows, these will rotate between day and night views!

Snow Machine (HS) Holiday Oversized Aquarium (HS)
Festive Window (HS)

Even more fish? Yes, that’s right! There are now six more amazing Holiday Fish swimming happily in the Pond! So try catching one today!

Blue Baublefish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit) Festive Treefish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit) Silver Bellfish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit)
Pink Tinselfish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit) Present Boxfish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit) Pink Baublefish (caught with Holiday Fish Biscuit)

Create a chilly room, or just wrap up your home, with the latest holiday selections in the D.I.Y. Depot!

Winter View Window (HS) Icicle Wall Decor (HS)
Holiday Wrapping Floor (HS) Holiday Wrapping Wallpaper (HS)
Winter Day Wallpaper (HS)
Winter Day Floor (HS)

Shake a Snow Globe or wind a Snowman In A Box with fun holiday inventions in the Gadget Store! Plus there’s some decorative new lighting!

Snow Globe (HS) Snowman In A Box (HS) Holiday Chandelier (HS)

For even more yummy festive food, ensure you visit the Food Store before Truffles consumes all of the Mini Festival Cakes and Chocolate Roulades! And there’s even a Snowman Postcard Decor, which I’m sure your friends would love to receive!

Mini Festive Cake (HS) Snowman Postcard Decor (HS) Chocolate Roulade (HS)

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Whether for a Clock or a Shamrock in stores this week!

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67 Responses to “A Snow Spectacular!”

  1. joseph Says:

    1st one

  2. kcd75 Says:

    Thanks for the post!


  3. Rico Says:


  4. Jodido Says:


    OH..! AMAZING STUFF..!!!


  5. Cassie Says:

    wow! i looove these items so much!

  6. Rizky Says:

    I’m always amazed with pet society’s item design, they are so awesomely great

  7. adam panda Says:

    dont buy the ornament eggs
    the new things are not inside

    😦 i bought 50 of those eggs too…

  8. Gabby Says:

    Love the items!! *o*

  9. Bea Says:

    There is not a fifth bad! =)
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N!!!!
    Sonya and Pet Society team! I love this items so much! What a nice surprise!

    A W E S O M E! 😀 Keep on doing your best! I and my Pet will have a very nice Merry Christmas! and for all of you too!

  10. godtubby Says:


  11. Charlie Says:

    There are no new ornaments in the eggs… DON BUY THEM!!

  12. Christmas_Xmas Says:


  13. Silvi Says:

    I love it!! ♥ Everything!!

  14. bah-meow Says:

    the items were so cool…….. cooler than snow and icebergs! i feel like I’m in alaska, or lets say in a fridge 🙂

  15. Bea Says:

    Well I bought several and i caught all new items! 😀

  16. Hello Kitty Says:

    these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I. A. Yunita Widya Antari Says:

    Wow… Is an ultimate very cool… I love this all item… Before 27th, I have to buy everything… Right? Success and longevity to Pet Society! I live Playfish game, especially… Pet Society!

  18. buuterrr:P Says:

    I don’t have money:)

  19. hiei~ Says:

    i love pet society! the items are all great! keep up the goodwork for playfish especially PET SOCIETY!

  20. anonymous :) Says:

    NOoo!! the items are pretty but i’m dead broke…… 😦

  21. Selina Says:

    is something wrong with the new holiday tree ornaments? i opened so many & nothing new?

  22. Pet Society Help Says:

    Beautiful items, can’t wait to start decorating my 2nd Xmas room with them.

  23. Mikari Says:

    I wish the floor and the wallpaper can be put on the garden also xD it will be much more like real winter =(

  24. Emily Brown Says:

    Wow! So dammit beutiful lol, real cute too! Can’t wait to start decorating…!

  25. Annie Says:

    I love all the items!! Thanks so much for the update! 😀
    But there’s too many items for this holiday!
    I’m so poor right now and am barely scraping to get the things I want. 😦
    Well it’s worth it I guess.. 🙂

  26. miyaku Says:

    Great! Cool! Not Expensive (the best part!)! can’t wait to buy!

  27. tiara Says:

    cool! i want buy all of them

  28. Jemka Says:

    so cool! I like this!
    Thank you playfish!

  29. Arthur Says:

    Amazing! It’s truely amazing. So adorable

  30. miyaku Says:

    will they give out free gifts 4 xmas?

  31. Himeka Chan Says:

    uuuuu…. I ❤ it

  32. Winnie Says:

    I think it would be a good idea if we can use the holiday Winter Night and Winter Day wallpapers (or any other kinds of outdoor wallpapers too) for the gardens. Do consider that, Playfish! =)

  33. bhem Says:

    anybody has the list of the items in the snowman mystery eggs?????

    is the new ornaments is already released??? i bought 40 eggs from the tree ornament today, but there is not even one of the new ornaments yet 😦

  34. CLyde Says:

    anyone can tell me that i can get any chiristmas fish without cash? i really want to know because i collecting each event fish

  35. tiara Says:

    bhem, maybe you can check in here http://pse.uppps.com/main.asp

  36. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    Sonya,why does the snowman ornament have the HALLOWEEN sign? Is this a glitch?

  37. Sheilla Says:

    I wish the pets could wear the scarf too

  38. daffnie Says:

    love the new items!
    So cute!
    But why is it that when i try to buy the Festive Window in the Cash Shop the screen would go to error?

  39. Qaisara Says:

    omg………….in d last post i asked 4 a snow man
    I LOVE PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. tareq ali Says:

    pet society rocks
    whenever i say to myself : i want to live the day and not spen al my time at this game but i cant woooooooooooow

  41. Kathy Says:

    In my country we celebrate Christmas with a Baby Jesus,
    I want one for my pet n.n

  42. Erica Says:

    I got new ornaments from eggs right away! I never get lucky lol

  43. Jolie Says:


    This keep repeating, after cook, usually Mayor show up, and when I reload the food disappear/missing.

    Is this another glitch? Can you please report to Playfish?


  44. Wk. Says:

    1 word, FANTASTIC!

  45. mochi Says:

    dear sonya,
    someone hacked my pet society and almost all of my things were gone..
    then i changed my password, when i was playing suddenly my fb was logged out..
    now, my money increased but my things were gone, i think the hacker sold all of my things.. could you help me ?? and i was wondering if you can give any security settings so that hackers can’t hack our pet society.. cz i really love pet society, what if it happens to everybody??

    • boidae Says:

      The only way someone can access your Pet Society is if they access your Facebook account. So you need to keep your Facebook account secure, and never give your password to anyone!

      If your Facebook account has been hacked, you need to report this to Facebook immediately and secure your account. You will find more details on how to do this here: http://www.facebook.com/help/?search=hacked

      If your Facebook account has been hacked, unfortunately any game items you may have lost as a result with not be recoverable as far as I’m aware, sorry!

  46. Alien Says:

    Love them all. Well done!!

  47. pippy Says:

    can you have one day sales! that brings all the cool stuffs of all 2009 to resale again plz

  48. hannah Says:

    wala naman kinaganda sa mga pagpoposte di ba sana iba na lang gawa nyo over na kau parang oa na ginawaan nyo ng website ung petsociety ang panget mga laos kau talaga dapat mga bagay talaga ginagawa nyo mga ewan kayo mga adik

    hannah cute lovely

  49. joy a Says:

    i wonder why i always get 100 in daily lotto.. it’s looks like a faux..

  50. samxo Says:

    its not fair i didn’t buy all the items and now Pet society never works ;o;
    what happened to my connection? why i can’t play pet society?

  51. Silence Says:

    Any chance on getting an elf vest and pants?

  52. Madeline Says:

    Is there a list of ornaments in the capsule? Please link me to it? I’m trying to collect them all… I need the cute bunny one, AAAGH! 😦

  53. Elaine Says:

    how much r the snowman ornament mystery eggs? mine is taking too long to load… then it would say maintenance ! :<

  54. macmillen Says:

    i will not love christmas iwill give my crush a gift

  55. Mileysopetsociety Says:

    So cute! I bought all of em’!

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