Who is Hideeni, and why is he here?


Hey Pet Society fans! There are strange, strange things occurring in the village, which you must be aware of!

Sirius was soaring around the town with her new Immortal Bat Wings trying to find “?”, when she spotted what she initially thought to be “?” in disguise (well it is Halloween), but upon swooping down in front of him to try and grab the pictures she assumed this pet would be carrying, she discovered that the pet wasn’t “?” at all…

Astoundingly, the pet introduced himself as Hideeni, and then congratulated her for finding him (she refrained from telling him that she wasn’t looking for him at all). While Sirius was still standing there, staring with awe and curiosity, Hideeni then offered a special gift to give to her friends, obviously this was too good to pass up, so Sirius excitedly let her friends know about this mysterious creature and his special gift, hoping that they all would accept it.

So who is Hideeni, and why is he here? Well for starters, so you know who you are looking for, meet Hideeni (please be aware his appearance may change):

You have the chance of finding him while playing, he could be anywhere: in your house, a friend’s house, just standing around the village, or even in a store!

If you are lucky enough to find him, simply click him and he will offer you the chance to share a rare gift with your friends! This occurs through your Facebook News Feed, and when your friends view the News Feed they can select to “Accept free gift” to receive the special gift!

Sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to see if you can spot him! He is very hard to find though, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t, perhaps one of your friends will! Keep an eye on your News Feed! 😉


After all the commotion with Hideeni (who mysteriously disappeared right after speaking with her), Sirius was a bit unsure what to expect next, but while soaring through the town once more she spotted “?” rushing through the trees, images in paw.

She sprung into action, and dived down, and plucked the pictures from his paws before flying quickly away feeling fearless with her incredible new wings!

So here are the new mysterious items which are now hidden away in boxes! Sirius believes that they are all must-have items, plus they are available for a limited time only, so start hunting now!




Bat Doll Floating Ghost Decor Bloody Bunny Plushie


And just in case that wasn’t quite enough excitement, some houses around town have grown rapidly. You are now able to purchase another two additional rooms! So if you are looking for somewhere to display your fabulous Halloween collection (or perhaps even somewhere to create an entry for the My Playfish Halloween Competition), or more room for anything really (let your imagination run wild), be sure to purchase some additional space and get decorating! 🙂

Please note that this update is for the Facebook version of the game only. The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage.

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349 Responses to “Who is Hideeni, and why is he here?”

  1. Lucíá Angela Martinéz Says:

    It’s great..!

  2. dundica Says:


  3. JP1995 Says:

    Incredible ! *runs to the mystery store*

  4. gluxbox Says:

    I love this blog! I can’t wait to find Hideeni and share his gifts with my friends… that’s such a better idea that the Zynga version of News Feed gifts!

  5. unknown fan Says:

    4th!! but it doesn’t count 😛
    i will find hideeni!! (i hope)

    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  6. Kaarin Swan Says:

    I found him!!! I published it so my friends can get their special gift. But is the gift the same each time? And can you find him more than once?

  7. ANA Says:

    where do I find hideeni??

  8. agustina Says:

    where can i buy that new rooms?

  9. tritch Says:

    additional rooms? you mean the cash coins rooms or are there other additions??

  10. Elii Says:

    is he in different rooms of the friends’ houses or just in room 1?

  11. Who is Hideeni, and where is he? | Pet Society Cheats Says:

    […] everyone with a new mysterious character named Hideeni. Here’s a quick post from the official Pet Society Blog: “Hey Pet Society fans! There are strange, strange things occurring in the village, which you […]

  12. Lulo Says:

    Thank you for the updates(:
    wow the new mystery items are awsome!!!
    and i found the chicken man and got a little cute DOG 😀

  13. dundica Says:

    i found hidden and i gave the puppy plushie to mine frineds and got one from a friend they are soooooooooooooooooo cute!

  14. lanica konza Says:


  15. bea Says:

    Wow! I found Hideeni but I did not know that I have to click him! =(

    • Bea Says:

      Hahahaha I was too scared! He always goes behind my pet! I was impacted by his colour combination! Now I have the Cute Puppy Plushie! =)

  16. stephanie Says:

    do u have to go through ALL the rooms when u visit ppl?? im confused…!!

  17. :( Sooooo not right Says:

    It’s sooooo not fair, all my friends found him, but every time I try to claim a gift it says ERROR!

  18. Tikoy Says:

    SO MUCH CUUUTE! i found hiiiiiiiiiim~

    wish my friends do to ^_^

  19. Clytia Says:

    will the new MI will be removed after Halloween?

  20. rosesankey Says:

    found it clicked him now i dont know what i have to do can somebody tell me please

  21. purple-girl Says:

    i found hideeni and my friend took the gift
    it was a nice gift
    …… love the new mb items

  22. Debbie Says:

    I found him too! My friends got the puppy plushie! i want one! 🙂 The new mystery items look wonderful!

  23. Belma Muftic Says:

    hey sonya, i have found Hideeni and i have got the puppy, but when I get home it wasn’t there… where is he??

    • Sonya wannabee *LOL* Says:

      I think you will only find him once 😉

    • Sonya Says:

      When you find Hideeni, you can click the blue share button to post it to your Facebook wall for your friends to claim. It’s a gift for your friends.

      To get your own puppy, you need to click “Accept free gift” on a story that one of your friends has posted to their Facebook wall.

  24. maria fe Says:

    🙂 😉 buenisimo 😦 ejjejejajajajaj

  25. katie Says:

    I just met Mr Hideeni……..tooo cute!! I was like who/what was that. He was very very charming. Good luck meeting him!

  26. chofi Says:

    I found him! and a friend did too and I got a puppy! SO CUTE!
    my friend got the ghost D:
    I collect plushies and just found the dark owl…xD…cute too but not as the bunny :3

  27. luke Says:

    Its a small cute doggy

  28. katie Says:

    The puppy is sooo cute! I hope I get one, I didn’t click on Hideeni,, 😥

  29. Rachy Says:

    I can’t find him anywhereeee :[

  30. catula Says:

    ah, I wish I could find him. 😦 I looked everywhere. D: all the shops, the stadium, the cafe, my friend’s houses… nothing. -sigh-

  31. ANGEL Says:


  32. Mixsty Says:

    Dear Sonia,

    I found Hideeni i clicked him then it says that i got cute puppy plushie.. then i published it but where is my cute puppy i cant find it :(? pls reply. tnx

  33. Tiffy Says:

    i found the hideeni as well… or, well, my friend found him but since i was playing her pet… 😉
    omg the puppy is soooo cute 😀

    now i’m just looking for the cuuuute new plushies 😀

  34. Cleopatra Says:


    I just recently acquired of the last Halloween mystery items. 🙂
    I’m excited for the prize!!! 😀 LOOKING FOR HIDEENI

  35. Ken Says:

    I found him!

  36. Kikkz Says:

    I found him 😀 at my own house XD

  37. Madya Ra Says:

    Where are you?
    Do u meet Mayor?

  38. princess Says:

    i didn’t get my cute puppy. . it’s lost . . i just wanted to publish it but i didn’t end up.. then the puppy is gone.. :((

  39. princess Says:

    where will i see it?.. plz reply

  40. princess Says:

    where can i get/see my prize puppy ? i just found hiideni but my prize isn’t in my chest.. plz..reply..

  41. Dunja Says:

    I found him twice in half an hour and nothing got published 😦

    nothing for my friends …

    it was twice a puppy

  42. CESAR Says:

    I found this character but nothing happens and did not understand much WHAT TO DO FOR THAT I SPEAK AND READ IN SPANISH WELL PLEASE please tell me

  43. irenka Says:

    hey sonya.. my friend found Hideeni and clicked on him but he didnt got any plushie… he also published that on news feed but when i logged there was nothing.. what now??

    • cheah Says:

      you have to go on ur friends wall. When u find the Hideeni, you can’t get it, only ur friends. but if ur friends find him, you can get it.

  44. bettina elina Says:

    hey! i found hideeni! he gave me a cute puppy plushie!! iam soo lucky! :DD

    • HEllooo! Says:

      You don’t get the plushie if you see him, your friends do, if they click the link on the post you are SUPPOSED to post!

  45. LuckyxBabiee Says:

    I found the Hideeni person and clicked on him/her and it said I got a puppy but I don’t know how to publish it and went home and I didn’t have the puppy what should I do??

  46. bellanoire Says:

    i found him!!!

  47. Cleopatra Says:

    I finally found him!!!!! 😀

    YEY! My haert beat so fast when I saw his chicken suit. :))
    Thank you!

  48. kara Says:

    hi bettina i have a question….
    where doyou find hideeni?

  49. Asahina Says:

    Hey i found hiddeni… Is this the only chance to meet him… I clicked on him too fast coz i was shocked… When i greet my friend i saw another pet there….
    So is it possible to meet him again huhuhu… I want to take pic of it with my pet..

    Oya i also didn.t get the plushie… How come… Where to find it?

  50. Sad Girl Says:

    I found Hideeni, got a network error and he disappeared, no plushie for my friends *sobs* Can he be found more than once?

  51. zykhelquaviz Says:

    thx to Playfish for this!!! Yay!! \(^ ^)/

    but… well, i want the halloween MI to stay longer… plz…. 🙂

  52. Kas Says:

    And can you find him more than once?

  53. Jaia Says:

    Where can you found Hideeni? Can you please give me some clues? 😀

  54. Ely♥ Says:

    Love the puppy ♥

  55. Pamela Says:

    I didn’t understand what it meant to publish the news to my friends? I clicked the blue button…is that what they meant? It didn’t show up in my news feed!


  56. Annette Says:

    I found himand published and also clicked on someone lese’s news feed and still don’t have the plushie—- more reasons I am considering dropping this app

  57. Marj♥ Says:

    i ♥ pet society.. so many rare items and new excitement.. 😀

  58. kara Says:

    aw man….
    i cant use that trick again…….

  59. ML Says:

    I saw it 2 times !!! But I got nothing 😦

  60. rhodora Says:

    i love it

  61. MK Says:

    may i ask a question ?
    i found Hideeni but he gave me the present which is a cute little dog,
    but went i check my chest the present was not in!
    i ask my friends do they have they log in and say they dont have so.
    can you help me solve this problem?

    Thank You,

  62. ♥Vanessa♥ Says:

    omg omg omg!!!!LUV DA NEW FEATURE!!!!

  63. Dina Says:

    i found him, but can we find him more than once????

  64. anai Says:

    where is Facebook News Feed! im new at facebook and i didn t know

  65. ivy chin Says:

    hey hey .. i found hideeni..

  66. Marveline Says:

    I love it you know

  67. Kelyne Says:

    Awww.. Can I meet hideeni more than once??? I really wants to see him.. 😦
    And Can I send those puppy plushies to more than one friend???

  68. pawpaw Says:

    cute little doggy =)

  69. Katie Says:

    irenka the person who finds him doesnt get the plushie the friends how get the free gift do
    facebook has been playing up for me today try refreshing and check to make sure ur last posts werent from yesterday i dunno why but it keep happening to me

  70. thasiaputri Says:

    I Will Find Hideeni !

  71. Tashia Says:

    cute love it ❤

  72. cam32 Says:

    I found her but I didn’t receive any prize. she just showed me a cute puppy plushie. where can I get that puppy? it’s not on my chest. ??? can anyone please help me 😀 T_T

  73. kosuke ueki Says:

    I found hideeni

  74. cam32 Says:

    oh his a boy =)) i thought his a girl =)) sorry for that

  75. claresta :)) Says:

    I found it!

  76. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:


    nice items..,

  77. ivy chin Says:

    i found hideeni again.. but but but .. i can’t accept the gift.. wuwwuwu.. who find the HIDEENI .. pls inform me …he

  78. bea Says:

    i just see him or her but i got the puppy in my friend

  79. Seraphinee! Says:

    Must we go through every storey in our house/ friends’ house in order to find Hideeni?
    Where do you guys normally find Hideeni? 😀

  80. Sarah Says:

    I found Hideeni! I clicked on him and I got the screen where I can announce it. I did so, and I noticed that one of my friends had also found him. But, she had already accepted her puppy before I found mine (from someone else) I clicked on her link and tried to get the puppy, but I did not recieve it. Does anyone know what’s going on and how this works? Thanks!

  81. Sarah Says:

    Ok, nevermind, I had a blonde moment and didn’t see the “Accept Free Gift” link at the bottom of the post. lol.

  82. frinky_frig Says:

    i buy 100mystery boxes but i cannot get the new tiems

  83. Claudia Says:

    amazing! hideni is in my house!

  84. ivy chin Says:

    thanks thanks thanks

  85. strawberris Says:

    where can you find him? i’ve been through all my freinds and their rooms and all of the stores but i havent been able to find him for a good few hours…is it a random thing or am i just not looking in the right places.

  86. foofoo_bunny60 Says:

    i found hideeni!

  87. Serenity Says:

    The item is so cute~

  88. ius Says:

    i got the puppy..just 1 can i get?

  89. jessy Says:

    Hey Sonya
    the Hideeni only appear once a day?

  90. kate Says:

    I’m scared of Hideeni!!! 😦 WAAAA!

  91. jessy Says:

    Sonya, the Hideeni will be at the 1st room of my pet fren house o i hav to click all the room to find it?

  92. Miyaku Says:

    I found Hideeni in my pet’s house 🙂 ! I was gonna get a puppy plushie but I didn’t get it at all 😦 ! Hideeni is a big fat lyar 😡 !

  93. stella Says:

    why those MI boxes can’t give difference items after refreshing??

  94. Kathy Says:

    I found Hideeni and two of my friends, but I dont get anything
    sniff sniff

  95. ecko0920 Says:

    for all pplzzz getting problems w/ getting the puppy here is a help:

    1st: in able to get a puppy you should get it from other player..
    2nd: if you found hideeni you really cant get the puppy but you can share it w/ other players to able for them to get a puppy!!!
    3d:share the puppy for everyone plzzz
    4th:happy hideeni SEEKING!!!

    -jericho w/ his pet midori

  96. Winnie Says:

    can I find more than one Hideeni?

  97. B1ack Says:

    i find tat hideeni le n click it le but y i didnt get the puppy…

  98. preencesa Says:

    there is no prize for those who found hideeni??? s0ooo sad.

  99. sheeppiiee Says:

    weee….i found hideeeni click this link to have a cute plushie puppy!!!:


  100. sheeppiiee Says:

    sooOO sad i didn’t took a picture with him!!!

    i was so surprised when i saw him..

    and forgot to take a picture!

  101. kara Says:

    are hideeni only gift us a plushie dong???

  102. Wong Jia Yaw Says:

    I found Hideeni on your friend and I LOVE CHICKEN With Cloth!!! I LOVE YOu!!!!!

  103. rani darmawan Says:

    i’ve meet hideeni today but when i start to publish,to notify stop and i can’t publish it..
    what is wrong??

  104. Leianne Says:

    when I logged out , and logged in again pet society is not loading anymore it just says: loading , loading , loading =(

  105. ahomira Says:

    my friend found hideeni, she posted it. i clicked “accept free gift” but ps’s still loading and i think it’s stuck.. so now, i cant view my free gift nor get the chance to find hideeni.. :[
    i hope it’ll be fixed sooner or later..

  106. kara Says:

    😥 i want BBP (bloody bunny plushie)

  107. Leianne Says:

    I want to get the bat doll / the bloody bunny plushie later on when pet soc. has finished loading, I’m going to spend ALL my money

  108. dyah Says:

    my friend get a cute little puppy from Hideeni

  109. HAte you playfish. Says:

    I hate u playfish. people buy GMB to get 999 item right?

    but now you made us unable to get 999 when you fixed the content inside the GMB even when we change GMB around friends. this is really too stupid for playfish to do so

    this does not make you playfish better but make ppl unwishing to play PS happily and can’t keep the customers finally

    ppl need 999 to trade in your forum, now u locked the GMB (which may only 50$ bookshelf inside!!!!!!) at least most GMB are not 999 first. 1/20 are 999 … that is why ppl wish to change GMB to get 999 and take the 999 item back.

    but now you lock that GMB into the same junk this is too bad.

  110. Leianne Says:

    My friend has found hideeni!!!! I clicked accept free gift BUT ps is STILL loading

  111. Someone Says:

    i’ve found him in the house of my first-visited friend, but its so lame that i can’t get the puppy myself but others does just because i’ve found him and yea, i’m selfish

  112. tanya Says:

    can you find hideeni more than once?? :]

  113. lolifofo Says:

    I searched everywhere for stupid hideeni but found nothing!!!
    I think all that publish thing is a cheesy way for advetising for pet socieety 😦

  114. cheah Says:

    i want the rabbit. its so cute!! 😮

  115. copogirl Says:

    i’ve found Hideeni after opening golden mystery box in my pet’s house!!!!!!!

  116. angelotorres Says:

    i found hideeni 5 times!!!

  117. Wong Jia Yaw Says:

    I found Hideeni 29 times!!!!!!!! I LOVE!!!!!!!! I LOVE A PUDDY!!!!!
    I LOVE VERY CUTE!!!!!!!

  118. Gothy77 Says:

    If he is in your friends house, will he be in the first room or any of them?

    • Someone Says:

      any of them, so its just about luck, you can’t look into all of your friends’ room, it’ll take forever to do that. i suggest you to look for him in your ‘active’ friends’ room. 😉

    • nessie Says:

      should i look around the room ?

  119. KERfy (martina) Says:

    Yeah! I found him in D.I.Y.!

  120. ~_ChiaKo_~ Says:

    why hideeni dont gift BBP instead?
    he’s only giving the puppy plushie…..
    but it’s still cute ❤ 😀

  121. Miss Piggy Says:

    I got a problem. I eventuelly found hideeni in one of my friends garden. Just I forgot to publish after talking with him. Anyone get a clue what to do?

  122. jellyfish Says:


  123. Karina Says:

    Hey i click Hideeni~ add me you will have the toy…may be you can fine Hideeni to me, because i’m love the toy so much tooo…

    Facebook:Leung Mei-chi

  124. rain Says:

    i found the hideeni on my first visit but i think this event is not that great because i found the hideeni but i didn’t got something in return… i read others comment and they still didn’t found the hideeni in hours of visit… i just hope that i and others who will find hideeni will receive a reward… note the doll cannot be gifted…

  125. freya Says:

    i found him yay

  126. mikayla Says:

    i found Hideeni too! But, is there any different plushies? I am so sad when i found out it’s just for my friends!

  127. KERfy (martina) Says:

    My mum found him in the Cafe…

  128. Sunshine Says:

    I found Hideeni!!!!

  129. raqel Says:

    pet society

  130. raqel Says:


  131. melody Says:

    i found hideeni~!yay~

  132. Catherine Says:

    i cant find him!!

  133. nadie Says:

    1 He is a freak and this morning i saw him @ a good ol friend’s house

  134. maliana Says:

    eyah i found it.. tough i dont understands how to get the plushies.. but now i know it..
    anyway.. can we see hideeni more than 1 time?

  135. nadie Says:

    i found him in 2 friends house so far …. thats coz my dad and i have pet society

  136. Martina Says:

    My friend found him, and published the story, and I’ve accepted the gift, but when I started playing the game, all I got was stickers, and no gift >:-(

  137. bAm_kUeH..!!! Says:

    aHh iTs sO uNfAir..!!!

    i fOunD hiddeniE aNd i dOnT gEt a puPpy pLusHie..!!!!


    • calista Says:

      u must post it in the homepage and wait one of your friend to accept then u can receive the puppy plushie..:)

  138. nhoc Says:

    😦 Hey guys ! i want a black skull t shirt :((( hix hix

  139. Candy_Girl_21 Says:

    I just found Hideeni at the cafe’ on my first try! I strongly suggest to you to look in the stores. He walks slowly too!

  140. Martina Says:

    Got it! So happy now 🙂
    I’ve found Hideeni in my friend’s garden 🙂

  141. mamanya Says:

    it’s not a rare gift after all, everyone gets the same dog from Hideeni!

  142. abduh Says:

    ^_^ ^_^

  143. HAte you playfish. Says:

    playfish admin and staff, u should know, now a lot of ppl talk about the unable to change the fixed cheap crap in the MBs. even when send to friends they can’t change the box item I think many ppl are complainiing, even if you delete the comment the truth is still the same, ppl dislike playfish never listen and do what they wish to do without consider how the players feel.

    Member in the playfish forum began to complain that playfish is too harsh on not let the MB to change even when change around acc.

    delete comment is useless! do sth to call ppl back to pay more money to playfish is the only solution and stop the grievances of the people. even if you block me see the blog, ppl still not happy and would left PEt society.

  144. tareq ali Says:

    its fun an he is cute little rabbit or cat or dog or shjeep or whatever

  145. someone Says:

    well done playfish, you took the fun out of PS by removing the mystery box glitch….
    the only reason why my friends and me and many people played was cause of that.
    Now, I’ll have time for other things cause I will NOT play PS anymore unless this changes.

  146. Racheltan Says:

    I found Hideeni, but i hate to say that i accidentally closed the window. Can i only find him once? sharks!

  147. Emiel Says:

    i just went to check my back garden then he just popped up there…

  148. Amnart Says:

    nice bat 🙂

  149. k-chan Says:

    i found heedeni but didnt get to publish him on my site because he suddenly disapperared. boohoohoo how do i get my toy then? also where do i get the mystery items the others are talking about

  150. Hazel Says:

    does he only give a puppy?? its so cute 🙂

  151. joseph Says:

    Is cute puppy plushie only will Hideeni give?

  152. selina Says:

    omg i found him but i clicked another room by accident :@ so i have to findhim again

  153. LGR Says:

    I found Hideeni at my sister’s house he gave me something but I lost it

  154. chiquegurl05 Says:

    uhmm. . . Sonya, I have another question for you. how come I never got the free gift? I just posted the wall to my friends and when I was looking for it in my chest. . .IT’S GONE!! HELP ME! Thnx! 😦

    • Sonya Says:

      When you post it to your wall, it’s for your friends to click on and accept:
      “If you are lucky enough to find him, simply click him and he will offer you the chance to share a rare gift with your friends! This occurs through your Facebook News Feed, and when your friends view the News Feed they can select to “Accept free gift” to receive the special gift!”

      For you to get the gift, one of your friends needs to have found Hideeni and you need to click to “Accept free gift” on the post that they made! 😉

    • chiquegurl05 Says:

      Thanks for the reply! And guess what. . .I got the free gift! YEHEY! :). . .your pet has cool rooms though. . .especially my fave. . .FOR THE LOVE OF DUCKS!

  155. Angie Says:

    SONYA!I found the Hideeni at my fren’s house and then i went back home they say don’t know what then cant get but then why can’t get the free gifts?I accept le then i use my own acc go to facebook [ home ] then i go press accept free gifts then hor I login liao,they say the same thing again.Then I refresh,they never say liao leh?And don’t have the free gift

  156. Shelley Says:

    OMG, OMG,OMG!!!!! I spend all day looking for him!!!

  157. Angie Says:


  158. magna Says:

    I found him! and got a nice puppy doll too. 😀

  159. JELLiEBELLiE. Ö Says:

    yipeee! 🙂 i found him! ;D hahaha. he’s very easy to find. XD

  160. heekyung Says:

    I want NO clearnace sale./……….n plus cant c hiddeni

  161. catlover Says:

    i want the bloody bunny plushie

  162. avinie Says:

    i found hiddeni twice!!!!!

  163. martina Says:

    yay!! i found hideeni!! hahaha!! ,,plus i got a cute doll of puppy plushie!! petsociety i love you!! i love this game and petsociety you really rock!! hahaha!! :3

  164. Abla Says:

    I find Hideeni , and i got a little DOG , but i d’ont find it !!!
    Please help me !!!

  165. martina Says:

    i had fun looking for hideeni hahaha!! hope there’s more like this in the future game here at petsociety. . . :3

  166. just--mee Says:

    heyy sonya , i want to ask u if hideeni have another gift than the puppy plushie .. and i have a friend who have items that i’ve never seen before , it’s just soo weird they are : pumkin dress i think with a ribbon and shoes , and a doll that looks like the new outfits in the clothes shop ( the black robe and scary mask and black hood ) and the doll is holding something in his hand .. isn’t that weird ??!!


  167. tareq ali Says:

    hey sonya does hideeni can be found in all my friends rooms or just the first room ?

    • Sonya Says:

      He could be found in any of your friends rooms, or in any of the stores, or in any of your rooms, or even someone random in the village view! 😉

  168. cHiLLoUT Says:


    I wish i could find that Hideeni soon..


  169. yaman Says:

    found him!!!!

  170. tareq ali Says:

    oh this going to be hard coz i hace 145 friends 😦

  171. tareq ali Says:

    hey sonya can you show us you rooms pics please

  172. Stephanie Says:

    Hello! I guess i need your help. I got the puppy doll. And then i accidentaly clicked a link without saving the game. I load into petsociety and wanted to put the puppy doll into my room and it’s gone! Please help me! Thank you(:

  173. Abla Says:


  174. tareq ali Says:

    the ducks room is OMG awesome

  175. raralee Says:

    lolol why dont people read bout this bfor they ask questions that have been asked already!?!?

  176. tareq ali Says:

    sonya do you remember me ?

  177. tareq ali Says:

    sonya do you remember me please answer

  178. tareq ali Says:

    well you add me then you delet me coz your husbend blapblap blap and i still send you messeges coz i really want to talk to you in an important this ( im just a kid want to say some things locked in his heart )

    and if i just say the things you can delet me please

  179. tareq ali Says:


  180. tareq ali Says:

    please i know you got a nice heart to listen to a kid

  181. tareq ali Says:

    sonya aswer me

  182. tareq ali Says:

    please sonya

  183. tareq ali Says:

    no its you you sonya

  184. Kiari Says:

    Awsome new items cant wait to get them out of the gmbs

  185. Beril Says:

    i find hideeni! so cute (L)

  186. tareq ali Says:

    sonya why wont you add me for just a minuts pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  187. Meriih Says:

    I’m from Argentina and if it all goes my comment is for the poor translation
    I would love to find Hideeni but not as I would love to give the answer at http://www.facebook.com / petsociety, or on the forum that you have,

  188. krazukat Says:

    OMg! This is awful! They removed the mystery box cheat! Nooooooo! 😥
    *very unhappy*

  189. Nixer Says:


  190. Jess Says:

    Hey Sonya, I have a question. How many different items does Hideeni give you? I already have the puppy. Also, can you only find him once per day? I want to make sure I get all of his items, but do I have to wait for Pet Society to reset to the next day in order to find him again and receive something new?

  191. Julie Says:

    Well, I found Hideeni and clicked on him, and clicked on the Share button – but it did not show up in the News Feed. 😦

  192. mmmm Says:

    Found him 😀 XD

  193. andrea Says:

    i found him and click on him but it didn’t come out f the news feed.what should i do?

  194. Kim Says:

    i accidently x ed it out after i found him without posting the thing.. do i get another chance to find him again i really wanted the plushie./….. 😦

  195. jaybee Says:

    what else can we get from mr hideeni other than the puppy?!

  196. Lala Says:

    OMG!! i found him in my first visited friend’s house. he just popped out of nowhere!

  197. Lalala Says:

    Excuse me , Is available some fish this week ?

  198. kay Says:

    Sonya i have a question i published the announcement on my wall but it never got published..so what happens after that?????

  199. Yggdrasil Says:

    omg Hideeni is creepy… he scares me

    • Hannah Says:

      omg yes, he creeps me out, too. so far i’ve met him thrice.

      each time i see him, i feel excited+scared.


  200. Carly/bella Says:

    chicos y chicas si alguien tiene el fantasma o murcielago le hago un cambio por el porfa avisanme

  201. TotoTA Says:

    sooo mad, just saw Hideeni as I was leaving my friends house…..buuuuu, will he appear again????

  202. roberta engel Says:

    sorry couldn’t find answer. how do you publish in pet society. i ran into the character wearing the chicken outfit. he said i had to publish the story in order for my friends to get the puppy. they had to publish in order for me to receive one. i couldnt copy to publish. i tried right clicking the mouse to highlight and then copy. it didn’t work. what do i do.

    thank you

  203. ana Says:

    por que a mi no me aparace ese personaje ?? :S

  204. nessie Says:

    i found him ..
    but i didn’t click him ..

  205. nessie Says:

    where i can meet him ??

  206. jessie koo Says:

    What if more than 1 friend give the Hideeni gift to me, will the 2nd and rest disappear?

  207. Amber Says:

    I found Hideeni, but when I clicked on him, he disappeared and didn’t offer anything. I left the page open for five minutes, but nothing happened.

    I’m not happy! 😦

  208. Kat Says:

    I found Hideeni! He was in my friend’s garden….. He looks furry hehehhe!

  209. ~_ChiaKo_~ Says:

    no more mystery box cheat….
    😦 i never get BBP in that way….

  210. ~_ChiaKo_~ Says:

    makes me playing petsoc just for open the lotery… 😦 😦

  211. jmm Says:

    hey sonya:) is the puppy the only one gift from hideeni or would there be others??? if so, please post some pictures:)

  212. kelloggss Says:

    i found hideeni, but it seems that it didn’t appeared on my news feeds -_-

  213. Aiko Says:

    I saw him but I clicked on another room and it was gone when I tried to return to the room… =( How many times will I get to find him per day?

  214. Mimi Says:

    I’ve accepted those free gift from my friend, but there’re only puppies and puppies! OMG! Wy cant I have another gift?! I thought it would be a rare gift :((

  215. zavira_amalia Says:

    I found him in my kitchen!

  216. Cross Says:

    just click this link to get your free plushie


    boring game for boring people who dont have to do with their boring life

    stupid game for stupid people..

  217. nightkumiho Says:

    Many of my friends found hideeni. But you’ll only have 1 of it in your room, right?

  218. nazrul Says:

    i found her… but didnt publish…cn i find her again??

  219. Who is Hideeni, and why is he here? « petsocietyhackz Says:

    […] Pet Society Blog Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)I found Hideeni!Hideeni – Cuddly or […]

  220. hon yin lai Says:

    hi sonya, ive found the great hideeni 3 times and every time the gift is a puupy, is that the only gift???

  221. belda Says:

    i can’t find him any way i don’t understand right now pizzzzzzz tell how 😥

  222. nadie Says:


  223. ryu rul Says:

    so, when i found hiddeni, my fren will get d free give, but i can’t get it till my fren found hiddeni??? so unfair!!!!

  224. Cindy Says:

    I found hideeni, but I dunno what to do after that.
    Can you help me?

  225. Cindy Says:

    He gave me a puppy plushie, and as he disappeared, i checked my inventory, but it was not there. How can I send it to my friends?

  226. ~_ChiaKo_~ Says:

    please sonya… return the mystery box cheat…
    at least the cheat was no level cheat an money…

  227. ~_ChiaKo_~ Says:

    i mean and money

  228. Serina Says:

    i had found him twice but i cant publish it at all to get the free gifts at all…

  229. tasha.jade Says:

    i found him and clicked but i didnt get what to do after that and so…. no pluchie. 😦

  230. nounours!! Says:

    So I found hideeni! what do I do after this!! need answerss plzzzzzzzzz!!!
    pet society rocksssssss!! It’s the best game on facebook!!

  231. Meiry Says:

    seriously,does anybody knows how to get that cute plushie?? please tell me! and dont tell me to publish to wall,but what happen next?? how do i got it??

  232. Kurisuta Says:

    you have the koinobori flag?!!

  233. Kurisuta Says:

    i found hideeni in the mystery store wandering around…

  234. rima Says:

    im gone to find you Hideeni

  235. A girl whit a question Says:

    hey sonya, will the great hideeni be all the time by pet society or not???

  236. rima Says:

    I FOUND HIM yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. Nigel Says:

    T.T its hard then i thought!

  238. rob van dam Says:

    i have the hidden

  239. Sirius Says:

    http://forum.playfish.com/showthread.php?t=906352 look at my house!

  240. Hugo Says:

    Hi Sonya, I would like to ask you… I’ve been used so many coins to buy mystery boxes in order to find a new GMB, but I’m always got the same things and it’s cheap. Why it’s happen ? Thanks and waiting your prompt reply..

  241. Hamu hamu Says:

    I met him but i dont click the blue button..i dont know.. T_T

  242. loli~ Says:

    tell us about the additional rooms,, how can we get them~~ ^o^ !!

  243. areen matanes Says:

    sony I have another question for you… does hideeni only give us puppy?
    or every monday he has a new one?

  244. lame Says:

    I’ve found hiddeni for 4 times in a day!! lol it always appears in my home.. and even the same room for 3 times!!

  245. Alina Says:

    Haha , i found him in less than 5mins when i go online , maybe i am just lucky.

  246. Hrki Says:

    I found him 2

  247. Hrki Says:

    a fraky kinda guy

  248. Zoed Says:

    I have the same question, Areen.

  249. milkpedia Says:

    have found it an 8 times, and very easy to find it

  250. paula Says:

    soy nueva

  251. jiji Says:

    i found the handsome Hideeni, but i forgot to publish. will i have a second chance??

  252. Jeri Says:

    Sonya, I can’t seem to find this answer: Does Hideeni ever get new gifts? Will he have a new gift daily or weekly? And my son wants to know is he related to the mystery guy? Thanks!

  253. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Who is Hideeni, and why is he here? Hey Pet Society fans! There are strange, strange things occurring in the village, which you must be aware of! Sirius […] […]

  254. babysoftpink Says:

    I found him, except that when I tried to broadcast the thread to let all of my friends know about my finding, my screen crashed and then
    I realized that I did not get the plushie. I emailed the admins but have not received any reply. I am bumped out and disappointed now. 😦

  255. loretoooo Says:

    I found it like 4 times: P
    but I like that not only would a puppy …..

  256. babysoftpink Says:

    Is MR. Hideeni appearing only on the first floor of your friend’s pets habitat and not on any other floor? I’ve been searching for him like a nut and has yet to find him again after my first successful attempt! 😉

  257. carla Says:


  258. carla Says:


  259. allen Says:

    well,i found hiddeni 3 times…

  260. allen Says:

    no fair,hiddeni would not give the puppy for my 2nd and 3rd try

  261. drea Says:

    i hope that pet society will be sucessfull in the next years to come… the items are so cool.. but i hope pet society will give free playfish coins ,,

  262. drea Says:

    i hope that pet society will be sucessfull in the next years to come… the items are so cool..,

  263. Amos Says:

    I found him and got a facial mask +2000 gold! Amazing?

  264. vita Says:

    i see it

  265. hanna99cute Says:

    I found him!!! Oh lucky me! LOL

  266. trickle Says:

    I haven’t found Hideeni myself yet, but just to ask can we get more than 1 puppy?

  267. eden Says:


  268. Tashia Says:

    I already click on the Hidenni, but what should I do next ..
    Please help !

  269. Vincent Says:

    i find hideeeni and i click her and she/he did not give me a gift

    • Sonya Says:

      As per the post:
      “If you are lucky enough to find him, simply click him and he will offer you the chance to share a rare gift with your friends! This occurs through your Facebook News Feed, and when your friends view the News Feed they can select to “Accept free gift” to receive the special gift!”

      You are offered a chance to post to your News Feed which will allow your friends to gain a free gift if they click on the Accept free gift link.

      To gain the gift for yourself, one of your friends needs to find Hideeni and post to their News Feed, and you need to click the Accept free gift link on their post! 😉

  270. Miyaku Says:

    I found him more than 3 times! The Chicken Man (Hideeni) is such a bad hider! 🙂

  271. emilbatanena Says:


  272. areen matanes Says:

    im bord of hideeni he gives every body only puppy blush…

  273. hide Says:

    i found hideeni for almost 5X 2 in my friends house and 3 in my own house so lucky but why the gift flushie doll is always the same its better if different every time when we find.

  274. Anouk Says:

    I am quite scared with Hideeni whenever he appears!

  275. Anouk Says:

    of Hideeni, I mean

  276. aruka Says:

    wooh!…i found hideeni three times..^^
    i hope i’ll see him again… i took a photo of him with my pet.. awww..so cute..^^

  277. alec gaile Says:

    i found hideeni my friends ask me where did you find him? then i see hideeni in the luxury store sleeping WEIRD and i click him a bunny plushie appeared im so lucky so my sister tried to find hideeni and nothing she slam the door ouch my hand!

  278. eden Says:

    i found it..but what should i do??plzzzz…help me..

  279. Zizi Says:

    WOW!!!!! I like it but I’m not the one who will recieve the give,too bad but it is really fun.

  280. Lily Says:

    In Pet Society there’s a Hideeni and it looks like a chicken really a chicken.^_^

  281. Mae Says:

    I’m so sad that the Halloween themed Mystery Box Items are only available for a limited time.

    I guess these are more items I’ll never get because I’m unlucky with MIBs and sellers have over the top prices. 😥

    On the other hand I love Hideeni! I found him thrice! And I love the idea that you get to share the Puppy Plushie with your friends.

  282. juan fco Says:

    estas respuesta no sirben

  283. juan fco Says:

    cambio cosas normales por cahs fihs

  284. Alien Says:

    It’s so hard to get the new items! Could they be available in boxes after Halloween, I mean, we don’t have enough coins to buy so many boxes to try our luck!

  285. Patient X Says:

    i found something like him but i dont know its hideeni

  286. nikko joshua Says:

    I’ve already found hideeni for 3 times!he’s very easy to find!:)

  287. Ice Says:

    I wonder if the great hideeni offer mystery to such as hamster…besides of puppy…haha…anyway, thanks for letting me and my brother account to find it…happy to get the free rare gift.

  288. ian Says:

    Does anyone see him/her in your friend’s house

  289. ian Says:

    please say that you could find him/her in 1 room not in the other rooms

  290. Lucas di Piero Says:

    I`ve found the great Hideeni!!

  291. Dhen Says:

    Hey i’ve already found him.. And the gift is a cute little puppy stuff toy…Wahaha

  292. Dhen Says:

    Add me up and become a friend of my pet… Maybe u cand drop some gifts too.. Hehe, just joking…Here is my e-add
    tnx.. Maybe we could trade s0me items..

  293. Krissy17 Says:

    well i always saw hideeni in some of my friends house in pet society.. but im so happy i’ve got a bloody bunny plushie! perfect for a halloween dec0ration..lol!

  294. Roxz1997 Says:

    ya do all of you find the plushies cute?!

  295. Kayla Says:

    om its not fair that when u find that hideeni guy and u post the gift on ur profile on facebook, and then u dont get the gift for your self, u have to wait for some body else to find him so u can get the gift, i dont think thts fair, i found hideeni but i dont even get a gift :(:(:(:(

  296. Betsy Says:


  297. lucia Says:

    i find hiddeni but i don’t know what i should do now because i have no toy 😦 could any one explain me pleaseee?

  298. nataša Says:


  299. laaaura(; Says:

    i think ps made it easier to find hideeni now cos i see him EVERYWHERE.

  300. laaaura(; Says:

    can ps change the gift? cos most pple have already got the plushie and it’d be nice to get other stuff

  301. khai Says:

    i found the hideeni but he doesn’t give me anything

  302. PS update! « Winx Rainbow Says:

    […] Tags: gmb, hideeni, pet society Posted in News | 124 Comments » […]

  303. Kat Says:

    found him … more than 10 times his a
    ~FEelS like INsOmniAAAA ahuhuh~

  304. Sil Says:

    I’ve found hideeni like 10 times .-. and already got the plushie cuz a friend found it so… I think they should do more stuff like this but that YOU get a gift if YOU find it

  305. miyaku Says:

    i found him more than 15 times 🙂

  306. Zoe Says:

    Hi Sonya!
    Will there be other prizes from Hideeni? I found him over 20 times already and the prize is always the puppy plushie…who is very cute but I wish there are different prizes not just one =)

  307. Samuel Says:

    Woohooo! I found hideeni! I was in someone’s house from the café club when I spotted him! (or her, god knows. I’m just gonna call Hideeni it.)

  308. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] the absolutely huge Pet Society Birthday Competition, explained the intricacies of Stickers, found Hideeni, wondered What’s Cooking?, updated you regarding more coins for washing and brushing and […]

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