A Grim Tale!


Hey Pet Society fans! The spookiness continues to haunt the town this week with a myriad of items to traumatise and transform – Halloween style! Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to delve into the darkness and discover what is in stores this week! Remember that any items labelled Halloween Special (HS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 2nd of November, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Beware! Death is coming to collect your pet’s soul! The Grim Reaper Doll has no plans to hide his intent, so take him into your home at your own risk. Or build a Death army to hopefully protect your pet from visiting zombies, vampires, witches, mummies, monsters and Frankensteins!

Also in the Furniture Store this week are Zombie Dolls and Monster Plushies, so if you have a liking for toys which may scare your pet, or visiting pets, out of their skins, ensure you buy some of these! Additionally, there is a Haunted Broom and Halloween Cauldron for all the witches to help them work their evil spells! And put up some banners to celebrate Halloween with a range of wall stickers in store now!




Zombie Doll (HS)

Grim Reaper Doll (HS)

Monster Plushie (HS)




Monster Tentacle (HS)

Haunted Broom (HS)

Halloween Cauldron (HS)




Halloween Wall Sticker (HS)

Trick-or-treat Wall Sticker (HS)

Boo Wall Sticker (HS)



Trick-or-treat Bag Decor (HS)

Mini Pumpkin Decor (HS)

If your pet has been scared out of its skin by anything, or everything, that’s been happening around the village this Halloween, you need to try the Skeleton Potion which is new to the Mystery Store to show everyone just how you feel (and hopefully frighten them all back)! Team the potion with the Black Robe and Hood in the Clothes Store and you could even be mistaken for Death!


Skeleton Potion (HS)

The Halloween Fish that have been swimming around the pond really need a suitable home, so Terrence has the solution with the new Halloween Fishbowl and Spooky Fish Tank in the Cash Shop! To ensure your home has a truly spooky feeling, lay some Bloody Footprint Floor which will leave blood marks wherever your pet treads; and put up a Haunted Mirror, it is said that a ghost may appear in the mirror, so it’s not for the faint-hearted!



Halloween Fishbowl (HS)

Spooky Fish Tank (HS)



Haunted Mirror (HS)

Bloody Footprint Floor (HS)

If your dream is to rule the underworld, ensure you visit the Luxury Store for the Spooky Grandfather Clock and Chair so that any visiting pets know who is boss!



Spooky Grandfather Clock (HS)

Spooky Chair (HS)

To add some extra chill to your home, visit Grumble in the D.I.Y. Depot, as he has the intense Halloween Night Window in store; it is a full moon though, so be on the lookout for werewolves terrorising the night! Plus the Haunted Mansion Wallpaper will give a destitute and deserted feel to your home, which will form an exceptional backdrop for unsettling your visitors.



Halloween Night Window (HS)

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper (HS)

Go batty in the Clothes Store this week with the Bat Wizard Hat and Bat Mask! For a greater cute factor, and hopefully less of a scare factor, try the Sweet Halloween Outfit! Or if you were born to alarm, perhaps the Frankenstein Mask is what your pet should be seen in this Halloween!



Bat Wizard Hat (HS)

Bat Mask (HS)




Sweet Halloween Ribbon (HS)

Sweet Halloween Outfit (HS)

Sweet Halloween Shoes (HS)




Frankenstein Mask (HS)

Sweet Halloween Bracelet (HS)

Pumpkin Mask (HS)

Truffles prefers fun and food to anything particularly spooky, so put up balloons, egg your friends and fill up on delicious Halloween treats in the Food Store!




Orange Halloween Balloon (HS)

Halloween Trick (HS)

Black Halloween Balloon (HS)




Pumpkin Cake (HS)

Halloween Cupcake (HS)

Tomato Juice (HS)

Last, but most certainly not least, if your garden is decked out for Halloween, with Halloween Trees, Bat Wall Stickers, Pumpkins and Creepy Tombstones, Mrs. Appleblossom has the perfect finishing touch with the Run-down Fence in the Garden Store!


Run-down Fence (HS)

Note that this update is for Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Don’t be a fool, spring has sprung! in stores this week!

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115 Responses to “A Grim Tale!”

  1. Rico Says:

    Love the new items! Great job, Playfish!

  2. kevin Says:

    yay first

  3. JesSy Says:


    que lindoo.!!!

    esto es lo de esta semana? O_O

    These things are news for this week?

  4. milkpedia Says:


  5. Anne Says:

    Wow! cool Halloween stuff!

  6. Bishitu Says:

    Yayyyyyy Love the plushies :3

  7. Amy Says:

    OMG these items ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  8. Bob Says:

    cool nice items ;]

  9. nnikkennttudd Says:

    yay ! i feel scared … take all stuffs to your home guys !

  10. aevlanus Says:


  11. kevin Says:

    darn second……….

  12. jovie Says:

    Sonia some of the items are too expensive this week specially the clock!! Im not going to have time to make so many points to get coins this week!=(

  13. em Says:

    Love this week’s items!

    Sonya, any chance of fixing the new glitch with the MBs? People can get a free preview of their mystery item and refresh it if they don’t like it, then trade it away to unsuspecting victims. Innocent people are getting ripped off in the trading forum

  14. bLANK!! Says:

    wooo yes!! y got all halloween things!!!! viva pet society LoVe halloween!!!

  15. felialala Says:

    Very special items…i love them all….so cute and funny ar.,.

  16. ann Says:

    i love it all!! so cute 🙂

  17. jovie Says:

    instead of giving us 50 coins sould be better if you guys give us 500 or 1000 coins every day just for this week,until halloween is over. Well is my opinion!

  18. HATE Maintenance Says:

    i hate Halloween, playfish don’t you pity those poor pet who are in low lvl can afford to buy all those Hallo things they like in low price. This game kill ppl & ppl money.

  19. Danny Says:

    i love the new items! i am so building my death army to pretect my house! 😀

  20. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    love it.!!!

    i love the aquariums..!!!

  21. Rushhour Says:

    I like the new items…. Although I am truly disappointed that Playfish could not get their act together to get the Myspace and Bebo platforms up for this holiday.. That was a HUGE missed opportunity for fan loyalty and financial gain.

  22. Copogirl Says:

    but why the aquarium added in cash shop not in luxury like Halloween items last year?

  23. ahomira Says:

    i so love them all but i’m poor.

  24. Mikari Says:

    maan they are all soooo cute and sooo cool 8D though.. I’m starting to wonder how much are they >__>; we need each not just one… except for the cloths and wallpaper..

  25. BEA Says:

    WOW! All items are terrific! Well done! Congratulations again Sonya and Pet Society team! This special features are amazing! XD

  26. drea Says:

    ano ba yang mga items dyan mga playfish cash wala pulos..
    pet society pls give us free playfish coins please

  27. Chung Ae Says:

    I hpe the cash items are cheap coz I have 13 ccs left 😦

  28. myrjul Says:


  29. myrjul Says:

    great!TI LLUV THE NEW SCAry
    IN thE SToRES..I hOPe MOR
    SCaRY TIHNGs TO coMe

  30. MYRYANmay Says:

    why can we really afford cash shop..hmmbut i love the halloween theme ..kinda scary LOL XD♥♥♥♥♥

  31. Joann Mari Naval Says:

    HAHAHA!!! you are all losers!!! i already got all of those

  32. Serenity Says:

    so many cash item 😦

  33. Zipper Says:

    Spooky stuff…
    2 bad that thet are only there 4 just a week 😦


    Is Hideeni going to leave?
    And if he is , when is he going to?? :/

  34. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    is pet society in maintenance..?

    why cant i open my pet society..?


  35. bhenz Says:

    sonya! why i cant open pet society..?

    pls..answer me immediately

  36. frinky_frig Says:

    i love it but now i cant play ps on facebook

  37. Tuuuuuti Says:

    WooooowwWWwwww 😐 vuhuhuhuhuhu Thats great 😀 ohhhhohh i really shocked 😀 I want to buy all

  38. jeskaa Says:

    ahhh pet society’s not working 😦

  39. melo Says:

    omg. i need to get these items!.
    why wont pet society loadd??
    i hope it wont be under mantainance for tooo long.

  40. Charizta Says:

    wew,I love it!Thx playfish!love you!

  41. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    pEt sOciEty is iN mAinTenAnce..


  42. Han Says:

    people should stop complaining that pet society’s stuff are expensive. you just have to play hard enough to earn more money.

  43. Amnart Says:

    Really perfect and realistic creatures furniture i have nice day 🙂 thanks

  44. Tashia Says:

    Wow !! cute ..
    but why the aquarium is in Cash shop, I can’t buy it ..
    The aquarium is really fantastic ..

  45. lolifofo Says:

    cool but not worth it though 😀
    exept the clothes 😛

  46. KERfy (martina) Says:

    Too pricey… 😐

  47. Miyaku Says:

    who is death?

  48. KERfy (martina) Says:

    I do ate it if it’s to much prizey…

  49. Miyaku Says:

    so expensive! 😦 wish there was a clearance sale!

  50. carolina Says:

    oh love the clock!!!!

  51. Crostatina Says:



    love new doll!!!

  52. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:


    i hAve iT aLl uHmn..,

    bUt i cANt aFforD tHe aqUariUm..,


  53. martina Says:

    all of the items are great and i have some of them except the items in cash shop,, its

    so unfair because all of the items in cash shop are a lot nicer. . . but i can’t afford it!!

    i wish the other items of other shops in pet society would be nicer too like the items in

    cash shop and that me and some other people here in pet society who can’t afford it

    to buy in cash shop,, but can afford it in other shops. . .

  54. Aquaz Says:

    so want to buy the Spooky Grandfather Clock…need to sell my last stock of 999 items and visit more houses again….

  55. New Pet Society Items – October 25th « petsocietyhackz Says:

    […] Credits:Pet Society Blog Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Who is Hideeni, and why is he here?New Items @ pet societyNew Pet Society items 31/08/2009New Pet Society Items – June 28th […]

  56. emilbatanena Says:


  57. yoyo Says:

    I want to ask how can I can’t upload the photo for the competition,because I can’t find the wall that can click to share my photos.please help,thankyou…

  58. tareq ali Says:

    hey sonya please next time dont make it a high prise coz i really worked hard to get all that thisng and i miss the school today

  59. areen matanes Says:

    why every game have to end wes cash?

  60. Mr.X Says:

    Trick or treat ? LOL

  61. Abla Says:

    Thanks for the news, I LOVE PET SOCIETY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Mamimi Says:

    I don´t like more the new items…i prefer the last week…but the dolls are so cute!

    The prices of the things are too expensive…

  63. j-man Says:

    i got them all but cash shop.
    i was saving since the the school week

  64. angelotorres Says:

    too expensive but they are all nice!

  65. kimberly ursula Says:

    its too expensive, playfish!

  66. kimberly ursula Says:


  67. Kurisuta Says:

    hey, Sonya, I think the Halloween Edition is too expensive, my coins aren’t enough to buy them all 😦

    can Pet Society make a month edition for otakus??? (otaku: Japanese maniac, usually manga and anime, red)
    like NARUTO Edition, or FMA Edition??

  68. secret Says:

    new items are so great

  69. Mamimi Says:

    Kurisuta is a great idea, pet society can put arale or 20th century boys things, there´s a lot of anime to put. But if they do the same that do with harry potter, there´s not a great idea.

  70. Marveline Says:

    what’s theme later?? want to know Sonia please………….i love it you know

  71. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    add me gUys.. mArcO_bLuEz29@yahoo.com

  72. blossom Says:

    active pet plz add me….
    arthawurie@gmail.com ^_^

  73. agus Says:

    hi,, i’m so mad with P.S, in the mistery boxes there aren’t sepecial things, there are allways clothes and things from furniture that i can buy!

  74. maria fe Says:

    me agregan plissss sean buenosss!!!jejejeje plissss…..
    nivel :31
    divertida jejejejajjajaj me meto casi todos los dias!!!!

  75. bea Says:

    ahh i hate them all accept the outfits but when is the christmas things 😀

  76. eliana yolimar Says:

    que salen en las cajas de 500

  77. katty Says:

    shet mong lahat

  78. prince Says:

    hi my house is a trade house

    plssss add me… here’s my e-mail

    royce_parco@yahoo.com tnx….

  79. zennwongsh Says:

    zenn wong


  80. bryan Says:


  81. Cilitra Says:

    Really nice items! Though I think some people truly need to learn how to be polite and not so rude and demanding after all the hard work thats apparently been put into having a truly amazing halloween in Petsociety!
    I’m sure Sonya is a tough cookie but srsly some people are just so rude I’m appaled!

    Thanks for a great game ^^

  82. pillowfight Says:

    Hi Sonya,

    There is a problem with my house, each time i log in.. it’s at room 4 instead of room 1. What is wrong?

  83. pillow Says:

    Hi Sonia,

    That is some problem with my house when i log in. Each time I appear in room 4 instead of the usual room 1.

    Please help

  84. belda Says:

    I’m a little bit like haloween so I dont buy the furniture, clothes and many more because i dont like haloween okay 😉

  85. Cleopatra Says:

    Oh I just love the Halloween windows!

  86. Halloween Freakkkkk ! Says:

    awesome halloween stuff !!! i traded some 2008 halloween stuff with my friends from skl so that they would gift me those stuff cuz i cant afford them….and i got all the stuff !!!

  87. peggy Says:

    this game is very nice

  88. yenli Says:


  89. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Tags: bloody footprint, cauldron, frankenstein, grim reaper, halloween, mirror, potion, scary, skeleton, spooky, trick or treat Posted in News | 61 Comments » […]

  90. POOTRIE Says:

    i love it!!!!

  91. Kezia Marina Chan Says:

    cool ~

  92. jenna Says:

    this stuff is WAY better then the tacky things for halloween 2010.
    Bring all this back!!!!

  93. alarm wall clock Says:

    alarm wall clock…

    […]A Grim Tale! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

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