Roar through the stars!


Hey Pet Society fans! The trees are green (and pink), the birds are singing (or at least trying to) and Sirius decided that it was a lovely day to visit “?”.

Yes, it’s that time of week again, when “?” has hidden some brand new mysterious items away in his mystery boxes, so be sure to sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now, and visit “?” to purchase a few boxes to see what you can find! If you are currently playing, make sure you save and quit, and then reload Pet Society to have a chance at finding the latest items!

With bright times returning to the village, Sirius danced into the Mystery Store earlier today, and after purchasing a couple of boxes, cheerfully asked “?” what everyone could hope for next. Obviously, he wouldn’t tell her exactly what the items were, but he did give her some mysterious clues:

  • Tears of joy, tears of sadness, turn to this, soothing softness! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Filmed before stars! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Roar from Regulus to Denebola! (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images:

MI_tissue-box-decor MI_clapboard-decor MI_lion-plushie
Tissue Box Decor Clapboard Decor Lion Plushie

There has been one other change to the game that you need to be aware of! If you’ve been collecting many, many items, it’s time to do some spring cleaning (yes, it is spring in some parts of the world)! To assist in the continued smooth performance of Pet Society, every pet is now limited to having 20000 items total, so if you currently have more than this, you will need to choose some to sell back to the store once you load the game. 😉

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

73 Responses to “Roar through the stars!”

  1. Belma Muftic Says:

    1. tissue box decor
    2.clapboard decor
    3. lion plushie
    i have them all…. :))

  2. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    Sonya,is it possible to have two Pet Society photo albums?

    • Sonya Says:

      The application can only be linked to one album. If your current album is getting full you can move some of the photos to a new album you create to allow the application to keep adding new pictures into it’s linked album! 😉

  3. kevin Says:

    u guys i think having too many items slows down the game……….. its a good thing jus no more missions

  4. catalinaa Says:

    ? me enc= enr ==??

  5. chofi Says:

    dear sonya,
    lets say I have more than the items I should…
    I have a friend with an unactive acc at pet (because she became vicious xD)
    and she offered me to keep some of my food (I collect cute food :3)
    in her acc…
    can I do that or is it against the rules?
    thank you and sorry for my english ._.

    • Sonya Says:

      If you would like to gift your friend some food and she would like to keep it for you, that is okay. But obviously be aware that as it’s your friend’s account if you want it back she may not be able to be online when you want it to gift it all back. Also sending and receiving many gifts can take quite some time, so it’s best to stick under the limit with just the items you want most! 🙂

  6. Cookie Says:

    I was looking for the Tissue Box in the blue mystery box and when i opened it i got a GMB in it ! so i opened it and when i opened the GMB i got the Lion Plushie ! now all i need to look for is the tissue box i already have the clap board and lion ! ^.^

  7. Leianne Says:

    WHAT! cookie your so lucky a lion plushie in a bmb !!! I hope I also have a chance 2 get that!!!! I just so ❤ mystery boxes but somtyms their not so cool becoz after it my pet is bankrupt already

  8. Carolyn Says:

    Dear Sonya,

    What will happen to those who reach/over the 20,000 items limit, and yet been gifted to by friends, which would make it even worse by adding the amount of items while they’re ignorant of the amount you already have? How are we going to gift friends when we don’t know how many items our friends already have? And for those who’ve been gifted to but hit the 20,000 items limit, would the gift disappear? This is going to be complicated. =S

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