Introducing our festive decorating competition!


The holiday season! A time for family and friends, extra calories and, of course, decorations. Houses, gardens, tables, streets… everything gets a makeover!

Here at Playfish we know how creative you guys are and how much you love decorating, both in Playfish games and in real life. “So!” We thought “How about a festive decorating competition!” And that’s what we did!

It’s clear you like to create all kinds of amazing ideas so we don’t want to limit you too much – maybe you’d like to make your home in Pet Society look just like your home in real life with all its traditional decorations?

Or perhaps you could use inspiration from your favourite Playfish game to make decorations in real life: Restaurant City greetings cards, Country Story tree decorations, Crazy Planets wrapping paper…

There’s no limit to what you can do, just take the concept of Playfish style festive decoration and see where it takes you!

There’s some great prizes up for grabs for our favourite Playfish style decorations so we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Now here’s the best bit: this time we’re looking for 20 decoration masters! Yup, that’s right! 20 winners who’ll all get amazing prizes! What prizes?

Well how does this sound: a Playfish 2010 calendar, a goody bag of Playfish and EA merchandising, plus the following prizes:

1st place wins “Apple I-Pod Touch 8GB”, 2nd place 500 PFC, 3rd place 250 PFC, from 4th to 10th place 100 PFC and from 11th to 20th place 50 PFC.

We’ll be taking entries until December 23rd at midnight GMT and winners will be announced on Friday 8th January.

Just make sure you agree with the Terms & Conditions prior to entering!

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21 Responses to “Introducing our festive decorating competition!”

  1. bAm.. Says:

    nyahai… so cool..

  2. godtubby Says:

    so cool!!!! bravo

  3. Megkiddo Says:

    Too bad I would never win…

  4. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    Piff…Gave 1 entry >.< 😉

  5. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    Check it out! COOOllll! 😀

  6. Matthew Says:

    Is anyone else having issues where the game isn’t giving you things? Like I spun the wheel, it landed on a number and then didn’t give it to me and I also turned in recycle points for a sticker and got nothing,

  7. Nicole Says:

    Y como concursamos??? O.o
    Por mas que lei no enconte el como concursar…. T.T

  8. -YuanXin Says:

    wow.i’m gonna take part;D

  9. khaled 56478 Says:

    pet society is crazy and also sonya is a junk bridge

  10. Catherine Says:

    ❤ pet society
    say no to other pet games 🙂

  11. juan martin Says:

    ya carge la foto en mi facebook ahora que hago

  12. thomas Says:

    im having problems loading pet society its been 2days now i cant visit my pet 😦

  13. Fiona Says:

    I can´t log in.. anyone else???…

  14. nitcha Says:

    I am Chilean ….. and the Englishman costs me …. since I do it?

  15. moxolat Says:

    the main problem is i need more money and my plants take too long and i want the pet society makerz to put more seeds in it by tonight!!!!!

  16. Leonardo Says:

    Everything is very nice and wanted to enter the contest win !!! 😀

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