Wander in Wonder!


Hey Pet Society fans! Go tumbling down the rabbit hole this week and experience Pet Society Wonderland style with a whole world of fantasy awaiting you in the village stores! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to experience the illusion! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 7th of December, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future. Plus, any items labelled Holiday Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 28th of December, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Ensure you look the part when meeting with the creatures of Wonderland, as if not you may not be recognised, and well just might end up having to run from cries of “Off with their heads!” Luckily, Lily has been studying (well getting absorbed in fantasy could be considered studying) the fashions of Wonderland, and is ready to dress your pet as Alice herself, the Queen of Hearts, or even the Mad Hatter, in the Clothes Store!

Alice Hairband Alice Dress
Queen of Hearts Crown (TWS) Queen of Hearts Garment (TWS) Queen of Hearts Shoes (TWS)
Mad Hatter Hat (TWS) Mad Hatter Jacket (TWS)
Mad Hatter Pants (TWS) Mad Hatter Shoes (TWS)

Of course, you can’t wander Wonderland alone, so Preston has the Wonderland Rabbit and Cheshire Cat Plushie who would love to point you in some strange directions, which may or may not be slightly troublesome! It does seem though that Preston wants to be on the good side of the Queen of Hearts though (well wouldn’t we all if trapped in Wonderland), with an amazing collection of Red Heart furniture now available in the Furniture Store.

Wonderland Rabbit (TWS) Red Heart Drawers Cheshire Cat Plushie (TWS)
Red Heart Bookcase Red Heart Wardrobe
Red Heart TV Shelf Red Heart Bed
Wonderland Shelf (TWS)

Whether you happen to be dressed as the Mad Hatter, or as Alice, Wonderland wouldn’t really be Wonderland without a magnificent tea party! So lay out your tea and sweets with the Tea Party Table and Chair in the Luxury Store (you may wish to forget the riddles if you don’t wish to perplex your visitors).

Tea Party Table (TWS) Tea Party Chair (TWS)

No tea party would quite be complete without some delicious treats, no need to stress as Truffles is well prepared with yummy Sponge Cake and Scones in the Food Store!

Victoria Sponge Cake Scone

Mrs. Appleblossom continues the fantasy in the Garden Store, with the Wonderland Lake and Sign. Plus the Wonderland Rose Decor is sure to keep the Queen of Hearts happy, with stunning red roses, which the playing cards assure aren’t painted (while hiding their paint brushes, hmm…).

Wonderland Lake Wonderland Sign
Wonderland Rose Decor (TWS) Wonderland Flower Decor (TWS)

To complete the mystical atmosphere of Wonderland in your pet’s home, you must visit Grumble for the Wonderland Wallpaper and Floor in the D.I.Y. Depot.

Wonderland Wallpaper
Wonderland Floor
Purple Wooden Wall

The Holiday Season has started early in Pet Society, with the first festive items sneaking into stores (almost like Santa)! Pick your choice of Holiday Countdown Calendar sfrom the Furniture Store to get a small gift each day from December 1 through to December 24! Please note that you need to sign in each day to collect your gift, and if you don’t collect one day you will lose that gift; also note that you will only receive once gift each day, no matter how many countdown calendars you own! 😉 And give your home a cosy holiday feel with the Luxury Winter Wreath, White Winter Chair and Holly Pillow!

Holiday Tree Countdown Calendar (HS) Gingerbread House Countdown Calendar (HS)
Luxury Winter Wreath (HS) White Winter Chair (HS) Holly Pillow (HS)

If you’d like to grow your own Pine Tree this Holiday season, perhaps visit Mrs. Appleblossom in the Garden Store, as you now have a chance of growing a Pine Tree when planting a Tree Seed! (Please note that this is a normal tree, and hence cannot be moved out of your garden and placed elsewhere in your home.)

Pine Tree (from Tree Seed) Homegrown Pine Cone (from Pine Tree)

Terrence is feeling jolly, and is now selling the Holiday Fish Biscuit in the Cash Shop! Allegedly, if you go fishing with Holiday Fish Biscuits you will be able to catch up to 16 different highly festive fish in the Pond!

Holiday Fish Biscuit (HS) Colourful Baublefish (HS)
Giftwrappedfish (HS) Santa Hatfish (HS)

Finally, if you are still humming Tchaikovsky compositions and dancing ballet around the village, Lily has read your mind (or heard your humming) and hence introduces the delightful Swan Princess outfit to the Clothes Store!

Swan Princess Tiara Swan Princess Dress Swan Princess Shoes

Please note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from One enormous Pets’ party! in stores this week!

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148 Responses to “Wander in Wonder!”

  1. chofi Says:

    Dear sonya:
    I have a question…
    Yesterday night when Pet society was “restocked”
    I buyed the TWS dress and shoes in the clothes shop
    but when I made bonnie wear them the clothes didnt move…I mean not with the pet…I guess that is a glitch on the page but will that be solved soon?

  2. Shaun Merchant Says:

    Hi Sonya!

    Yh, I have spotted a glitch as well!
    When I was cleaning my pet, the soap dropped to the floor and the hand icon was still clenched and it would clean by pet, but without the soap… I have screen pictures of what happened…

  3. shandy Says:

    hey pet society….just wanted to ask if you will have the ites in store like you had last year for e.g santa clothes,snowfloor,snow flake wall paper ,christmas chair and that if there will ever be a proper christmas tre that we can decorate…..plzplz plz do reply as i will wait to hear from you….luv shandy

  4. shandy Says:

    ihi pet society ;
    i have only one request plz plz plz consider it ….i want you to put up chandelair (crystal)…in your shops so that players like me who joined later can purchase it and can make their house look lovely….thanx…..shany

  5. rania Says:

    did you receive the first christmas gift because my freind got it it’s a gnger biscuit man and she put it as a decoration on her tree !!! or it’s not yet 1 decembre
    this is an image it’s on the pink tree

  6. rania Says:

    i thought it’s for 1 decembre we will receive the first gift not today my friend already have the gangerber ecoration man on her tree!!!!

  7. rania Says:

    i thought it’s for 1 decembre we will receive the first gift not today my friend already have the gangerber ecoration man on her tree!!!!

  8. Kelly Says:

    I just bought the Queen of Hearts outfit and the shoes/socks don’t line up with my pets feet at ALL. It looks pretty ridiculous. Is that going to be fixed? :/ Other than that, everything is very cute!! Great stuff this week.

  9. Kelly Says:

    Also just noticed the sleeves on the Queen of Hearts dress don’t line up with my pets arms either. It’s kind of a lot of coins to spend if it doesn’t even look right. 😦

  10. agus Says:

    dear sonya,
    today at 9′ I signed on pet society and i didn’t reieved the gift, What happened?

    • Trellina Says:

      they will be available from 1 DEC on ur midnight! not GMT midnight..so if u r from US and it’s 30 Nov u won’t get any gift till midnight 🙂

  11. Corsky Says:

    how do i collect my gift? I have already signed in for dec 1 but no gift appeared…

  12. Yggdrasil Says:

    Sonya, I have a question: You stated that you may only recieve one gift from the Advent Calendar a day, even if you have multiples of them but will you get two different gifts if you own both types of calendars as there are two types of them?

    • agus Says:

      Sonya said:
      “You will only receive one gift per day, no matter how many calendars you own. This includes both tree and gingerbread calendars. Even if you have 3 tree calendars and 2 gingerbread calendars, you will still only receive one gift each day.”

  13. peach Says:

    hi sonya! i got a gingerbread man ornament as my 1st christmas gift. i’m surprised that it’s so tiny.. how can i use that gift btw? it cannot be placed on anything. it only stays on the floor. kindly reply pls. thank you & happy holidays!

  14. Trellina Says:

    Just to be sure..after xmas will calendars disappear?As I’d like to have it as decor..as it’s sooo cutie..in case will have its numbers or it will be without them??thanks

  15. AndyGirl Says:

    Hi Sonya!
    I have a question, I´ve just check on Carly Cat and we have not get our Christmas Gift yet. I already have the gingerbread calendar (since yesterday). When are we going to get it? By the way I´ve refresh the game and nothing happened.
    AndyGirl and Carly Cat

  16. Yggdrasil Says:

    Thanks Sonya

  17. hi Says:

    It is already 1st dec in both my local time and GTM time,but i still dont have the christmas preasent though i bought the calander.I refreshed the game and also searched over the house but still dont get the preasent.Y?

  18. Alien Says:

    I got the gift from xmas calender. It’s a gingerbread man ornament… It’s a decoration for xmas tree… So a xmas trees to be released soon? I’m looking forward to it.

  19. miyaku Says:

    who’s xmas calendar?

  20. hi Says:

    haizz..still didnt received the gift…so disappointedT_T

  21. tareq ali Says:

    sonya will we get two gifts in one day if we buy the tree and the house ?

    • Sonya Says:

      No, it’s only one gift per day no matter how many calendars you own, whether it’s a tree or a gingerbread calendar doesn’t matter. 😉

      Also, the team informed me you haven’t responded to their last e-mail, might be good if you do that!

  22. Nessa Says:

    yippie!!!!I have got the christmas gift..:) yeah!!

  23. bj Says:

    i ❤ it!!

  24. Sara Says:

    Ok, i got my second gft! adorable! But where can i hang them??

  25. adam panda Says:

    wow! looks awesome! can’t wait! 🙂

  26. JJ Says:

    Uggh. I bought the Christmas tree advent calendar and I got the first gift (for Dec. 1) but I didn’t get a gift for Dec. 2! Anyone else having this same problem? The game “resets” at midnight in the U.K. so it is Dec. 2 over there and I just played and received no new gift for Dec. 2. I hope they figure out the glitch because that’s disappointing with a calendar that costs so much! 😦

  27. Thania Hinata Says:

    very wonderful collection! and thanks for leaves wallpaper & floor last week!
    i have an idea. how about a fairytale week? the girl got cinderella clothes & the boy for prince charming clothes. and the stuff like cinderella pumpkin carriage or palace at night wallpaper

  28. peach Says:

    hi sonya! i have a question. extra room is currently on sale. i would like to purchase one as a gift for my sister. the playfish cash is under my account. is there a way for me to buy an extra room as a gift? kindly reply. thank you!

    • Sonya Says:

      There is no way to purchase the extra rooms as gifts, sorry. Your sister will need to have her own Playfish Cash to buy the rooms. 😉

  29. Kelly Says:

    My questions didn’t get answered about the Queen of Hearts outfit. Will the socks/shoes be fixed to line up with the pets feet? Will the sleeves on the dress be fixed to line up with the pets arms?

  30. samxo Says:

    i notice that the gifts i got from the calender is a decoration for the Christmas tree 😦
    can you add the Christmas trees, please???

  31. Kurisuta Says:

    yeah, can you please add the last year’s items?? especially the clothing….

  32. sofia Says:


  33. Ana Says:

    Sorry, but what should I do with a little gift? Can`t eat it, or put it on shelf, or…What should I do with it?

  34. bhem Says:

    Sonya, what is the time limit to get the free ornament, i mean from what time to what time??? I opened my pet every morning, but there was 1 day that i didnt even get the ornament??? What’s wrong???? thanks.

    • Pet Society Help Says:

      You should receive a gift everyday you log in from Dec. 1st – Dec 24th, new gifts get handed out @ midnite your local time. If you don’t login for 1 particular day you won’t receive the gift for that day.

  35. Dalgi Says:

    Awww, could you pleeeeeease make a tree for inside too?

  36. irenka Says:

    sonya i have question about the competition… i didn’t quite understanded what are we supposed to post on playfish wall. is it a picture from our home and the same made in pet society? or just a beautiful room that we made in pet society?

  37. Bits Says:

    Sonya! No mystery box for today?

  38. Kurisuta Says:

    can you make Mbah Surip Edition??!

  39. Imahiru Says:

    How can i get the tree? because my ornament are useless

  40. Catu Says:

    can you make hannukah stuff? i want latkes and a menorah!

  41. Gabbies owner Says:

    my queen of heat-rts garmet doesnt fit rite! 😦

  42. rachael Says:

    hi sonya,

    now that christmas is over, i want to get rid of the ornaments from the advent calendar. the problem is, you cannot recycle them OR sell them! how do i get rid of them to make room for more items?

  43. DCat Says:

    How do you get rid of the advent calendar tree ornaments… you can’t sell them or recycle them. Are we stuck with 25 items in our chest forever?

  44. sacha Says:

    how do i get rid of those calender gifts?

  45. Lorra Says:

    Noooooo! I wasn’t playing yet when the Wonderland set was TWS. Now my Wonderland theme is incomplete. It looks weird LOL.

  46. Josephine Says:

    is anyone willing to sell me the Tea Party Table?
    It’s not in the shop anymore…
    I’m willing to pay more than the original price…
    or maybe trade with something more expensivee..
    I just really want that tablleee

  47. white rose Says:

    I love the alice dress!!! it looks fit for my pet, alice…

  48. Культура Says:

    Свет в конце тоннеля
    . Буду заходить чаще.

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