Who is Hideeni, and why is he here?


Hey Pet Society fans! There are strange, strange things occurring in the village, which you must be aware of!

Sirius was soaring around the town with her new Immortal Bat Wings trying to find “?”, when she spotted what she initially thought to be “?” in disguise (well it is Halloween), but upon swooping down in front of him to try and grab the pictures she assumed this pet would be carrying, she discovered that the pet wasn’t “?” at all…

Astoundingly, the pet introduced himself as Hideeni, and then congratulated her for finding him (she refrained from telling him that she wasn’t looking for him at all). While Sirius was still standing there, staring with awe and curiosity, Hideeni then offered a special gift to give to her friends, obviously this was too good to pass up, so Sirius excitedly let her friends know about this mysterious creature and his special gift, hoping that they all would accept it.

So who is Hideeni, and why is he here? Well for starters, so you know who you are looking for, meet Hideeni (please be aware his appearance may change):

You have the chance of finding him while playing, he could be anywhere: in your house, a friend’s house, just standing around the village, or even in a store!

If you are lucky enough to find him, simply click him and he will offer you the chance to share a rare gift with your friends! This occurs through your Facebook News Feed, and when your friends view the News Feed they can select to “Accept free gift” to receive the special gift!

Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can spot him! He is very hard to find though, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t, perhaps one of your friends will! Keep an eye on your News Feed! 😉


After all the commotion with Hideeni (who mysteriously disappeared right after speaking with her), Sirius was a bit unsure what to expect next, but while soaring through the town once more she spotted “?” rushing through the trees, images in paw.

She sprung into action, and dived down, and plucked the pictures from his paws before flying quickly away feeling fearless with her incredible new wings!

So here are the new mysterious items which are now hidden away in boxes! Sirius believes that they are all must-have items, plus they are available for a limited time only, so start hunting now!




Bat Doll Floating Ghost Decor Bloody Bunny Plushie


And just in case that wasn’t quite enough excitement, some houses around town have grown rapidly. You are now able to purchase another two additional rooms! So if you are looking for somewhere to display your fabulous Halloween collection (or perhaps even somewhere to create an entry for the My Playfish Halloween Competition), or more room for anything really (let your imagination run wild), be sure to purchase some additional space and get decorating! 🙂

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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349 Responses to “Who is Hideeni, and why is he here?”

  1. khai Says:

    i found the hideeni but he doesn’t give me anything

  2. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

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  3. Kat Says:

    found him … more than 10 times his a
    ~FEelS like INsOmniAAAA ahuhuh~

  4. Sil Says:

    I’ve found hideeni like 10 times .-. and already got the plushie cuz a friend found it so… I think they should do more stuff like this but that YOU get a gift if YOU find it

  5. miyaku Says:

    i found him more than 15 times 🙂

  6. Zoe Says:

    Hi Sonya!
    Will there be other prizes from Hideeni? I found him over 20 times already and the prize is always the puppy plushie…who is very cute but I wish there are different prizes not just one =)

  7. Samuel Says:

    Woohooo! I found hideeni! I was in someone’s house from the café club when I spotted him! (or her, god knows. I’m just gonna call Hideeni it.)

  8. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] the absolutely huge Pet Society Birthday Competition, explained the intricacies of Stickers, found Hideeni, wondered What’s Cooking?, updated you regarding more coins for washing and brushing and […]

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