Un-cake the mystery!


Premiere night! Glamorous pets filled the red carpet, all the best known pets were there dressed amazingly, including the Mayor, Lily, Felicity, Grumble and of course “?”!

Sirius was also there, in her Starlet White Dress, posing for photos, chatting with everyone, but really despite all the glitz, she was there to try and talk to “?”. As it was seemingly around about time for the new mysterious items, and Sirius had been watching all day and “?” hadn’t returned to his store with the images, she knew he must have them with him tonight!

Anyway, after the star treatment on the red carpet, all the pets settled in to watch the premiere, excited as ever! It was a fantastic film, who would have guessed that we had such wonderful actors right here in the village? And at the end, “?” was revealed! Oh wait, no, that’s a different film! No one still had any idea who “?” was!

In Hollywood style though, the action didn’t stop with the film, but all the pets joined together afterwards for the best premiere party ever held in the village! This is where Sirius finally got a chance to see “?”.

While “?” was snacking on a meatball or two, Sirius took the chance to try and chat to him. He said he wouldn’t say anything about the new mysterious items at the party, as who knew who could be listening. Sirius responded that she knew he must have the images with him, as he hadn’t been back to the store before the red carpet, so she begged him for a peak! “?” did have the images with him, hidden away in his Premiere Suit Jacket pocket, so he pulled them out for Sirius to have a quick look.

Sirius, being… well… herself, plucked the images from his paws, and quickly made towards the door! Unfortunately, she ran straight into the cake trolley that was being wheeled out from the kitchen, and the Premiere Party Cake went everywhere!

Sirius’ Starlet White Dress wasn’t so white anymore, and the images were covered in cake and cream! Undeterred and leaving a huge mess behind her, Sirius hurried home. Once home, she washed as much cake and cream off of the images as she could manage, but they were still pretty damaged. Can you work out what they are?

BMB12112009 GMB12112009a GMB12112009b
(Blue Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box) (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the pictures that haven’t been splattered in cake and cream!

Modern Vase Decor Chilli Floating Candle Dolphin Clock

These items are now able to be found in mystery boxes, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can discover them and un-cake the mystery!


Now the images have been washed, but what about poor Sirius in her Starlet (non)White Dress? It’s all good, Nannybot to the rescue!


Nannybot is here to help take care of your pet (if you want)! Have you ever gone away for a few days and came back to find your pet hungry, unhappy and with flies? Well Nannybot is the answer! When Nannybot is powered she will keep your pet fed, happy and sparkling clean while you are offline! She can also help while you are online as well, simply click her and she will help keep your pet in top shape (with some cool animations)! 😉

You can purchase your very own Nannybot from either the Furniture or Gadget Store. She will need power to work though, but you can also purchase Batteries for her from the Furniture and Gadget Stores; Medium Batteries will last for 3 days once activated! Plus to get you started, the Mayor has gifted every pet with a Battery!

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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98 Responses to “Un-cake the mystery!”

  1. gladysmal guillen Says:

    soy gladys mal

  2. gladysmal guillen Says:

    lo mas fino

  3. steph1488 Says:

    btw, WHERE IS THE FREE BATTERY? It’s not in my items or clothes..what step am I missing?

  4. Fashli Says:

    who is Sirius?

  5. Charlotte Chang Qi Says:

    i haven’t play Pet Society for weeks coz can’t connect. i wonder if there’s a way to play.

  6. copogirl Says:

    Nannybot is cool!!!
    i got Dolphin Clock in GMB!!!

  7. Mae Says:

    To the people who are mad about Playfish Cash. Playfish is a company that hires and pays people. In order to do that and keep the site running requires money. they need to eat and pay bills too.

    Let’s just be thankful that many great items doesn’t require real money. 😀

    I think Nannybot makes a cute furniture for a Baby Themed Room XD

    • Xenia Says:

      You are actually right…but I seriously don’t think anyone will be dumb enough to buy the batteries…so why don’t they make it available for coins like say: 1000 for a normal battery; 5 cc for better battery that can last longer…I think that might still work out for people obsessed with Pet Society and is willing to spend that money on better batteries than keep on buying lousy batteries…

  8. Fashli Says:

    the first golden mystery box is a chilli floating candle . and the second golden mystery box is a dolphin clock! i got both of them already! 🙂 😛

  9. Stacey Says:

    why do we have to use playfish cash to get batterys!!!!!!!its no use buying a nannybot so please make batterys with coin!!1

  10. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    is pet society in maintenance..?

    my game doesnt load..

    just turrns into a black screen when i click the bookmark of pet society..


  11. KERfy (martina) Says:

    #1-sumthing to do with bottles things..

    #2-Chili Floating Candle

    #3-Dolphin clock…

    I want to gent em!

  12. KERfy (martina) Says:

    #1-sumthing to do with bottles things..

    #2-Chili Floating Candle

    #3-Dolphin clock…

    I want to get em!

  13. Jessi Says:

    Hey, Why does Hideeni have a new turkey costume and no new prize? On the message he says ‘PRIZES’, plural like there will be more than just the puppy plushie forever…???

  14. wendy Says:

    How to get more coins??

  15. Darkness Says:

    playfish its unfair my battery ran out and i am not going to buy another one in playfish cash

  16. tako Says:

    I hate playfish cash/ all good things are there 😦

  17. Rainie Says:

    The Nannybot is cool but it will be great if we don’t have to use playfish cash to purchase the batteries.
    I think the ideal price for batteries would be:
    1 normal battery for 500 coins
    1 better battery for 5 playfish cash

    Don’t you think it is kinda like a waste of coins if we could buy the Nannybot for 400 coins and then buy batteries for 5 playfish cash? Might as well sell the Nannybot for 10 playish cash.
    I hope Pet Society will notice these comments from us players and change the price for us. (:

    • miriam Says:

      I agree with you Rainie, I´d like so much that to change the prices for the things… TKY and, sorry for my englhiss..n_n

      • Shelley Says:

        I Agree, too. Of course, it would be better if we can purchase 1 playfish cash for ex: 500 = 3 Playfish Cash. So we can buy the amazing items in the cash shop.

  18. Mikolay Says:

    Yeh…:( special items alwys come to Playfish Cash…but ordinary items just come to coins…but if i have playfish cash i will just buy WWF to support animals:)!!! MORE IMPORTANT!

  19. Rainie Says:

    If Playfish is going to continue selling Playfish Cash to us players, I suggest that they should donate some of the money they earn from selling Playfish cash to charities or old folks homes. Then, we will be able to contribute to charities and old folks homes and at the same time buy Playfish Cash! (:

  20. bellanoire Says:

    Chilifire candle in the GMB!!

  21. bpb Says:

    its cheaper to just feed your pet

  22. Jessi Says:

    What is the deal with the ProRace at the Stadium? I bought the ProRace set hoping to run a ProRace but cannot…still get the same message about buying the set???

  23. Abla Says:

    The last mystery item is Daulphin Clock I GOT IT !! and it’s very cute

  24. Shelley Says:

    Dear, Sonya

    Why does the battery need to be purchased with playfish cash?

  25. Cheii Says:

    i goot that dolphin clock so cool!! 😀 look at this photo:

  26. jeff hardy (my pet name) Says:

    The nanny bot its stupid because u just cant use de battery 3 days and poof nothing. put the battery on furniture or gadget. because idnt have playfish cash and i dnt wanna spend money in that.

  27. jeff hardy (my pet name) Says:

    and his cost ammm….. 1000 battery 7 days and 500 3 days. =))) plz.

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