Remember, remember…


Hey Pet Society fans! Travel from the UK to Antarctica this week with the newest releases now in stores. Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to be one of the first to discover these fantastic worlds! Remember that any items labelled This Weeks’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 9th of November, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Celebrate Bonfire Night in style with everything from fire, food, period clothing, and even a Pet Fawkes Doll filling the stores to help you remember, remember the fifth of November! Be sure to stock up on Classic Toffee Apples before Truffles tries to devour them all!

bonfire pet-fawkes-doll
Bonfire (Luxury) Pet Fawkes Doll (Furniture) (TWS)
classic-toffee-apple campfire jacket-potato
Classic Toffee Apple (Food) Campfire (Furniture) Jacket Potato (Food)
campfire-bread-decor campfire-marshmallow-decor campfire-sausage-decor
Campfire Bread Decor (Furniture) Campfire Marshmellow Decor (Furniture) Campfire Sausage Decor (Furniture)
period-shirt period-pants
Period Shirt (Clothes) Period Pants (Clothes)

Of course, when celebrating Bonfire Night, it’s a great idea to explore London where it all began! So install a Big Ben View Window or Red Phone Box to bring a piece of London into your pet’s home! Or, if you’d prefer, pick up your own Mini Ben Clock and always be on time. You can also dress as a Yeoman Warder in the Beefeater outfit; if you do decide to wear this, don’t be too surprised if visiting pets take pictures of you or ask you questions about the vastly historical and cultural city of London.

Big Ben View Window (D.I.Y.) (TWS)
red-phone-box mini-ben-clock
Red Phone Box (Furniture) (TWS) Mini Ben Clock (Gadget) (TWS)
beefeater-hat beefeater-shirt
Beefeater Hat (Clothes) (TWS) Beefeater Shirt (Clothes) (TWS)
beefeater-pants beefeater-shoes
Beefeater Pants (Clothes) (TWS) Beefeater Shoes (Clothes) (TWS)

Transform your home and make it fit for royalty with the elaborate new Grandiose collection! You may wish to consider some Beefeaters to guard your home when refurbishing with such majestic furniture.

grandiose-sofa grandiose-table
Grandiose Sofa (Furniture) Grandiose Table (Furniture)
grandiose-hall-chest grandiose-armchair
Grandiose Hall Chest (Furniture) Grandiose Armchair (Furniture)
Grandiose Closet (Furniture)
grandiose-floor-lamp grandiose-telephone
Grandiose Floor Lamp (Gadget) Grandiose Telephone (Gadget)

Stepping outside, decorate with this delightful Bird Feeder and delicate Floral Candle. Plus, Mrs. Appleblossom has mixed some Chestnut Tree seeds into her Tree Seed collection, so ensure you visit the Garden Store to see if you can grow your own Chestnut feast!

bird-feeder-decor floral-candle-decor
Bird Feeder Decor (Garden) Floral Candle Decor (Furniture)
chestnut-tree homegrown-chestnut
Chestnut Tree (from Tree Seed) Homegrown Chestnut (from Chestnut Tree)

Penguins form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post.

Large-Penguin-Plushie Penguin-Baby Small-Penguin-Plushie
Large Penguin Plushie Penguin Baby Small Penguin Plushie
Penguin-Poster Penguin-T-shirt Penguin-Ballon
Penguin Poster Penguin T-shirt Penguin Balloon

Are you having issues slipping over banana peels whenever you try and race? Well Terrence has the solution with the new Pro Athletics Shoes in the Cash Shop! Never have a banana worry you again when wearing these wonders!

Pro Athletics Shoes

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items including:

  • Carnival Decoration (TWS)
  • Koala Doll
  • Mystic Blue Perfume Bottle
  • Gorgeous Pink Perfume Bottle
  • Deluxe Feather Half Mask (TWS)
  • Bird Half Mask
  • Giant Beads Top
  • Blue Beads Top
  • Black Long Coat
  • Dreamy Princess Bed
  • Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)
  • Black Framed Gate
  • Black Framed Window
  • Deep Night Sky Wallpaper
  • Mystery Box Cake (TWS)
  • Practical Joke (TWS)
  • Chocolate Poo (TWS)

In stores this week!

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101 Responses to “Remember, remember…”

  1. Rico Says:

    I’m going to miss Halloween! Love the new items, though! Thank you Playfish Team!

  2. Nnikkennttudd Says:

    Kyaa ! Kyaa ! Play n0w ! Yay !

  3. Gabby Says:

    Not really loving the clothes other than nice items

  4. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    gRr.. wHy cAnt i be tHe fiRst..?

    loVe tHe new iTems..?

  5. ann Says:

    there´s no woman clothes 😦 only for mens….

  6. Katherine Says:

    oh.. where is the woman clothes? :S

  7. jack Says:

    poor poor halloween i love youu miss halloween candyy in trees 😥 but still 😀 i love the bonfire items and i cant wait for bonfire night!! WHOOOOOOO I LOVE YOU PET SOCIETY YOUR AMAZING!!! 😉

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Sonya I have a question.

    If you have a Pet Society account on MySpace or Bebo and buy the things such as Carnival Decoration (TWS), could that thing appear to your Pet Society account via Facebook?

    • Sonya Says:

      You cannot send gifts to Pets on another social network, as they cannot be on your friend’s list. So if you have an item in MySpace for example, you cannot gift it to your Facebook pet, they are completely separate! 😉

      • Bea Says:

        Hi Sonya! It is a pity that! Because I would like to send some of this items to my Pet on facebook too! Could it be any time?

      • Sonya Says:

        I don’t think this will be changing, as the application takes the friends list from that provided by the platform (Facebook/MySpace/Bebo), and you can’t make an account on one social platform show on another.

      • Bea Says:

        Thank you so much Sonya! It’s a pity =(

  9. felialala Says:

    the penguin are so cute and lovely ar…

  10. Anouk Says:

    Cool!! I was expecting more items though.

    Does it matter if you’re the first to leave a comment?

  11. Anouk Says:

    And yeah, why aren’t there clothes for females?

  12. Laura Says:

    Bonfire night… alguien sabe que es lo que se celebra???!!!!! más allá de diferencias religiosas… es una celebración de violencia, de muerte!!!! Se celebra el haber evitado que un hombre volara el Parlamento Inglés (eso lo celebro), pero tb se celebra que lo hayan quemado vivo!!! Tradicionalmente la gente arroja a las hogueras figuras de aquel hombre!!!
    Yo no quiero celebrar la violencia! No quiero un mundo donde la violencia se combata con más violencia…
    Me encanta Pet Society, pero no comparto que a esta altura de la historia celebremos o conmemoremos hechos como esos.
    Una idea: que tal si celebramos la paz mundial y la no violencia que tanto nos hace falta en todo el mundo?! 😀

  13. lalaaaa Says:

    everything’s really nice except the clothes): wish there were girl clothes):

  14. lalaaaa Says:

    Is the deer plushie giftable?

  15. Amelia Says:

    Hey Sonya, is there any update on when the rewind in Myspace will be over or should we all just delete our accounts?

  16. Juli Says:

    I love this new items!! they are cute and elegant 🙂 i hope you add more off this collection. Halloween season was great too. Thanx

  17. Bea Says:

    Hey Sonya! Congratulations one more time! I love London and all the items that you brought us this time, but what about double red bus?

  18. Teresa Says:

    I didn’t get the baby deer plushie when I bought pf coins?? Nor did I get a fox or anything?

    • Pet Society Help Says:

      From Pet Society:

      “Apologies to all those affected by technical issues surrounding the Deer Plushie last week. Those who bought coins or Playfish Cash before Midnight GMT on Friday but didn’t receive a deer will receive theirs soon. We will also be putting a different limited edition Deer Plushie on sale next week so no one misses out”

  19. Bongo Says:

    Why does my pet only get 10 coins when I visit friends and 20 when the friends are active? Isn’t it supposed to be 20 for non-active and 30 for active friends?

  20. adam panda Says:

    sonya, when will the deer plushie be available again?

  21. LaLa Says:

    So many beautiful things this week! Yay!
    Too bad Halloween is over, though.

    Yay, London!

  22. Hitsuki Says:

    Sonya, i have a question, why does my Pet Society Village still has dead trees, and here in the Philippines yesterday is November 1 and the halloween items are still present..

  23. wendy Says:

    who would like to treat the piggy soft toy or mystery cupcake with me ? Please add miie facebook account, I am willing to treat.

  24. wendy Says:

    Who want to treat pink jello with me?

  25. secret Says:

    cool but im going to my tutor no more pet society :(( 😦

  26. kevinghetto Says:

    My game doesn’t load!

  27. Tashia Says:

    nice. I love all.

  28. Pet Society Leader Says:

    Hi to all Pet Society Fans!Look I made a page: and in my page you can write your ideas for future items or what store would you like to be next week in pet society neighbourhood or any other idea so when you write it I’m gona posto it to this Site every Monday so they can see our ideas and think about it 🙂 Thank you and you are always welcome :)))

  29. Jerome Says:


  30. britishgirl Says:

    aaaaaw I must have all that London stuff (^_^*)
    the window is really cool! 😀

  31. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Tags: beefeater, big ben, bonfire, guy fawkes, london, marshmellow, mini ben Posted in Uncategorized | 24 Comments » […]

  32. Jemka Says:


  33. tareq ali Says:


  34. areen matanes Says:

    i feel boring playing pet society nothing is cute any more or new here :\

  35. Sasha! O.O Says:

    LOL! peroid pants!!! xD
    hahahahahaha… the name sounds funny!!! xD

  36. valentina lozano Says:

    no entiendo lo del arbol 😦

  37. rafael Says:


  38. Brittney Says:

    I love the new items! I’ve loved London since I visited it last summer. It was so much fun!

  39. Sofia Says:

    I dont like these items as much as i did with the last, but i guess i’ll have to wait for more new items to come in 😦

  40. Pany Says:

    I can’t get the deer plushie I did buy pf and I didn’t recieve any gift not even the fox doll !!!

    • Pet Society Help Says:

      From Pet Society:

      “Apologies to all those affected by technical issues surrounding the Deer Plushie last week. Those who bought coins or Playfish Cash before Midnight GMT on Friday but didn’t receive a deer will receive theirs soon. We will also be putting a different limited edition Deer Plushie on sale next week so no one misses out”

  41. Peggy Says:

    I love this game very much…..

  42. Jason Says:

    Where is the week of Spain????

    We want a spanish week, the national day of Spain, and all the spanish speaking countris was 12th october!!

    We want paella, flameco dresses, tortilla, spanish guitar, and a window with Madrid or Barcelona. VIVA ESPAÑA!!

  43. Yna Says:

    I definitely love the windows. They’re so scenic and definitely picturesque!
    The bonfire is so fun! I’ll be sure to celebrate camping with my other pet friends! Oh may I suggest that you make Grandoise wallpaper? I absolutely adore the collection!

    Great job Pet Society team! You have my vote! 😀

  44. peggy Says:

    love this game very much

  45. Taxi Says:

    I love this game very much

  46. Star Says:

    Cool, Bonfire Night items!! Thanks for bringing the UK’s traditions to PS =D

    We’re learning about Bonfire Night in history at the moment =] The Fawkes doll is surprisingly cute XD

    Can’t wait till Bonfire Night! I think there maybe should be a Fireworks wallpaper or something, that would really fit the theme well =]

  47. Star Says:

    Btw, all you people who are complaining asbout there being no girl clothes, Beefeaters can be women too =]

  48. Lisa Says:

    I am having trouble sending stickers. I also would love to see the trees have more fruit.

  49. copogirl15 Says:

    i love it but this week only new clothes for men 😦

  50. Loly's keeper Says:

    Dear Sonya, I would like to have the deer plushie and I have been waiting for the problem to be fixed before I buy playfish cash. Can you tell me, is the problem fixed yet? Thank you in advance, Jessica

  51. LAURITA Says:


  52. LAURITA Says:


  53. Silence Says:

    I can’t seem to find the new tree seeds in the garden store.. were they missed on the update perhaps?

  54. Lisa Says:

    Sonya, Where are the Homegrown Chestnut seeds (from Chestnut Tree)? I am having trouble sending stickers. Can you help? I also would love to see the trees have more fruit. I still have not received my deer from my purchase. Can you help? Please respond. Thanks, Lisa

  55. ceri ngai Says:

    Dear Sonya, I have one question to ask you why my litter penguin(hatched already) changed back to egg? I’m so sad to see that…

  56. Peggy Says:

    Pet Society is the best game

  57. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    hey guys pls add me for those who have a crow decor and a oceanic bird.. and a statue with a water coming out on its mouth(i dont its name..)plz trade with me.., i reall want to have that items..!!

    pls do add me…

  58. Kurisuta Says:

    hey, sonya, i have a question(more likely a favor/request) for you.
    could pet society make an edition of cosplays from animes? i’m actually an otaku and i’m sure lots of otakus around the world who’re playing pet society will appreciate it!

    • Reo Says:

      Actually the red rocker-hair with the bottom half of the black robe from halloween made my pet look a lot like Axel. As coincidental as that was, my pet still got to cosplay for halloween 83

  59. peggy Says:

    this is a the best game

  60. Rainbow Says:

    Pls trade with me stuffs. I got a afternoon teapot from the GMB. whoever is interested pls trade with me thankyou!

  61. wendy Says:

    Add if you want to trade items with me 🙂 I got the rare teapot/teacup, rare bat soft toy and many more rare items.

  62. adam panda Says:

    i bought the penguin baby and it hatched!
    but then when i reloaded pet society
    it turned back into an egg…..

  63. bhenz Says:

    hi everyone…plz… add me on facebook… and for those who have a merpet statue please have a trade for me i really need it…. if u hav the MERPET STATUE just add me and send me a note about it…..

  64. joseph Says:

    hey Sonya, why is some of my friends have a autumn stuffs?

  65. Pet Society Help Says:

    Happy Bonfire Night everyone!

  66. kuteren Says:


  67. JH Says:

    looooooooooooong maintenance……….

  68. graziano Says:

    perchè nn si apre pet society

  69. tyrod Says:

    i wish we could have
    •» Carnival Decoration (TWS)
    •» Koala Doll
    •» Mystic Blue Perfume Bottle
    •» Gorgeous Pink Perfume Bottle
    •» Deluxe Feather Half Mask (TWS)
    •» Bird Half Mask
    •» Giant Beads Top
    •» Blue Beads Top
    •» Black Long Coat
    •» Dreamy Princess Bed
    •» Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)
    •» Black Framed Gate
    •» Black Framed Window
    •» Deep Night Sky Wallpaper
    •» Mystery Box Cake (TWS)
    •» Practical Joke (TWS)
    •» Chocolate Poo (TWS)
    in facebook

  70. elaine Says:


  71. juan diego Says:


  72. miChes Says:

    hi playfish folks! one request, can you guys make more blue-colored stuff? it’s for my pet khabloowee, she’s blue and collects all sorts of blue things if available. and another thing, can you make sliding doors and windows? i think that would look really nice ^_^ Thanks everyone! You guys are the best!

  73. Carolina K Says:

    Dear pet society i think that only ONE race for the PRO RACE is a joke! I DID buy all the play fish cash items for ONLY ONE RACE make very upset! please think about it.

  74. ang Says:

    please bring back the telephone booth!

    • sabri Says:

      sii yo tmb quiero que vuelva al cabina de telefono. pra ponerla en la avenida.. ahora con el subte, el semaforo.. y la luces aa y con el puesto de diarioss

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