Announcing the results of the My Playfish Halloween competition!


With Halloween done for another year, there’s just one last issue to clear up.

Who won?

You might well ask. If you take a look at the competition tab on the Playfish fan page you’ll see there’s been thousands and thousands of entries.

So who won?

Well… more people than we first said would win. The quality of entries, and we really should have seen this coming because this is so typical of you guys, the quality of entries was absolutely amazing.

And who won?

We’re just coming to that. OK, so in ascending order, starting from 14th place, without further ado we present to you the winners of our 2009 My Playfish Halloween competition!

The winners below came 14th to 4th place respectively and win 100 Playfish Cash! Congratulations everyone!

Laura IP **
Tsuki Moudo
Alex D’Point Du Lac
Karen Amy Clark
Hamza Oudich
Lusi Maria
Danilo Machuca
Gem Vecino
Rachel Quinney
Steve Benjamin
Chuva Chu Chu Bree

Finally these amazing entries are our top 3!

Iman Chan earned 3rd place for this terrifying toy collection!

Robyn Williams snagged 2nd place for this creepy comic strip!

Finally Ignatius Eldwin earned 1st place for this, er, mortifying movie!

Well done to all the winners and to everyone who took part. Until next time!

**We are sad to announce that the original entry awarded with the 4th place has been disqualified as the use of online photo editing website such as Photofunia infringes our competition’s T&C. However, this means we get the chance to reward one more of you, which, considering all the fab entries we had to dismiss, is really good news!
Congratulations to Laura IP who is now in 14th place!

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187 Responses to “Announcing the results of the My Playfish Halloween competition!”

  1. a huge FAN!! Says:


  2. Coke Says:

    nicee, i like the second place entry.,.. the photo of the pet village at night is cool
    that would be a COOL Feature

  3. grüni Says:

    cant zoom out the comic strip, so can’t read it and can’t see the winners video 😦

    but congratulations to you all! 😀

  4. grüni Says:

    ok nevermind, video works,but comic not

  5. Ho-Chang Lin Says:


  6. Chibi Fox Says:

    hey i can´t understand the comic 😥

  7. AspenKay Person Says:

    I do not understand or like any of the top 3 winners…
    Number 3 looks like claymation and not cartoon like the game is…
    Number 2 looks so small you cant see or read it…
    Number 1 does not work like a movie and hardly has anything in the picture..
    I saw so many more pet sites that were so much more awesome than the winners…
    What on earth were you guys seeing anyway????????

  8. Bob Bear Says:

    And for all of the poor people that couldn’t enter the contest because Playfish and Facebook can’t get it together, I AM SO SORRY.
    To the winners, all of them are really crap. Playfish couldn’t judge a hole digging contest.

  9. duquaine Says:

    hum…i”m still waiting for originality……..

  10. Amy Says:

    Congrats winners!! I’ve been looking forward to seeing who would win!! The Top 3 are amazing!!

  11. jose Says:

    la primero es la peor, no se como la eligieron ¬¬

  12. RuthPaola Says:

    ¬¬ que tramposos el mio estaba mucho mejor que esos

  13. katy Says:

    quiero tener mas dinero

  14. Sirenafairy Says:

    YAy!! Robyn got second place. That’s mah Lovah. haha

  15. Rewynd Says:

    Congrats to the other winners. I’m so excited! Chibi Fox, and others, to see the full comic, you can click here :

  16. Sirenafairy Says:

    there IS a link for the 2nd place winner if you actually click to go look at it. And for those of you complaining, youre probably just mad that you didnt win…. pull something better out of your asses and then come say something. I havent even looked at all of them yet. But im sure ALL of these people worked really hard.

    • LovelyGirl Says:

      Dennis Wang (4TH place)just load a screenshot to, it´s a photophunia footage … Is that working hard?¿? Don´t say “pull something better out of your asses and then come say something” to artists that made things by themselves and put real effort to their work. I understand that they are mad and they are right to feel that way, it´s totally unfair

      • Sirenafairy Says:

        So most people worked hard. Most people are complaining about all 3 winners. and I knwo that at least 2 of them worked hard on their entries. some of the other winners aren’t so great… and were probably slapped together quickly. So I understand some people’s frustrations. it’s just annoying to hear people raggin on some of the entries where people DID work hard. Most of those people probably ARE jealous and couldnt pull anything better out of their asses. So, I correct my statement. And I agree with you that some people didnt work very hard

    • Winner not the real winner. Says:

      wrong. we dont have to jealous to lose a race but the first prize is really very ugly very cheap no quality to win

    • gem Says:

      true 🙂

      I’d like to see something remotely similar to the top 3 places before anyone else says anything against them 🙂

  17. Lucas Says:

    La mia estaba mejor q la primera ¬¬

  18. Em Says:

    Sheesh, lots of jealous comments. The top 3 are great and definitely deserve the prizes
    For those that can’t see, you have to click the name of the winners to be taken to the content

  19. Franco Says:

    Q fraude Cualquiera pudo haber echo el q quedo de primero y aparte habias mas lindos q esos y quien hubiera dicho q trampa JUM

  20. Bobbie Elfland Says:

    Please make a pet society iPhone app – please!!!

  21. Deangel Says:

    I want to be 1st too! T_T

  22. Margiranya Says:

    I spent a whole week designing some GRAHICS WHICH ACTUALLY WERE IN THE STYLE OF PET SOCIETY , to make a completely made up halloween outfit which i designed myself. Wasn’t hoping for first place, maybe just 3-4th.

    • Margiranya Says:

      Infact, 4-5 maybe, the top entries are good if you click the names of the creator and look at them closely………

  23. Natalie Says:

    Second Place shoulda won! I like how they took a picture in every playfish game! and anyways…what is the first place one? is it a video?

    • Winner not the real winner. Says:

      No matter 3rd prize or 2nd prize, they are better than No1. No1 should not be No1. no quality

  24. abbie Says:

    congrats everyone i wish it would have been me but so happy for every one

  25. Melina Says:

    Congratulations !

  26. benjamin Says:

    what do you think of MY playfish halloween?
    I think i’m not gonna do competitions any more because i spent time and i have nothing. I’m not really jealous of the winners but i don’t really like all of the works… some are great (i like the 3 winners and 1 or 2 of the 14th to 4th) but other are not so good… i think i’m gonna cry…

    • Chantel Says:

      I don’t like yours. And just because of your last comment, you certainly didn’t deserve any honor. It was mainly for fun. If your mad because you didn’t like to do the contest, you didn’t have to do it. It’s kind of pathetic that that would stop you from doing any contests. You cry because you’re a sore loser. Really. It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun making things and looking at everything else everyone made. Don’t be a baby because they didn’t like yours.

      • benjamin Says:

        i don’ t want any honor from you… you didn’t understand my comment i think ! i was just sad not to win and i put a link so people can look at my work even if i didn’t won… i had fun to do this but playfish cash is so expensive that i’m quite unhappy… and please i’m not a baby and a sore loser you don’t even know me …

    • kevin Says:

      so true but urs was pretty good! ❤
      i spent 4 hours on mine and i didnt win but i dont care! all of the winners were really good

  27. Luana Says:

    Are you kidding?
    I really don’t like these works…they’re nice but…there was so much better!!! -_-
    I’m very disappointed

  28. g Says:

    dejense de joder! el mio ta re bueno

  29. ........ Says:

    Playfish is blind, how can they have won?

  30. Jackie Says:

    The video that was the winning entry is awesome! Very creative! Great job!

  31. nicole Says:

    I cant belive i didnt win i was scream with a black hat!!!!!!!
    …………………i shouldof won & i dont have any money to even get a little i dont have a dime i only a penny. :[

  32. Antonella Says:

    I didn’t win??? buuuu… 😥

  33. Ashley Says:

    It really would be nice if we could see the movie. Is it posted anywhere that is viewable?? Plus, I can’t read the comic! When I zoomed in it was too blurry…I would love to read it!!

  34. Virginia Says:

    You absolutely lack taste. No wonder if you dont give artists prizes that you only get over 9000 fucking screenshots and crap. Almost all the winners works could be made in 5 minutes. You should feel ashamed. I’m not upset I didnt win but I’ve seen at least 10 BETTER entries than what you have voted for. This is really upsetting. Youve definately lost one person that cares about Playfish. Its just sad. Really chosing winners that barely put any work into their entries. Shame on them and shame on you!

    • Rewynd Says:

      5 Minutes? If I could have put together that comic in 5 minutes, I could have saved myself a weeks worth of work. I’d also like to see you recreate any of the top 3 pieces in 5 minutes.

  35. a pissed dude Says:

    omg i dont get why the 14th place got 14th place? thats just all the playfish caracters stuffed in one garden. originality anyone?
    that probably took 10 mins to put together. wow how much effort that must have took,seriouly.
    if you look at mine, youll have to think again:

    p.s. i am not trying to be crowned the 1st place winner.
    i would be fine with even 14th place.
    i think also that they should have put some categories like.
    video winners and picture winners
    and that next time they should not give prizes to the people that already have playfish cash because thats really greedy of them,i mean they enter a contest to get playfish cash that they already have.
    well they should be happy that they already have some playfish cash and stop being so greedy
    (seriously, in almost all the videos they had at least 1 playfish cash item)

  36. a pissed dude Says:

    omg are you serious!
    the guy that got 10th place or something
    his video, how is that good???
    the quality was terible

  37. a pissed dude Says:

    Wow 4th place was a photo from
    what a cheater and he didn’t even ask them if he could use it for a contest that gave out prizes.
    violating terms and conditions:
    11. By submitting a Qualifying Entry, you are confirming that any photographs and/or videos were taken/made by you and that you have the express consent of all individuals featured in them for the photographs and/or videos to be entered into the Competition and in doing so, for them to be posted on the Fan Page and made publicly available. By submitting a Qualifying Entry which features any individual under the age of 18, you are also confirming that you have the express consent of their parent or legal guardian. Please do not submit any photographs and/or videos unless you are sure that you have this consent. Please note that should a complaint arise or consent be withdrawn at any time Playfish reserves the right to disqualify the corresponding entry and remove it from the Fan Page.

    12. By submitting photographs and/or videos taken on private property, or of any subject matter in which a third party owns rights, you are confirming that you have the permission of the property or rights owner as appropriate to take the photographs and/or videos, and for the photographs and/or videos to be entered into the Competition, posted on the Fan Page and made publicly available. Please do not submit any photographs and/or videos if you are unsure of whether third party rights subsist or unless you are sure that you have the requisite permissions. Please note that should a complaint arise that any third party rights have been infringed Playfish reserves the right to disqualify the corresponding entry and remove it from the Fan Page.

    i think thats very poor jugement from playfish

  38. Mamimi Says:


  39. brunella Says:

    they are a lot disappointed from the choices of the works rewarded for l’ halloween competition, to my warning they deserved to gain others, the majority of these works are simple screenshot, than hard work they have made for realizzari? only ” ctr+stamp” mah…

  40. brunella Says:

    i am a lot disappointed from the choices of the works rewarded for l’ halloween competition, to my warning they deserved to gain others, the majority of these works are simple screenshot, than hard work they have made for realizzari? only ” ctr+stamp” mah…

    • Rewynd Says:

      99% of the entries were nothing but screenshots. And Playfish decided to pick winners that put effort into their entries, and everyone has nothing better to do than complain about it…? It actually takes effort to recreate most of the stuff in the game to create what #2 (me) and what #1 did. You think I own half the stuff I have in that comic? Some of the items and stuff doesn’t even exist.

  41. anonimp Says:

    Chee es rre feo los tres ultimos ganadores ocea los primeros tres XDD
    Lo peor que pude aver visto en mi vida fue el ganador numero 1 ai mucha gente qe se tomo el tiempo haciendo los videeos para q venga una y se saqqqe camnando ..deve ser qe es rre famosaa pèro rre feo el ganador 1..
    Pero es asi

  42. joe l Says:

    congrats to all winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Storm Says:

    Could I watch the movie?

  44. alison Says:

    look my photos u dont look it or what i do it better and i draw it and they only take a photo i do like 5 pictures draw and i dont won and i do 1 picture in 2 days look it plz is the:
    corpse bride
    angelic girl
    diabolic girl
    nurse girl
    dancer girl

    and thats it send me a note if u look the pictures if u dont look it send me a note ok?

  45. LuM Says:

    Heeeeeehhh at the ‘Result Halloween Competition’ Poster, i got the biggest part for my picture, I think at least I’m the 3’rd place of the winner… BUT NOOOT!!???, I am a lil sad n disappointed ='( T_T

    But How I get my reward…? ^^

  46. _Rage_ Says:

    C’mon are you PF guys stupid? First place shouldn’t have won! 3rd place should have been second, 2nd should have been 1st! YOU GUYS ARE SO STUPID AREN’T YOU!

    • Playfish got no judgement no fairness. Says:

      _Rage_ why no2 win no1?

      I dont think a pic / comic with so many word can win.

      if u study art lesson, usually if you draw so many words conversely your art mark is lower than u dont make any word but just graphics.

      • Sirenafairy Says:

        She WENT to art school. And just because a COMIC has words doesnt mean it takes away from the art. we actually had to learn to make a story with just images. And honsetly, with the Playfish images, she only added the words to show that the two characters were trying to figure out what to DO for Halloween. Without the words, it’s still a good piece. The only reason it would be hard to tell what’s going on is because she tried to keep it simple and short and jumping from scene to scene would confuse people. you have no idea what you’re talking about…

  47. Katherinne Says:

    The firts is good not the best but the second and third SUCK!!! my is better!!

  48. chuva chu chu bree Says:

    hi how can i claim the prize?

  49. maisara sara Says:


  50. ulysses troy macapinlac Says:

    oh man I lost but its fine


    IS there gonna ba ANOTHER contest for playfish cash?

  51. Sam Wyche Says:

    The top three were all garbage. The overall winner was CRAPOLA. I fwwl sorry for all of the people that couldn’t enter the competition because Playfish and Facebook can’t get the crap together. I saw better designs in my friends houses then on the winners list.

    • Rewynd Says:

      To everyone that complains about not being able to post their work for entry into the competition, I have this to say. I made sure I was done with my entry 3 days before the deadline and I spent 3 days trying to enter. I used 2 different computers, 3 different browsers, and I went to the forums to see what was up with the difficulties. And guess what, I kept trying and didn’t sit back and wait to complain about it.

  52. tanha Says:

    i dont feel that the ist position is right
    it is nothing special at all it is a dumb or nothing else….

  53. Ceejay Says:

    Sana ako nanalo!!!!

  54. Jix Hedgehog Says:

    The wheel was spinning the wrong way… >.>

  55. Asami Says:

    I think third place, who hand-sculpted all of those items with clay is WAY more impressive than second place who just took a bunch of screenshots. I think third place should have won first.

    • Sirenafairy Says:

      I’m sorry…screenshots? I don’t recall seeing half of those scenes in the games…. it takes some skill to composite everything so seemlessly that people like you look at them and think “it’s just screen shots.” guess she did a good job afterall…

  56. Winner not the real winner. Says:

    I think the 3rd and the 2nd place is better than the first! the first one should not win. my opinion but truth, the first prize person got no good reason/evidence or enough ability to win

  57. Winner not the real winner. Says:

    playfish, please consider rejudge the work. the first work is rubbish.

  58. Winner not the real winner. Says:

    Man, who really jealous the winners? winners only got 1000 dollar to play in pet society. I am just pointing that the first prize does not worth the first prize.

  59. novia Says:

    congrat 🙂 for winner 🙂

  60. Whisper.Lolita Says:

    congratulations to all winers~! aww man i wish i could post and entry. Facebook didnt let em post. XD

  61. miyaku Says:

    how can u see the movie?

    • calista Says:

      u just press the name on top ..the name is Ignatius Eldwin ..just press it ..;D actually i tot the 1st place was only a picture but it is a movie haha. Congrats..

  62. Edwy Says:

    OH MAN i did not win because i cant post it on the playfish wall 😦

  63. Josephine Says:

    Congratulations to all 14 winners!!!!

    I would like to share my submitted entry video to all too. At least my husband’s effort of designing and creating the 13 exquisite Halloween plushies and decors are not gone to waste with no people viewing them. haha.

    The happy thing is only i will be the owner of these 13 scarily cute plushies and decors. Playfish does not own them or sell them in the shop. 😛

    Hope you enjoy them and drop a comment at my video so that i can receive Notification. 🙂

  64. OMFG Says:

    next time please choose wisely 🙂 there are some entries that doesn’t deserve to win.. and also.. don’t show the entries on public some grab picture and post it as their own. i can’t believe this entry won

  65. gem Says:

    Thanks Playfish! XD
    and thanks for all who liked my entry!

    I loved the top 3 winners especially the clay art pic!
    2nd place was impressive too since it takes a lot of time and dedication to edit all those pics (I did the same thing, I don’t even own some of the stuff in comic hehe).
    Now think of all the editing 2nd place did and make it move. Great job 1st place!
    You guys really deserve those spots! 😀

  66. Qaisara Says:

    awwwwwww i didnt win =(
    so much 4 my party

  67. gem vecino Says:


    how do we claim our prize? 😀

  68. Anna Shvets Says:

    Very, very SADLY… I don’t know, what the assessment criteria were, but in my opinion, the results are not fair. Generally, I agree, if we are speaking about the great winners – 1,2,3 places –and I sincerely congratulate them. But I also agree with Asami, who said that the third place is more impressive and interesting than second place. And even more, to my mind, many of other winners introduced absolutely usual works, which are not such originally. I think, many of them didn’t work hard creating their pictures or movies. As for me, for example, I’ve been creating my movie during the week. Firstly, I make the mask (papier-mâché) of pumpkin (it took 3 days) and draw my pet, the next step – work with video-operator and shooting the film, and then – editing movie. If you wish, you can see my video here –… I’m really sorry, may be, I’m not objectively, may be it looks like even immodestly, but I frankly suppose that my video is better, than works of some winners >_<

  69. mimi Says:

    aww.. thats so unfair. why ?they should have just said video contest! and not like we can make anything comic or cosplay. seems that they didnt look at comics at all….
    all should have consolation price at least…so not fair

  70. Deavin Says:

    Surprise for the 3 top winners! i did not win 😥 😦

  71. elizabeth Says:

    yo kiero tener mas dinero y monedas azules !! kien me puede ayudar??

  72. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Announcing the results of the My Playfish Halloween competition! With Halloween done for another year, there’s just one last issue to clear up. Who won? You might well ask. If […] […]

  73. Cyan Says:

    Hey, let’s not bag on the winners, here. They put a lot of effort into their work.

    That said, I put a lot of effort into my entry as well, and I was seriously disappointed that Facebook’s errors prevented me from being able to submit it. I really wish Playfish had allowed for that, and extended the deadline or allowed alternate methods of submission.

  74. Booner Says:


  75. Playfish got no judgement no fairness. Says:

    the third place is better than No.1. No.2 and No.1 should rejudge.

    and esp. no1, every1 if play pet society, they can notice that person must have cheated in money or have cloned illegal item in home

    no pets can be such rich. unless it’s cheat mark cheat money.

  76. Playfish got no judgement no fairness. Says:

    to playfish : please consider rejudge the work. the first work is rubbish.

    especially under what reason you choose the first one?


    because go see 3rd … I dont know why that person still can get #1. so ugly work.

  77. Playfish got no judgement no fairness. Says:

    what I wish to speak about this race is…esp about the first prize person…

    the first prize must KNOW/GOT/HAVE some1 who work in a very high position in playfish so win

  78. Chantel Says:

    Sigh. About fun, not winning. . .

  79. chasendee Says:


  80. Moklo Says:

    congratulations to all the winners. Moklo is jealous. hihi

  81. DarkGreiga Says:

    Congratulations to all winners! I hope I could post my entry on the Playfish wall, I’ve read the instruction but I still don’t understand! Can anyone tell me step by step how to post it? I just want to know.

  82. Mahmoud! Says:

    ! Year Of Playing And I Haven’t Won Any Competetion!!!!

  83. Mahmoud! Says:

    anyways congrats for winners Hope u contenue winning every year! 🙂

  84. Bill Says:

    Owh Mann……

  85. luke Says:

    can i pleas have more coin and more play fish cash i cant aforrd eneything so please in beging

  86. jane Says:

    well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Layla Says:

    Congratulations… 1st, 2nd, and 3rd…

  88. adam panda Says:

    the word mortifying is used incorrectly

  89. adam panda Says:

    oh but congrats to the winners! the movie is amazing!

  90. k-zumi Says:

    “Playfish got no judgement no fairness” is a jealous troll who don’t know wtf he is talking about.

    Dude, stfu and do something productive, like, bring me a sandvich.

  91. maplesea fan Says:

    w8tin for christmas 🙂

  92. ArloBayot Says:

    Congrats! For all the winners!

  93. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    me too.. i still wait for the new items for the christmas items in ps..,

    hope i can afford to buy it all..,

  94. jessie Says:

    hohoho my pet society is MAINTENANCE =(

  95. ecko0920♥ Says:

    hate it!!!..i always lost T.T..anway i like the dolls…very cute >.<

  96. ALINA JAFRI Says:


  97. ALINA JAFRI Says:


    MY BFF WON!!

  98. sarah Says:

    what was the maintenance for ?

  99. Winners of the Playfish Halloween contest announced! « Pet Society Star Says:

    […] PDRTJS_settings_432300_post_450 = { "id" : "432300", "unique_id" : "wp-post-450", "title" : "Winners+of+the+Playfish+Halloween+contest+announced%21", "item_id" : "_post_450", "permalink" : "" } You can see them here […]

  100. Vanessa Says:

    Third places entry is ADORABLE! =)

  101. Lyn Nguyen Says:

    the 1st winner is s***

  102. Ludogiorgia Says:

    congratulazioni per i vincitori

  103. Ganda Says:

    All of the entry’s are adorable! Except maybe the first because it looks like crap.

  104. Shreni Says:

    I had sent a very sweet poem on Playfish page and I don’t even know that the Judges read it and I swear it was better than the one who won the first price.

  105. shara Says:

    omg! this is so unfair!!! i really really hate the 1st place entry! mine is waaaaay better! WE HATE UR WORK!!! GRR!!! UGLIEST EVR!!!!!! playfish is blind! IGNATIUS ELDWIN! ur a loser, cheater!!

  106. aramina glimmer Says:

    hey playfish competition??? what the??? i should have join!!

  107. sunny Says:

    coungratulations all winners!
    I think the 3rd should be 1rd
    It’s very cute !

  108. Charlotte Chang Qi Says:

    pity i can’t join. :`(

  109. ............ Says:

    what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I didn’t win???

  110. Alex Says:

    I really wanted to win….
    I worked hard :c

  111. Darys Says:

    Q fraude es esto?
    mi hermana monto un video muchiiiiisimo mejor q eso q gano d 1ero
    y ni lo veo
    los mejores apuesto q los perriaron toditos

  112. Chel Says:

    Did they actually go through all those screenshots or did they just pick random entries in hopes that people would accept them as the best??

  113. katrina Says:

    we all work very hard in the halloween competition….. can u at least gave us playfish cash for the halloween competition in pet society~ we did our best to win(:

  114. andrea Says:

    I stole my naaaahh all ke 1 months ago as I got in and had nothing

  115. chris Says:


  116. tajo taj Says:

    u should have put me the winner … i wasted 100000 coins on the halloween … check my farm… country story … plz help me with just 25 playfish cash… i just want a cow !!!!!!!!!!!! plzz help me playfish…
    I really love your games …. help me !!!!!!!!!

  117. seif Says:

    thats not fair i lose the halloween competetion i am starting to hate pet society becuse they never make new shops all of he shops are now old

    we want new shops

  118. Sonya Says:

    Ok,I made a plushie of my pet,with a handmade wig,the cute witch dress,the magical bat wings,i baked halloween cupcakes,(imagine how much hours it took me)and put it all togheter in a picture,then i see all these shitty works winning.Thanks for ignoring my effort,playfish.I bet you didn’t went through all the entries,and just randomly picked the winners.

  119. kelly nicholson Says:

    LOVE 3rd wd should off won imo 🙂

  120. Kiven Says:

    but i think this isn’t over,next year also got!!!

  121. sharon Says:

    what a load of dog dodo,s .

    and 4 cash coins every 3 days for the s*** robot thats taking the p*** now every week the cash shop becomes higher in coins it should be free

    yes we need more shop
    fish and chip shop
    pet society need updating now becomin boring

  122. Nauval Says:

    i will no give up must upgrade!!!

  123. katae Says:


  124. bakadeshi Says:

    me gustaron los ganadores pero sigo enojada porque hice una animación .gif porque se supone que facebook soporta .gif y sin embargo cuando la subí quedó como imagen fija….si sabía no me hubiese molestado en hacerla animada y directamente hacía algo en .jpg…
    igual, aparte de eso lo mismo no pude subirla al concurso, fuimos muchos los que nos quedamos sin poder participar porque no pudimos en ningún momento subir nuestra creación por problemas de facebook,
    nada mas que decir,

  125. geom Says:

    its all fantastic!!!!
    esp.the 2nd place!!

  126. geom Says:

    what is their price????

  127. MSA Says:

    how 2nd do those word bubbles? would like to know

  128. tee wen yi Says:

    i want know why facebook cannot go in pet s han

  129. tee wen yi Says:

    hi i will not give up my thing

  130. tee wen yi Says:

    i will not regete abot sex and go to jail and go to be a nun and bet and go to go to jail to canning and bit peple and got the babby and no

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