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I spend a lot of time in the Pet Society´s Gallery and Fan Art forums, it is amazing to see that we have so many talented players both when it comes to decorating their pets house in ways I certainly never thought was possible and in drawing their own pet or other pets.

I just thought I´d share some of these works with those of you who are not participating in our forums, as there are so many different and interesting things to see!

Let me start with Hop Hop Hoppity’s Art Gallery ★ – you can take a look at the whole thread by just clicking  on the link.  A lot of different art in this thread, I cannot include every piece, but I´ll reference a few of my favourites below.

While fan art is very popular, we also have the  Gallery forum, where our players posts screenshots of their Pet Society rooms. I´ll reference some of the rooms that caught my eye while looking through the posts today.

Clara’s Dream House!! – in this thread what caught my eye was the fantastic bathroom. Now who would not want to have a view of Big Ben from their jacuzzi?

In ROMEO’S DREAM MANSiON. – there is some scary stuff to be seen!

If the backyard wasn´t scary enough by day:

then what about at  night?? Very scary stuff!

In BUBBLE’s HAVEN, what caught my eye was the fantastic garden!

And every house needs and entrance, and what an entrance Bubble has into her house, I´d definetely come to visit!

I could not help to notice the thread My little gift for Oinky and Rhino – the image turned out a bit squashed below, but you can click on the link to view it in all it´s glory!

It is so fun to see that we are engaging so many talented and interesting people!

I can unfortunately not include everyone in a short blog-write-up, so don´t be sad if you are part of the fan art community in our forum, but I´ve not mentioned you in this blog post. – maybe I´ll mention you next time. 🙂

Thanks again to all of you who post screenshots, stories and fan art, we at Playfish really enjoy looking at all the fabulous threads and posts you all make!

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37 Responses to “Community: Fan Art & Decorations”

  1. dundica Says:

    first 😀

  2. roxie Says:

    Whoaaaa. perfect houses

  3. Pet Society Help Says:

    Very beautiful art work done by our fellow Pet Society players!!! Pet Society FTW!!!

  4. kevin Says:

    cool stuff

  5. Stella Says:

    wow cool pictures,some people are talented!

  6. Yee Yee Says:

    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Biboy Or Martin Says:


  8. Cyril Cybernated Says:


    BUBBLE’s Garden & Entrance is featured. wee! So Happy!
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. Greggi Says:


    thanks for featuring my artwork. XD

  10. sephiroth Says:

    OMG so very very classic!

  11. sephiroth Says:

    love your bathroom

  12. Seaurchin Says:

    Congratulations to our dear Greggi for being featured in the official Pet Society blogsite… You are really a talented guy…

    Your “THE GIVING TREE” family is so proud of you!!!

    Guys, meet more of our talented friends at The Giving Tree under the PetSoc > Contests, Games and Giveaways > Facebook Thread…

    We don’t just give stuffs and host games, but we also gain friends in the process and spread the generosity around…


  13. bah-meow Says:

    i love the gardens 🙂

  14. aysenur Says:

    nasıl oynanıyıo yaaa

  15. grünzke Says:

    hey silje! you’re right, relly fantastic pictures 🙂
    i got an idea for a new competition, cause i think it must be really difficult to create so much new items everyweek! so why don’t you let the fans create this items one time? everyone could take part in this competition with an image of the thing he’s missing in pet society, like a special dress or smth like that! and the best items could be put into the stores…please tell me what you think about this! i’d really like to take part in a competition like that 🙂 thank you!

  16. grüni Says:

    wow the drawing and rooms are all fab!

  17. jesus Says:

    want the batteries do not put cash in the shop because I have no money to pay a

  18. skender Says:

    haw can i enter in one of those competions ?

  19. TakiTaki Says:

    Nice room decorations and drawings !

  20. Jessi Says:

    Hey, Why does Hideeni have a new turkey costume and no new prize? On the message he says ‘PRIZES’, plural like there will be more than just the puppy plushie forever…???

  21. indz Says:

    its great 😀 love it!

  22. hophophop Says:

    Thanks Silje for featuring my gallery 🙂 I was so surprised to see it here! 😀

  23. KIKI Says:

    OMG ! Congratzzz ! Greggi ! Awwwww I Can’t Believe it ! U r A My Fav.Artist Now ^^ And Congratz Master ^^

  24. Pet Society Ultimate Fans (PSUF) Says:

    WOW!!! Thats A Really Great Art!!! Sweet!!! Thums Up!!! Rock On!!!
    Pet Society FTW For Ever!!! x3

  25. blacksheep Says:

    sorry but what happened whit the playfish cash?? because i bougth 6 and anybody happened

  26. Rita Luka Says:

    That is really really cool that they have a blog like this!
    if you want to see my items, please come and look.

    ?body= Society Commission Works

  27. Miryam Says:

    I really enjoy building new scenarios and places every week.
    This is my Little Pe-London place:

  28. Fudgeitall Says:

    WOAH! Congratulations hophophop! 😀

    And thank you, Silje for liking one of the requests I did of Hoppity! X3

  29. caru voides Says:

    hello as you do that drawings are super pass me the program please?

  30. chaled Says:

    nmo ther is not a n with sonya sashe didnt make a cooment

  31. Tyna Says:


  32. koko Says:

    can you send my ThingsFish

  33. koko Says:

    Can you send me things, Pal add play fish cash

  34. Hani-Bee Says:

    Greggi artwork xoxoxo congrats greggi 😉

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