What’s Cooking?


Hey Pet Society fans! What’s cooking? Some Vegetable Soup perhaps, or an Orange Cupcake, or even a Giant Meatball? Oh… nothing?? Well, you had better put something on the stove then, as Pet Society’s Cooking feature has just been released! 🙂

How does it work you ask? Well, you will be able to find your very own Cooking Stove in your chest! So drag that out into your room! You can click on either the Cooking icon (located next to your stickers icon), or on your Cooking Stove to read the instructions and get started! Basically though, you can cook food that is not available elsewhere. So buy some ingredients for a specific dish to cook (select the Cook button to start), and it will have a certain cooking time (which you can see before you buy it); and when it’s finished cooking collect it by clicking on your stove, or by using the Collect button in the Cooking book. You can choose to either sell your completed dish back to the store for profit, or give your pet a good feed!

Be careful though, if you leave your dish on the stove for too long, it will burn and be ruined  (for most dishes you have the amount of cooking time again to collect), so be sure to come back to collect your dish once it’s finished cooking! 😉

A few things you should be aware of: a) you can only cook one dish at a time, b) you will accumulate Cooking Points by successfully cooking dishes, these Cooking Points increase your Cooking Rank, and c) different dishes require different Cooking Ranks to learn, however everyone can start with Vegetable Soup, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now and give it a whirl!


The holiday is near, so when you next send a gift, you can choose to deliver it in some festive wrapping! Just go to send your gift as normal, and once you’ve confirmed, you will get a pop up asking you if you’d like to buy one of four special seasonal wrappings, or of course you can choose to deliver your gift in the standard gift box! 😉


With the holiday spirit throughout the village, it has not eluded “?”. And when Sirius had just finished cooking her first Vegetable Soup, a red package tied with a golden ribbon arrived mysteriously on her door step! To Sirius’ delight it was a package from “?” with pictures of the brand new mysterious items, she didn’t even need to venture into the snow today! These items are available for a limited time only, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook and find them while you can!

Snowman Carrier Decor Holly White Candle Set Festive Ribbon Decor


“?” isn’t the one having a jolly good time though. If you happen to bump into Hideeni while out and about, ensure you take a few second to talk to him, and find out who Santa may have left behind!


And finally, if all you really want for this years Holiday is a makeover, head down to the Stylist, with various new eyes, mouths, noses and even a new pair of ears in store, it’s assured that your pet will look amazing after a visit!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

54 Responses to “What’s Cooking?”

  1. Shaun Says:

    The best new feature since the fishing pond!
    Thanks Playfish!

  2. Emily Brown Says:


    • Alzed & Pet Teddy Says:

      Wow Pet Society is Country Story and Restaurant City. Hiideni is have new doll too?
      Cool this game.
      Unknown fun i’m second.

  3. unknown fan Says:

    2nd !!!!! yay !!!! nice items !!!!!!!

  4. Emily Brown Says:

    It’s almost like restaurent city, so very cool…. I saw it in pet society at around 10:20…

  5. ryu rul Says:


  6. VOn DUtch Says:


  7. Lucky Says:

    This is the coolest Christmas ever XD

  8. RizqiK Says:

    the number in the calendar is gone

  9. godtubby Says:

    oh yeah!!! i luv x’mas!!!

  10. Pet Society Help Says:

    A new gift from Hideeni? Awesome! Also, some peoples calendars are blank today when they logged in. fyi

  11. thomas Says:

    my lottery just kept on spinning and it wont stop wurd!

  12. Lita Says:

    I cooked Vegetable Soup then went to the Stadium to race. After using up all 10 tries in the regular race, I returned home. My soup was burned =( It’d be cool if we get a flashing envelope or stove beside the Toggle Fullscreen button as soon as the food is ready.

  13. sara takkoush Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!cooking….i love pet society soooo muchh eeeeekkkk …so cooooolll ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. tako Says:

    my calendar too sonya whats happening please answer what shall i do ? i want take any gifts?:((:(((

  15. Catt Says:

    ah I saw Hideeni! And I didn’t know he was giving away new gifts ;_; they need to change his outfit, I thought they’d do that again that way I’d know he is giving out new things 😦

  16. Jorge Garcia Says:


    I’ve noticed new things!!!

    At Stylist, new Eyes, Brows and Nose…
    New Mysterious items (Love the Candle set)
    New Hideeni Gift.
    New cooking feature
    Also, the Darker fires on Chandeliers (Like halloween one or Mansion Chandelier) are now LIGHTER.

    But noticed a bug: The Advent Calendar number dissapeared all.

  17. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    Pet Society’s taking forever to load! 😀 Excited!

  18. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    OMG! The calendar’s empty! No more gifts?!!?

  19. Dorrcia Says:

    Very cool new feature, this should be fun!

    But, yes, as others have said: The advent calander is empty, and perhaps it’s just me, but my Christmas tree looks a little more… squat, than before.

  20. buuterrr:P Says:

    hey sonia a have problems with my pet it dosen’t open what is happening??

  21. O Says:

    I like the new cooking feature.
    What I don’t understand is why do they insist in using misleading advertisement.

    cooking is not a very effective way to make profit you stand to loose much more than you can gain, especially with the FB connection issues.

    Why can’t they just market it as a new cool feature? It is good enough that they are giving us something new to do. No need to mention profit when you have to pay for the recipe and can only make a profit of 1 or 9 coins for the 1st 2 recipes, Plus if you don’t take it out of the oven on time then you lose money…

  22. ecko00920 Says:

    PS is almost like restaurant city and country story…PS is 3 in 1 game XD…cool right??

  23. adam panda Says:

    wow! amazing! 🙂 i’ so excited! ^_^ haha i’m cooking the giant hamburger right now

  24. Roxy Says:


  25. [遊戲]Pet Society 12/11 更新 ... 烹飪系統實裝 | 月光下的嘆息! Says:

    […] What’s Cooking? […]

  26. Shelley Says:

    It’s the BEST Christmas Ever!!!!!

  27. Cheii Says:

    LOVE IT! ;D

  28. Pet Society Help Says:

    Awesome, I got the cute reindeer plushie from Hideeni! It’s so darn cute.

  29. LOL Says:


  30. [更新]Pet Society 12/11 更新 ... 烹飪系統實裝 | 社群遊戲攻略王 Says:

    […] What’s Cooking? […]

  31. Anni Says:

    I spent all day cooking a king burger. Once I collected the burger and then published it onto my facebook page, Pet Society crashed, and I couldn’t find my king burger again. Please help!

  32. Anni Says:

    Pet Society is not loading, and I can’t sign on to collect my soup. I only have ten minutes to collect but am not able to do so. Is there any way to stilll get the food without being penalized?

  33. Yiyun Says:

    I have the same problems about cookings. From yesterday, I’ve spent lots of time cooking but after I collect my meal, the PS lost connection and my meals ARE GONE! I’ve lost some vegetable soup, a king burger and two giant hot dogs!

    Please help me!

    • louise Says:

      this happened to me 3 times in a row ._. what i’ve started doing is after i collect my food, i save, and THEN i start a new dish- it was disconnecting when i started a new dish before. hopefully this will help!

  34. rachael Says:

    hey anni,

    the EXACT SAME THING happened to me!!!!! i spent a whole day cooking a king burger. when it was finally done and i “collected” it, pet society crashed and i lost it. UGH. PET SOCIETY PLEASE FIX THESE KINDS OF THINGS BEFORE YOU RELEASE SUCH FEATURES TO THE REST OF US!!!!

  35. hami mitchie kyoa go ri mii raii Says:

    nice chrismassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……………………………………………………………………………………………………

  36. Wilda nurjannah Says:

    KApan sih indonesia berbahasa indonesia

  37. queen iman alex Says:

    hey my name is alex and i want to be this x mas not rich furnture okay beacuse i would like to buy every thing okay bye with all my love

  38. preencesa Says:

    please give us some xmas gifts like a thousand coins?? haizztt coin run..phew

  39. Anni Says:

    I think my two missing cooked king burgers show up in my chest as loaves of bread. I have a separate thing of “bread” in my chest as well. They all use the same image/picture/icon/identifier. I would really love to have my new king burgers back. My husband and sister sent them to me after they were cooked. We all spent yesterday cooking them. Oh well. 🙂

  40. florr Says:

    I LOVE PS (L
    This Holidays Rocks !

  41. joseph Says:

    i like the holly white candle set

  42. tasha adelin Says:

    mm pet society help me to get many coins and make my pet society can be open again because my pet society please !

  43. pippy Says:

    hey sonya
    I have been cooking for a while and it’s always lost !!!!! everything i cooked! plzz fix it ! i really don’t want to lose my money again !

  44. irenka Says:

    i have the same problem… i cooked the burger all day and when it was finaly done i collected it and boom.. it crashed… and when i loaded it wasnt there…. fix that please… our coins go for nothing…

  45. Qk Says:

    Hi, i love the game… and i loved the cooking thing… ejejeje im always here… jejejeje… but, i dont know whats going on, something happens everytime i just finshed cooking something the conection fails and the stuff i cooked… its just gone… and i have to cook the same stuff like 3 times… can somebody tell me something?

  46. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] Pet Society Birthday Competition, explained the intricacies of Stickers, found Hideeni, wondered What’s Cooking?, updated you regarding more coins for washing and brushing and publishing coins from the lottery, […]

  47. miracle joy borromeo Says:

    uuhmm… can i ask someone here to tell me how to open the hidden recipe??? some pages have blank spaces so what does it mean? does it mean that there’s a hidden recipe? how can we open it? im sooo curious about it, pls pls pls help me!!! 🙂 thnx everyone!!!!!!!!

  48. гoлЬeтти Says:

    Да, такой блог стопудово надо раскручивать сильнее – что б как можно больше читателей о нем узнали! 🙂

  49. Alejandra Castellon Garcia Says:

    quiero jugar

  50. Alejandra Castellon Garcia Says:


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