Rug up for the white out!


Hey Pet Society fans! When Sirius decided to go outside today to try and find “?” she was left wandering in wonder with bountiful snow covering the village!

She thought it seemed quite magical, and it reminded her that the Holiday season is on its way, so she trudged through the snow happily!

Luckily for Sirius, “?” was quite visible with all of the white snow everywhere, so she spotted him from several houses away, and ran over. “?” appeared to be feeling nearly as festive as Sirius, and after a quick friendly exchange, he passed her the images.

Sirius was ecstatic, so after thanking him, she proceeded to dance through the snow towards home. Visibility was reasonably low, and since she was more worried about dancing than well, getting home, she soon bumped into a snowy tree and the snow from the tree completely covered her (and the images) from head to toe.

She wriggled out from under the snow, a little cold and wet, but more worryingly, the images were also cold and wet, and no longer clear. Once she eventually arrived home, she sat in front of the fire, with the images; and although both Sirius and the images soon dried off (and warmed up), the images were indecipherable.

These new mysterious items are now available in mystery boxes across the village, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can discover them! These items are available for a limited time only, so find them while you can!

(Blue Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images that have not been covered in snow!

Pine Cone Wall Decor Mini Snowman Decor Mini Festive Tree Decor


The mysterious items and snow aren’t the only exciting news in the village today though! The daily lottery has changed! “How?” you ask? Well, instead of just receiving a letter each day, the first time you sign on each GMT day you will be able to spin the new lottery wheel! There are various coin amounts up for grabs, plus each day you log in consecutively will increase the possible prizes available until you reach the maximum prizes at day 5! And Sirius has heard rumours (please don’t tell anyone she told you) that from day 5 onwards (if you continue logging in each GMT day), you will have the chance to win an exclusive item in the lottery as well!

(And just in case you are wondering who Sirius is, she’s just a pet who lives in the village who loves to act as one of my sources! She also loves telling jokes to her friends, fishing, and eating donuts, plus she is quite excited by snow!)

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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95 Responses to “Rug up for the white out!”

  1. Joe Says:


  2. j-man Says:

    1st yay

  3. unknown fan Says:

    2nd yay !!

  4. jewie Says:


  5. Jolie Says:

    Not first

  6. bhong Says:

    cant wait to have that items yeey

  7. Megkiddo Says:

    4th! YAY!!!

  8. j-man Says:

    they are snowman and christmas tree and they are so cool

  9. isabelle Says:

    i got the item! the snowman!

  10. bea Says:

    got the tree… love it

  11. cookie Says:

    my aquilegia flower change into a snowflake flower ;0

  12. nikka Says:

    Mine too! my aquilegia flower changed into a snowflake flower!:D

  13. venetia Says:

    thank you

  14. tareq ali Says:

    i think its snowman plushie

  15. Jolie Says:

    Sonya, there’s a glitch, my pet can’t wear accessories/ glove on the right hand..

  16. delia Says:

    can someone help me ?? i tried to accept my sticker gift about 2 hour ago. but when i clicked the ‘accept gift’ button, it told me that pet society in under maintainance. when i got back to my requests, my sticker gifts that i already clicked before doesn’t appear again. where is it going ?? is it count as i ignore it or something ?

  17. kevinghetto Says:

    I can’t understand how about ‘day 5’ of daily lottery..

    • Sonya Says:

      The maxmum prize on the lottery on day 1 is 1000 coins, over the next few days, this will increase (some other prizes also change), until at day 5 it reaches 2000 coins as the maximum prize available!

      But also on day 5 (and thereafter), a item will appear on the wheel, so that you have the chance of winning that as well as some coins if you spin that up when playing the daily lottery!

    • Andrew Oliver Says:

      I can’t access petsociety since they changed the lottery. It took me 2 hours to get in. Is there a way to make it faster?!

  18. Anastasia:) Says:

    I spend over 50000 coins to find the snowman,and I still can’t find it!!!!!

    • miyaku Says:

      anyway u should save more coins!

    • Kurisuta Says:

      could you please shut up?!

      • miyaku Says:

        no u shut up

      • Fluffy Says:

        hey miyaku, I don’t mean too be rude or doubting you, but are you a hacker? B’cuz I’ve saw you said “and i didn’t hack her i don’t even know who she is! ***** Dummy! >:(” is it true? cause i don’t really believe it, so i just ask for confirmation.( I’m just worried, that’s all, not suspicious/ doubting you ) or do you share this name?

        please don’t get angry or upset

      • miyaku Says:

        u just said that bcoz u r!
        if i found out your password i’ll hack u!
        i am not a hacker and i hack my friends only if they do sumtin bad to me

  19. victor Says:

    i find the snow man…its no a plushie its a decor :S but its pretty =D

  20. Ally Says:

    ooh lovely!

  21. yamii Says:

    I got the mini snowman and christmas tree! I thought they were big! hahah.. good luck! 🙂

  22. ecko00920 Says:

    aww!!!! i just spinned the lottery wheel but i only got 75 o.O….XDhaahahaha

  23. godtubby Says:


  24. Cassie Says:

    I think the middle one is a snowman plushie… maybee not but if it is i want it

  25. Allen Says:

    The wheel looks so cool! 😀

  26. miyaku Says:

    I got 1000 coins 🙂 but then I got 80 coins. WOW! I get to spin the wheel 2 times a day! COOL!
    Anyway why don’t you show us a picture of SIRIUS?

  27. copogirl15 Says:

    i will spent daily lottery day 5 to buy advent calendar!
    ( cause my pet is been hacked 1 week ago 😥 )

  28. RN Says:

    This might be a dumb question, but how does the wheel stop? I spun it and it just keeps spinning and I can’t figure it out 😦

  29. audrey Says:

    i have all the mb set la!

  30. (CLaiRe ) Martina Says:

    Huuhh… Not soo lucky in herrree… *SHIVER*

  31. miyaku Says:

    I bet Sirius lives in a great big mansion because she is the most famous and richest pet in Pet Society!

  32. georgie Says:

    yipee! ^_^

  33. Pet Society Help Says:

    What does everyone think of the snow? It’s a winter wonderland!!! 🙂

  34. Lanien Elsid Says:

    hi Sonya! 🙂 I am just wondering… with new Items on the Mystery Boxes, will the Nutcracker Teddy be replaced? is it on a Limited Time only? coz I dunno whether to stop collecting the Alice in Wonderland [This Week Special] themed items before Dec 7 comes. ~_~

    Hoping for your prompt reply 🙂

    It is also being discussed in this forum –

  35. Charlene Says:

    I got those three items !!! Yapee !!!

  36. bhem Says:

    Sonya, it is been 3 days that i didnt receive the gift for the advent calendar. i dont know what is wrong. i open my pet 3 times a day, to check for the gift, but it didnt show up…..what should i do???? i received 3 gifts for 3 days before, but it didnt anymore……

    • Sonya Says:

      Is your calendar displayed in a room, are you visiting the room it is displayed in?

      Is your computer time and date and timezone set correctly and all matching?

  37. Andrew Oliver Says:

    The new stuff is so cool!

  38. Andrew Oliver Says:

    sonya! are you playing petsociety in facebook or in myspace?

  39. Andrew Says:

    please include items related to guinea pigs like guinea pig stuffed animals, clothes, toys, accessories, and other items.

  40. Kurisuta Says:

    Sonya, what is your Facebook ID? I want to add you

  41. laura Says:

    WHAT SHLD I DO?? my lottery wheel spun for like 8 min without stopping so i refreshed and i got nothing…): what’s going on?

  42. tareq ali Says:

    im getting very mad sonya

    why they baned me saying that please explain what they mean i dont understand

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Multiple forum accounts: tareq ali, losinda, tareq mcgroger, tareq . ali

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

  43. tareq ali Says:

    sonya could you answer me i love playfish and i got much much vm but they always bann me why PLAYFISH ISNT FAIR AND ISNT SO GOOD TO PEOPLE ? ARENT THEY ??

    😦 :@

  44. P Says:

    got the 2 GMB christmas items.
    a snowman and christmas tree decor.

  45. Manchii Says:

    Sonya, why my aquilegia flower changed in a snowflake flower and the it chaged again in a normal auilegia flower???
    Please, answer me.

  46. prisoner Says:

    Sonya, hope you answer:

    Are this items going to be removed when Xmas ends?

  47. Fluffy Says:

    Love the new lottery 🙂 Every time I almost got a 1000 coins, but instead i got 50 COINS pretty upset with that 😦

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