Exposed! Hideeni squirreled away Squirrels!


Hey Pet Society fans!

Sirius was out and about looking for “?” today when she ran into Hideeni (yes, literally, Sirius wasn’t looking where she was going, or Hideeni was hiding too well, one or the other). Anyway, after they both picked themselves back up, Hideeni again offered Sirius a chance to send a free gift to all of her friends. Very excitedly, she accepted, knowing that her friends would most certainly want a Cute Squirrel Plushie!

Once the Cute Squirrel Plushie was sent, Hideeni disappeared into thin air, not even staying long enough for Sirius to thank him, so Sirius continued looking for “?”.

She eventually spotted him outside Pudding’s house (Pudding is a pet who lives in the village), what he was doing there, no one knows, but Sirius was slightly suspicious. She noticed “?” was carrying some images, so quickly rushed over to talk to him (she’d have to visit Pudding later). “?” wasn’t very willing to show her the images considering the cake incident last week, but Sirius talked him around by sharing information about Hideeni’s new Cute Squirrel Plushie, and in the end, he just gave her the images!

So here are the latest mysterious items, which are now hidden away in mystery boxes! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can find them and Hideeni!

Sweetheart Teacup Pet Skincare Set Decor Sweetheart Teapot

After all the excitement of the Cute Squirrel Plushie, and actually obtaining the images of the new mysterious items, Sirius decided to do something a little more laid back once home, so she flicked through her sticker album. When she opened her album though, she found places for three new sticker collections! Thus, she decided to send some stickers to her friends right away in the hopes that they may get a new Fish, Gadgets or Artwork sticker!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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62 Responses to “Exposed! Hideeni squirreled away Squirrels!”

  1. pet_society_lover Says:

    i just bought 1 holiday tree ornament mystery egg and guess what i found? i found a red teardrop bauble which was not mentioned above! so maybe you could add this to your collection. (:

  2. Edulliset Lennot Says:

    juu se on aina tää kesä ku jokapaikkaan haluais mennä, mutta pankkitili ei anna katetta. ;D

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